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  1. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Hi, I'm Django   

    Hey Django! Thanks for joining us here as well.
    Coming to a place of "enough is enough" is a powerful turning point in your life. Joe (wookieshark) also has a child (newborn) and quitting has done wonders for their relationship (you can read about it in Joe's Journal). I have no doubts the same will happen for you and your son. 
    Let me know if we can help at all.
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  2. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Hi, I'm Tim   

    Hey Tim! Thanks for joining us here! Let us know how we can help
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  3. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Should You Play Mobile Games?   

    Opus! Have you heard that track by Eric Prydz? It's killer.
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  4. SegaCity added a post in a topic Adem's Journal   

    Today I woke up ready for my new job interview. I was nervous and excited. Today I did a different meditation, one that Tony Robbins does every morning, to see how it is. The heavy breathing hurts in the morning due to my smoking apparently . Then when I went to take my shower, I found out we had no hot water (water heater pilot light went out). So I took a super cold shower ( OUCH ). 
    Everything went smoothly today, even the interview. Except my big problem with reading. My eyes wander off or I find myself reading the same paragraph over and over. Or I'm just simply lost, oblivious to what the author is saying. Maybe someone can help me with that :(.
    Thanks for the advice Florian I know it's a lot of goals but I feel that I'm on a good roll and like the challenges. I wanted to stop smoking with my mom also, she's been smoking for a long time so I said we will stop at NYE forever, it's a big thing for both of us.
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  5. Alkan added a post in a topic Should You Play Mobile Games?   

    I saw the video on it. I suggested writing about something in a notebook instead, jotting down thoughts, or if you're an artist, sketching.
    Work on something creative that gets you closer to your goals. Or, anything that's relaxing and productive, but mainly that doesn't trigger the short circuit of doing things that immediately alleviate boredom. Boredom is a badge of honor. Hell, boredom is a luxury, it means you have time on your hands.
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  6. Guest added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    Hi, I'm Tim
    Hi Game quitters,
    My name is Tim Thai and I love video games. I'm 24 years old and I've been playing games ever since I was 8. My first console was a Playstation and I've owned a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3 and now a PS4. I also have a PC and a laptop, both of which I use to game. My all-time favorite games are World of Warcraft, Super Nintendo Kirby, Fallout series, Skyrim, and Final Fantasy. Even though I love gaming and that it is addictingly fun, it is a one-way relationship. I put all this time and effort and realistically, it isn't doing anything for me. So I decided that I should give it up. There are many things that I want to do, travel, learn how to play an instrument, become healthier and to explore more. Games keep me cooped in the house. Today, December 14, I decided that I will leave gaming behind.
    - Sincerely,
    Tim Thai
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  7. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic Tom's journal   

    Nice job on improving your day! I know that long breaks can be really refreshing, so good on you for taking the time to savor the day.
    If you were to take a holiday, I have the feeling that daily habits you have started may fade away. I know that after playing video games during holidays, I would have to 're-learn' how to enjoy other activities and to do homework on a daily basis. If you have ideas on this, please let me know.
    Looks like taking a cold shower could be useful, I'll make sure to try it tomorrow.
    Keep it up, you're only 15 days away from finishing your detox!
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  8. Cam Adair added a topic in Main Room   

    Should You Play Mobile Games?
    Happy Monday! I see this question pop up in the sub often so I thought I'd share a few thoughts on it today. Should you play mobile games? Do they disrupt your detox? Etc etc. Hope you like the video and if you have any questions, I'll be here to answer them.
    Also, this article is really good to read if you want to understand more of the psychology in mobile games.
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  9. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Thanks Ed, you're right about the momentum! I have read in The Slight Edge or The Power of Habit (one of the two, I can't remember), that once you start creating meaningful habits on your own, it becomes easier to continue making new habits in the future. This is exactly what you're talking about, as I feel I do have momentum to keep going with new activities now. I want to make 2016 awesome, so I'll make sure to make goals today that I'd like to achieve in 2016 and then post it in  my journal this afternoon.
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  10. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic Hi, I'm Django   

    Hi Django, welcome to the community!
    It's a noble thing you're doing to give up something you like to do for the betterment of your family. You have the right idea to stop playing all types of video games, that way you will be no longer relying on computers for many of your needs. Now you'll need to make sure that you can find alternative, engaging activities to use instead of gaming. Without new activities it will be much harder to resist the temptations of instant gratification that video games bring. I'd recommend that you have a look at Cam's 60+ hobby ideas if you don't have new activities to replace gaming with: https://www.dropbox.com/s/flgut9tf6267fb1/60-Hobby-Ideas-v2.pdf?dl=0
    Good luck for your recovery, and have fun with a new lifestyle!
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  11. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic 35 year addict, starting over today.   

