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Gaming the System 006 - James' First 30 Days As a Digital Nomad in Thailand!


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  1. Right decision.

    I am with you, you can find my journal in this forum too. Read real stories in this forum is a big source of motivation and it helped me to take the decision 

    I hope I could see your daily journal, I will do it also, I dont want to comeback to gaming period anymore.

    90 days is my goal. come on.

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  2. Dear,

    First day past. What I do today is going outside and using FB to see new feeds. chatting with one friend in the game I played but no minute is for gaming...

    So I made it...

    I keep on watching films on internet and login FB to surf for news...

    But I guess this it not productive right?

    I will try to learn english tomorrow night after work.

    So i can be more productive than just spending time on internet for entertainment.

    I am seeing new generation of 2000 are very sucessful and happy in life while I feel shameful for my boring life... I could not come back to game anymore cause I will be left far behind in real life....

    I think I will learn Tarrot. What do you think about it??? I am just curious about it...

  3. Hello its Sunday, weather is very nice.

    this is first day of 90 days no gaming that i decided i have to do. ( i have played online game since 2008. and that the thing i spent most of my free time for.)

    Because of over-gaming i am now at a lower position of education,  relationship, job, family, health, beauty... than anyone who live without gaming. So i think enough is enough, no matter what it takes...

    Oh. i have signed up for a netflix account for one month to get me through this hard time.

    anyone here want to chit chat and keep us on track? pls feel free to comment. thanks.

    this afternoon I am going outside.

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  4. Dear me of tomorrow,

    Firstly, please slap me. I relapse again and again on video games. From now on, pls, remind me of the wish to totally give up on this toxic habit. I am already 25 years old, a 25 years old girl still living day by day with basic needs and then spend all of her free time silently on internet( games). That's SICK...

    I don't wanna detele game and then reinstall... I can't bear that wanting feeling. Want to play just one game, and then, I can neva stop. :(

    I Will turn my laptop off..... as much as i can...

    Will only turn it on for if necessary for something... I will try to read book, play puzzle games, listen to yiruma, go outside, 

    Best regards,



  5. I can't find my old post in daily journal. Can somebody tell me why? did they delete old posts?

    So I decided to quit game forever 3 month ago. 

    But i relapsed again and again and again. Don't remember all the reasons why but half of them related to my old ingame-love story.

    It's right or wrong to still keep in touch with him? 

    I don't care anymore, he made me disappointed and sad ... i think i am not good for him so i think i better go.

    I am writing this hoping this time I can totally get rid of game out from my life now and then.

    have fun without me.

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