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  1. Day 235 Habits: Positive: (Meditation:170, Walk/Run:87, Workout:85, Get out of bed on time:5) Learning: (Russian:142, Stats/Coding:5, Project work:55) Negative: (No gaming:5, No gaming videos:5, No porn:0) I apologize for such a late entry, I wanted to get back to journaling sooner but I would describe this weekend as a hard reset and I am just happy that I quit and avoided gaming. I did not do any of my good habits or exercise, and I know that I should not put it on tomorrow, but I believe in myself that I will be able to push myself again and get back to
  2. Day 230 Habits: Positive: (Meditation:170, Walk/Run:87, Workout:85, Get out of bed on time:5) Learning: (Russian:139, Stats/Coding:5, Project work:55) Negative: (No gaming:0, No gaming videos:0, No porn:0) Productive time: 05:24:00 Wasted time: 02:36:00 Here we go again. Back to square one. I played Gwent and watched videos about it the last few days and it is time to start again. I feel much better resetting my streaks than just to keep lying. Last time I almost deleted the account, but at the last minute I canceled the process as I saw one video
  3. Day 227 Habits: Positive: (Meditation:167, Walk/Run:87, Workout:85, Get out of bed on time:2) Learning: (Russian:134, Stats/Coding:5, Project work:51) Negative: (No gaming:217, No gaming videos:202, No porn:2) Productive time: 00:00:00 Wasted time: 00:00:00 The weekend was great, pretty relaxing, I spent a lot of time with friends and did not even have much time to do work but I decided that I will try to keep weekends free but that means that I need to keep up proper work regime during the week. But I think it will be a nice change because until
  4. Day 225 Habits: Positive: (Meditation:167, Walk/Run:87, Workout:85, Get out of bed on time:1) Learning: (Russian:132, Stats/Coding:5, Project work:51) Negative: (No gaming:215, No gaming videos:200, No porn:0) Productive time: 08:22:00 Wasted time: 00:39:00 Yesterday was great. I finally got back to somewhat normalized regime. I did all I needed to, finally cooked a meal again after a long time, went for a 8k run and did a short workout in the morning. There are many things to still work on but it is good to be back on the right track. I realized
  5. Day 224 Habits: Positive: (Meditation:166, Walk/Run:86*, Workout:84*, Get out of bed on time:0*) Learning: (Russian:131, Stats/Coding:4*, Project work:50) Negative: (No gaming:214, No gaming videos:199, No porn:8) Productive time: 06:04:00 Wasted time: 00:00:00 Yesterday felt good. I feel like I have finally made some progress after several days of slump. I did not work out or went for run, but I went to the lab did some school work and overall it was a progress compared to last few days. I would like if I can get back into the full routine right
  6. Because I wrote my entry quite late yesterday, I have already covered the day there. However, I still wanted to write an entry today. I want to get back to daily journaling and meditation. I was a bit inconsistent with both lately, and I felt a lot more stressed and struggled to pursue things that I should and want to. I feel like that my thrive for addiction lies in my fear of reality. I feel only truly happy when I am out of my comfort zone, yet I struggle to get outside of it. Throughout the spring and summer of this year I felt like I made more progress than any other year and felt that mu
  7. Day 223 Habits: Positive: (Walk/Run:86, Workout:84, Get out of bed on time:0) Learning: (Russian:130, Stats/Coding:4, Project work:49) Negative: (No gaming:213, No gaming videos:198, No porn:7) Productive time: 01:04:00 Wasted time: 02:00:00 Last three days were pretty awful. I feel like I got stuck in such a rut these last few day. And one thing that makes me the most sad is that I do not think I can read the Witcher series anymore. It makes me want to game too much. I used to play the single player games based on the book as well as a card game
