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  1. DeepSpaceAI added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    Howdy Bob! You said you haven't found a new activity that motivates you like gaming did. It sounds to me like you're desiring something that's challenging in your life. That's where I think your gym membership is going to come into play. From my experience, going to the gym is more of something that fills the measurable growth category that games used to fill. However, if you have a goal like, "I want to climb this rock wall," or "I want to swim 10 laps without taking a break," I think that could provide the manageable challenge that it sounds like you want.
    Also, it sounds like you're handling you're anxiety pretty well. It's not a perfect scenario and I'm sure there could be a way to channel that energy into something constructive. However, you're not channeling it into something destructive, like your big three. Let me know how you like meditation! I think that's a great and constructive way to handle it. I've never used an app for that before, so I'm most curious about that aspect of it. Keep it up!
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  2. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    You're right.
    I just wanted to push myself when I feel ok. When tough time comes, I'm going to get rest without concern this time  . Until then, I want to do my best.
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  3. Cam Adair added a topic in Main Room   

    Limited Time: Fun Bonuses
    Very exciting news today!
    In a few short weeks I'll be heading BACK to Tanzania, Africa to build a second clean water well - and I need your support!
    Last year I had the honor of going to Tanzania, Africa to build a clean water well with E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change). Together as a community we raised $6,000!!
    While I was there I saw with my very own eyes the reality of their situation, and the importance of giving them access to clean drinking water. Without it, sickness and death were common.
    Charity Water reports 4,500 children die every day from water-related illnesses, and as many as 50M people in Africa do not have access to clean water.
    Seeing the very real, and meaningful impact this work has, I knew we had to do it again this year. Will you join me??
    The deadline to raise $3,000 is June 30th, so we only have a few days!
    Over the next week I will be sharing a ton of valuable content for you. Other than wanting to be able to support others in need, the reason I do projects like this is to show you what's possible when YOU take a STAND for what you believe in.
    Whatever your goals are, whatever the vision is that you have for the world, I want YOU to go out there and make it happen. I want YOU to get off the sidelines and take massive action. And I will continue to do whatever I can to be an example of that for you.
    This year I'm offering a limited amount of exclusive bonuses for those who support our campaign:
    ... want a personal video message from me? Pledge $20
    ... or to get on the phone/Skype to pick my brain? Pledge $50
    ... or to receive an hour intensive coaching session? Pledge $97
    Check out all of the exclusive bonuses here. You can also donate via PayPal here.
    THANK YOU to everyone who helps with this campaign. I can't wait to be back in Tanzania to shoot a ton of footage for you.
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    How many people does the well support?
    Around 500 people for 20 years. E.P.I.C. also provides hygiene and sanitation education to the women and youth to ensure the projects sustainability long-term. Last year we also had an open forum with the village to discuss societal issues and all of our unique perspectives.
    How much does a well cost?
    About $15,000USD. My goal is to raise $3,000 (my portion of the well). All funds go directly to E.P.I.C., and a tax-deductible receipt is available for the first $3,000 raised.
    Who is E.P.I.C.? Are they reputable?
    E.P.I.C. is a non-profit foundation founded by my friends Alexi Panos and Tennille Amor. They have been operating in Tanzania for over a decade. Learn more about them here.
    Who cares? Is this really that big of a problem?
    I DO, AND YES! When I was in Tanzania last year I saw villagers drinking water that literally had cow shit in it. Would you ever drink that? Of course not. There are a million ways you can contribute to the world, and this is one small way I like to do it every year. I'd love for you to join me, and no worries if not!
    Pledge your support here (only a few days left!)
    If you have any questions about the campaign, or you want to claim any of your bonuses, reply to this, and I will get back to you right away.
    - Cam
    P.S. If you want to contribute, but "don't have any money", consider the example Euls set by selling his in-game skins in order to pledge $35. *If you are underage please consult with your parents first!*
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  4. Shine Magical added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    After reading through some of your latest posts, you seem like you could benefit from relaxing a little bit more! This ties into the perfectionism thing too.
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  5. Jay V added a post in a topic [ES] ¡Sólo por hoy!   

