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  1. Welcome to the forum! I have mentioned it in several posts not but I do believe this is the best time to quit. If you can go on with life without gaming during these harder times, once life gets back to normal it will be only easier to not play video games and try even more new hobbies which are unavailable these days. I would recommend changing your morning routine so that you avoid the ques of your old habit which will help avoiding cravings for Hearthstone.
  2. Day 9 Get out of bed: 16:00 Ready to sleep: 00:15 Habits: Consecutive days: (Workout:9, Meditation:9,Reading:6 No porn:0, No gaming videos:0) Learned something new: (Cooking recipes:2, Documentaries:3) Crap ... my chrome crashed so the whole entry got deleted just before I was about finished. Oh well. To be honest, yesterday was a bit lazy. It took me forever to leave bed and I did watch a lot of gaming videos that I should not. But once I stopped I was quite productive. I read a book in the evening and went to bed in record early time. On the plus side I did all my habits yesterday and I listened a lot to informative and motivational/ productive podcasts and youtube which I find really helpful with staying on the right track. This was great because I managed to get up at 5:55 Am today and went for a run during sunrise. It was amazing. I am still surprised that I got up to do that but I did and I am really proud. I have so much energy today and already started working. I am hoping to catch up with all the work that I have been procrastinating this whole week. I have realized that I need to be more relaxed about my habits and things I want to do otherwise I just push myself too hard sometimes which leads to stress and just more escapism. I think I got the balance for it at the moment but we shall see. Here are some pictures from my morning run. I wish everyone a great Sunday! Thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow! Marek
  3. @Erik2.0 I use 9.anime or Kissanime to watch anime usually. Yeah I would definitely recommend watching Code Geass. I had a brief look at Netflix and the ones that are there and really like are Death note, Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade works, SAO, Black Lagoon and I have heard that Erased is great but I have not watched it yet myself. That's cool, yeah Sandersons is a great author. I have finished the original Mistborn trilogy a few days ago and now I am reading the first book of the Stormlight archive. I can see that if it is too violent it might cause some distress. The other book that I have on my list that I want to read is The Blade Itself for which I have heard great reviews. It is apparently a very violent dark fantasy though. Sometimes having a relaxing day is great. I usually get angry at myself if I do not do much during the day but in all honesty now I think it is better to just enjoy it and use the rest to be able to do more the next day. I have read models a few years ago and it is a really good book. I am not sure if you have read The Subtle art of not Giving a Fuck too but I would say that I have enjoyed that one even more.
  4. Day 8 Get out of bed: 12:15 Ready to sleep: 02:25 Habits: Consecutive days: (Workout:8, Meditation:8,Reading:5 No porn:0, No gaming videos:0) Learned something new: (Cooking recipes:2, Documentaries:3) Just a short entry today. I am still struggling with all the changes that I have done to my life on top of removing gaming. I realized that I need to have some sort of a purpose to pursue and I am not sure what that is exactly at the moment. I have things and goals that I want to pursue but I still feel like there is a huge abyss left by gaming and I struggle to fill it with work. Gaming was a huge escape from reality for me and I still have issues with getting completely back to real life and I am trying to figure out the best way to get completely back and abandon this virtual world that I used for escape. From all of my research on reading books, listening to podcasts and figuring out the best way to have a good productive daily routine I believe that I need to focus primarily on discipline. I need to get up early and get out of bed. One of the hardest things for me to do because I do have not to find an actual reason why should I get up early besides just getting up. Staying in bed is just another way of escape for me. Thanks for reading and I´ll see you tomorrow. Marek
  5. That's true. I would not mind binge-watching when I do it once I have finished all my priority tasks and then I just spend free time on anime that's fine. The problem arises when it turns into procrastination. I see, I actually really enjoy fantasy books that are more into the dark spectrum. Especially if authors are not afraid to sacrifice main characters which makes the whole story a lot more interesting and real. I just hate the classic cliche that in a lot of stories it is essentially irrelevant what happens because you know that the main character will come out victorious which makes it quite boring. I do like books/ anime with overpowered protagonists, especially if they are smug about it. Right now I am watching season 4 of My Hero Academia, but some of my favorite animes would be Code Geass, Death Note, Overlord and many more. But I really like the darker psychological ones mostly.
  6. Marek

    No Game, My Life

    @Alexanderle There are many checkboxes that gaming fulfills which makes it so addictive but I was not going to write down everything. I wanted to point out that it can be hard to find hobbies or other things to do instead of gaming because many of them are nowhere near as exciting and easy to get into as gaming in the beginning.
  7. Marek

