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  1. https://steamdb.info/calculator/ There are a couple of forums for selling a steam account. You could try that, but definitely use a trusted middleman, else you get scammed. My acc is around $500 but I dont care that much. Just delete, focus on something else, forget about it, win.
  2. Guess what, I also have 'Gaming' (Even though I don't like that phrase, it's just marketing anyways) stuff around me - Gaming Mouse, Keyboard (Well, its a cheap mechanical china Keyboard) and Headset. I could punch myself for getting this stuff except for the Keyboard, but all in all.. the Mouse is great and the Headset is having an awesome sound, so, I make the best out of it. Use the Mouse to be more productive when I am at the PC and use the Headset when I hear Music or watch some Documentations. Sometimes I dont even wear them and just enjoy the silence of my room (Well, currently only the Sound of my Ventilator since its 35 degrees here over the day..). I can't say the topic I suggest, especially the phrase 'Fastlane' is for everyone, but for me its my whole focus at the moment. The last few days I woke up at 9AM and was going to bed at around 1-2AM, during the day I read the Fastlane Forum, reading books they suggest and learning english, because its about financial stuff and most of the vocabulars are so unfamiliar. I can't tell what it is but that whole topic got me and I am so hyped about it. Hell I even did some research about clothing, which I never did and I was a 'casual jeans and shirt' guy all the time, now I am trying to get more serious, business-like clothes. All I can say is, try to find a topic what wakes your interest. I formatted my PC couple days ago and didnt even install steam, battle.net, uplay, etc. Just my browser and my IT stuff and thats it. I have to say, yes, I think about gaming, I think about how it is to make 'THE PLAYS', to land an awesome goal in Rocket League, to learn a new technique, to get a better badge, so I can tell my friends 'Hey, look, I am Champion 2 this season, HA!', but then.. I open up my PDF-Reader window and the reality gets me back. I was always the 'cheap' guy, who struggled with money and I never learned to handle money at all, I tried to find a way to make more money with my skills, I guess that's why the 'Fastlane' topic gets me and why I can't stop reading. And the whole topic isnt about 'how to make millions in 1 week', its something completely different. So, yeah. Find a topic, a hobby or whatever (except gaming!) which you could like and do researches about it, gather informations, start making notes, start using Flashcards, watch documentations, hear podcasts, follow people on twitter, facebook, youtube (And god damn, unfollow or even block the gaming related stuff) and uninstall the gaming crap software which takes a lot of RAM only by idling around. Start making connections, start building a small friend-base, talk with other people about your brand new interest. Trust me (I hate this phrase...) it is much more fun talking with people in reallife about a hobby or a new interest than with a guy on discord talking about your new badge, about a badge no one gives a sh*t in a few years. Another tip which helped me: Ditch the Music titles you heard the most during some gaming sessions. When I learn or read and a song pops up from my playlist which played during my gaming sessions I skip that, because it gives me bad Flashbacks. PS: Yeah, Migraine.. I suffer from this aswell and no doctor knows why. It's a freaking pain when it kicks in while you have work to do.
  3. Maybe something like: 30 days = bronze 60 days = silver 90 days = gold 90+ days = diamond or platinum
  4. I was thinking the same. After having a good (or bad) day I started some games as a 'reward' , it was a good feeling for that moment but it quickly turned into an addiction (again). I noticed I cant game in moderation, it simply wont work out for me. My current diversion is 'knowledge'. Knowledge about life, about seeing the world with different eyes, knowledge about my financial situation and not being a 'money whore' anymore. Thanks to @Cam Adair for mentioning the phrase 'Fastlane' somewhere in a thread around this forum. I made a quick search on google and found about a fastlane forum and then soaked the whole thread into my brain and read all the 34 pages in one go. After that I made some research for a whole day and instantly bought a couple of books about this specific topic. If someone is interested: Rich Dad Poor Dad Think and grow rich The richest man in babylone The Millionare Fastlane 1 book is done, finished it almost day 1. Maybe its something for you? Seeing knowledge as a 'reward' in real life, instead of a (sorry!) stupid badge in a video game which will be reseted after the season ends and you need to repeat this stuff anyways (Play this game again with the pressure to win because of a better season badge/reward) ?
  5. Just tested with iPhone (Safari), do you double click on the heart icon? Since the software update they implemented a 'weird' update to the reaction system. It is basically: 1. click = opens the reaction menu, 2. click = actually 'like' the content. So when you do a normal tap/click on the like/heart icon it only indicates to open the 'reaction menu' instead of giving the actual like, the actual like happens with the second click.