    Hi John, welcome to the community!
    I believe there have been quite a few people here that are in their 30's, so it's never too late to quit gaming. It's wonderful that you've picked up on the the 'monkey on your back' was video games, and taking the steps to make sure you don't ever play them again. I know that if I didn't block out all ways to get back into gaming, I would surely have relapsed again.
    It's great to see how you've planned to get your life back on track, and I hope to hear from you soon on how you've been going!
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  12. Tom added a post in a topic Tom's journal   

    Day 75. Today I was a bit sluggish. Well, morning was good: I helped my son get ready for school, had a hearty breakfast, and played the piano while my wife and the little one were still asleep. Then I worked until around lunch time and squeezed my workout in. I'm satisfied. As of today I'm challenging my personal records every week. This is gonna kick ass.
    In the afternoon I just found it harder to concentrate and took a long time to get everything I wanted done. I'm thrilled with how things are going and at the same time I really want a holiday. 
    In hindsight I just took longer breaks during the day so I should feel more satisfied. I'll take a moment to savor the day and cut myself some slack. I find the gratitude journal helps in keeping a healthy perspective of life. So:
    Gratitude journal.
    I am fucking relentless. Once I get going there's no stopping me. I'm happy to reclaim this energy from gaming.The Mellotron. What a fantastic instrument.Sense of humor. Can't imagine a world where everybody is serious.
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  13. SpiNips added a post in a topic My Journal - SpiNips   

    Wow! There are so many new journals popping up. I'll make some time to read them after the exams are over. Today was a pretty good day. Physics went quite well and now I'm preparing for swedish. The best thing today was stumbling upon a friend I made a couple summers ago. It was really fun seeing him and chatting for a while. 
    Today I came across the idea of Philosophical meditation, I found it in somebody's journal I think. It was interesting and widened my perspective about meditation. I haven't really put thought into the ways of meditating, but I've got a sense that Eastern and Western meditation compliment each other quite well. 
    Today I'm grateful for:
    Going to the gym, It was a good decision, meeting friends and exercisingAccepting the failures I've made since they are completely normal and won't make me a worse personSocializing with new people todayMandarins they cheer up my meals and taste greatHaving plenty of time tomorrow!
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  14. Alkan added a post in a topic Alkan's Journal   

    Unfortunately I work at a place where knowing about alcohol is not a requirement per se, but its a strong pressure. Likewise, I might be moving on from that job and finding something else.
    New plan of action: since I am in college, hate part time jobs, and have a lot of work to do on myself, I am going to make my own YouTube channel, where I do a unique take on self-actualization. I was inspired by FightMediocrity, and I am confident in my ability to work hard at it as a project and learn what I need to over time to set it up. It'll be my 2016 project, though I'll be starting it when finals are over, building up the necessary skills.
    I meditated again, and I am already finding cleaning up my place going from irritating task to soothing activity. I made a stir fry of tofu and vegetables. It's amazing what happens when you have even modestly increased willpower.
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  15. gankylosaurus added a post in a topic Gank's Log   

