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  1. Hey! I have a girlfriend too and she is very important to me! And 3 months ago we are having problems because of my game addiction. I needed To stop gaming and pay antention To my “real deals” on this world. Be strong! I’m on my 3 month without playing any game, and maybe this addiction will be in my path. We really have more important and happy things to deal here on “analogic”/real world. Peace!
  2. Obrigado amigo! Vamos sair dessa. O mundo é bem mais interativo que qualquer game. Ainda é mais hardcore pois só tem uma vida hehehe “Não posso voltar a jogar pois apenas vivia para jogar e isso iria me destruir” Escrevi isso no meu diário. Peace!
  3. Hey! Keep going man! I’m about 90 days without playing any games, and it is hard, but we will rock it. I was addicted to WoW, league of legends and more recently ragnarok mobile. I started play on my 9age and I’m 24 now. So, I understand you. Greentings from Brazil!
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