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    I love your art style! Refining the anatomy will surely elevate your artwork to another level but great job already.
  2. Days 1-3: Recap I started working out again, bought a small tank and some pets to keep them in, ordered some pet supplies, and reorganized the schedule for the remaining 3 weeks of summer break. Day 4: On Keeping Pets Sundays are a day off for me. It's the day that I keep as margin so that I can wrap up whatever's not done during the week, do all errands in batches, and just chill. At least it functions as a day off if my schedule is functioning properly. Which it did this week - no overdue studying today! The most interesting thing that happend today was keeping care of my new pets: a small 20-gallon tank on my desk houses a bullfrog and some goldfish. These little chores took up a large chunk of my time combined but they pay off when my little critters eat and grow well. Changing water, making goldfish food out of veggies, and giving food to crickets which are in turn fed to the bullfrog. You know you've gone too deep when you're buying food (grains and vegetables) for food (crickets) for your frog which was originally being sold as food in the marketplace. Yes, bullfrogs are considered delicacies here in China which is where I live. I like the idea of "topic of the day" kind of journaling style. I'll mostly be writing about things that I do instead of gaming until I run out of ideas.
  3. So I've frequented the Reddit community this past month but with the goal of being more deliberate in my second attempt, I decided to use the daily journal as another layer of extrinsic accountability to keep me going. So here I am. Here is my Reddit post where I discuss thoughts from my first attempt. But here's a brief into that I never wrote: I've been gaming for a good 6 years by this point, starting with an obligatory Minecraft phase, going through Starcraft, League, COD, and more recently competitive Hearthstone and Overwatch. For most of it I was fine. In fact I'd call my life two years ago the best shape I've ever been in. I worked hard, worked out hard and played hard, it was tiring but it was awesome. But over the past year or two shitty things happend in succession that completely broke my family and the routine that I've setup over many years. That caused me to use gaming as escapism and play it practically all waking hours except during classes IF I couldn't hide my screen. Things are better now but not perfect. My last year of high school is starting in three weeks and I absolutely want to and need to do well in my senior year. Reading through the forums, I feel so blessed that I was exposed into gaming later than many others; so blessed that I know a life before gaming to use as reference; so blessed that I'm experienced with combatting addiction (social media) before; so blessed that I have a friend who went through the same gaming addiction phase who was there in my lowest times. So I don't want this fortunate circumstances to go to waste. In addition to the things I outlined in my Reddit post, I bought a set of dumbbels and started doing simple full body workouts at home since I started my second attempt three days ago. IT FEELS SO AWESOME. NOT HAVING GYM MEMBERSHIP WAS AN EXCUSE. JUST WEIGHTS AND ME AND I FEEL SO ENERGETIC. /end screaming Cheers. I'll start journaling this evening.
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