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  1. Hi all, wow, I've posted my last post about 2 years ago ... time runs fast. Well, everything you need to know about my past you will find here: https://forum.gamequitters.com/topic/33-im-marcus/ There were two major changes in my (social) life in the past 12 months and I want to share them with you: 1) In September 2016 I began playing Magic the Gathering - a trading card game you will might know about. When I was young I've played it a lot, together with friends at school. This happened almost 20 years ago and I wanted to give it a new try, since playing was always fun. So I joined a so called pre-release event with around 25 people (I did not know any of them, I just wanted to make connections) and met some really cool dudes. Since them I play irregularly on friday nights (the so called FNM - Friday Night Magic), also went to two bigger events with around 100+ people. Went to the first one alone (to the second with 2 dudes from my town) and it was a really uncomfortable feeling, only knowing a hand full of dudes from my local store from sight. As to improve in MtG you need to play a lot. And by a lot I mean a lot. And my "local meta" is really competitive. People driving around the country attending tournaments and so on. So to be part of the (higher?) community, you better know how to play and know your foes decks inside and out. But I can't attend the FNMs regulary - and sometimes I just don't want to attend FNM, because its getting really late and I want to hang around at home relaxing. Beside FNM there might be events on saturdays I could attend. But again, not regulary. Would not say I'm bored, but I can't motivate myself to really attend to each (possible) event. There is still this little spark of fear when attending a tourney. Or excitement? I don't know. 2) I really don't know what's the right term in english: We (my wife and I) joined a group of middle ages fans. So we dress up medieval, drinking a lot of beer and other stuff from cool drinking horns, listening to some medieval music and have fun. Fightning with weapons (blunt!) is also great. But we are not performing LARP Made up some really really good (even female) friends there. In case of clothing there are endless ways to dress yourself up - it's a interesting and fun way to invest spare time. You can also read up a lot about the middle ages and become smarter. My limiting factor is time. I'm a quite busy IT application manager and after being 5 years on the job, I decided to study again (trying my master's degree in IT security) - parallel to my current job. The study program is designed for full time jobber, but my daily schedule will change because of this. Long story short: I would like to know how many hobbies do you have and would you prefer a broad selection of them or only a few, where you can invest to maximum possible time into them? Kind regards Marcus
  2. Eye-opener for those who struggle with quitting. Thx!
  3. Pen & Paper? Working together? Hm, what's about Descent? https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/104162/descent-journeys-dark-second-edition One player takes the role of an overlord, commanding all the nasty evil monsters (like in Dungeon Keeper) Have not played it myself, cause here in Germany it's sold out until spring
  4. 1) Gaming had a big impact on my grades, no doubt. I studied about 2 semesters, before I decided to quit and my grades really improved. What exactly did the trick I don't know .. 2) Had to fight this battle alone
  5. Earned my ITIL (2011) Foundation certificate today - yay (That is not the one I talked about in the original post, but it's great anyway^^)
  6. Quitting WoW is a hard one - gone through that, too. Guild members are your best friends - as long as you show up for raids so they get loot You can kick these people into the next trash bin ... I quit WoW in 2010 and never talked to these "friends" again. In their world you are replaceable.
  7. ?Yes, had the same experience with twitch.com But seeing people play all day and other people cheering at them in their chat room ... bah, I can't find the word to describe my feelings. CRKP: Is everything still alright?
  8. If you are a geek like me - maybe check out these youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/elithecomputerguy This guy is amazing and full of knowledge - something you do not achieve with online-gaming He also suggests to learn new stuff (e.g. reading) at least one hour a day.
  9. Hey guys, small update: 65 days without touching a game since counting. Feels good Had a little motivation problem in the last days to get things done, but I am back on track.
  10. Hi there, I made my first experience in online gaming with Diablo 2, BroodWar and later WarCraft 3. Before I got Internet I played games on consoles liked SNES or the good old Sega Mega Drive These games were fun, but I never felt actually addicted. In school I was really smart, had good grades, some friends - no problem at all. I treated gaming as a pure hobby and in summer I played football rather than video games. I loved the WarCraft theme and it was a no brainer to go for World of Warcraft when it came out. In 3 years I got a playtime of around 400 days - that's over 8 hours a day for 3 whole years! I once even spent Christmas and New Year in this game ... I played at a really high and competitive level and I saw (and battled) all the available content and bosses (even with some top 100 world kills). I was proud of my guild and myself, so I spent every available minute online. My personal downfall started - I didn't care much about school anymore, didn't showed up and nearly dropped out of school. With some really badass luck I was able to finish school with a halfway good report. Some months later I could finish a traineeship and was eligible for studies. Note: At this time I still played WoW but at a much lower skill level, cause my first guild retired. At this time there was a website called wowdetox.com where people wrote their reasons why they quit. I've read them for many weeks and months and agreed on them. I wanted to quit but I could not. I realized more and more that raiding every night till midnight is much more like a job than a hobby. The people in this guild weren't as cool or fun as the ones from my first guild either. So I quit cold turkey, wrote my guild leader a PM and deleted my toon. Tired at 10 pm? No problem, go to bed Another note: I met my wife in my first guild and she was really jealous that I could go to sleep while she "has" to play until the raidleader called it a night She quit gaming WoW not long after me. That was about 2010 and in my second semester at university (5 years ago? what the fuck ...). Once I quit spending all or at least a lot of my time in online games my grades were really skyrocketing! I was able to finish my studies with a good B and got a job even before I was handed over my bachelor's degree. Around this time I played some hardcore Diablo 3 and made my first post at Cams blogpost, that was in 2012. In favor of my bachelor's degree I quit this game, too. Today? Well, in the past years I played some games when I wanted (StarCraft 2, Dota, some Singleplay like Orcs must die or Serious Sam but not excessively). But today when I remember myself of the time wasted and the really bad feelings I had every day I woke up and just played ... I will never experience this again - it nearly destroyed me. As a said before, in my first school years I was smart, had good grades, was interested in many things, read a lot. It feels like all these experiences vanished while I played so much. Today I feel really stupid in comparison. That's why I will never allow games to control my life again - and I recommend "The slight edge", it really helped me to find my focus again. Honestly, I had a little relapse last weekend where I played some Blizzard Dota, but I quit and deleted the game. You really need to find another hobby to replace gaming. If not, you will be bored and play again (happens to me). My hobbies: My wife (<3), meeting friends, gardening (summertime!), reading (I love fantasy novels), work out, Lego (you are never too old!) and ... my job. I really love my job and I am willing to spent my freetime if I have to. Also working on a IT certification to improve my skills and value for my company. I keep track of my days since last played with smartphone app and now it's time for the 90s Regards Marcus
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