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  1. Additional Forum Security: I have enabled 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and Security Questions. It is set to optional so you can choose to either use it or not. How to enable: - On the top right corner click on your profile and then on Account Settings - On the left side click on Account Security - Enter your password and click on Continue - Now you can choose between Google Authenticator or Security Questions The timeout is set to 30 minutes. The additional security is currently set for the following: I recommend using Authy for 2FA since it is available on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. Get started with Authy: https://www.howtogeek.com/199262/authy-two-factor-authentication-made-easy/ If you still need help, either ask here or you can contact me via PM.
  2. Upgraded kernels for both forum and blog to fix the current CPU vulnerability (CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5754 aka Spectre and Meltdown) https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2017-5715 https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2017-5753 https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2017-5754
  3. Sounds good to me. But I still would create a whole new category for that. And posting/reading in that category is only available for members with X amount of posts or X amount of registered days. Not sure if its possible like that, but if you agree with that I would find a way to accomplish that.
  4. - Added Topic Starter Badge - Added "Save to Pocket"
  5. Hello, to fill this section a bit I decided to give you a nice collection of links which will cover various topics. The list will be updated continually when I'll find links/sites/whatever which fits into here. Currently it is just a thrown together link list, in the future I will separate it even more as it grows. We will have blogs, more Youtube links, Communities, News sites, etc. I also have a personal library worth of 450GB filled with courses and eBooks. I just need to sort them and need to look which I can upload since some of them are paid. If you found a link and you think it fits into the list, let me know. Courses: Interactive Learning: Programming related:
  6. Quick update: - Increased the maximum size of uploading a profile photo (from 500kB to 4000kB)
  7. Kernel seems fine. Seems like it is an Intel GPU issue. Some people can't create it aswell from what I read, so.. if it happens again, try to disable Anti-Aliasing first in the Unity Tweak Tool (Appearance -> Fonts -> Antialiasing - It should be set to RGBA, so try to set it to none if it happens again and reboot if you don't see any changes). If this still wont help, we would need to take a look at the GPU drivers and maybe change them or try another Desktop Environment such as XFCE, KDE.
  8. Never had this issue, but I did some research, first of all I need a bit more information. I assume you are on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and I read that it COULD be a kernel/driver issue, so I need your current kernel, type this into the terminal: uname -a And post the output. You could also try and change the font system-wide to see if it's a font issue itself. I would also need the output of the following: glxinfo | grep -i vendor lspci | grep VGA egrep -i " connected|card detect|primary dev|Setting driver" /var/log/Xorg.0.log
  9. Another short update: - I've added a "Preview Post" button, so you can preview your post before actually posting it. Good for usability and with that you can check formatting issues etc. Some technical/security related stuff: - Added layers to prevent and block SQL Injection, XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting) and increased other backend security related stuff. Still trying to add cloudflare, cloudflare won't authorize the current certificate (the process can take up to 24 hours, I am 12 hours in.. so hopefully we will have cloudflare tomorrow! - Which will add another layer of security) - And other server related stuff. Personal updates: - I asked cam if it's okay when I add a donation button, so.. I added them to my signature
  10. Hi there, @Cam Adair told me that some members don't have a country flag beside their names. I think some of you don't even know that we have such feature, so let me give you a quick tutorial how to set a country flag: 1) Click on your avatar at the very top right corner and click on account settings: 2) Now click on Country: 3) Last but not least, choose your country and click on save. Voila, you have a country flag beside your name
  11. Another quick update: I added Tags and Prefixes. Prefixes are currently enable for the Tech & Development Sub-Category only. I would need to discuss about prefixes for the other categories. How to add a prefix? Easy, create a topic and choose a prefix: (Ignore the uppercase on Security, prefixes will be all lowercase anyways) These are just quick & dirty prefixes, in the future there will be more for each sub-category, even for the Tech & Development.
  12. Since I see more interests in this topic I had a talk with @Cam Adair. My initial idea was to create a whole new Sub-Forum with a Sub-Domain about IT related stuff, but we need to look first if it's worth and if we can get enough members which are interested in this topic, because creating and setting up a whole new (sub)-Forum might be a waste of time if only a couple of people are (actively) interested, so I am going with the Sub-Category way first. If more and more people are interested and the topics are growing I might consider creating a Sub-Forum, until then we use this Sub-Category. Anyways, let me try to explain what you can ask or discuss: Basically everything about IT, which includes: - Information Security - Windows - Basically everything about Windows. Installation, Security & Hardening, Privacy, Servers or just basic help such as driver issues, "Build a PC", sharing your setup, etc. - Linux - Same as Windows. - Your PC is infected? Get help here. Maybe we have people who know Reverse Engineering and are willing to help (hint: me) - Want to start a own blog and don't know where and how to start? Ask it here - Coding & Programming - Want to learn it? Which language to learn? Which language is newbie-friendly? Ask it here - Need help with a specific code? Ask your questions here. Pro-tip: You can use the code snippet button on the editor to input a code for specific syntax highlighting, such as: #!/usr/bin/python import sys if len(sys.argv) == 1: print "[*] Usage: ./script <ascii>" sys.exit(1) first = True for arg in sys.argv: if first: first = False else: print arg + ' -> ' + arg.encode('hex') - Everything else about IT, Security and the Internet. Just drop your question. That's it so far. I think you get the idea. Writing down every single topic would end in a wall-of-text. Have fun with the new Sub-Category. Regards