    Si, la verdad es difícil el proceso de volver a sentir. Conocer e identificar emociones se hace extraño después de tanto tiempo sin experimentarlas. Sin embargo, darme cuenta de que soy adicto me ha ayudado a conocerme, a ver quien soy, que es lo que quiero, con que sueño, cosas que antes de llegar a mi consumo excesivo tenía que desarrollarlas en esa edad crítica como lo es la adolescencia. Supongo que crecer conlleva tomar decisiones y quizás ese es mi conflicto. Saber que ahora puedo elegir, que puedo pensar en las consecuencias, que ya no debo depender de nada ni de nadie. Y bueno, el primer paso es aceptarlo. Así que a seguir el camino. 
    Gracias por tus palabras, me han servido mucho para entender que no estoy solo y que lo que vivo no es un problema único y gigante como a veces lo asumo ¡Saludos!
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  6. Celov added a post in a topic Hello there! [Curdberthus Introduction]   

    Hey there, welcome! Super cool someone is helping you through this (in this case your gf) and motivates you.
    Keep it up!
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  7. Quest added a post in a topic Quest's quest for independency over his life   

    Sorry for not posting for the past days, they were kind of busy, but in a good way. Well, excluding this one in a little bit. Let me explain.
    I was spending a lot of times outside wtih friends. Started going to sleep early and waking up at 7 or 8 and going around my town meeting friends and having fun with them. I went to gym and pool with them, done some shopping etc. It was great. Almost full days without any need for use of my phone or PC for any mindless browsing etc. I didn't even turn on my PC excluding this day! But everything had changed to day.
    My mate wants me to get into streetwear (I have some decent shoes etc but most of my clothing is kinda crappy), so he told me that he is gonna add me to some Facebook group where this kind of clothing is sold, so I can know it better and find some nice occasions and discounts. I deleted my Facebook app some time before gaming detox to limit time spent on it, but it was still blocked by my app locker app. I thought that I had already changed and have a rewired brain, I won't fall into this trap. I'm just gonna check if I was added yet. And it turned out I wasn't and I spent like over 1 hour in the late eveing on my phone yesterday, when I was supposed to read a book and go to sleep, and today's morning and this evening were also disrupted by refreshing my Facebook wall and watching some videos when eating breakfast or in bed. I went outside for a long time and spent some quality hours with my friend, but still I failed my challenge.
    I thought it was so easy, that I can control myself better now. But when I showed ot myself my most minor weakness, I was sucked in back again. I'm going on vacations this Sunday with my family and friends to sail sailboats in Mazury, so I hope I will focus on sailing and spending cool time (I used to visit this place annualy 2 years before, but everything is still chaning a bit). I think this is the greatest proof that I shouldn't try moderate gaming after my detox is finished, like I planned before. I've also noticed, that without being in touch with the community on Discord, I could not keep myself accountable. Chatting takes a lot less effort than writing a post. 
    Thanks to all the people above. I do use RescueTime app for my phone, app lock app and also Cold Turkey (I deleted it like half an hour ago because I wanted to watch some video online with my friend when he was still here, I don't think I'm gonna use PC before the trip in Sunday anyway, and when I come back I will return to using it moderately) for PC, hycniejszy. Thanks for the advice Cam, my self-worth is low even with my greatest efforts put into it.
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  8. Onlysoul added a post in a topic Onlysoul   

    4 Day
    Today i was lazy AF. I exactly do nothing. I eat too much and sit in front of PC. Positive is that i was out with my dog, go for a walk with him and then go cycling with my sister. Later I looked into the mirror and i said: You are responsible! You are in control and only you have the power change things in your life. No one will do it for you. Your life depend on how you spend your times, exactly what are you doing in your free time. I love you! You must sacrifice this stupid things which you used for escape. 
    No strong fear or panic attack today so its quiet positive thing too. I meditate every single day despite of my laziness. 
    Its ok Onlysoul. Tomorrow will be different day with different problems, solutions and mood. Be good on yourself. 
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  9. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Hello there! [Curdberthus Introduction]   

    Welcome Curd! I'm glad you fought through the boredom ok. I'm doing that now myself.
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  10. Curdberthus added a post in a topic Hello there! [Curdberthus Introduction]   

