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  1. puckspock

    Stop playing to start making

    Bem-vindo, cara!
  2. puckspock

    Captain's Log

    Day 1 I have failed yesterday with a mere old SimCity clone. Played for only some minutes for the sake of curiosity. 10/10 facepalm
  3. puckspock

    Captain's Log

    That's a good way of facing this, thank you all. Day 19 Another day of opportunities, so I want to be sure to study a lot today. In personal life, things are hard. My date is dying (the relationship, not her), maybe we'll break up next weekend. We both are in doubt and the choice is very hard. I don't want to give her up and neither she wants. But in the other hand, she doesn't live me anymore and we are living like only friends or colleagues.
  4. puckspock

    Captain's Log

    Sorry, I couldn't understand.
  5. puckspock

    Captain's Log

    Day 18 I am really inactive here but I keep my commitment. Games have troubled me these days, because I was wasting time searching for gaming content. I need to change this in my behavior. In the other hand, I am getting used with the idea of keeping the detox for only 100 days and then ending it, allowing me to play at vacations. I want this recourse.
  6. puckspock

    [PT] Este não é um RPG

    Estou considerando não continuar esse tópico, pela falta de feedback. É um pouco solitário aqui. Então, continuaria apenas em inglês. Caso, porém, alguém esteja interessado em acompanhar o diário em português, mesmo que não venha a interagir depois, me avise em uma única mensagem ou postagem. O problema não é não ter respostas, e sim não ter qualquer pessoa lendo, não sendo útil para ninguém. Dia 5 Hoje eu fico em casa para estudar. Tenho provas importantes semana que vem e amanhã posso ter um dia pesado de aulas. Vou começar a dar monitoria. Isso será ótimo, pois tenho visto que tenho um amor e talvez até um dom de ensino. O foco agora é estudar para as provas de análise. Minha disciplina em relação a isso tem sido péssima, infelizmente. Hoje é o centésimo dia sem acessar a Steam, e isso é ótimo.
  7. puckspock

    Captain's Log

    Interestingly, today is 100th day without Steam. That's important because that was where I used to buy games. Compared to other people I know, I never bought a lot, and I paid attention to not buying to much, mainly when I didn't played the other games. There are 3 games, still, that I never played. Giving them up is a tough step. Now that my semester starts again, I will count once again. 07/29, my girlfriend' birthday, is the day one in this new counting. Day 5 I had a class yesterday. I'll have two tests next week, about Real Analysis, on Monday and on Wednesday. My focus should be this by now. Today I'll have more classes and I'll probably be too tired to post. I am still struggling with my studies, I am too slow in answering exercises. I am discovering myself better: I have a love for teaching.
  8. puckspock

    Relapsed yesterday

    Thank you all! After a relapse, should I start another topic?
  9. puckspock

    Relapsed yesterday

    I stopped counting some days ago, I started questioning myself about the importance of doing the detox. Actually, it was right from me asking for this, because stopping playing was a concern involving other people. One of the activities that I have with my girlfriend is playing. And this is very hard to change, since her mother prefers to keep us in living room. But, yesterday, I really relapsed. That is, I left myself on gaming. I had a lot of things to do but I spent lots of hours with an io game. I understand that my addiction is not that big, but I need the detox, for the sake of being able of doing this. Soon I am starting again.
  10. puckspock

    Captain's Log

    I am living a dilemma. My biggest gamer friend (and maybe the only one) is my girlfriend.
  11. puckspock

    Captain's Log

    Thank you, Space! Day 1 I failed. At everything. On this friday the things were ruined, I throwed my advances to outer space. I am counting from now, from today. I see more clearly that my lack of control is holistic. If I see porn, I fap, if I fap, I game, if I game, I see nudity, and upside down. Today is going to be a good day, we will celebrate my grandma's birthday. Sadly, I'll have three days to recover all the lost study. It will be frenetic, hard, and maybe it's not possible anymore, maybe I just can't pass anymore. So my master degree is in danger. I expect come with good news at thursday.
  12. puckspock

    [PT] Este não é um RPG

    Dia 1 Eu falhei. Em tudo. Na sexta-feira as coisas derrocaram, joguei meus avanços para o espaço. Estou contando a partir de hoje. Percebo ainda mais que a falta de controle minha é sempre a mesma. Se vejo nudez, me masturbo, se me masturbo, jogo, e vice-versa. Hoje será um bom dia, comemoraremos aniversário de minha vó. Infelizmente, terei pela minha frente 3 dias para recuperar todo o estudo. Será corrido, difícil, e talvez não seja possível fazer o suficiente para passar nas disciplinas e continuar tranquilo no mestrado.
  13. puckspock

    Quest's quest for independency over his life

    You're writing a good Story here, keep it up! Some days really won't work, but you can always seek back for what you have learnt from it!
  14. puckspock

    Captain's Log

    Day 26 Since Sunday I am coming back to my tracks., Yesterday and today I managed to work hard on the studies. Only 9 days till the tests begin. This is a time of tension, total focus, although the responsabilities and things to do. It's enough to keep my eyes right in the goals, and I will avoid any fall.
  15. puckspock

    [PT] Este não é um RPG

    Dia 26 A partir do domingo eu voltei a me forçar para os trilhos. Ontem e hoje consegui me esforçar bastante nos estudos. Faltam 9 dias para as provas começarem. Tempo de muita tensão, foco do total, apesar de todos os compromissos e coisas para fazer. Basta que eu me mantenha de olho nos objetivos para que eu consiga, nesses dias de muitos afazeres, evitar qualquer queda.