  6. Can kinda confirm, not on a very personal level, but my girlfriend has a therapist (low self-esteem, issues when around many peoples/in crowds, etc.). She is there for over one year now, I don't see any difference tbh.. Also my mom has one, I see just a little difference on her, but not that much..
  7. Some or most of them are still having a life, streamers for example. But then, what will they do if their game servers shut down? Also, why compare your life with other 'gamers' life? ?
  8. Never had a movie or series which gave me the same amount of dopamine. Everytime I tried to moderate gaming I was in the same hole after like 3-4 days of moderating, I started to spent more and more time, first it was 2 hours to 'chill' after work, then it was 3, then 4, then back to fulltime gaming for nothing. I'd say, every activity which stops you from archiving something in your life is bad (obviously..). Your goal is Y, but X stops you from archiving it = bad.
  9. Let's say you are playing 1 hour every day of pinball, for 1 year. Now compare it to something like.. learning a skill (Programming for example). What did you get after 1 year of playing pinball vs. learning? A highscore vs. a paid job (maybe)? A highscore vs. knowledge?
  10. What about a spreadsheet? Can be imported to either google or microsoft cloud so can be used on mobile aswell. Maybe something like this.
  11. Yes, there are no limits for signatures, so you should be able to use images. What I don't like about the image thingy: It is static. I have something in my mind which is more dynamic, but need to find a proper coder for this since it would be a plugin/modification. Basically: Have a custom field at your profile which shows 'Detox days: X' and the number will increase daily. So lets say we have a member who put in like 13, so it shows: 'Detox days: 13' on the next day it will then show: 'Detox days: 14' and so on. On a signature image it will only show the date when you quit, which is also a nice idea and should be do-able I guess. I just dont have that much time at the moment, so if there is someone out there who could code something like this, it would be awesome.
  12. Hi, I've enabled the other theme now for every member. You can choose it at the theme selector at the very bottom of the page: So you can use whichever theme you like. Also keep in mind: A spammer needs 2 reports (1 single person should be able to report a spammer every 5 minutes) to get flagged as a spammer and therefore its content gets deleted, it will also ban the spammer instant. For now that is the 'best' way to keep the Forum clean, when there is no mod/admin online ? Best regards.
  13. Voice comm, chat, sharing small files, spreading memes.
  14. Small update for Auto Mod: I finally got it working. Created a rule for reports. This means, the spammer needs 2 reports, but you can report every 5 minutes. The rule set looks like this: Check amount of reports from member which content was reported (overall) If the value from the reports is great than or equal 2, flag him as a spammer immediately. So, no wait time (except for the report cooldown). If you see a thread from a fancy japanese spammer, just report it 2x and he should be gone including all his created threads.
  15. Sorry guys for the couple of downtimes the past few days, but the forum changed a bit and also the forum software itself, this took me some testing and playing around. Here is a quick view of what got changed: As already mentioned the Theme changed a bit and I have also added Icons to the navigation bar and some small color touches, unfortunately I cant get the Discord icon to work. I am also working on an alternate Theme which will be available soon. Spammers: They are going nuts lately with their Japanese or bet sites which are mostly offline (No clue why they share a website for spamming which is offline). I HOPE I found a way to minimize this. But I've also added another addition. Users can report these spammers with a specific button (See screenshots below) and the Forum will automatically hide the reported post. Unfortunately the 'Auto Mod' will only hide the reported post, it wont ban and delete other topics from them, yet! Still working on something which will ban them automatically if X amount of reports is reached. For now, the created topic needs 2 unique reports (unique = different user) and the Auto Mod will hide that topic. Note: Auto Mod executes every 10 minutes, so the thread wont go away immediately. Name Change: I asked @Cam Adair for permission to take money for this. It sounds ridiculous, but its a hell lot of work. A Name Change includes everything, the Username itself, Mentions and Quotes. Now imagine someone with 200+ posts asks me change his Name including Mentions and Quotes, I need to look into every thread where he participated and change it by hand. This takes time. Alternative: The Name Change WITHOUT mentions and quotes is for free! Since it takes a couple of seconds. Just drop me a PM or open a support ticket. For a "Full Name Change" I have created a Store Link where you can purchase it. Fixed "Like". After the update it was kinda broken and it had emoticons for reactions, which doesnt fit here. Performance should be a bit better, since a lot of stuff changed for the server. Auto Mod addition to 'Report Post':
  16. Tried to upgrade Forum software earlier, as expected it threw out some errors, so I reverted back and it still showed me some errors. It was impossible to click on a profile, Moderation Panel was broken and some parts in the Admin Panel. So I quickly ordered a server and made a backup solution. We are currently limited to the default theme and GQHAZE. Other themes seem broken at the moment. You might notice the different URL (forums instead of forum) but everything is functional and SHOULD work as usual. Will try to fix it asap. Sorry!