    Once More, with Feeling
    I've given up on the idea that I'll quit gaming forever. Partly because I just don't want to.
    However, since getting back into gaming about three weeks ago, I'm starting to think it might be a good idea to do a full 90-day reboot.
    I mentioned over on the Game Quitters forum my reason for getting back into gaming. And I've been fairly responsible about it. I usually only play after other things have been done around the house, or maybe even just a break from a long day of cleaning. And I stick to games with story. Not mindless or repetitive games, but games that make me care similarly to the way books or movies make me care.
    But I haven't written a word of fiction in my novel since NaNoWriMo ended. I blame this on being burned out from the breakneck process, but really I know that I could have taken just a week off and been fine. My biggest issue was not being able to stop and think about what comes next. I just had to write.
    The part that kills me is that I stopped in the middle of a scene.
    I've been reading some books on writing by Steven Pressfield lately. Namely, Do the Work! and The War of Art. Both deal with battling against resistance. Not just for writers and artists, but for people trying to diet, or start a business, or just achieve pretty much anything monumental.
    Just the first few pages of The War of Art were enough to guilt-trip me into realizing that I have to get past my procrastination, that no excuses are real. Resistance comes from within, as Pressfield says, and it is a dire enemy.
    So, as I've said time and time again, I'm going to stop saying I should do this or that and just do it. Start working out to get this beer gut off (and also curtail the drinking for the same reason). Get back to work on my novel. Finish the blog series I started but won't release on my main blog until it's finished.
    I'm going to change the theme of this blog, too. I like the simple look of this format, so I'll try to find something similar, but I want to have graphics on the side with like streak counters and maybe even a weight log. I dunno. Maybe I'll just keep that stuff to myself.
    I'm trying to keep off of the exceptions, too, which I allowed myself a lot of last time. Sometimes when the girlfriend and I are off together, we end up watching hours and hours of TV. I don't like that. So sometimes I just go play a game on the computer or my phone instead. I may still do a little bit of that, but only if it's not feasible for me to take my laptop to the library and get some writing done. Like if it's late, or a holiday, or I've already gotten a lot of writing done that day.
    First step is planning my workouts. I already have the running part down. The other step, then, is figuring out my other workouts. I kind of want to get back into swimming. But swimming sucks because I can't listen to audiobooks and I'm just stuck thinking to myself about pretty much nothing. It's boring. I may go back to my sit-up, push-up, pull-up routine, alternating back and forth between that and running.
    I just don't know what I'm going to do when it starts snowing. Fall's been pretty forgiving thus far. Can't wait to see the bullshit Winter brings to make up for it.
    I need to stick to the goals on my about page which is hidden by this theme in the sidebar. Another reason I should update the theme.
    So right now I'm 205 pounds. I want to get that down to like 180. And I want to get in better shape. Not ripped, but healthier.
    And my deadline for this draft of my novel is March 1. I would make it sooner, but holiday season, man.
    I have some credit card debt, too. Not a whole lot, but enough to worry. Spending less on games (which hasn't been an issue lately) and beer will help a lot. Plus tax return should be soon.
    That's my main plan now. A very broad plan, but it works for me for now. I'm just debating now if I should go beat the game I've been working on before I go full-swing into this regimen. Might be that I won't quit but rather I'll set times during which I can play and only if chores and writing have been done for the day.
    One mistake I know I won't be repeating, though, is making reading one of my "chores." Takes the fun out of it, and sometimes I just space out too much if there are other things to be done. It's a leisure activity, not a job.
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  16. Guest added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    35 year addict, starting over today.
    Hey everyone, John here.
    I'm going to go ahead and assume I'm one of the older (if not oldest) people signing up for this site. I'm 37 years old and I've been gaming almost my entire life. I used to wake up early before kindergarten so I could sneak in a few tries at Pitfall on the 2600. I'm not sure when games changed from a fun hobby to a full-blown addiction, but that's what they are to me now. I've tried to quit cold turkey twice this past year and failed. I've spent the last week fretting over how to finally quit and finally, luckily, stumbled on the TEDx video and this site.
    I'll save the long sob story, but I will say I've spent the last two years reviewing and reflecting on my life as I approach the dreaded 4-0. I can say without hesitation that so far I've had an "okay" life. Not horrible, not amazing, just okay. Too bad "okay" sucks. I'm no longer content with just "okay." I want a great life. And looking back, the main thing that has held me back all these years was all the time, money and attention I gave to video games. I used to read and write everyday, I used to doodle and draw landscapes, I used to paint. My dream was to be a novelist and entrepreneur. Instead I settled for less and played video games to numb the disappointment and pain.
    It's funny. I've never had a drinking problem. I smoked for a few years but quit without a relapse for 15 years now. I smoked pot for a while, but it's been 10 years since I've touched it. No relapses there either. No, the monkey on my back is, and always has been, video games. 
    Well, today that ends. I've got all my systems (PS3, PS4, Wii U, 3DS, Vita)  initialized and boxed up. I'm about to leave and drop them off at a donation site anonymously. Oh yeah and on my way back I'm stopping at the Enrollment office of the local college to re-enroll and get back to finishing my degree. I think I'll pick up some sketchpads, too. After finishing the next Respawn module, of course!
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  17. DasHarry added a post in a topic Pleased to meet you, I'm Harrison   

