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  1. Day 41: Those majors that I had no idea they existed Amidst internal assessment deadlines looming one after another, my mind is caught off in college research. Engineering schools are exorbitantly expensive, and computer science is ridiculously competitive, so I randomly picked some college majors in my target schools and made some neat discoveries! TIL that "actuarial science" is a field of mathematics that deals with risk management and that actuary usually forecast insurance and pension costs. It's one of few math majors where you also learn some basic economics and computer science, two of my interests. The field requires you to take multiple standardized exams, but I have a track record of attaining my target score in every standardized exam I took in high school, so I think that's okay. Moreover, I recently wrote a damn 4000-word statistics essay. I'm more than comfortable with high school and college levels of statistics. After some research, actuarial science major seems very appealing and worth consideration. EDIT: Apparently, this is the 100th entry on this topic. Yay!?
  2. @ Vlad Arararararagi is the most well-written harem protagonist I've ever seen, heck he chooses a girl straight away so it's technically not a harem? So he really has his one girlfriend for "personal use." @iamthemithras Can't tell whether your comment is sarcasm. Here's a smiley face either way Day 40: On Nutrition Frankly, I've been quite unproductive the last few days, with Rescuetime productivity score dipping down to the 20s. But that's not today's topic, for I've dealt with this issue in many entries. Today, I tried to really control my nutrition for the first time. I had three meals composed of lean meat, eggs, green plants and sweet potatoes. While I liked it, and such a diet plan would surely help achieve my fitness goals, it made me realize just how unhealthy I've been eating so far. Eating out frequently? Check. High, unhealthy carbs? Check. Fried Chinese cuisine? Check. Deep fried snacks? Check. Ehh. Every change takes time and I'm sure I'll get used to eating healthy in a while.
  3. Thanks for all the advice guys! Somewhat anticlimactically, I realized after running all the numbers that public is the only affordable option if I decide to study abroad in Hong Kong or NA, probably Canada. Back in homeland Korea, there are more options, as international students always pay a premium fee. Day 38: Let's just pretend that I skipped this day on purpose. Day 39: A stop gaming haiku because why the hell not The cake is a lie, the realization that can save the last of us. + Because this entry is short why not feature my favorite haiku (please somebody get this) Crab, snail, monkey, snake Pimping with my dope harem, Arararagi.
  4. @HappyCat If you're talking about "You must be kidding, Mr. Feynmann!", I've recently started reading it. Great book, love his writing style. Day 37: College Admissions Today, the school arranged a "senior retreat" day during which we worked on the nuts and bolts of college admissions. Getting letters of recommendations ready, writing some forms, preparing essays and lists of activities, etc. My biggest dilemma is to whether aim for good private universities that are pretty darn expensive, or lower ranked public universities that are way cheaper. Of course, in the highest end of all universities, I would be able to attend state-of-the-art government-funded research institutions with an excellent reputation for almost free(!!!), but they're some of the hardest universities to be accepted to in Korea.
  5. @Mettermrck Counting all your stuff is an excellent exercise! You almost certainly own more things than you think, and this exercise makes you realize that. Related Zen Habits post. @PigPete In which areas of life? I'm curious. @HappyCat They take longer and are more tiring than I imagined. Part of it is inexperience, however. Day 36: This Physics Experiment Thing Yesterday, I binged Youtube and stayed up till midnight. Oops. Other than being slogged all day from sleep deprivation, I worked all afternoon on a design experiment I'm conducting for high-level physics. So there is this device called tachometer that I'm using for analyzing rotational motion, but this device has stringent limitations and doesn't work if anything goes wrong. So I fix that. And then, the rotating object (a diabolo of sorts) won't stay still, and measurements are impossible. Okay, so I decided to change my research question a bit and work with pinwheels instead. It takes two hours to figure out how to make a pinwheel that spins steadily, but I manage to do so and make ONE measurement after the entire day. The reality is that design experiments are a lot messier and more complicated than reading about experiments from a book. There are a thousand "IRL" problems that textbooks omit for simplicity's sake.
