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  1. tirEdOrange

    Yeah, losing weight is actually that simple. Burn more calories than you eat and do that for a certain period of time. The real challenge is staying motivated throughout this path so you don't break the cycle and lose your patience ;)
    Not eating any carbs isn't that hard, there are a lot of delicious dishes that you still can do. Before I tried living with no carbs for a while I also thought that I could never do that. I'm not going for the low-carb diet anymore though.


    Last 2 days had been filled with a lot of procrastination but I will get myself on track again today. I'm currently in a grey zone with a lot of things but I really, really, really like the way how this all goes. After just a week of training I can see first results and I am having good results in terms of studying and overall mental health.

    I decided to fast for a day, so my body can get to some fat storages. I will probably do this again every now and then on "super-rest-days", days where I will take some time off and not learn nor train and just enjoy some time with movies and other things.


    I feel like the last weeks has given me a quick start to a platform from which I can now judge my situation better and I gotta say that the air smells better up here. It's filled with faith, dreams and hopes and that makes all the difference.

    I feel good about the fact that I decided to quit procrastinating all by myself because I had the urge to be productive.

    I feel good and little bit more like a different person, which I approve a lot.

  2. Tom2

    I spent the rest of the day being disappointed with my reactions, but I have since written an email to apologise to the person, I will send it to them tomorrow. That should make me feel more at ease.

    That's a brave action. I hope you get better, both mentally, and physically.

    You were doing really great recently. It's ok to have a mediocre day sometimes. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  3. Tom2

    When I was at the first attempt which lasted 45 days, there were almost no craving until I reach 40-44 days. In my case, I missed my gamer friend once, when it was day 45, and that was the vulnerable time. I missed my gamer friend because there were huge amount of tasks to do. I got overwhelmed so that I became emotionally weak. That's why I tried to reach my friend again.

    Doing something else that drags your attention is the best way to deal with craving. Something that doesn't give you much stress. I hope you have a great day then!

  4. Tom2


    Day 9 - 아주 훌륭한 날이었다.

    - 내 자유시간의 84%를 공부하는 데 썼다!

    - 오늘은 주의분산이 훨씬 덜 일어났다. 인터넷하는 데 시간을 더 적게 썼다. 공부할 때 좀더 사람들 왕래가 많은 장소로 바꿨다. 결과는 성공적이었다.


    <감사한 일들>

    1. Onlysoul의 충고에 고마웠다.

    2. 누군가가 일을 더 하도록 설득할 수 있었다는 사실에 감사했다.

    3. 측량 과목 요약을 여섯 페이지나 만들었다는 사실에 감사하다.

  5. Tom2

    @Onlysoul : Thanks!!! That's exactly what I need to keep in mind!


    Day 9 - Great day!

    - 84% of my free time has been spent on studying. Mission accomplished!

    - Much less distraction today. Less time spent on the internet. I changed my place to more public place, when I was studying. It was successful.


    <Gratitude List>

    1. I'm grateful for @Onlysoul's advice!

    2. I'm grateful for the fact that I could persuade someone to work more.

    3. I'm grateful for the fact that I made 6 pages of summary of surveying.

    4. Thanks to @giblets for the present! I'll use it when I face a horrible situation in the near future!

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  6. Moe Smith

    I feel the same way sometimes. How in the world did I fit in hours of gaming into an already crowded day? Then I realized that gaming never "fit in". It took over and crowded everything else out.

    Right? It's ridiculous to think that I used to just game all the time and that all this other stuff didn't ever get done. Now I'm crazy busy trying to make all these different things in my life happen. Last couple of days I've had about 15 minutes of reading before bed, and that was the only "me" time I had. After today, I'll get a chance to go back to writing. 

    What languages are you programming in? I really want to write some scripts. 

    Working in C# right now. I took classes for C# for two years, but that was probably about 8 years ago. I have virtually no skills left after the rust has had its fill. So I'm kind of starting out from the basics. 

    I might end up writing some scripts for my current class. I'm guessing there might be some exposure to Ruby since I'm currently going through a QA & Testing course. 

