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  1. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 57/90 | Got up: No | Pomodoros: 0 | Wasted Time: all of it Here comes the inevitable failure day. When I finally got up at 6pm, I was so disappointed by myself that I just sat around watching youtube the whole day. Now it's 1:30 in the night, I'm going to stay up long and make small steps towards being productive, I'm feeling a bit better now. No cravings towards gaming or gaming media. Just a bit of left-over depression. I am reminding myself that I need patience. Even though I can just TASTE the results how close they are, it's still going to take time and there will be down-turns and that's okay. I will get there very soon, just not in weeks. Finish the remaining two courses, keep e-mailing people for supervision and finish the last 10 days of school. Don't worry as much about the lost social opportunities, they will come after the winter break as well. New ones, better ones, more of them. I'm doing excellent and I'm an amazing person so I'll just keep being me and striving towards my goals.
  2. JustTom

    Daily Journal - Samon

    I'll just leave this image that @Silverliningposted some time ago in my journal to encourage me. It's very important to keep it in mind at all times.
  3. JustTom

    Every day is a new day

    I would not recommend trying this. EVEN IF this doesn't trigger you to relapse, it's still a massive massive time-sink(assuming it's RDR2 or a similarly long RPG). I think this is just cravings from both of you calling. There are activities that will bring more long-term fullfillment and it's almost never worth spending time on a long game, in my opinion.
  4. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 55/90 | Got up: Yes | Pomodoros: ?? + gym + chores | Wasted Time: 30m Full Detox Day 56/90 | Got up: ?? | Pomodoros: ?? + 2x social + chores | Wasted Time: 100m I've been super busy. Honestly, apart from making a lot of money and traveling, I'm living my ideal life right now. No gaming, working hard, exercising, eating well, meeting new people. I just moved to the new place and it's epic, finally I can sing in my room 😄 And also do other loud activities with other people, hehe. I had a tough time keeping track of pomodoros, so instead I put in the time wasted stat. It's essentially just procrastination - any time that is not used productively or doing necessary things like commuting, toilet, shopping, etc. I will now consider pomodoros as purely work time and the wasted time stat will account for productivity. I can't say if I 'got up' today since I didn't even set an alarm so that's not objective. In the next few days, I will focus on getting up every day on time. It's very strange how other people are getting the sense that this pressure period is negative. I LOVE IT. Maybe I'm framing it in a stressful way, but this is what I want and need to thrive. I want my life to be intense, full of energy. I feel more motivated and happy than ever. Fuck the "balanced life". I've always strived for nothing but excellence even though I was depressed and addicted. Like for example, hitting the gym is RESTING mentally for me. Going on a date is the FUN ACTIVITY to do. Even though these can be 'exhausting' activities, it's exhausting in a very positive sense and I feel reinvigorated after them, full of energy and motivation to crush it even more! I don't want to rest by watching TV or hanging out. I want every minute of my life to be excellent and going towards a bigger goal.
  5. JustTom

    Karabas's Journal: Part 2

    Nice. Is this the online course you were talking about earlier? Also, your video detox means absolutely no videos, right? Pretty hardcore haha
  6. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 54/90 | Got up: Yes | Pomodoros: ?? + gym I couldn't properly keep track of pomodoros today, but the day was great. I slept 11 hours after 3 days of sleep deprivation, hit the gym, and then did some light work in the evening, but I was still tired so I didn't do much. I have to admit I don't think I'll be able to hit the goal of 70 hours of work per week. This is, however, due to my choices with productive time - being spent on working on my social skills as well instead of working all the time. Which is good at this particular period in my life. The business is postponed so I'll start it when I feel like it. Probably march or so. Until that time, I just want to finish my two courses, work on the thesis, work on my health and get my social skills very high. Yeah I just have to hustle hard these 2-3 weeks and then have a winter break + 2019 is going to start out more chill(which means I'll just chase girls more so it's actually not going to be chill, but you know what I mean 😄 )
  7. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 53/90 | Got up: Yes | Pomodoros: 20 + gym + social I am so so so so SO tired. I really need to sleep, but because I'm homeless for now, I have to abide by other people's schedules and can't sleep in, neither can I go to sleep early because I promised people that I'll show up and I really don't want to disappoint. Hopefully tomorrow I can rest a bit.
  8. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 52/90 | Got up: Yes | Pomodoros: 17 + social @karabas , @Silverlining Those two days were super tough, unfortunately, there were no non-essential tasks. I don't *want* to cut sleep, but if circumstances really necessitate that, then I don't mind. My problem is sleeping too much, not too little 😄 Anyways, I'm really enjoying this period of my life. I'm doing my best(more or less), so I do feel the 'pressure' of having high goals and a lot to do, but I don't feel 'stressed'. I know I'm on the path and it's a difficult one. Just how I like it. When it comes to rewards, I'm rewarding myself with socializing. A big part of my work motivation currently(because I don't really like the programme anymore) is that if I get shit done, I can meet people and improve my social skills.
  9. JustTom

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    Full Detox Day 51/90 | Got up: Yes | Pomodoros: 23 + chores SMASHED this day! WHEWWW! Lots of work done, including the second interview. The upcoming week is going to be crazy full with stuff to do. Especially moving, communicating with potential supervisors, research, a final project and exams coming up in 2 weeks. All of that plus going to the gym and socializing. I'll be so sleep deprived tomorrow lol. Has to be done though. Let's go! If only I could control that myself! The amount of pressure is largely dictated by my environment and how I'm currently doing. Because I'm not lowering my goals. The problem is when I dip down a little bit, work piles up and that increases pressure. It's a tough thing to balance, but I'm getting better at it every day. I feel a huge upswing coming up!
  10. JustTom

    Every day is a new day

    So true! 💯💯💯 So many years went by as if the time disappeared when gaming, with little results to speak of. The sense of belonging to a community that is striving to grow and thinks critically and holistically is HUGE and very understated. Journaling here has been a major breakthrough in my life personally - it keeps me very consistent. I'd like to spread this idea more, somehow... Anyways, keep crushing it!
  11. JustTom

    Jay's Epic Journey

    https://youtu.be/F1fAWT6eRWA The alpha and omega.
  12. JustTom


    Step in the right direction, welcome and good luck!
  13. JustTom

    Dear Diary...

    I second this one. It's the best self-development/psychology book I've read. Dense with detailed content, practical examples as well as deep insights. Everyone should read it.
  14. JustTom

    Karabas's Journal: Part 2

    Interesting. I don't have a religious perspective at all, but I would like to incorporate spirituality into my life as well. I just can't seem to find time for it - as you said, getting distracted by the constant chase of productivity and results. Going on a retreat where all you do is pray/meditate/contemplate/take part in the community sounds pretty great. Let's see how it motivated you really are to crush it now! 😄
  15. JustTom

    Jay's Epic Journey

    Board games are a very 'friendly' activity, something to do with your buddies. I'm not saying it's a bad date, but it doesn't set a tone of man-to-woman interaction. Also, some girls are just shy or really just want to follow your lead, wherever it goes. If she says she was really excited to see you and had a great time, that's a clear signal for you to take it further. Even though she might have not actually enjoyed it, it's likely that she is still into you and just wants to do something else - possibly more physical 😄 Just my guess from a brief text description.