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  1. On 11/30/2018 at 7:36 AM, fawn_xoxo said:

    I have been thinking about my online friends and how the ones I thought were the best ones haven't spoken to me at all through out this time, all these days, no word from them. And I feel bitter about it. I recognize and accept this feeling, but it sucks to see a bad truth. Sucks that they don't care about me as a person at all. Sucks that they told me how they valued me, that I had honest conversations about real life with them, mostly about their lives too, but now that I'm not in the game they haven't thought of sending me a message to see how I'm doing. For anyone reading this, no I'm not asking for attention via my absence. I just had a couple of people I thought were friends with me as person to person, not gamer to gamer, and I've been let down by them before, but I guess the disappointment is saying I was hoping they'd be better now that we solved some past issues. 

    Exact same situation here.

    I tried something back then when I was in the same situation.

    I was in the detox = all the 'friends' never contacted me and if they did it was all about "gaming today?".
    After like a month or so I logged in to steam and discord to play with them, after 2 days playing with them I went back to my detox and didnt log in to steam or discord. Well guess what? 
    No questions like "How are you?" or "Are you fine?" or something like that.

    For me its like, my gaming friends are dead to me, except for 1 guy who is a IRL friend aswell for like 4 years now. I told him that gaming is a pure waste of time and my focus is on other things to improve myself, my life, my future and he agrees with me. He uninstalled steam and all other gaming clients + games. I brought him to learn programming and he has so much fun, I also teach him the stuff I know.

    The worst part is, the other IRL friend whom I know for like 13 years now is the worst person. Contacts me when he has "PC issues" or wants to game. He goes out often, but never asks me, I gave up on asking since he never has time for me IRL, just for games in the evening, so fk this guy, even though we did so much IRL stuff in the past (going out to play football, go to the cinema or just chill and drink some beers).

    What I want to say: When the people you gamed with never ask you how are you doing, screw them. They arent worth your time. You will waste your time thinking about them and this might make you sad.
    There are million other peoples in the world who can be your friend. Don't rely on the people who don't give a fk about you and only care about you when you play games with them.

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  2. Fight the spammers!

    Lately we have had a 'few' problems with spammers. They kinda bypassed the 'disallowed links' method by putting their shitty websites (which mostly lead to links with empty content - but still will generate traffic for them) into the title.

    I found a way to minimize this issue which I just implemented and is active from now on.

    It might not work for every spammy link, but it will definitely minimize the issue.
    If you found a spammer, you still can report him and our mod team will take care of it immediately.

    If our system banned you by accident, drop me a E-Mail ([email protected]).

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  3. Hi there,

    that sentence there is my mind now for a bit and I was thinking about it.

    I am not a parent nor a father. I just would like to know if its always parents fault if kids are having a gaming addiction. Taking me here as an example.

    So, when I was young my stepfather limited the internet time. That means I could only play (or use the internet at all) for a specific amount of time per day. This pissed me off after a while, so I went out more often, went to friends (sometimes for a whole weekend) to play games there.
    When I was deeper into gaming and was at an amateur (ESL league - if someone still remembers it) at counter strike it pissed me even more off to go to friends to play.
    Then I was looking for ways to hack the internet (lol), after researching a lot of stuff (resources where so limited back then..) I finally found a way: Sniffing.
    But first I needed to figure out how my internet was limited, because it was for specific PC/Laptop and if its possible to block access on the 'hardware side', then I figured it can be limited in the router. Now the hardest part was to get the password. Sniffing alone didnt bring me anywhere, so I needed to 'Social Engineer' my stepfather to login into the router while I sniffed our whole local network. Voila - Router password sniffed. And there it was: A setting to limit the internet access for my MAC address. The problem: My stepfather wasnt an idiot (and still isnt - still love him though) so I needed to make it look original every evening, because he might check it now and then.
    So, yeah.. that was the time when my 'carrer' basically began ? . And he never noticed anything until I told him about it when I had my own apartment.. he was pretty shocked lol.