    No Game, My Life

    Gaming is a b****. I can relate to a lot of what you said. I have tried several times to play games in moderation and it always backfires. Usually, even on the first try, I say "well I will just play for 2 hours and then I am done and happy for the day" .... 4 hours later I am still drowning in the high it gives me. Meanwhile time and real-life pass by which is easy to ignore while I play but once I stop I realize it and that makes me feel miserable and anxious. It is like the saying "give them a finger and they´ll take an arm" just a small taste and I would be right back where I was about a month and a half ago. I think that one of the biggest issues with gaming is that it is extremely exciting compared to a lot of activities in the real world which might seem boring because of the lack of magic or constant action. What helps me is to stay as busy as I can, limit all distractions when I focus on something and try to get into the flow. It is much harder than with gaming but it is possible and you will not only be happy while you are working but you will be happy once you finish as well. Opposite to gaming which will just leave you with a feeling of dread. The current situation does make it harder but I believe that if we can avoid video games in such hard times it will be so much easier once things get back to normal. Btw I love the name of your journal!
  8. Do you have any prefered anime that you like to draw? I used to watch a lot of anime over last few years, I tend to binge watch it when I get really interested in the story which is not best but still preferable than gaming haha. What did you find discomforting in fiction books if I may ask?
  9. Day 7 Get out of bed: 12:15 Ready to sleep: 02:25 Habits: Consecutive days: (Workout:7, Meditation:7,Reading:4 No porn:2, No gaming videos:2) Learned something new: (Cooking recipes:1, Documentaries:2) I did not manage to get to bed early last night but I did wake up early and managed to push myself out of the bed in a reasonable time for which I am happy. I have done almost everything I wanted yesterday so I am quite happy how the overall day turned out to be. Even though the progress might be small I think consistency is more important. I have some fairly easy but important tasks for today so I am hoping I will do even better than yesterday. The weather is nice and sunny today so I think I will go for a run to have a change from just home workouts. I do feel like today will be a good day. I need to keep my priorities straight and should be able to complete all my habits on top of my todo list and then try to spend free time reading so then I do not have to read late at night. Fairly short entry today but I feel quite satisfied with yesterday and I think I can do even better today so let's see. Thanks for reading and I'll see you tomorrow. Marek
  10. Great to see so much positive energy. Hope you have another great day filled with joy.
  11. Day 7 Get out of bed: 15:00 Ready to sleep: 02:05 Habits: Consecutive days: (Workout:6, Meditation:6,Reading:3 No porn:1, No gaming videos:1) Learned something new: (Cooking recipes:1, Documentaries:2) Yesterday was decent day. Not to the point I would want it but I did not watch any porn or gaming videos and I wrote down my plans. I still need to figure out how I want to keep track of them. I am using Todoist for my tasks so I will try to incorporate them. I did not go to bed early as I would hope for but I have completely lost track of time reading so I was actually happy about it. So far The Way of kings looks great, I do enjoy Brandon Sanderson's way of writing so I am quite excited that I have around 3000 pages ahead of me and who know how many more in the future. The other thing I am excited about is that I have ordered some resistance bands so I can add variety to my workout plus I have ordered a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of Impression Sunrise which will be a nice challenge but also a relax from computer screen. I need to finish my planning today and then get to bed early and start reading sooner so that I can sleep before 1AM which would be great. My biggest struggle at the time is to get out of bed when I wake up. Pretty much every day I wake up around 8AM when my alarm is set but then I just snooze and sleep more. Then I wake up fully around 11 but I tend to stay in bed for several hours more just procrastinating my whole day which frustrates me so much yet I keep doing it daily. I need to find a way to stop this somehow. Hopefully if I start going to bed early I will find it easier to get out of bed sooner as well. Thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow. Marek
  12. Marek

    mikesh diary

    Reading your last post makes me want to buy some puzzles. I have love/hate relationship with them, I love to problem solve but I am incredibly impatient and get distracted easily. I think that this is one of the issues of today, as the technology progresses our brains are so overstimulated that it can be hard to focus and do activities which cannot reach this level of stimulation. Keep up the good work!
  13. That is awesome that you have fought of the urge and did a workout instead. Keep it up!
  14. Day 6 Ready to sleep: 02:18 Get out of bed: 13:00 Habits: Consecutive days: (Workout:5, Meditation:5,Reading:2 No porn:0, No gaming videos:0) Learned something new: (Cooking recipes:1, Documentaries:1) So I have procrastinated my planning once again but I did not waste all the time watching tv shows. I spent a few hours calling with family and a friend so I cannot be angry about that. Well, that was Sunday which was at least partially okay but then Monday was disastrous. When I was setting up blockers for twitch I just ended up indulging myself in a whole day of watching league stream for hours and ordering unhealthy fast food. I reached the conclusion that I am just a straight-up addict. Just one little taste of the previous triggers and I feel free to drop into the same hole again. I think at least for now I have to cage the chimp in my brain and hide him from any negative habit ques otherwise he just takes control. @ceponatia @BooksandTree s Thanks for your support. I need to be very careful with moderation. My biggest issue is that I just tend to relax too much and ignore my deadlines and things I would like to pursue unless it becomes too urgent. And in the meantime, anything that doesn't require any effort and gives me instant gratification is an issue. Essentially I just look for distractions at these times. That is why I need a proper structure for my day and it does work but my biggest problem is in waking up early and going to bed early. If I wake up late and stay in a bed for a while it makes me feel like I have already lost the motivation to do anything in the day and failed already. So today is finally the day to go over my goals and set up plans as I would like to. It is going slower than I have expected. I am aware that I am trying to change a lot of things so that it made me prone to procrastination. Not accounting for some fails in these last days I think it is going quite well. I work out regularly, meditate and I have set up different apps to track my progress which makes me feel like I am leveling in real life which is quite motivating. Thank you for reading and I'll see you tomorrow. Marek
  15. I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I would still recommend giving it another chance when it is structured properly it is a great way to let of steam. Unfortunately, I know that nowadays it not really possible but when you get a chance, some gyms have punching bags that you can fight on your own and that might even work better for you. Just use up your energy against that I am confident that you would enjoy it. I do not know you well enough so I might be wrong but based on your angry message I think that you can focus a lot of anger this way. Do not get me wrong I am not saying that anger is bad but I find that if there is too much of it I just focus it at myself which in most cases is more destructive than helpful. For me personally, I need to be able to get some of it out and then use the rest with a clear mind on the tasks that I need to work on otherwise it consumes me and takes away energy.
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