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  1. That's Amazing! I'm getting better.
  2. Hey @Philipp I have the same problem that I don't know what else to talk about than the action we are doing.
  3. Yesterday and today I deleted my games from my Ps3 and Ps4.
  4. @Regular Robert Yeah I have talked about this to my mom and he is supportive about it. She is good at supporting people but talking about video game addiction her tips don't help me that much - that is why I'm on this forum. I have told her to remind me too like this:
  5. 67th day I feel anxious right now. I had that feeling when I asked my mom to buy a game. But then when I had played it I had that shame and guilt feeling because I thought it was a waste. I even said that I promise I won't regret it this time and I did. And this happened a couple of times. This feeling came to me because I regretted a bit of buying Respawn and the Challenge. This is the exact feeling I had when I wrote this: But after that it became easier. To come to this website and talk about games and else. It's this feeling you are falling to the old you. I DON'T WANT IT. I feel like I don't want to do ANY gaming related, watch youtube, browsing internet. I'm gonna go outside shortly. (if that's correct english?) But I think this feeling is also good because It shows that I'm experiencing feelings (wow). I didn't play, but I feel like I relapsed.
  6. 63th day Whoops, I miscalculated. This day is actaully my 63th day, because I started 25th of January. @Bugg @Dannigan Thank you for replying. It is good to hear that many people have struggled or struggle with these same problems. They encourage me to keep going. I don't know what to say more to your replies but I appreciate it. :)
  7. Thanks for the help! :) @Regular Robert
  8. 63th day I'm home and I have a cold. Very bored. The worst is when you have to do homework when sick. I think I'm gonna start the Game Quitters challenge soon. Why can I just get happy already. I'm not going to relapse, but I feel very depressive now. I'm tired of this shit life. Everything is so complicated, and I forget things more and more because I don't care. What do you think guys? Did the Game Quitters Challenge help you? I think I need support. I would want to have real life friends with this problem. Or an accountability partner around my age. (13 years) I didn't play videogames because I had friends there because I had real friends. Here's a list why I played games: They were a good way to spend time Games were very important to me - I spent much time with them as a young child. I didn't know other fun ways to spend time. But then at 5th grade. I started to acknowledge that my friends started to change. They like felt like older than me. I felt I was different. My social skills weren't grown that much. And then I thought It was because videogames. Why would it be because video games? I wasn't even addicted to them? Then I thought It was because puberty or my stuttering. But no, It was videogames because I remember when I have stopped playing, I felt guilt and shame. And I thought why did I play again? So the problem had to be games, because why would I feel guilt then?
  9. Hey, I'm a 13 years old kid from Finland and looking for an accountability partner around 10-15 years. I'm at day 58th day of my detox when I'm writing this and I would like talk about gaming addiction and anything related to it. Maybe we could text by whatsapp.
  10. 58th day I'm more calm now. Now, when talking, I have things to say, and It's more easier to talk and get new things to say. Like speaking is more smooth now.
  11. 54th day A normal day as usual.
  12. 53th day I know that I'm over half now. Time is going slower. I want to be more happy, but it's annoying because I cant. I think It's because the dopamine levels are still that high. For example, when I'm in a conversation and there's me and some one else, I want to, but I can't anything interesting to say. If I try, I say like wow that's a cool car, even if I dont like it. Just to say something. I think the reason for this is that my dopamine levels are too high, so nothing is interesting, so I have nothing intresting to say, expect to speak about video game addiction or my 90 day detox. :D But I hope that will fix at least when I hit 90 days. :D
  13. 44th day, Changes have happened. I laugh a lot more, and I can feel, that I don't get angry for eating candy sometimes or watching youtube isn't bad either. I can control it more. And i can feel that the new me is coming. 8 weeks anymore it's not that long time, because a week goes pretty fast. Sometimes I get those bad memories about games, but they go away. Yeah, that's about it. Day at a time.
  14. Keep going! :) @Sashiku