  13. Can't seem to find what you mean But, I am sure it is either "Mark as un-/read" and/or "Mark as Favorite".
  14. Hello, I made a few changes to the blog itself which includes themes and a few little global plugins. I added 2 new themes: GQHAZE GQFLAT The default Theme still remains if people like the classical way. The GQFLAT theme is a work in progress, so you might see theme changes now and then, since there might be elements which are still dark or having a weird color (The original design was dark, but I didn’t want a dark theme for a Game Quitters community, so I am trying to make it light). GQHAZE on the other hand seems to be good and might remain like this. You can switch between the 3 themes at the very bottom: So you have some flexible choices and use whatever theme you like more. Global changes: Added an online indicator: I added a few new buttons to the editor: Have fun with it Thanks to @Regular Robert for helping out on the Design.
  15. Another downtime happened... Unfortunately some "likes given" are gone But better that than posts I think..
  16. Hi all, the Forum is back online after a horrible software and server crash. Worked like 13-14 hours straight on it to restore all the stuff. You might notice that there are still small design issues, which I think aren't a big deal. They will be fixed within the next few days. You will also notice that we have a little "Support" button at the top navigation: Use this if you have any technical issue to report an issue, so I can look into it. Thanks for your patience! Best regards. For those who are interested what happened:
  17. A bit late to the party, but I am not able to code something like that. There are badge plugins available, which will cost money (of course..) such as: (Updated 2015) https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7277-hq4-badges (Updated 2016) https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7940-iawards/ (Updated october 2017) https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8429-trophies-and-medals/ Can't imagine how a bot would work to automatically assign badges, but I am no programmer anyways
  18. Whew... Almost 2 months no post in here, nice "daily" though. Well, a few things changed in the last 2 months. First I started a own, small business which is about IT Security / Information Security, then I have learned a lot (got a couple books on my birthday about this topic and also ordered some E-Books about this topic). Then I was thinking about the gamequitters Blog. Since I manage the server for both the blog and the forum I noticed some horrible hicups on the blog. You also may have been noticed them: Slow loading time. The old loading time for the blog was at around 8-9 seconds: I was looking around and digged pretty deep into the server and its configurations and finally found a way to improve the loading time. The problem was the PHP version and other issues, but mainly PHP. The other problem was, it wasn't easy to change since the forum software is pretty exotic with its current configuration and I didn't want to fiddle around with it too much, so Cam ordered another server which is only for the blog - Which was a test-server at first for playing around with it and test different configuration setups for the blog. I think the result is pretty huge and the improvement is pretty well. Here the new loading times for the blog: I also reduced the queries a little bit aswell as the used memory. So overall a good improvement and hopefully everyone is happy with it. I have to admit that I also keep gaming at the moment, at least when I have free-time or when I need to cooldown after all the learning and practical things, I am fine with it, since it doesn't controls me or takes a big piece in my life.
  19. The faded one is for marked as read, when you click the icon it will fade out and so you know you read everything in there.
  20. Alright, I got it working. First I made sure that the Arduino board is working with a simple LED test: Good. Then I looked for some assistance for the RFID reader. Found a decent and easy to follow tutorial. First I made the wiring, to connect the Arduino with the RFID reader: Then I imported a library for the RFID reader (in my case the MFRC522) into the Arduino IDE, compiled the preset example and uploaded it to the Arduino, checked if it is working: Then, to dump the Info from the keys/cards I needed to hold them VERY close to the reader and check the infos though the serial monitor from the IDE: Done. What can you do with this? Well, your imagination is your best friend
  21. Never thought (and to be honest, never heard) about MOOCs, but I had OSCP in my mind, but the price.. hard to afford, especially with no "real" job. Will come back to you when I need C++/ASM knowledge, thanks! Still plenty of books ahead of me about pentest/bug bounty topic, so yeah.. Certs and degrees will definitely help, if you don't have anything, you need some kind of online reputation, so a blog and (hopefully) some entries in the bug bounty hunter register might help aswell.
  22. Yes indeed, computers are such a BIG topic, I started with as an help-desk worker, but slowly converting into the Information Security topic (focusing on Penetration testing/Red team, Bug Bounty hunter), I also did some malware research (reverse engineering), but noticed that this isn't my topic because I would need to learn C/C++ and ASM mostly which is too much for my brain (for now, maybe later?). No prob, I am a nerd I like curiousity and breaking things other built (I think thats why I like the penetration testing and bug bounty topic). I tried to get a foot into this kind of job (even computer repair), currently working in a small company, but not full-time, I also applied to other companies, but: No certs and bad graduation (I hated school..) and my co-worker might start his own company and since he know what I am capable of he wants me, he also wants to do it in the near future. I was also thinking about doing a small own business with this kind of topic, because reporting vulnerabilities and/or bad security on random websites without having anything seems shady to some guys, so with a small business I have something in my hand at least. West germany seems decent for this, but applying to jobs further away from my home held me back so far (comfort zone..), but since I change I might apply to jobs which arent near my city (and if my small business won't work like I expect it AND if my co-worker won't start his own business). So far, there is much good stuff coming.
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