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  1. Hello My name is Phaedrus Galpin. I am a pc and xbox player who plays for a long time everyday. My favourite game is called Overwatch (maybe some of you has heard it). I play it about 2-3 hours everyday. I want to slow down my addiction but i don't want to stop it just yet. I don't want to stop it because I love video games and it will be very hard to give it up. So I am thinking of maybe playing only an hour or 2. And eventually I might play only an hour a few days a week. So thanks to Cam for inspiring me and also inviting me to the forums. And thank you to everyone else for hopefully supporting me in the future. I will post daily on the journal of my journey to play less video games. My dream job is wanting to be a video game designer (kind of ironic). I play soccer at a high level to. Thank you, Phaedrus
  2. Hello everyone, This is Phaedrus, I live around Vancouver, BC about an hour and a half from there. I have been playing video games for about 4-5 hours a day and it has become an addiction. I don't want to stop that but I want to try and slow it down a bit considering the fact that love video games and a lot of other people do to but don't want to quit. So what I'm saying is that I don't want to stop playing video games but I want to slow down the playing to like about an 1-2 a day and use most of my free time on productive work. Also I am very new to game quitters. I signed up about 10 mins ago because my parents showed me an article about how Cam had overcome his addiction on video games and I had become inspired by this. So I contacted Cam on Snapchat and he told me to watch a few videos and sign up to the forum. I just want to say thank you to Cam for showing me this and inspiring me in overcoming my addiction. And hopefully I can thank everyone that will support me throughout the journey of playing less and eventually barely any video games.