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  7. Onlysoul

    First 2 weeks are bad, and then you would think that you are in control and you will think: its okay to play and you relapse. So be aware!

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  8. dirkj3


    day 9 has arrived in No games.

    I had a weird dream about me gaming.

    I was in a game that was so crazy..


    How are we able to deal with the increasingly difficult  cravings.

    For sure I can ignore it when the crawling are not as strong.

    what about facing like 59 days... from that point the cravings may be enormous right?

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  9. Mettermrck

    You have great awareness of your triggers and that will help you in the long run and avoiding unwanted behaviors. 

    Yes, I hate missing a day of exercise. You start to crave it. Maybe it's the dopamine? But sometimes you need a rest. Just get back to it when you feel better!

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  10. Mettermrck

    Day 22/90. Also 27/27/2 soda porn fap. Officially 3 weeks without gaming yeah!

    Staying strong. Yesterday was actually a pretty good day. I went to my gym orientation and the lady there was very nice. She had a custom program all set up for me with full body resistance training 2x a week and cardio 3 days with two rest days. Actually I'll probably do more cardio on the off days anyhow. I love to walk now. She showed me the different machines, how to start at a lighter weight and work my way up, how to stretch, etc. I have my gym bag all set up this morning. I'll do some cardio tonight after work. I'm psyched for this next phase in my life.

         I slept all night, on the couch, but peacefully without any real anxiety. Thank you exercise and meditation!

           I got a compliment from a coworker on how much weight I've lost recently. It's amazing how quitting soda just cascaded into positive health changes all over the place. I think soda drinker was as much a part of my identity as gamer was.

         I was thinking of something Moe wrote in his journal about how he has no time to game. I agree! I feel like my life is starting to fill up with other stuff and I have no idea how I ever had time to game. But I realize that gaming never "fit in" with my life. It took over my life! I would not be going to the gym, or reading, or reaching out to old friends and family, if I still gamed. Another reason not to go back after the detox.

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  11. giblets

    28 June 17

    Game Free: 73 (17 Apr)

    Today was a bit crap. I woke up in the morning feeling like it was going to be a crap day, and last time I felt that I used my anxiety template to break down the problem for a way ahead. I didn't do it this time though, I was pretty sure I knew why and I was not feeling as bad as last time. It was due to some personnel issues at work that were getting quite political that I really didn't want to get involved in. But I sucked it up and got on with the day. It threw my flow off in the morning but at least the situation was resolved, even if I snapped and got angry at someone - I recognised the trigger but didn't do anything about it to check it. I spent the rest of the day being disappointed with my reactions, but I have since written an email to apologise to the person, I will send it to them tomorrow. That should make me feel more at ease.

    Also didn't run today either, first day in a while that I haven't done that. I woke up this morning feeling a bit flu-ish (raspy throat and more tired than usual) so I thought I would skip the run, take some medication and rest up. I guess all of those 3 things combined is why it was such a bad day. Well ok bad is too strong a word - I would say a mediocre day.

    Got home and messed around with my desk setup now that my wife is home and can look after my son. They spent the afternoon playing so I managed to clear up my desk - taped up some cords and threw out a few things to make it a lot cleaner. Also moved my RPi that I want to use as my computer now to the big screen. I almost totally disconnected my last power-hogging machine until I realised I haven't backed up the data for 14 months... whoops. So I have started that tonight, with the aim that in a couple of days I will put that in storage as well.

    Hoping to get back on track tomorrow and have a good day. It should be relatively quiet at work which will allow that to happen. Absolutely no urges for gaming today at all, quite happy with that, the detox must be starting to have a more conspicuous impact on my brain now.

  12. Mettermrck

    I feel the same way sometimes. How in the world did I fit in hours of gaming into an already crowded day? Then I realized that gaming never "fit in". It took over and crowded everything else out.

  13. Mettermrck

    Ultimately, it's your choice and I understand where you're coming from. I hope you do try the detox again. Keep coming back here and let us know how you are doing with moderation. Take care Hassan!

