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  1. puckspock added a post in a topic [PT] Este não é um RPG   

    Dia 26
    A partir do domingo eu voltei a me forçar para os trilhos. Ontem e hoje consegui me esforçar bastante nos estudos. Faltam 9 dias para as provas começarem. Tempo de muita tensão, foco do total, apesar de todos os compromissos e coisas para fazer. Basta que eu me mantenha de olho nos objetivos para que eu consiga, nesses dias de muitos afazeres, evitar qualquer queda.
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  2. Mettermrck added a post in a topic My introduction   

    Welcome, Andre! I'll help however much I can if you help me as well. 😉
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  3. Celov added a post in a topic Hey there! Introduction   

    Thank you, Mettermrck and Cam! I'm enjoying my stay here.
    For me, the most important thing right now is to discover myself everyday - try to find new things, do something I never thought I'd do...it's really satisfying.
    I don't know if anyone posted this here, but this old article (2001) from Gamasutra named Behavioral Game Design helped me a lot. I never thought games in general (especially those so old) would have such research on human psychology, it shocked me in a good way because I felt like a lab mouse. It's incredible how anything is taken into consideration in order to maximize your goals, for good of for "not that good". Maybe it can help someone.
    It seems like I condemn games with all my heart, but don't get me wrong - games aren't for me.
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  4. Andre added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    My introduction
    Hi my name is Andre and I have been addicted to gameing for the last 5 years and would like to stop but don't feel that I am capable of quitting on my own that is why I sighed up. So that I can overcome this unrelenting force in my life and star acheveing my gouls that I have seat out for myself years ago. 
    I would also wish to help others overcome there's if I can and give support to those how need it because as a group we can accomplish anything.
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  5. seriousjay added a post in a topic Jay's Epic Journey   

    Thanks for the encouragement guys, I think I've got somewhat of a handle on it. Just scaling things back a bit until I get my shit together.
    By the way, Onlysoul, I love your signature!
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  6. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Hey there! Introduction   

    Welcome! Happy you're here with us!
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  7. Schwing added a post in a topic Schwing's Art   

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  8. Aleksander B added a post in a topic Aiming for something better   

    Day 15:
    I realise I procrastinate alot on writing these daily journals.
    This weekend I relapsed, I played for 1 hour with one of my friends. We played GTA V, and it was not even fun. I played because I sort of felt like I had to, since he has been asking me constantly to play, and I couldn't come up with another excuse.
    Today was the 2nd last day before summer vacation starts. The class did a major cleaning of tables and chairs, which mostly sustained of stiff chewing gum, yuck! We also delivered our reading books so no more studying for me! During the recess I went eating outside in the good weather with two of my friends. One thing I notice about myself is that I am really quiet and laid back, I mostly listen to the conversation. I want to change this. I want to be able to speak out and say something funny or serious, and not just keep thoughts to myself. After school I went to the gym and worked out there, it felt pretty good afterwards but I have lately been thinking that I don't give enough effort into my workout, this is a mindset I need to shift, or else I am going to become negative all the time. I will go to bed at 10pm and read a little bit of the book "Divergent". My mother encouraged me to buy a book and I have been reading "Divergent" alot recently and it is a really good book and a good mental relaxation.
    I am still working on planning out the visit of my friend in Germany. This weekend I sat down and made the plan more narrow, but I still haven't figured it completely out. I need to sit down and actually do it, not just say I am going to do it tomorrow.
    In summer I want to arrange a meet up with a group of friends where we go to an amusement park.
    Goals for tomorrow:
    Speak to people in school
    Work on the visit plan for my friend in Germany
    Pack my bag for a trip with my father this weekend
    Compliment 3 different people tomorrow.
    I am grateful for:
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  9. Tom2 added a topic in Relapse   

