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Question of the week: What's your favourite quote?

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  1. This quote I found inside the little product book that came with my old rock climbing shoes. I still have that page in my wallet so I see it everytime I flip open my wallet. I want to upload a picture of it But I Dont my wallet on me right now πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ» It just means a lot to me because it basically says that Its not necessarily the what you WANT to do that is the right choice for you. Like some one would argue that you should keep gaming because you like it and enjoy it, but it’s just not what is going to make you free in the end. You might have to be a David Goggins to become free. Free from low self esteem, body imprisonment(being fat and immobile), free from lifestyle deceases and so on. To to be free means having made the right choice... πŸ™‚
  2. Thanks Supaverrel πŸ˜‰ will do that and you too πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™‚
  3. Hey Dahankus! Thanks for the advice mate. I try out with that letter :) It makes really Good sense to me and I am also sometimes forgetting Why I do it. I actually Both do that when times get tough AND also when it feels too easy. I am usually doing Best when I am missing gaming a little bit But not too much. This letter could help with that :)
  4. Day 1: I just relapsed yesterday and today this morning, but now I deleted everything again and I am going for another attempt. Today I had a day off from school so I spend it on working out, shopping for my girlfriends birthday tomorrow and cleaning the apartment a bit and washing the clothes. Nice and productive. Good day to you all πŸ™‚
  5. Day 22 or 0: Just relapsed today πŸ˜• Dont even know why... I think it’s because I daily think about moderation and just wanted to try and see if it was possible. But I feel like it will return to the same in after a few sessions. I am am going to try to get back again. Good night people πŸ™‚
  6. Day 20-21: Addicted to training? Its going good and better and better for now. But I did download steam and reinstalled a few games, but I didnt get to play them before I filed for a new delete request and deleted all the games again. It annoys me a bit that I cant overrule that 30 days wait. But on the other hand its propably good enough to learn some consistency. I just startet to workout 6/7 days of the week to get moving just a little every day, BUT I have hit little speedbump. My GF thinks and is afraid that I am getting addicted to working out. She thinks that if I build up from 3 to 6 days workout that I will soon workout 2 times a day 6 days a week ?? πŸ™‚ To me it takes a lot of energy from me cause she means it geniuently while I think it is exageration. I am already doing my best to make sure that all my workout is going to be within the time where she is working anyway. She is full time I am a student πŸ™‚ She doesnt really know that I am trying to quit games either, because I have talked with her about quitting videogames before, and she insisted I should moderate instead of quitting all gaming. So its not because she thinks I am addicted to games that she thinks I am addicted to fitness πŸ™‚ What to think ? What to do, I dont knooow πŸ˜„
  7. I am reading the Jurassic park novels and I am only 120 pages in the first one but I must say its great even though I have seen the movies dosins of times πŸ˜„
  8. Very awesome indeed. Nice workout shedule today. In generel awesome way you structure your dairy(spelling?) πŸ™‚
  9. Hi Ikar, I dont think I have any power or alpha role amongts my mates. But I am however often the one that has to pull the strings to get things done. Only this time it didnt seem to work for me at all. And you would think that they would reply since we were all talking about doing something in this longer weekend that we had but you it turns out to be mostly talk and not doing. Mostly πŸ™‚
  10. Day 19: I dont really have anything to put here today, just a tough day thats all.. Tomorrow is workout out day or rather later since its 01 30 am here.. Good night everybody πŸ™‚