  6. Physical activities are essential! It's surprising how sedentary you can be by playing video games.
  7. Day 35: Just Dreaming All this college research is making me think more about how I might live after high school and college. Ofc during (at least the first year of) college, the budget and sharing houses take priority. But when I do become independent, I want to live small - very small - and in an urban area since I hate having any extra space. That's the only affordable option anyway. Preferably somewhere with a vibrant tech industry for careers. I'm already quite minimalistic, as I owned 125 objects the last time I counted, and I think I may cut down even further. Lean closet, fully digital and what not. My intention is always is to spend infrequently but to invest in quality then use it to death. My family members are on the opposite end of the spectrum and I hate my guts to look at all the clutter. Being minimalistic helps with the budget, too. I'll have to learn how to cook, too. I did learn a few Chinese dishes but honestly, they're the opposite of healthy. (The Chinese fry everything, even vegetables for soup.) I approach my fitness in a very realistic way, where I don't follow a rigid routine or anything. I work out 5 to 6 days a week, 3 of which are weight training. I try to use as little machine as possible. I just work out to an extent where my body feels good. The point of this rant is that I think the same with cooking. I don't see the benefit of counting calories or macros as long as the meals make me feel healthy. Then there are more aspects of finance to worry about, from a more comprehensive budgeting to short-term and long-term investing, then eventually real estate and ticket items. A whole lot of life skills too, stupid little things that would come with living on your own. My experience with living on my own (not on a camp of sorts) is less than a month, but it did teach me how deceptively time-consuming cooking, cleaning, and laundry can be. Self-control seems to be harder without parents, too. /end rant
  8. Day 34: "Just a bit longer." It's days like today when I'm physically not feeling too well, just overall a bit lethargic, when I get cravings. And I really seriously started considered gaming again, but the thought of "let's just wait till 60 days" made me stop. That badge on r/StopGaming really is just a number on an online forum, but the eagerness to reach 60 really is enough. Whenever I try to decide grand things like what to do after 90 days, my thoughts lean towards gaming. That's why I decided not to worry about that for now. I'll first reach 60 days, then think about it again. But on day 60, I'll delegate the decision of whether I should game in moderation or not to myself 30 days in the future. Then, at 90 days, delay the hard thinking again. And again. And again. In an infinite loop and eventually, I'll have quit for so long. At least, that's what I think I'll do.
  9. I was born Korean, though after living abroad English is more comfortable. 그래도 충분히 쓸 줄 압니다. 번역체로 써지고 문법 오류가 많을 뿐. 加点基本汉语和日本ご。
  10. Day 33: Digital Life Going paperless meant erasing the last remnant of analog from my life. For the most part, it's beneficial. My once-haphazard pile of notebooks are all neatly organized in Evernote and indexed with its OCR technology. There's less clutter in the room. Everything else in my life is also digitalized - books, journaling, scheduling, news, etc. - and indexed in Evernote, if necessary. My school is very progressive at adopting technology to the classroom, so homework and classes are 100% digital. Except for the daily workout, all of my hobbies are digital, too. Digital painting. Programming. Watching anime. The point is that as a relatively early-adopting individual who takes obsessive care of my mac, I spend almost the entire day in front of a screen. From dawn till dusk, a workout session and three meals are the only exceptions. Is it a good thing, as someone who still intermittently gets cravings, to be so connected to devices that can run (albeit shitty mac) games? Should I go outside more? (That's the thing, too. Since I workout at a gym, I almost never stay outdoors.) It's worth the consideration, I think, though I probably won't change my lifestyle.
  11. You're doing great work, Tom. You're so productive that I'm even afraid of you burning out. 이번에는 성공합시다! 저도 두번째에는 90일 넘기고 싶네요. 아자!
  12. Skaliq

    Fern's Journal

    Welcome! It's perfectly fine to feel lost, we're all just doing things that seem right at the moment and hope it works out. Really, the only thing that doesn't change is change. You're going through a positive process and that's all that matters, I feel. GLHF!
  13. Day 32: Weekends Weekends are hard. Although I didn't relapse, I did end up consuming a bit of gaming content on Youtube and being unproductive in general. Eh. Anything that tends to disrupt the daily routine tends to break the entire thing. Since my sister needs to return her school-issued laptop (she's transferring), we installed a PC for family use. It means that I can technically run Windows games, but I think it'll be fine for a few reasons. 1. The PC's blatantly visible to everybody in my family. 2. My accounts are gone. 3. I plan to study at school almost every day until evening.
  14. I may have given you the wrong impression, Pete. I'm actually a STEM guy looking to major in computer science.
  15. Day 31: On Nationality Hehe, it's fine HappyCat, I picked up way too many colloquial Japanese phrases from obsessively watching anime. Maybe I should've expected that from someone whose profile picture is from .Hack though. Ha! I'm one of few people who know this now antiquated series. This is precisely why I feel disconnected from the concept of nationality. I was born Korean, spent the last few years in China, in an anglophone community, and I watch predominantly Japanese media as a hobby. I received Korean, British, American as well as International Baccalaureate education. It's very possible that I'll also study in a Canadian university. I do not feel a particular connection to any culture. Well, when it comes down to it Korea is my "home country", but I don't feel like I'm at home in Korea. My home is here in China, and my linguistic preference is definitely English. There's no point to today's entry, really, other than to ramble about being a third culture kid.
  16. Day 30: Day 30 Hey, Pete! It's first time seeing you here. I appreciate all response. Thank you and other regulars HappyCat and Mettermrck for helping me stick to journaling. The first milestone is here: 30 days! Holy shit, it's 30 days! It lasted, so far, more than twice my first attempt. I survived through summer break, a period very prone to relapsing. I survived the first week of senior year, and while there are already a couple of large assignments in the way, I'm confident that I can make it through strong. Tomorrow is my first weekend during the school year, which is when I would normally fall prey to mindless browsing and gaming binge. Hopefully, through some prior planning, I can work productively and rest well this weekend. Seriously, thank you all who responded. Now I've REALLY got a reason to stick to 60 days.
