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  1. ________ 5th of May ________ - Game I'm playing currently (Tmr I'm going to delete uninstalled apps from the list): 1. Kingdom Dash - Social Platform I use to update the news of the games : 1 Twitter (Just deactived half an hour ago from this post) 2. LINE (Deactived account) 3. Discord (Deactived account) >> Actions today : - Delete Discord > Morning After waking up, I tried my best to not think about gaming. I spent time to learn how to build a website. Then I cook lunch meals. Everything was going very well. After finishing d
  2. I got Nokia 105 single SIM years ago, then last year I noticed I spent 8-9 hours per day on my smartphone and was living a toxic life. So I gave away my smartphone to my siblings, and currently using Nokia 105 and a tablet for drawing (but I do install some games here and trying to quit). At least Im not going to carry my tablet to outside and everywhere in my home cuz It's so old, slow and big. I don't use social media that requires me to upload photos either, I don't need camera phone, I have my dad's old canon camera, it is so blurry view but well, I like that. No spotify, no whatsapp,
  3. Dear my future-self, I know Game Quitters since 2020 and I already took actions several time and sadly I'm still being addicted to gaming after few weeks. This loop won't stop if I am not doing anything. The biggest challenge I have done is quitting Honkai Impact 3 2 months ago, now I am ready for another new silent war. I wish you the best in the future, my dear self, I know this is going to hurt you badly, you would feel so bored, so crazy so insane. But you have to believe me, everything I do today, is for you. ________ 4th of May ________ - Game I'm playing currently :