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  1. day 24 (time going too fast, that is good) i have written my whole notes about my appointment tomorrow , i will go to a therapist and see how it goes . tasks for tomorrow , just being productive as much as possible . i am feeling nervous , have to wake up so early and be ready . sorry for not writing so much today .
  2. Hi everybody , Today i have dreamed that me relapsing and playing video games , ((does that calculated as a relapse or is it just a bad sign ?)) btw I am not craving to play games . ((I am craving to the high lvl of dopamine stimulation that used to be released while gaming or masturbating while watching porn .)) and that is why i am sad and no longer feel happy like i used when i win in games . God bless us PEACE .
  3. day 23 25% of my detox has been done , done many social activites learned many things eaten healthy still feel that i could study more . . tasks for tomorrow writing notes only ! have to prepare for the coming day . . i love you all @@ game-quitters thanks for your support God bless us PEACE
  4. @Alexanderle u can make your own journal on this forum under (start your own journal) . the journal encourage you to do a full summery of your feelings and experience with game quitting and it will review your progress . so you have to put daily goals everyday and make sure that u accomplish them , that will encourage you to quit gaming because u start to develop your career much better by using the free time of game-addicting . and if you have more time a day u are technically living for more time . u can take a look on the journals in this forum , u will find many people who solved same problem as you ! they will give you some help . GOD bless you PEACE
  5. @Alexanderle i have the same problem u mentioned in the title ! i hated everything but once i stopped it got better . start your own journal and we will support you .
  6. I am very happy to see your achievements .
  7. i have relapsed around 30 times untill i realize that i must delete anything that related to games like gaming-freinds , steam , discord . even i should change my room change my desktop , change every thing i can and say that i am a new person . now iam at 21 days streak which is my second longest streak ever .
  8. day 21 , slept for less than 10 hours , eaten okay many social events sport studied for 30 min was a good day , done different things , still have to study for more time . tasks for tomorrow , write some notes . find a job social event go to the uni
  9. day 20 , slept for 8 hours started a trial work 2 social events done sport . i was busy today but felt so good and confident . no craving for games but some sexual ideas not felt satisfied becuase i have not study but, anyway i am a better man than before tasks of tomorrow , i am tired but i should not sleep for more than 10 hours . do some social events and this time i will study for 30 min at least . search for a new job , the job i founded have not gone that well this time i will finish these tasks , i done wanna do more back steps , it feels hard but not impossible
  10. @TheCrystalLake well can u explain this part please ? why u don't go out ? i might advice you to quit any thing that related to games like reddit ,twitch , facebook pages , facebook gamer's friends , real life gamer's friends ,relatives who play games , and just focusing on something else . stress is very dangerous too , the best way to take it out is to meditating/praying . whenever u feel crave or stress just do this mini trick . go to th bathroom and wash your face , then back and drink water . u have also to take long long breath slowly and release it slowly . that will help you God bless you PEACE
  11. @Magos_Ahab this community have helped me really . God bless you . Peace
  12. 00:00 am and i still cant sleep , yesterday i slept for 6 hours and now i can not sleep . overthinking and daydreamings are controlling me because i have talked to some of my relatives who live in my homeland Syria . (I am living in Germany now) they are healthy but not fine . i mean life there overall is bad . i cant stop thinking of the themes that we have talked about . homeland craving (nostalgia) are real . this is the main reason of most of my problems right now . (hint: there are no way to back there , i cant believe how people tell me that i have to go for vacation there ! WTF do u want me to enjoy the rain of rockets there ? )
  13. today . slept for 5-6 hours only ! gone to the black Friday markets . asked for job in too many markets/shops . Found a job after 1 month of searching ! (wish me some luck to do well there ) finished so many important documents and tasks . healthy food helping others and taking their phonenumbers , maybe we do something in the future . i have deleted the last game i have today , i do not feel any craving for games (95% of craving h as gone) i am practicing at home to do well tomorrow at work , there will be an intense crowd of people . Tomorrow doing more sport (i move around 2-3 kilometers every day but i do not do any extra at home) go work no Sleep before studying for 20 minutes . sleep for 7:30 hours maximum . doing the weekly household (washing clothes , cleaning floor , etc) PEACE .
  14. day 18 : deleted the last games i believe slept for 8 hours .. i have to fix that . done some sport and being patient , searched for job . tomorrow : sleeping for 7:30 hours maximum going to the uni do more sport searching for job more seriously . eating healthier ! no craving for games , but for porn . stress for the future because i am very bad at the uni and i cant find job . even if i find job they do not accept me and they dont say why . but i suppose they do that due to my lack of experience ,bad language , bad body , or just because there are always better people than me who deserve that job . anyway i will not stop .
  15. @FenderUser if u just highlight a sentence u can quote it easier than quoting the whole post . highlight then click on Quote selection (watch the picture below) it is picture not some thing else .
  16. @masquerade try adding @ before the name to send me a notification .
  17. welcome @Sidney Taylor all of us are struggling of this problem which affects our career . yes it is like drugs ! for me i have stopped gaming + porn watching + masturbating + other addicted things together ! i have tried to quit them one by one , but i have failed tons of time . the best way to quit bad habit is to change your daily routine and being a new person ! u have to change everything step by step , changing or editing your room , changing friends (especially gamers and time wasters but we have to do that nicely) , changing hair style if u have 1, changing clothes , the color of the lamps in your house etc . all of that can help you to change your daily routine . i will not go more on details for now . i will just tell you the summery . 1- change every bad thing 2-replace them with better things 3-meditate and join a group with the same interests * u already done this on the virtual world but now u have to find it in real world . 4-if u feel crave to your old habits then u have to go to bathroom washing your face and drink water rely on GOD he will help you the members here will help you too . more details will be revealed soon PEACE .
  18. good job man ! your sleep scheduler is getting better !
  19. @Sashiku God always exist . u have to do your best and the GOD will help you to solve the other problems .
  20. for me YES sure . u have to find a hobby which can make the same lvl of brain erecting like games . u can try doing sport and reading books especially Science-Fiction . WE were hardcore gamers , that is why our brains used to high lvl of stimulation , so if u do not erect your brain high enough u will feel tired , that was my personal opinion . i could be right or wrong . PEACE
  21. still day 17 : well i will share more details with you . achievements today : slept for 9 hours (because ei was super tired) . searched for job in 4-5 shops . found a meeting place to make new friends . deleted 1 game missions of tomorrow : sleep for 8 hours maximum : going to the uni . searching for job in 3 places at least . delete a game .
  22. @Mohammad can u write some more details like this ? today : wake up at 8:00 done sport , finished project etc tomorrow , starting another project , hanging out with friends Goal : waking up at 7:00 people wanna see something like that in your posts , because u are 1 of the best memebers here , so they wanna learn from you . (I am doing the same mistake you do but iam new to the forum .)
  23. @Sashiku do not feel sad . our world has 6.5 billion of people ! and we have enough time to make the best friends over and over . all of us have quit games or trying to do that , we are much better people than before . life is awesome because it contains problems !! yes problems are the best thing in the life becauase they force us to improve and there are nothing better than killing a problem and approach into a bigger 1 ! so we have to solve our problems positively and take them as a challenge ! i do not know why people feel excited when they see their hero on T.V facing problems while they feel sad if they got 1 in the real life! problems are challenges and they make us better humans . our life is a story , problems are challenges , and we are the heroes of it . PEACE
  24. day 17 : I have found a meeting place where i can start make more friends . I have deleted 2 games on my pc . eat healthy food , done some sport , finished some appointments . I am writing shorter articles here in order to have more time of motivating the others .
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