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  14. Mettermrck

    The best way I battle food cravings is to schedule my food, when I eat and what I eat so that I don't overeat. If I break down, I have something harmless around like sugar free popsicles for me.

  15. albrechtjess

    Day 1 was pretty easy though I had one craving at work with the xbox's reminding me that I had just bought Black Ops 2. Made me want to play which I want to but I also know it's time to move forward and get some things done. Especially with my goal of getting a new job by the end of the summer. My 90 days would put me at the 27th of September which is just a week after the end of summer I believe so it's lined up nicely.

    Really tired and notice I battle with food cravings a lot. I was reading Cam's email today at lunch about triggers and I seem to have a trigger of getting home and opening the fridge to make me feel good. I already feel good from being off work, I don't want to eat more food and make me feel bad from eating too much. It's an interesting balance but I"m doing well tonight by just getting this journal done, drinking some water and then brushing my teeth and hitting the bed for another long day tomorrow.

    The weekdays should be super easy to control myself and my gaming urges but a lot more challenging when I'm not working a full 12 hour shift at work. 

    Until tomorrow, later 

    - Jess

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  16. Onlysoul

    Poland neighbour in Slovakia is also hot, i think hotter 34 degrees Celsius = 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Very hot is from 10:00am to 04:00pm. Humidity is high and i can't breath normally. But it's manageable. Exercise is litte bit harder but reading book is almost ok. Go and face your fears and artificial limitations!

  17. Onlysoul

    Man i think that is very bad idea go back into gaming. You are running from your problems! It's true and you know it. Be good on yourself. Uninstall steam and make plan what to do next. 

  18. Onlysoul

    I have tip for you: if you want read book, make project or whatever try baby steps. Step by step. One minute to another with rest. Its powerful tool ! And another tip: Start with small tasks then go on bigger tasks. You will have more energy. Big task split into smaller parts and write on the paper. Your mind will be calmer. Like this emoticon :).

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  19. Dylan Tazzioli

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to make a quick post saying I'm back on the forums now. I took a break for a bit but I'm happy to say I'm back. Haven't played games in over 4 months and initially quit just over a year ago :)

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  20. ha535065

    Well, hey guys, I fell back into gaming again. It was hard for me to come on here and share that I started playing again. I started as of Sunday and went for 2 weeks without falling. There was alot of things going on before this, like issue with brother relapsing and the emotional impact this had on family. In addition, was dealing with anger and other emotions related to working grave yard shift. It was really depressing at times working these shift because it messed up the word "normal" and I somehow went a-long time without relapsing. Anyhow, I'm trying to manage the game play and will see how that goes. definitely feel I'm in control of it now and it hasn't take control of me. Really enjoy the fact I can lead, and people follow me, and we can actually win matches in countet strike global defensive. I noticed I am my prime when I play once or twice within competitive matchmaking, but after that, my performance starts sucking. So, that's a good awareness. I still have ability to stop after one or two gameplay. For example, today, I played a game (scrim) and won 16-14, close match, and called it a game afterwards even tho thise gamers asked for another game. I did have another paper due (demand) and I wad able to say, "no, I don't want to play because I have to do this other thing." That was a positive experience! I really liked stepping away and doing my other assignment. Before playing video games, I had this massive stressed based load of paper I had to complete from 8 am to 12 pm. It was annoying, but rewarded myself with one competitve game play and stayed to that! I was aware of time and noticed the other priorities I had. I will see if I can maintain moderation. I still remember the needs gaming fulfills (escape, instant gratification, constant measure of growth, and the social). So far, I get social support from family and a pet animal, i see growth with my trelationship with brother and pet (we do things together more), gratitication (accomplishing some tasks I need to do) and escape (I sleep or take a break, but also can play one or two competitve gaming). So, that's my check in. I will see in a few days if I can manage game play and will daily login journal details of experience. 

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  21. Moe Smith

    Level Up: Game Free Day 14

    Who the fuck has time to play video games? Not me!

    Long day. Productive day. Running day. Hardworking day. Meetings day. Cleaning day. School day. Family day. Stupid landlord day. Programming day. Did my homework ahead of time day. Good day. Good night.... sleep...

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