    The most stupid and retarded relapse at important time
    Hello everyone. I'm here to write my bad decision.
    I had never played games for 45 days, but I had been playing it for 9 days in a row.
    I'm looking at my daily journals now... and I was doing quite well at that time. I did my best doing lots of university assignments, and team projects. I kept living based on my daily routine. I had been doing my best even though I was taking bunch of stress.
    It was 9th of June(Friday) when I started playing again.
    I don't remember what the trigger was. On Friday, I attended 3 hours of morning class. After that, I can't recall things that I did correctly. (Ah I remember one thing. I was doing another assignment. I was exhausted and depressed because it seemed like an easy thing, but it took couple of hours. I couldn't stand because I felt powerless) All I can remember is that I began to miss my gamer friend for some reason. There was no one that I can talk about my misery. I had my college friends but I didn't want to bother them with my problem. I had already told them my situation so if I tell them again, it would be hilarious and crazy. There was second option, this forum, but I didn't want to mess the forum because I didn't want to show my madness. I feel ... kind of alien to this forum for some reason... I don't know. It's complex....ak;fjda;s;fj; aiosjfdkaj de;fj ;iejf;i.. sorry. Anyway, I just wanted to log in and say hello. After that, I began playing like crazy again.
    The most stupid part was that there were 4 final exams next week.(3 subjects on Tuesday and 1 subject on Friday) Of course I wasted the valuable weekend. I began to think. 'Should I start studying even now?' The answer from deep inside me was "no". I just thought, 'there's no point of getting small number of questions. Don't even waste your time going to school. If you can't get a lot, it's useless. Your attempt will only leave pain.'
    I... am maybe ... I don't know. I don't know why I should keep living. I think it's fear that holds me back from killing myself.
    For the same reason, I gave up the Friday final exam. I didn't go to school for that 9 days. I just ... didn't leave my room for those days. I'm sure that I will get a lot of 'F's. My friends at school called or sent messages to contact me, but I couldn't pick up my phone. I really don't know what to do during that situation. I just want to disappear like air. Nobody can see air, right?
    I know some of you may laugh at me. I don't care. I deserve it. HAHA It's... confusing because I am writing a bad, crappy story but I feel funny. Please be generous to me. I was crying about an hour ago, watching Cam's video, thinking of my dark, black future. I think I'm not stable now. I couldn't sleep until 3 am yesterday. I turned off every light and lied on my bed, with my eyes open for 3 hours. I didn't take any drugs, alcohol, or anything that related to the mood. Perhaps it's because of the crying. I heard somewhere, people feel better after crying. It's funny because I'm both high, and depressed. But when I see my face with a mirror, I'm frowning. I don't know. Whatever, this is not the point... right..
    After the spring semester, I ...
    Wait a minute... I just wanted to share this thing. It's very interesting.


    In summary, there are total 8 semesters in my university.
    I was doing really great for the 2 semesters in 2013.
    2 semesters in 2014 were soso. I got 2 F.
    This semester in 2017, is soooooooooooooooooooooo bad. I think I should stay at the university for one more semester... (total 8 → 9 semesters or more)
    There's no guarantee that I would be successful for the rest of 3-4 semesters.
    It's not the point...
    The point is that I have to learn something from this relapsing.
    After relapse, things I've figured out are...
    1. I fear exams(+ assignments) pressure. It makes me escape because I dislike sitting on a chair in a classroom, holding my pencil, spending time writing nothing or 'almost' nothing or something that's not correct. It's so painful to acknowledge that I'm no longer smart in civil engineering subjects. It's also painful to acknowledge that I'm not that efficient like I was studying my favourite subjects such as Korean, English, biology, and programming. My favorite subjects are gone, and never going to appear on my curriculum anymore. It feels like I was riding a motor boat but after some time, the motor falls off and I must only use a paddle. I have to face the problem and do things that I can grasp, one by one.(It's easy to tell but hard to do for me) But my low efficiency, or my lack of aptitude is making me so slow. There are tons of things to review, and practice. It sounds like an excuse, but it's overwhelming. In the next figure, I'm on the 'anxiety' section. That's the exact description. It's hard to get rid of perfectionism from my brain. Perfectionism and escapism are usually at the same place, in my case. I become so weak when I figure out that I cannot finish the required amount of study(or assignments). 

    (from wikipedia)
    2. I fail also when I have a lot of time. Especially when it's holiday or weekend. I still found myself using Youtube videos or websurfing as relaxation, or reward. As it gets compulsive, the time left disappears and the situation goes #1. It's procrastination. Why do I procrastinate? Because I'm not interested in civil engineering. Then why don't I change? Because I think it's too late. Plus, I don't know what to do to earn money in the future. Then I should just shut up and study! The answer is clear! My problems come from running away! Let's be brave this time. It's time to act, not just thinking, and justifying.
    3. I miss my gamer friend. Well, I don't know. It would be so comfortable if I can just delete this person like removing games from my laptop. It didn't happen a lot during my 45 days of half-detox. It happened almost once a week during 45 days. I think it's not a big deal... because the main boss is 'perfectionism and escapism' duo. I don't have a specific plan for this. I should check Cam's video again.
    My summer break plan
    As my brain is so empty and clean, I'm going to fill it up. It's preparation for the next semester, and total review for the past ones. I'm not going to read every textbooks. The summer break is almost 2 months. It's short. I'm going to prepare for a civil engineer certificate, which is easier than the university level exam. To get the certificate, I have to cover every chapters of every subjects, so it would be a good opportunity to review the curriculum. The test will be taken early in the next year, so I also have winter break.  My goal is to get proper grades in autumn semester by preparing civil engineer certification test. Speed is the key. I won't study too deeply. I can't get hired at a huge company because of my spring semester. But it's okay. 