  17. Hey there! Cravings are something that you'll just have to acknowledge and move on. And it seems like you're doing just that. Great job man.
  18. I just say that I struggle with gaming compulsion to some people who I can be more open with. Not a lot of people take gaming addiction seriously, but some others do know that gaming compulsion is a thing. They just assume that I have a procrastination problem due to gaming and understand it that way. To others, I just say that life is busy recently. Or that I'm doing other things during downtime. It's just a quick way to answer difficult questions like "why don't you play games these days?"
  19. Day 29: This Profile Pic Thing I'm not sure how many realized, but my profile picture is my fanart of Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock Infinite. I beat that game too many times that I lost count, and was able to complete it multiple times with various restrictions. Nobody cares, and people on r/StopGaming would argue that it is a waste of time to pursue virtual goals, but I honestly had a blast in every playthrough, so I don't care. It's GOAT in my book. Oh, also someone in my class asked my thoughts about a new expansion. I just said "Oh, I hadn't played the game in a while" and changed the topic. Phew.
  20. Day 28: On Style I suck at styling. I'm the kind of guy who wears t-shirts and shorts everywhere and doesn't even care if the colors match or if my hair is properly done. Men's style is an area that I get intimidated by the very existence of it. Well, I want to change that, so I'm devouring beginner men's style resources these days. I'm finally getting a sense of how to get started on building my wardrobe and grooming. Here are some things that I'm thinking of doing in the foreseeable future: 1. Give proper care to my hair, use products and get a good conditioner while reducing shampoo usage. 2. Grab a good pair of casual leather shoes for wear outside of the gym. 3. Dispose of some clothes that don't fit me or don't suit my body type. I'll do this first, then try to get comfortable hunting for suitable clothes. For example, my shoulders are rounded, so shirts that accentuate the shoulders are a priority.
  21. Day 27: On Focus (Follow-up) I've thought about the reasons why I don't have any time now, whereas I was able to find at least 2 hours to play video games 3 years ago (when I was moderately gaming), and more than 5 hours a day last year (when I binged and got addicted). Here are my findings: 1. I sleep 9 hours a day, which means 10 hours per day devoted to sleep and morning routine. This is significantly longer than 6 hours that I used to sleep. 2. I eat slowly, taking 30 minutes per meal, whereas I would eat hurriedly in 5-10 minutes before. 3. Simple increase in workload, as I'm now a high school senior in IB diploma programme (which adds even more workload). 4. I had a habit of trying to finish assignments as efficiently as possible (or as late as possible, last year) so that I could game more.
  22. Welcome back! Please share what you'll do differently this time if you want to. There's always something to learn from our failures I feel.
  23. In hindsight, it may not have been a very good idea to be descriptive in yesterday's entry. Day 26: On Focus Today was the first day of school, and reality is looming over me: time is precious. After sleep, meals, school, workout, transport, and homework, there's 1 hour left in my day. Now, I could further optimize and better utilize commute, but 1 hour is still short. Really short. Too short for personal projects and entertainment. That's why I'm dropping everything that I've been doing to fill gaming time during summer break. No more language study (other than Chinese class in school), no more doodling, no more programming, minimum entertainment (just 1-2 episode of anime a day). Schoolwork and college apps are crucial. Luckily, weekends are still free. It means that any of my personal projects are going to be done in long blocks during weekends. It sucks to prioritize. I hate having to pick and choose. But while you can do anything, you can't do everything.
  24. Day 25: The Temptation Two of my favorite and the most addictive games, Hearthstone and Overwatch, launched major new updates a few days ago. It's not like I could not know about it since Blizzard teased them from months ago. All it took was one click, 'just a check' to send me back to gaming communities. Checking the news gave me reasons to play again: these new updates brought back two of my favorite decks and heroes! Seriously, fuck this situation. Only if Warlock, my favorite class in Hearthstone, stayed at the bottom like before, it wouldn't be this hard to resist. Only if Zarya and Reinhardt, two of my most played heroes, weren't brought back to the epicenter of the metagame, I wouldn't have a reason to play Overwatch anymore. Somehow I managed to persuade myself out of the situation. The crux of the argument is that I haven't been grinding Hearthstone for a while, so it would take a lot of cash to catch up. Cash that I don't have now, now that I realized that I have more urgent needs for my money after running the numbers in my budget. As of Overwatch, I reminded myself of the increasingly toxic community. School starts again tomorrow, so it should keep me busy for most of the day.
  25. Day 24: Buffer Today an emergency occurred. Our family cat ate detergent and was puking all over the place, requiring veterinarian care. So I had to abandon all morning plans. That's why I'm thankful that for some reason I decided to finish most of the essay done by yesterday, only leaving one day's worth of work behind. Geeze, a buffer in your schedule does come in handy. Btw, she received treatment and has now recovered some of her strength. She'll be able to eat something soon.
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