  17. The urge to win/beat a game, I guess. If its a PvP/competitive game, it might carry over to the real life even more, at least for me when I played rocket league all day (or other competitive-like games - dota, LoL, CS:GO, for example). I personally noticed that it carried over, when I was angry/aggressive I also was way more aggressive IRL. Now, I am more chilled, sometimes I still play games (1-2 times/week), but its mostly single-player/offline games but I am way more chilled, even when I die/lose/whatever. But overall I'd say it is because you lose, losing sucks and therefore it carries over IRL.
  18. At the moment, my own business, which started last week officially. The business is all about IT Security, focused on Server / Website security. I offer services such as penetrationtesting, risk analysis, digital forensic, backups and virus analysis/cleanup. Later on I will offer services such as social engineering, better said 'Red Teaming', to test the physical and 'people' defensive layers of a company. I would say I have some 'know-how', but I am definitely not the best, but I would say the best in my town (30k population) ? We have enough of these usual 'IT Services' such as computer repair, computer shops, etc. So I am focusing on a topic no one really cares about. The pressure of learning fixed my sleep schedule. Going to bed at 12-1AM and waking up at around 7-8AM, then I start learning, looking around for vulnerable websites which are easy for me to fix, working on a concept to contact the website owner and trying to get a job. This is currently my motivation to get up early.
  19. Sure, just contact me. Forum isnt the best way, so I would say discord, slack or riot.im.
  20. @giblets sure, you can remap your mouse buttons, I think its even easier on Linux than on Windows. See https://askubuntu.com/questions/492744/how-do-i-automatically-remap-buttons-on-my-mouse-at-startup and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto for example. @JustTom Yep, had the same feeling. I felt so great when I made some good moves in games (Rocket League in my example), lately, when I see a script or program is working it feels even better. Doing a aerial goal with a car in a game feels great for this moment, maybe a bit longer when you save a replay and watch it later, but still... cant compare it to some REAL skill. Also started to learn Social Engineering lately, basically to understand humans better and also for my job (...and for some self-confidence). Feels so much better than sitting in a training mode in a game and trying to land the same trick over and over again for hours.
  21. Programming is a WIDE topic. Should have clarified which topic (or topics?) you are covering. Since we download Visual Studio here I guess its going to be some C++, C#, some .NET, VB, JS, NodeJS? :D If its not going to be C++ (which I wouldn't recommend for a 'starter' language) then Visual Studio Code is enough for most of us. Has enough plugins to handle syntax for most common languages, isnt 'bloated' and has built-in debugger. Nothing against Visual Studio, but it can take up quite a lot of space on your Hard drive. Would be nice to know what we are going to learn here.
  22. stablish

    Export Journal

    Done! Well yeah, it downloads the whole threads. Basically a tool which just converts HTML to PDF, so there is EVERY post in there. If you need it tweaked with only your posts/specific posts you most likely need to copy&paste and print-to-pdf.
  23. Hi all, I was trying to find a way to export threads to PDF, unfortunately there is no 'easy' way to do it (i.e. a plugin) and copy&paste can be annoying, especially when you have plenty of pages, I found a small command line tool which exports a whole thread to a single PDF file. It involves a little bit technical stuff, but I found that this is the best way to export a thread and I will guide you. To make it even easier, I wrote a script for Windows and Linux (I was going to write a full guide for all these things...). This script will do the following: Windows related: - Check what Windows version you are running (7, 8, 8.1, 10) - Check your current Architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) - Will download the needed tool for the correct architecture - Will execute the tool for install (You just need to click next) - Will add system variable path for easier execution Linux related: - After my script was almost done for Linux I realised its available from the repos... -.- sudo apt-get install xvfb libfontconfig wkhtmltopdf How to use wkhtmltopdf: Windows: Note: Download the wkHTMLtoPDF.bat from attachments, right click and execute as admin Linux: If you have any problems, drop me a PM and I will look via Teamviewer into it and set it up correctly for you. Have fun! wkHTMLtoPDF.bat
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