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Shoutout: Thanks Lea for all of your support for others this week!


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  1. katsudo19


    10/90 I love you katsudo19 and I'm proud of you. Not for ten days no gaming or whatever. I love you because you are human being. You are good enough! I see your laughing soul my friend. You are preparing for walking on another street. You will fail, fail ,fail, fail fucking fail but then win. Start visualise and affirmations every morning on when you go to bed. Start building discipline with make your bed daily and always brush your teeth. You are perfectly imperfect. You will lose something and gain something. They were wrong about you. You are fucking awesome!
  2. Lea I think that is not good theme here on GQ. Even talking about games give me feelings of nostalgia, and this can be a problem because these emotions create cravings to play.
  3. katsudo19


    Welcome! Solve your problems immediately or you will struggle in future. I know that I have problem when I was 21 years old. Now I'm little bit older but still have problem with addiction. Internet and games mostly. Dont wait for miracle. Start making changes right now.
  4. katsudo19

    Day 6!

    I want to say that I was there too! Gaming, porn and emotional music in the past a lot. But what helped me was changing my selftalk. You are good person. I'm proud of you. Theres no shame. And it works. I'm a long way from this way of life but still stumble. Some tips for you: Try checking some books about manliness : Iron John: A Book About Men, David Deida:The Way of the Superior Man Try checking this video: You not be disappointed! Former Navy Seal speaking. Then check some wisdom:
  5. katsudo19


    9/90 I must admit that I have problem with internet overuse. Again but with minimal subjects of interest. I'm not at facebook, twitter, instagram or whatever. I have only this account and email. Its big step I think. But I spend a lot of time in front of the screen on mobile and computer checking stuff that is not important for me. I think that Cam speak about this. I want to entertaint with myself rather than going do thing which is important. I saw video about quit gaming on his channel and that guy there speak only truth. It's not about only quit different things but rather start new better things and start to go into your soul deeper. You can stop playing games and checking internet or whatever for 90 days. But when you do only resist it will not working. You will fall on this pit again. This is my morning thoughts. I drink coffee and thinking about to stop that terrible habits. I'm not lazy. I 'm working in my job and do tasks on 100%. I am responsible for 250 tons of copper every day. But in my free time I'm still that undecided person, which dont go on 100%. At home I do not finish things. Ahh man. You would rather spend your time in front of the screen and staring at imaginary things and mostly be entertained with stupid pictures, youtube videos or shows. Are you fucking me? Or watching girls behind the screen you never ever meet in future. Man you must start growing and do things. You like drawing, listening music even reading books. What the hell are you waiting for? In this life is not miracles or easy things. Yes we all know easy way but. But it end in hell rather in heaven.
  6. katsudo19


    8/90 Not much to said. No games or searching for it. I'm little bit nervous because I must go to work often. You can be an average person and still be a hero because of your decision. Nice quote Lea. Today I will sell the last one of my gaming equipment. I'm going to pay attention to myself especially what I want to do. I'm going to relax.
  7. katsudo19


    7/90 I have problems with my car. So that's pretty awesome to my budget oh that irony. Problem with the pump I guess. My boss give me more tasks so I'm happy again 😄. Not the end of the World. Gaming is dead for me. No cravings. But I must still be aware and be careful. The most worries me overweight in number 20 kg above my normal weight. It's snowing AF. More things to do. Where is my shovel?
  8. katsudo19

    [HEALTH] Absent-mindedness

    Original for you. Check: https://nosurf.org/2018/08/28/how-the-internet-changes-your-brain/ Is better than you will see yourself... 👍 I'm not good in explaining because my English is not that good. Thank you for your understanding.
  9. katsudo19

    [HEALTH] Absent-mindedness

    Stop using internet mindlessly. Your brain is desensitized so you must stop rape him with dopamine related addiction. Perfect example is 9gag. Check: https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/tools-for-change-recovery-from-porn-addiction/rebooting-basics-start-here/desensitization-a-numbed-pleasure-response/
  10. katsudo19

    Day 6!

    Be good on yourself. For me is PMO linked with games and internet overuse. Allow yourself M and O with your fantasy instead of artificial stimulation. Is worth it because you feel better about it. You are man and you have your own needs. Respect that. Forget video games. If you feel desperate or angry try to go out of the house. Its works for me. Mein freund Ich denke, du kannst damit umgehen. Versuchen Sie, diese schlechten Gewohnheiten zu ersetzen.
  11. katsudo19

    Purpose in Life

    Hey! We all was on that place. You must find yourself what you want to do and try it. Try check List of hobbies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hobbies My hobbies: A: Listening to music - Try build audiophile system with accessories B: Drawing - I just started C. Animals - I'm keeping animals: 3 cats, dog, snail, fish, rabbit, hamster and bird. (The whole family is involved)
  12. katsudo19


    6/90 Pretty good day I guess. I was drawing some things or trying to draw is better description 😁. Drawing apple, cat, banana even owl. Is not easy but practice make this perfect. Interesting thing is when I searching tutorials on web and then trying to draw or draw them completely I feel good, like be in flow. I think this drawing thing is very therapeutic. After that I was pretty interested in dj technics. I was looking at dj console, programs and videos on youtube. Pretty interesting thing but I dont know if good for me. I and learning to DJ? AFKM 🤣. So one free day remains and show must go on. Tomorrow I going to work.
  13. katsudo19

    Fawn_xoxo daily; thoughts, goals & evaluation

    But by now it's rather obvious to you who's reading this that my journal has stopped being about games for quite some time. Awesome! I think this is main goal to replace video games for another habit. And detox is not abstaining from games but replace them completely. You should keep writing here. Myself have problem with overeating etc so some people more resonate with your story than others. I read in someone else's journal that they can't enjoy anything Yeah first steps is little bit hard but I suggest those people to take action and then motivation. Not vice versa. Not every day do I feel powerful and motivated and on top of the world, Its absolutely okay. Just keep going...
  14. katsudo19


    You wrote this! Fuck video games! Do something more valuable! You can fall into this pit again. Be aware!