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  18. kortheo added a post in a topic My Journal - Travis   

    Day 86
    Quick entry today. So yesterday I texted the one girl I was interested in from the party. She hadn't responded by the time I went to sleep, so I was starting to wonder if she would get back to me or not. When I woke up this morning I saw that she ended up sending me a text at 1AM, and the text makes it seem like she's still interested. So that's good. So we'll probably get coffee and then I'll how it goes. The flip-side of this is that I'm realizing how much emotional effort can go into dating. I'm trying to care less about rejection, when people text me back, how any one particular interaction goes, etc, because it's just too exhausting to care about it all, especially if you're dating a lot of people in a short time span, I would imagine. This is a good process for me though, because it's making me a bit more resilient when things don't go well, and prevents me from getting overinvested too early.
    Second thought. I was listening to a podcast about Carl Sagan today (Stuff You Should Know). They said that he documented a lot of things about his life, like writing down or making audio notes about every conversation he ever had or something like that. While that might be a bit extreme, I can see the appeal in processing any significant conversation or idea and writing about it. Taking the time to reflect upon significant experience and process it and what it means to you, what you learned from it... it seems like it would help you learn faster. It's like a kind of deliberate practice for personal development.
    Not hungover today!Slept well last night.Got to work on time.Work should be fun today.Watching Saving Private Ryan for the first time with friends last night.Coffee.Pleasant desktop backgrounds.Personal growth.Gel ink pens.Burritos.
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  19. Marquess added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    This is my new blog: No Happy Song
    I just finished editing the new post, and I imo the entire thing looks pretty good. The theme will need tweaking (or replacing); there are some minor technical issues; I also have no idea how I'll find pictures that'll fit my posts. We'll see. I intend to do a post per week.
    Here's the beginning of my latest post:
    To read more, go to http://nohappysong.com/the-great-marquise/ and find out if I actually spend the entire post talking about myself (I don't).
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  20. Tom added a post in a topic Tom's journal   

    Oh yes. Daily cold showers for four years already.
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  21. Ed added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Sounds like you're starting to get some serious momentum going.  I've found that once you get something rolling along it's much easier to keep it going.  I'm not a psychic, but I'm predicting the momentum you've got now is going to help make your 2016 awesome.
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  22. Ed added a post in a topic What Will You Learn From Ed's Journal?   

    I had an extremely unproductive day today.  Just kind of let the day pass by. I didn't seize it and pound it into submission.  One thing good came out of today.  I came to a decision, but I'll come to that in a minute.
    Once I finish this post I'm going to start planning out the rest of my week.  Make a schedule.  And then as practically possible stick to it.
    Today hasn't been a total waste (although it's very close).  I did a bit of walking and got some errands done. It's better than nothing but if I don't sweat I don't count it as exercise.
    Kept up with writing everyday.  For the times when I don't have anything specific to say and I'm just practicing I use a program called Write or Die 2.  Basically it's a program you set how many words you want to write.  Give yourself a time limit.  And then you write.  Stay still for too long and it starts deleting your words. Wrote 500 words, it's a small amount to keep my writing muscles from wasting away.
    Now to tell you about the decision I've made.
    It's one that I feel nervous about making it public.  If I kept it to myself I could easily just back out of it and no one would ever know.
    In Scott Adam's book he talks about the difference between wishing and deciding.  Most people settle for wishing.  Which means whatever they want never happens.
    But I've decided.
    2016 is going to be the year I get good at public speaking.
    Years ago I put in a lot of work to get over my fear of public speaking. 
    I joined Toastmasters, gave speeches.
    When opportunities to speak in front of a group appeared.  I took them.
    Public speaking is still very much something that I find nerve-wracking.  But it no longer holds me back as it used to.
    But now it's time to actually get good at it.

