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  1. DAY 0-10 Yeah as usual first days of relapse suck but it got a little better Well kinda lots happened but I'm busy with college and don't have much time to write :( but basically I picked up four things : mediating, losing weight, improving social skills and I'm thinking about getting into music ( probably violin ) I thought mediating was useless at first, but after a couple of tries, I noticed annoying thoughts tend to go away faster, usually they stick in my brain for a while. Through the previous and this detox I lost around 22 pounds ( ayyy,) but doing cardio isn't just about losing weight, it's also fun challenging your score and improving your endurance as for social skills I came across an interesting post on reddit : How to be yourself might you like it too I'm not really sure how to start playing violin, I'm just learning music theory atm and in summer when I have lots of free time I may get serious So overall my time is occupied, I don't crave gaming that much but there are three things that draw me to it : Escapism ( from college choice, I never liked medicine, physics is much more fun xdd ) Social environment ( I have lots of gamers friends :( ) Self identity ( because I had high skills, you know sometimes you define yourself in what you are most skilled at idk how to explain it properly ) These are my three challenges to overcome till I think I can leave gaming forever : Changing my college to what I like, making non-gamer friends and getting very skilled in something which isn't gaming-related ( I think violin ). tldr : picked up new things to do,but have some challenges to overcome Thanks for reading, have a nice day!
  2. Daaaaaaaamn I relapsed, gonna restart all over again xDD but I know what went wrong though : I focused on one thing ( programming ), I said it was fun but now I believe we need variety, and I didn't take actions like I didn't stand for my self and go to the college I liked Sooo this time I'm gonna pick hobbies to fill all the needs Cam has mentioned and at the end of year I'm gonna change my college Thank you all and wish me good luck ❤️
  3. DAY 18-31 Thanks for checking me ❤️ It was going pretty well but I came into some old problem, when I finished highschool I remembered I enjoyed maths/physics and I was good in them so I thought I'd like to be a physicist, but gaming made me escape from standing up for my decision and was forced to enroll in medicine school ( I haven't started it yet ) so somewhen after quitting I thought I needn't go to college to do what I want, I could just make them my hobby, the problem is I don't think I could get far on my own nor that I would get enough time after starting medicine study so I'm still thinking over this : / Anyway thanks for reading < 3 have a nice day !
  4. Y are you counting to 120 tho isn't it 90 : /
  5. DAY 15-18 Learned about linkage and might start some video editing : /
  6. DAY 14 ayy pretty good day I worked out, went outside, learned about polymorphism, references and templates
  7. DAY 9-13 I haven't done anything during these days and I was close to relapsing xdd Quitting games isn't just about deleting them but now I made some notes and a schedule I'm gonna try better this time When I started this journal I wasn't sure I wanna quit I could keep it in moderation I had no problems but now I'm sure; I think life outside gaming can be lots of fun
  8. Lol I'm very far from deep level it's just that once during highschool a new maths teacher came and instead of the usual approach "Memorize this" -> "Apply it in exams", he taught us why formulas were true, where did they come from ..et..which made the subject interesting xd
  9. Did it feel like This ? xd and cool bro I find it hard to wake up before 9 a.m :d Good luck with the 5 mi run!
  10. Oooo I know what you mean something similar happened to me when I studied "real" maths : P
  11. Thanks I actually found a c++ discord server and it has a test for intermediate programmers which gave me the idea. But I'm shy and don't talk xddd
  12. Good job bro I did too have some procrastination issues during my final exams what helped me is an app that tracks the time I spend online (I used "moment" on IOS) then when I exceed my daily limit I turn off the device and never use it till next day. P.S Never thought someone could get addicted to politics xDD
  13. DAY 7 Worked out and learned about conditions/loops. Programming keeps getting fun but seems like a lot to learn before making something big lol. DAY 8 Kinda was a bad day, realized how lonely it became since all my friends are gamers : / but I made my mind to quit. On the bright side I set up my first goal to become intermediate at c++ in two months :d
  14. DAY 6 Learned about pointers Made some friends on the discord server :d
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