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  1. Skaliq

    New Chapter

    One of us! One of us! The good thing about Netflix is you can plan ahead on which show to watch for how long, so you get the most out of your entertainment, I think. It's hard to plan how long a match of video game would take, and how good the quality of the match is going to be.
  2. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 30: Just gushing about food I like I'm an expat living in China for the 8th year here. I learned how to cook in China, and a lot of my favorite dishes are Chinese. Chinese cuisine is just so incredibly diverse, man. The problem with Chinese cooking outside of China is probably sourcing authentic spices. You see, you need to use specific types of peppercorns, chillis, soy sauce, vinegar, bean paste, rice wine, etc., that are sold in China. I've eaten some "Chinese food" outside of China, and I can guarantee that they never bothered to source authentic seasoning. It's almost like thinking, "nah, I'll just replace basil with thyme, they're both herbs, right?" when cooking a western dish. It's true that Chinese cooking involves a lot of frying, but the better cooks don't make it feel oily. You see, there are four "big" strands of Chinese cooking - Shandong, Sichuan (spicy & numbing), Guangdong (Hong Kong region) and Shanghai. There are also minor ones like Xinjiang (Uyghur) and Beijing cuisine. If you're not used to Chinese flavors, you should try guangdong and shanghai food which are generally light in seasoning. Things like dim sum, soups, and xiao long bao. If you can stand eating a lot of cumin, then uyghur cuisine is pretty delicious and healthy, too, like pilaf, kebab, dapanji, or laghman noodles. I used to do lure fishing, so I had my share of sashimi back in the day. I still do, though I don't bone my own fish anymore. I also love a good bowl of miso ramen. I don't really know how to cook Japanese food though. I should really learn. I'm a Korean national so Korean food is my comfort food. Not my favourite dishes, but soothing and easy to default to. However, at this point, I've lived far too long in China, consumed way too much Japanese media, and speak better English than Korean to call myself a Korean local.
  3. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 29 Yeah doing the dishes suck :/ especially since in this small apartment I need to wash everything in a tiny sink. I've been reading the book "The Food Lab" and following some recipes. Today I cooked an omelet and Beijing Shredded Pork (Jing Jiang Rou Si) for breakfast and lunch. My sister's been complaining that I only cook Chinese food - I love it btw - so I'll attempt to make more western style dish in the future.
  4. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 27 Frankly, for a moment yesterday, I thought about gaming. There was nothing much to do for the entire day, and I was bored. But I took my mother's suggestion to go shopping. We tried out some clothes that I might want in my wardrobe, and I shopped some vegetables and spices. I cooked Sichuan fried eggplant for lunch and Kung Pao chicken for dinner. It was pretty fun to cook again.
  5. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 25 Birthday was awesome. My father sent me a photo of the dress watch that arrived, which he will ship it to me (he lives overseas) soon. The ramen noodle place was a branch of an authentic Japanese restaurant so that was great. I was pleasantly surprised when my mother opened a cute, little teddy bear cake. Lol. It's Chinese New Year break for a week. Today, I'll be planning how to allocate that time, and do some long-overdue errands.
  6. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 24 Remember when I said that I used Parental Controls to lock my computer when I need to sleep? Well, my sleep quality has been amazing lately. It's the first time I feel very well rested, as I struggled with sleep for a long time. I lose control of my computer at 8 PM, and I would just chat with my family. Reading a paperback book on a night lamp is also a great way to wind down. (It also helps me learn my books for an upcoming English in-class essay.) Also, it's my birthday and my family's going to eat out at a ramen restaurant! Also, Chinese New Year break is starting tomorrow! ...but there's a math test. There always has to be a math test on festive days, it's Murphy's law. I'm excited about (probably my last) birthday presents though. My parents are paying for my domain & hosting fees, and I'm also getting a dress watch. I want to learn how to style and maintain a watch.
  7. Skaliq

    Am i really doing this.....Journal

    GLHF buddy!
  8. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 23 I am focusing on my academics, as high school is nearly over, and the final exam that covers ALL high school materials is two months away. I'm also blogging and learning about men's fashion in my spare time.
  9. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 22 Eh, there's nothing much to write about. Though I took a drastic step to control my sleep: I created an admin account that locks my main account after 9PM via parental controls. I have the password for the admin account, but I can only access it before 9PM.
  10. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 18 Slept early! Yay.
  11. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 17 Another day where the problem was sleeping late. Welp.
  12. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 16 Finally slept rather early. But why does the school have to give us so many big assignments all at once? Why?
  13. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 15 No cravings. It's amazing what another really engaging hobby can do. Busy days. I work out 1.5hr per session now, which means, including changing and shower, I put in 2 hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So it's harder to find time to do other things. But I'm managing to get them done, albeit barely.
  14. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 13 Not really much to write these days. I'm smooth-sailing with no cravings whatsoever. It's surprising what a hobby (one that you obsess over) can do to stop gaming. I mean, too much of anything could be bad, but writing posts for a blog is not fun to an extent that I abandon my social life and academics. You can't really stay awake until 4AM writing a blog post, you get tired before that; you can, however, pull out all-nighters to play video games.
  15. Skaliq

    Skaliq's Log

    Day 12 Another busy day. I had a meeting during lunch so I'm starving now. Gotta grab a meal as soon as class ends. Yesterday I finished the draft of my next post. Today I edited and scheduled it to post automatically.