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  1. @alvayuso Atomic Habits absolutely brilliant book, would definitely recommend as well.
  2. Head up Dennis, you'll get there mate. I myself wasn't into hardcore raiding as such but when I did play I felt as if my character needed to have everything, max professions, mounts, toys and decent rating in arena. It becomes a time sink every time you go back because you have to catch up to be relevant for anything. As you mentioned the nostalgia of first playing wow will never be there again, playing wow for the first time is unlike any experience I've ever had in gaming. The way I see it, that really helps me to not play, in 10, 20 years time will you be proud to tell your children or
  3. I can definitely relate to this as well. I had been playing WoW since vanilla, one of the best things I ever did though was actually deleting my entire battle net account. It was tremendously hard and gave me so much anxiety, but it makes it so much harder to actually play again if you really wanted to. Buying the entire game again including expansions, levelling a character to max (or boosting) and just the amount of effort you have to put in to actually get everything to that level you had before would almost be impossible, that feeling actually turns me off the game. @Tinni I too would
  4. @MuMuMelonThanks appreciate it, glad to know someone is in the same boat.
  5. Hello everyone, my names Matt. I am 27 from Sydney Australia. I have finally decided, after many failed attempts, to give up gaming for good! It has held me back from achieving my goals and basically living the life that I want to live. It has been a determent to my education, relationship with my wife, and my career. I have been playing games from around the age of 8 on multiple platforms, it has taken up such a significant part of my life and I never really saw it as a negative influence until I started university. I am currently completing my Masters of Teaching, and also work full time as