    But to get back to the "You suck at parenting": Is it always parents fault at all? We have 2018, the internet is full of resources, informations, tutorials, guides for basically ANY topic, then we have schools where kids talking about topics, etc. If kids are clever or smart, they might find a way. Is it still the parents fault?
    Yes, you don't need to buy your kid the new console (or any console at all), or buy them the new game.. but again, they might have friends with a console and we have piracy (which is a lot easier than like 17-18 years back..but also a lot riskier!).

    So, what is your opinion about it guys?

  4. 3 hours ago, -n.g- said:

    I was on here a while ago but have since forgotten my password and changed email :s

    Merged your accounts.

    Hope I did it with the right E-Mail (My browser crashed right when I merged, so I couldnt see the old Mail). If not, I am sorry, just make a new acc and drop me PM, I will sort it out then.

  5. Guess what, I also have 'Gaming' (Even though I don't like that phrase, it's just marketing anyways) stuff around me - Gaming Mouse, Keyboard (Well, its a cheap mechanical china Keyboard) and Headset. I could punch myself for getting this stuff except for the Keyboard, but all in all.. the Mouse is great and the Headset is having an awesome sound, so, I make the best out of it.
    Use the Mouse to be more productive when I am at the PC and use the Headset when I hear Music or watch some Documentations. Sometimes I dont even wear them and just enjoy the silence of my room (Well, currently only the Sound of my Ventilator since its 35 degrees here over the day..).

    I can't say the topic I suggest, especially the phrase 'Fastlane' is for everyone, but for me its my whole focus at the moment. The last few days I woke up at 9AM and was going to bed at around 1-2AM, during the day I read the Fastlane Forum, reading books they suggest and learning english, because its about financial stuff and most of the vocabulars are so unfamiliar.
    I can't tell what it is but that whole topic got me and I am so hyped about it.
    Hell I even did some research about clothing, which I never did and I was a 'casual jeans and shirt' guy all the time, now I am trying to get more serious, business-like clothes.

    All I can say is, try to find a topic what wakes your interest.
    I formatted my PC couple days ago and didnt even install steam, battle.net, uplay, etc. Just my browser and my IT stuff and thats it.
    I have to say, yes, I think about gaming, I think about how it is to make 'THE PLAYS', to land an awesome goal in Rocket League, to learn a new technique, to get a better badge, so I can tell my friends 'Hey, look, I am Champion 2 this season, HA!', but then.. I open up my PDF-Reader window and the reality gets me back.

    I was always the 'cheap' guy, who struggled with money and I never learned to handle money at all, I tried to find a way to make more money with my skills, I guess that's why the 'Fastlane' topic gets me and why I can't stop reading. And the whole topic isnt about 'how to make millions in 1 week', its something completely different.

    So, yeah. Find a topic, a hobby or whatever (except gaming!) which you could like and do researches about it, gather informations, start making notes, start using Flashcards, watch documentations, hear podcasts, follow people on twitter, facebook, youtube (And god damn, unfollow or even block the gaming related stuff) and uninstall the gaming crap software which takes a lot of RAM only by idling around. Start making connections, start building a small friend-base, talk with other people about your brand new interest.
    Trust me (I hate this phrase...) it is much more fun talking with people
    in reallife about a hobby or a new interest than with a guy on discord talking about your new badge, about a badge no one gives a sh*t in a few years.

    Another tip which helped me: Ditch the Music titles you heard the most during some gaming sessions. When I learn or read and a song pops up from my playlist which played during my gaming sessions I skip that, because it gives me bad Flashbacks.

    PS: Yeah, Migraine.. I suffer from this aswell and no doctor knows why. It's a freaking pain when it kicks in while you have work to do.

  6. I was thinking the same.

    After having a good (or bad) day I started some games as a 'reward' , it was a good feeling for that moment but it quickly turned into an addiction (again). I noticed I cant game in moderation, it simply wont work out for me.

    My current diversion is 'knowledge'. Knowledge about life, about seeing the world with different eyes, knowledge about my financial situation and not being a 'money whore' anymore.

    Thanks to @Cam Adair for mentioning the phrase 'Fastlane' somewhere in a thread around this forum. I made a quick search on google and found about a fastlane forum and then soaked the whole thread into my brain and read all the 34 pages in one go. After that I made some research for a whole day and instantly bought a couple of books about this specific topic.