  8. Day 221 Habits: Positive: (Walk/Run:85, Workout:83, Get out of bed on time:0) Learning: (Russian:128, Stats/Coding:3**, Project work:48**) Negative: (No gaming:210, No gaming videos:195, No porn:4) Productive time: 05:04:00 Wasted time: 02:38:00 Oh boy, these last few days feel like such a struggle. I don't get it. I am getting cravings to play games, I am unable to get the fuck out of bed in the morning and be productive. Then as it gets later in the day I struggle to leave the house to go to the lab. And in the worst case scenario I just gave up
  9. Day 220 Habits: Positive: (Walk/Run:84*, Morning Workout:82*, Floss:49*) Learning: (Russian:127, Stats/Coding:3*, Project work:48*) Negative: (No gaming:209, No gaming videos:194, No porn:3) Productive time: 03:16:00 Wasted time: 02:35:00 Well, friday was not too bad of a day and I managed to do some stuff done and then I spent rest time of the evening hanging out with my flatmates which was nice. Yesterday I did nothing productive and took it as a rest day but I do not know, even if I just fully rest it does not feel that great. I guess the main
  10. Day 218 Habits: Positive: (Walk/Run:83**, Morning Workout:81**, Floss:48**) Learning: (Russian:125, Stats/Coding:2**, Project work:47*) Negative: (No gaming:207, No gaming videos:192, No porn:1) Productive time: 08:16:00 Wasted time: 00:35:00 Yesterday was great, I had a lot of work early on in the day which I done and then went to the lab later. So overall quite a productive day, on top of that I went for a run in the morning and it was awesome because the weather was just perfect. Bit foggy but sunny as well which made everything look that much
  11. Day 217 Habits: Positive: (Meditation:165, Walk/Run:83*, Morning Workout:81*, Floss:48*) Learning: (Russian:124, Stats/Coding:2*, Project work:46*) Negative: (No gaming:206, No gaming videos:191) Productive time: 08:27:00 Wasted time: 00:21:00 Well at the end I was not so productive on Tuesday but whatever. Yesterday was much better. I still struggled with doing stuff early on in the day but then I finally got a move on and was productive. I went for a run as well as workout outdoors which felt awesome. It was bit odd working out in the dark but I
  12. Monthly recap I feel like there is not much to say about last month. It was alright but nothing special, I got back to exercise but not the the extent that I wanted and the same goes for school stuff. Overall a good month but not great. One thing thought that I need to improve this month is to limit my screen time and get back to reading more.
  13. Day 215 Habits: Positive: (Meditation:163, Walk/Run:82*, Morning Workout:80, Floss:47) Learning: (Russian:121, Stats/Coding:2*, Project work:45*) Negative: (No gaming:204, No gaming videos:189) Productive time: 05:28:00 Wasted time: 02:55:00 I once again failed to get out of the bed in the morning and follow my own plans for the day. I do not even know why, I woke up and was ready to head to the gym but I just felt paralyzed and kept postponing it. I finally got to do it and was kinda productive but I was planning on going to the lab and I did not
  14. Day 214 Habits: Positive: (Meditation:162, Walk/Run:82, Morning Workout:79, Floss:46) Learning: (Russian:120, Stats/Coding:2, Project work:45) Negative: (No gaming:203, No gaming videos:188) Productive time: 03:20:00 Wasted time: 02:20:00 Yesterday was not that great because I was hangover for most of the day but once I got a bit better I went to the lab to do some work which felt good. Unfortunately second lockdown in coming in UK so gyms are closing. Now I need to figure out a way to workout outdoors once again. It is a lot colder than what it u
  15. Day 213 Habits: Positive: (Meditation:162, Walk/Run:82**, Morning Workout:79**, Floss:45**) Learning: (Russian:119, Stats/Coding:2**, Project work:45) Negative: (No gaming:202, No gaming videos:187) Productive time: 05:20:00 Wasted time: 00:23:00 The last two days were ok, but I have been struggling with getting out of bed as I intended to. I guess I need to keep it up, and it will improve with time but some days it is not easy to wake up at 5 AM and then head out to the gym by 6 AM. It is not going too bad in fairness because even though I woke u