    P.s. Click here to hear my conversation with Cam
    P.p.s. Let me know if there's anything you would like me to cover and I'll make a recording for the GameQuitters forum
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  23. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Attempt II Day 44
    Today has been marvelous! I started off the day by delivering flyers for my parents, just helping them out. Next I had a (once in a lifetime?) call with Cam Adair who gave me some sound advice which I might post up once I'm done editing the notes I've made. I then delivered even more fliers, did some guitar practice, played a board game with my little brother, and finally took on python programming again. I did a full 30 minutes of programming, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it compared to how I remember myself mildly enjoying it earlier in the year. It must be because of the detox...
    Guess what? I did all of three of the daily habits I wanted to build on today! I did plenty of running (I ran 13.5 km today!), spend plenty of time playing the guitar (until my fingers had 'dents' in them), and made sure to get some python programming in.
    I've got my 'no complaining' band on again for the 25 day 'no complaining challenge', and I am feeling happier today. I think I need to get a tighter band though, to remind me better that I need to not complain to keep a positive outlook on life.
    I have finished the 'You are not so smart' book, but I didn't take any notes. I will skim over the book and take notes as I have forgotten most of the content!
    Three things I'm grateful for:
    I am grateful for the advice Cam gave me in answering my questions. They certainly gave me a lot to work on moving forward.
    I am grateful for the dinner I had tonight. We don't often have roasts here, so it was a nice change.
    I am grateful for my phone microphone working today, I used it as backup during the skype call because my laptop I used had a faulty microphone.
    One amazing thing that happened today:
    I would actually like to talk about two amazing things that happened today, because why not? It will only serve to make me more grateful.
    1. My call with Cam Adair today was a privilege I am especially grateful for, it is not every day you get to speak to minor celebrities! (You can take that as a compliment Cam ). It was a funny contrast to talk about finding purpose in life one minute, then in the next, trying to help Cam find food in the supermarket, which makes it all the more memorable.  On a serious note though, I learnt a lot and I am very grateful for this opportunity.
    2. I found programming today much more engaging and rewarding then I remember it being earlier in the year. This is a great emotional foundation which I will look to when thinking about programming to see the activity in a more positive light. It felt wonderful to be expanding on my skills whilst being engaged and problem solving. I have the notion that this could be because I no longer have gaming experiences to compare to in my short term memory, so programming seems like a great stimuli for my brain without the influence that gaming would have on my brain.
    One thing I could have done to make my day better:
    I didn't meditate immediately upon waking up this morning, which I should have done to get myself out of the drowsy mood I would normally wake up with. I ended up reading for about half an hour, so I should make sure not to do this tomorrow.
    What I will do differently tomorrow:
    I will use the song I wake up to (via phone alarm) to visualise myself achieving goals I aspire to achieve. I will then make sure to meditate using one of the guided meditations I have downloaded from Tara Brach's website.
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  24. Marquess added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    Quick update ...
    Spent a good part of Sunday researching my business idea. As usual, it turned out things aren't as straightforward. There are a few potential problems: monthly fees, taxation, technical difficulties, initial costs (objectively not large, but still a lot for me). Then there's the fact the entire thing can fail.
    I could still just drop everything and go for it, but I can't really afford to fail at the point I'm at.
    Apartment with no internet, no food, and no power. What am I going to do then. Suck dicks at the nearby truck stop? I could, in some abstract theory, go and ask my folks to help me out again, but I don't even want to think about what conditions I'd have to agree to.
    Dishing out English smut for Amazon is the safest route right now. The profit is basically guaranteed (if you do things like niche selection, covers and blurbs right), and there's a lot of room for growth still.
    Almost Home (Moby cover)
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  25. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Follow Me on this Journey of Success! Ryan Page's 90+ Day Challenge Starts NOW!   

    I'm in Boulder right now. Absolutely love it. An epic road trip must happen.
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