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    I will be honest with you, bro. I thought the same back in the days but you can't just change addiction into hobby it doesn't work like that. I've learned it the hard way. It's up to you but I really suggest to look for other hobbies, cheers 🙂
  2. S1.M0NK

    Quit and im Happy about it :)

    Hey, bro. We all are happy together with you. I still can't find myself with all free time I've got now 😄
  3. S1.M0NK


    Hello, guys. My name is Simon. I've started my 'journey' with games when I was 7-8 years old, cause of my heart disease - couldn't go out much and play with other children so locked up in my room and spent most of the time in front of the screen. After few surgeries I became sort of 'healthy' but 'habit' of gaming was already too deep to overcome. Over the years I played less and less, cause of school and now job but only just recently I realized that even if I play less it still takes too much of my time and money. I guess it's time to log out from the gaming world and log in to real life. Cheers.