  11. Day 17 - 17 1/2: Just realized I forgot to write about yesterday. Yesterday I had the day off from School, I spend the day by going to the gym with my friend where we tried out a new 3 split body program. I was okay. I later tried to contact the guys from my class to hear if they wanted to spend the day outside together and only my workout buddy replied to me. Everybody in the groupchat saw the message but didnt reply. Thats ofcourse okay but then my buddy wrote in the same chat and he got almost instant answers. Throughout that conversation I litereally didnt get any answers to my messages or questions. Only my buddy did. Now, it is extremely hard to not become socially sensitive, to think that something is wrong with me or to not think, " dont they like me". But after a lot of waiting and fishing for replies (my buddy did that so we would at least get something) we got one to join and it was very funny few hours. It started out with the plan of going to the nearby island and have a good time early in the day. It ended up being 18 30 or 630pm, going to the pond which is a lot closer place, and just drinking some beers and talking, which was nice as well. Point is, a realized that I can be prone to think that others feel negatively about me even though when I then meet them IRL there is nothing there that would actually proof that they dont like me. Its exhausting to be in this state of social fight or flight, me against them mode πŸ˜• I am looking forward to a nice relxing day today with no plans C'ya guys. πŸ™‚
  12. That sound really annoying to dream about the game Victor πŸ™‚ I can only imagine how it would be the first thing you want to do in the morning when you just spend the entire night dreaming about it. I dreamt about playing my own favorite game 7-8 days into quitting games. Luckily for me my dream was full of selfblame for "relapsing" which made it so when I woke up I felt bad for relapsing even though I really didnt. It took me a few moments to get back to reality πŸ™‚ I hope you stop dreaming about gaming soon. Then maybe you wont feel such an urge in the morning. C'ya πŸ™‚
  13. I stopped myself after trying to beat a certain dlc in Borderlands over and over again till I finally said to myself, " what the hell am I wasting all this energy and time on". Then I deleted all my accounts and bought the respawn elite package and it has helped me well so far. I have tried to quit many times before, thats why it didnt take much to push me over the edge :D. Once I managed to stop gaming years ago. I chose to do that because I was going to work in the hospital kitchen, where I regularly made stupid mindless mistakes like trying to heat up buttermilk dessert cause I had to store it in a giant casserol, so my mind made the logic thinking of what comes in the casserol must by heated. I destroyed 60 liters of buttermilk dessert because I was thinking of how many hours till I could get home and play. Then a new month and new payday started. In this period I only went to work, got home, played Xbox (black ops 1-2) ordered pizza, went to sleep late and REPEAT. When I hit day 15, I had no more money for food at all and only a few scraps of pizza among the 15 semi empty pizza boxes. I thought to myself, no more. So I had a friend take me out somewhere desolite and we had fun smashing up my Xbox 360. Yeah I could have sold, but I would with garantee had bought a nintendo and pokemon for those money and then things would still be the same. It fricking worked and I didnt play any games till yeeeeears after. Since I started playing again (before I stopped this time) I have spend thousands of dollars on games and repurchasing older games. I have properbly bought Resident evil 5 and borderlands 1 and 2 4-5 times on different consoles. My interest in school has dropped and I started making stupid things at work again. So thats it.. I hope this time I will not return. Cause I can feel a big betterment after only 16 days of detox. πŸ™‚
  14. Read about the sunken cost fallacy πŸ™‚ cause it sounds like you suffer that, understandably so. I did the same thing and it was and still is the hardest thing for me to do because I am only 14 days away from my steam account being deleted with 105 games and 299 dlcs πŸ™‚ its really and interesting subject to read about and to learn about how to tackle that feeling πŸ™‚
  15. Day 16: Today I finished and passed my Ultrasound exam. with 87% correct answers πŸ˜„ so not perfect but still better than the pass-bar at 70% correct answers. Its nice to get that over with so the last thing to do before the summer of activity begins, is the mini-bachelor which is the "exam" to past this 5th semester out of 7 semesters. In a gaming perspective the day has been moderately hard because I have had a constant nostalgic craving and since I passed the test I keep telling myself that I could start playing again because I now have actual time, but then I just realize that its exactly because I stopped gaming that I was able to take the test without feeling nervous and pass with over medium satisfaction πŸ™‚ I dont think I really dare to play games anymore (other than social real life events) I am too afraid it will make me lazy and "stupid" again when it comes to schoolstuff πŸ™‚ only 14 days till my steam account gets obliterated πŸ˜„
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