    If someone is interested:

    Rich Dad Poor Dad
    Think and grow rich
    The richest man in babylone
    The Millionare Fastlane

    1 book is done, finished it almost day 1.
    Maybe its something for you? Seeing knowledge as a 'reward' in real life, instead of a (sorry!) stupid badge in a video game which will be reseted after the season ends and you need to repeat this stuff anyways (Play this game again with the pressure to win because of a better season badge/reward) ?

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  7. Just tested with iPhone (Safari), do you double click on the heart icon?

    Since the software update they implemented a 'weird' update to the reaction system. It is basically: 1. click = opens the reaction menu, 2. click = actually 'like' the content. So when you do a normal tap/click on the like/heart icon it only indicates to open the 'reaction menu' instead of giving the actual like, the actual like happens with the second click.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, info-gatherer said:

    I don’t intend to throw this imaginary bomb on the whole category, but in my very personal experience therapists are just huge money sinks (I had 2)

    Can kinda confirm, not on a very personal level, but my girlfriend has a therapist (low self-esteem, issues when around many peoples/in crowds, etc.). She is there for over one year now, I don't see any difference tbh..
    Also my mom has one, I see just a little difference on her, but not that much..

  9. 3 hours ago, Blazing Man said:

    Well you can say the same thing for pretty much everything in life that is not considered "work" or "serious" or about personal developement. "Let's say are watching a movie for about 1hour every day for 1 year"  yadi-yadi-yada...Does it mean that watching movies is bad ? Don't think so.Of course if you spend more time working instead of watching films you'll get better at  your craft, but show me one human being who's always working 24/7.Michael Jackson was (and still is) the greatest entertainer in the world which is a pretty BIG fucking achievement and yet he played video games/arcade games.

    Never had a movie or series which gave me the same amount of dopamine. Everytime I tried to moderate gaming I was in the same hole after like 3-4 days of moderating, I started to spent more and more time, first it was 2 hours to 'chill' after work, then it was 3, then 4, then back to fulltime gaming for nothing.

    I'd say, every activity which stops you from archiving something in your life is bad (obviously..).

    Your goal is Y, but X stops you from archiving it = bad.

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  10. Let's say you are playing 1 hour every day of pinball, for 1 year. Now compare it to something like.. learning a skill (Programming for example). What did you get after 1 year of playing pinball vs. learning?

    A highscore vs. a paid job (maybe)?
    A highscore vs. knowledge?

  11. Yes, there are no limits for signatures, so you should be able to use images.

    What I don't like about the image thingy: It is static.

    I have something in my mind which is more dynamic, but need to find a proper coder for this since it would be a plugin/modification.

    Basically: Have a custom field at your profile which shows 'Detox days: X' and the number will increase daily.
    So lets say we have a member who put in like 13, so it shows: 'Detox days: 13' on the next day it will then show: 'Detox days: 14' and so on.

    On a signature image it will only show the date when you quit, which is also a nice idea and should be do-able I guess. I just dont have that much time at the moment, so if there is someone out there who could code something like this, it would be awesome.

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  12. Hi,

    I've enabled the other theme now for every member. You can choose it at the theme selector at the very bottom of the page:


    So you can use whichever theme you like.

    Also keep in mind:
    A spammer needs 2 reports (1 single person should be able to report a spammer every 5 minutes) to get flagged as a spammer and therefore its content gets deleted, it will also ban the spammer instant.
    For now that is the 'best' way to keep the Forum clean, when there is no mod/admin online ?

    Best regards.

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  13. Small update for Auto Mod:

    • I finally got it working. Created a rule for reports. This means, the spammer needs 2 reports, but you can report every 5 minutes. The rule set looks like this:
      • Check amount of reports from member which content was reported (overall)
      • If the value from the reports is great than or equal 2, flag him as a spammer immediately.

    So, no wait time (except for the report cooldown). If you see a thread from a fancy japanese spammer, just report it 2x and he should be gone including all his created threads.

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