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  1. Day Zero Hey guys, got to start again from scratch since that summer was quite messy + missdirected me hard. I have once again deleted everything (well it was only hearthstone this time) + installed a software called Cold-Turkey (not trying to promote) to help block distractions.For older users who may remember me when I first started my 90 detox I had a drawing a day challenge for one week.I'm going to do that once again for one more week.I really need to get more serious in my studying, workouts and hobbies.Looking forward eliminating as much as possible my "bad" smartphone usage.All ideas on the "smartphone usage issue" are welcome (although I have made a different topic for that ). So anyway back to work!
  2. Hi Luguelli and welcome to the team. To be honest with you I wouldn't try to quit progressively because it's so easy to mess it up.I would go with the usual 90 day cold-turkey (it is hard, it's true) and then later with a clear mind decide whether I want to play like 1 hour per day or non at all.But you know better your self than I do of course. Anyway I wish you best luck!
  3. Thanks for the ideas guys all are amazing! @WorkInProgress Oh boy this is insane! @Hitaru is the premium version doing the as you wished in the first place ?Played a little with the free version and seems fine, you know for the day.
  4. Hi guys, I'm searching for a software (or anything that will do the job really) to schedule my time on internet.Example 8 am to 11 am and then 9pm to 11pm... you understand.I would like something like this to be installed both on my computer and my smartphone.I did made a research on google but a lot of stuff there are so easy to bypass. All ideas are welcome.
  5. Day 4 - Game Free Hi everyone, last few days have been quite good.I'm almost everyday outside either running or biking and that alone makes my day very nice.Yesterday I had one of my personal records on running almost 10km non-stop.I'm so inspired by the Olympic Games.Also managed to pick up my pencil and draw something after a very very long time. peace out
  6. @WorkInProgress Hello man, I checked a google talk with the author of the book, and found it really interesting.In my research though I found a book not exactly related to self discipline called "The power of now" , and has some really helpfull ideas.Other than that doing fine thanks for the interest. Have a nice day!
  7. Hello everyone, guys any suggestions for books,videos,articles,ideas about developing self discipline?Things that have helped you personally? All answers are welcome, thanks.
  8. Day 1 This is a great community not to be part of. Here we go again!
  9. It's almost a month since my last post, I kind of feel bad that I've not been updating this.First of all, this last month I did game like 3-4 hours total as far as I can remember plus some youtube video game related content.However I'm still struggling with browsing the internet much more than I should, and this is such a killer for so many things I want to do. Part of studying I don't find myself being productive in any other chapter of my life recently. So anyway, just wanted to make an update here, will try to post more often. Have a nice day.
  10. Day 51 - Whoops Played hearthstone for like 2 hours.It wasn't even fun , but it was an escape.I don't feel bad that I relapsed for 2 hours really,because these 50 days I saw quite an improvement on myself that it's not just gone because I played.Of course gaming isn't something I want to get back to any time soon,there are more serious things I need and want to take care of first. So what led me to game again?Not hard to recognize at all, I get strong feelings to play when I want to escape, when I have something serious to face (in fact in most cases it is not even that serious),or I believe that I have messed up somewhere (in most cases it's not as bad as I think it is). A side - effect , I had done a good job ignoring people inviting me to games and now that they noticed I'm back, well I get invites again. Day 2 - Game Free Rules are rules though so here we go again.
  11. Really curious on how the discussion went and how you feel about it.Also have you ever read any of those "master" interview books? Perhaps they will be useful, although I havent touched one ever,just thoughts.
  12. 9gag posted this image today.Now I have a new background. Their description is : The difference between going beyond what's required and doing less than what's required
  13. Day 48 - Game Free Got the pc working again, so hopefully I will be updating this more often. Today there was a blood donation volunteer thing (you understand) at my university and it was nice,not the giving blood part, the social part.I got so impressed about how freakin kind everyone was there.The lady there said today not to do any kind of serious exercise, just to chill and drink a lot of water.Other than that I've not planned anything special for today. I'm gonna spend my time in a studying - browsing loop and then maybe I'll go for a walk with a friend, we'll see. Things that happened during these days. I started using the 7min workout app a couple days ago, and I really like it.Also joined habitica, a "game" that helps you track real life activities,habits and rewards you in the process.I'm a little skeptical about it but we'll see how it goes.Had a few serious tempetations to play hearthstone but believe it or not after the game's latest update the app doesn't work for all smartphones(in other words it's bugged),and that saved me .I downloaded the thing twice and it didn't work.The force is with me. Have a great day!
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