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  10. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Onlysoul   

    Sounds like a great day, onlysoul, you're doing great!
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  11. Onlysoul added a post in a topic Onlysoul   

    Yeah You are right! Best way how to deal with bad emotions or fear or whatever is just watching the thoughts without fighting or paying attention.
    3 Day
    Today i felt really good. Some bad emotions and thoughts were there but nothing big. Littble bit cravings too but i handle it with learning English. I remind myself that i must do everything to be better person. I was at work, then came home and went cut the grass. Then i talked with my parents and after awhile end my meditation. I am going to watch document The Putin Interviews. Ehm i love you onlysoul and with love come responsibility. I fix you I promise
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  12. Onlysoul added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    Way of thinking: Paradigms are a multitude of habits that guide every move you make. They affect the way you eat, the way you walk, even the way you talk. They govern your communication, your work habits, your successes and your failures.
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  13. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Moe's Fantasy Writer Journal   

    I know what you mean, Moe. My life hasn't gotten magically better when I withdrew the gaming, porn, and fast food. What I think it does is strip away my masks hiding me from my real problems. I still have to do the work but at least I know what I have to work on.
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  14. Moe Smith added a post in a topic Moe's Fantasy Writer Journal   

    Level Up: Game Free Day 7
    So I am feeling a little lazy today for several different reasons. I won't post about Days 5 and 6, but they happened, and they were decent days. Father's Day was actually pretty great. Lots of family, and my wife got me a gravy boat as a gift  She's so sweet! (It might sound odd, but I'm a foodie and a home chef, so it was a great gift!)
    Part of the reason that I decided to remove all of my vices at the same time, was for discipline, and the other part was because I thought they were all holding me back emotionally. I wasn't feeling anything. A week in without my vices, of being productive, and more engaged with my family, and I still feel nearly nothing. I was hoping for some better results, but perhaps it just hasn't been enough time yet. I'm struggling with temptations to game, to watch porn, to binge on T.V., and I'm not sure if it's getting easier or harder to deal with. Today is a rough one. hopefully I'll see my desired improvement soon. 
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  15. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Hey there! Introduction   

    Thanks, Celov, it's good to read encouraging stories from those ahead of me in the process. It looks like you've done awesome for yourself!
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  16. thomas added a post in a topic Starting now   

    six months since last post here. during this time i have been gaming a little bit, not too much, maybe some days. anyways, same problem as always and i'm about to relapse or something. just bought a mouse and mousepad and my hands are shaking at the moment.
    i started drinking halfway through january and now my friends jokingly call me the alchoholic of our friendsgroup, not without reason. i don't drink in weekdays though, but i tend to drink too much whenever there is a party, that's scandinavian drinking culture i guess.
    i also tried cannabis and cigarettes, it was like drinking alcohol, wont do it again.
    hate my life at the moment, just felt i had to let all you who reads this know what is going on, atleast on the gaming front. 
    two days ago i was out of my mind happy, there was a party and everything was litterally perfect, and now things are shitty. i am going to see a psykologist in the not so distant future, so that will be nice i hope.
    i'll check in on this topic and let you know when i get back on track.
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  17. Celov added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    Hey there! Introduction
    Hello everyone! I'm currently using my most common IGN in the past, but today I can say I disassociated it from the gaming world.
    I created this account to say thank you to Cam and everyone involved. I discovered Game Quitters in October 2017, when I was trying to stop gaming definitely, but unsuccesfully. As many have said through internet, I tried to stop several times but I always came back to my old life: 24/7 gaming, no social life, no interest in having a life/job; only worried about the next set I was trying to grind and war to command.
    To add into the mix, I had depression for 6 years and started watching porn more frequently.
    For some reason I still don't know, after watching some videos from GQ, I decided to leave this life for good, after 15 years of tons of MMORPGs. I saw myself alone in a pit, asking myself 'why?'. I remember the day my mom asked about what I really enjoyed besides games, and I remained silent. It shocked me in a way I would never had this answer again to her. I decided going cold turkey for it.
    Man, it was the best thing I did. It wasn't easy, as each one of you can notice in your stop playing process, but I finally found the strenght to overcome this issue. July 1st will complete 8 months without games (playing them + watching streams etc), and you know what? You can do it too! Don't give up.
    There's something funny (if I can call it that way): immediately after I stopped gaming, TV in Brazil started broadcasting more and more championships of games you know. I only say 'never again"!
    I started filling my free time with a second graduation this year (in Law, which I'm loving it!), searching for a job and going to the gym, making some friends in the process.
    In my opinion, the most important thing is to fill your time with different activities. Use internet in your favor, watch videos of something random; you never know what you may like. As an example, I never expected I would like caligraphy/handwriting so much. I don't have a beautiful caligraphy, working on it. Another example is cooking, which I'm a rookie. haha
    My next step is to overcome cut porn out of my life, however it's harder than I thought. lol ... Not giving up tho.
    Thanks for your time reading this. Since an unknown person helped me overcoming gaming, with my experience I could motivate someone out there to continue with their battle.
    Have a nice day!
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  18. dirkj3 added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    What do you mean with wrong paradigm?
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  19. Mettermrck added a post in a topic The First Steps into Deep Space   

    Good on you for resisting your roommate's temptations! 
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  20. Onlysoul added a post in a topic The First Steps into Deep Space   

    You have your own head and its up to you be better. You love yourself because you already started this life changing path. Be strong, very strong and prove everybody around you that you can make things that are good for you. 

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  21. Onlysoul added a post in a topic Jay's Epic Journey   

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. We started building ourselves and changing our minds. We must do everything that is good for us. We are good enough! 
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  22. Onlysoul added a post in a topic Ridingsplosh's Journal   

    Thank you a lot for this slight edge pic dude!  I spend meditating 140 minutes and  this help me a lot to be aware and seeing  how my emotions work. I wish you much strong as you can possess. 
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  23. Ridingsplosh added a post in a topic Ridingsplosh's Journal   

    OK.. yesterday went well this time. No time wasted on discord or youtube. In the evening I took a 2 hour nap, and even then I woke up too late the following morning.  I didn't have the willpower to do anything else on that usually idle time and a nap was the thing I needed mostly. I figured out that the most time spent on the internet is usually in the evening, and less often in the morning. Also I am aiming to avoid the PC in the small breaks throughout the day. If I am practicing piano for 4 hours, I don't want to turn it on in that period of time, because it usually escalates for too long and it is distracting. The pomodoro breaks of 5 minutes, usually get extremely long when I use the PC. It is also now a lot easier to just shut off this time-wasting activity, as my discipline and willpower is improving.
    Finding that writing in this journal brings me a lot of clarity I didn't have so much in the past, and I am having a better success. I will continue writing daily, even if it's just one paragraph.
    I also did a bit of mindfulness meditation the past few days, and I want to continue with this habit
    This too, is great reminder from our savior discorder LT-yu  : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/246446489474170880/326574413061423105/ltyu_loop_breaking_vison_board_1.1a.PNG 
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  24. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    Day 14/90. Also 19/19/1. Almost two weeks without gaming yeah! It feels like an eternity and days just crawl by but that's just from being impatient with wanting to lose weight and being bored. I have to remind myself that any day without the "big three" (gaming, soda/fast food, and porn) is huge. Things are happening. I'm sad anxious and lonely sometimes because my brain is going crazy and changing. Just have to stick it out. Lile Cam said in a YouTube video yesterday: "my life is f'ed up!. . . face it". Without gaming, I face it.
          Tried a walmart sparkling water the other day. Whoa too close to a soda and dangerous, fizz and everything. Nope can't do it. 
         I will try a little project work this weekend. Need a creative outlet.
        My friend said I should consider getting to a gym and getting to know people. My work has a gym. I will contact the gym people and see what I can do.
         About fapping. I think it happens when my brain won't shut up and I want to clear my head. From the moment I wake up my brain turns on with constant thinking even about stuff I can't do anything.to.change. i need to find healthier ways to clear my head. Usually I can walk but it was a monsoon this morning haha. I did do my pushups and situps but otherwise I laid back in bed and that's when the fapping came.
         Maybe meditation? I need to find some relaxing meditation. I used to do some religious meditation but it brings back bad.memories of religious arguments sometimes. I thought about Headspace but not.sure.if I want to fork out the money.
        Any free or cheaper alternatives?
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  25. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    Thanks, Deep Space. I love the encouragement. Yeah I'm not as broken up about fapping as I would be if, say, I looked at porn. It's more that I want to reset my libido and take more pride in myself. I don't want to take it casually but I don't want to dread it either if you know what I mean.
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