    Thanks you so much Cam, i'll probably open a journal soon!
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  11. Fagus added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    I've read your whole last post and understood about 1/2, maybe even less. But I know your feelings and realize that you are thinking a lot, just like I do. Maybe too much. You know too much, ask too many questions, have too many doubts. Therefore you can't have the illusionary peace most of the rest enjoys. You see through the illusion of career, family, fame and recognition. You see how people are led by their biological determination. But you don't see any alternative either. Because there is none. That drives you mad.
    You abuse porn and videogames to ease that pain and madness, which is also just a biological or mental drive. You see through that drive and hate yourself for giving in to it, but what is the alternative? You can stop with porn and videogames in exchange for recognition. But that's just another mental drive. There is just no reward, no real reason not to do it. And we humans need a reason for everything we do.
    You have to die and you can't escape nor live without the system. There can't be a purpose in your life, because life has no meaning. Whatever you do is without any significance. You are a pitiable creature.
    I really would like to offer you a solution or some kind of solace, but I think there is none. At least not for me. I just ask myself how to make the best of it. I have thought about suicide, but it just seems like a waste of opportunities, since I will die eventually anyway.
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  12. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Hey there! Introduction   

    Agreed on that article. It's a classic.
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  13. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My introduction   

    Welcome Andre! 
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  14. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Happy to be here   

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  15. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Hello there! [Curdberthus Introduction]   

    Welcome Curdberthus! Glad you're here with us. @Hitaru is our official Game Quitters Ambassador to Spain.
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  16. Curdberthus added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    Hello there! [Curdberthus Introduction]
    General Kenobi.
    Hi, i'm a 21yo spanish university student, i started the 90-day detox one month ago (20-21 of May). First of all apologize for my english level, i'm also trying to improve it.
    Well, as i said i'm a student, specifically a philosophy student. I want to quit because videogames have taken so much time in my life, i need to do other kind of things, and not just playing videogames the whole day. I pretend to recover some old hobbies the next few months (like chess or martial arts) and i'll start learning chinese in September, the first 30 days of detox have been hard, but i've handled it correctly (my gf helped me a lot), i've never been bored so much before!
    Finally I just want to thank you all for the project you are doing, it has helped me to rationalize my addiction and not fall back on a bad day.
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  17. Tom2 added a topic in Non-English Language Journals   

    [KO] Tom2's 2nd attempt

    Day 2 는 열심히 산 날이었음
    - 부모님 집에 있는 고장난 것들과 치워야될 것들을 해결했다.
    - 2학기에 대비해서 다시 공부하기 시작했다.
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  18. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Day 2 was productive  
    - fixed & cleaned a lot of things in my parent's house.
    - Began studying again for the next semester.
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  19. Onlysoul added a post in a topic Happy to be here   

    Welcome ! Yeah loneliness its our common problem. Man make everything whats makes you happy and love yourself as much as you can. Love is our common saviour. 
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  20. Onlysoul added a post in a topic Onlysoul   

    Thanks guys for support!
    Yeah nice font you use mr. pharmacist . Priest panic attack: Exactly when i have this panic attacks i experiencing feelings like powerless and strong tension that this is my fate, i cant change anything and so on. I also experiencing visual image of cross, jesus and altar. Man that is very frightening. I would never say that shitty words or scare my child or young relatives. Never ! Because you can hurt them very much even with that simple moves. Please man tell me how i can manage or handle my panic attack? 
    Affirmation: I changed my self talk. I always telling myself that i am good enough etc. Even if i have bad days or things go bad for me i'm always nice to me. Yes you have right dude, i must boost my selfconfidence because no one can do this for me.
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  21. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Ridingsplosh's Journal   

    I know exactly what you mean about taking on too much information. I love history but I listen to way too many history podcasts. It's like someone shoveling raw data down your throat!
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  22. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Hassan's Recovery Journal   

    Good to see you, Hassan! I was getting worried but I'm glad you're just spacing out your checkins. Yes, I find that being active in my faith and adding mindfulness meditation really helps.
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  23. Celov added a post in a topic Happy to be here   

    Hey spearcrab, welcome! Good luck in your journey, you can do it!
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  24. Ridingsplosh added a post in a topic Ridingsplosh's Journal   

    That's a lot of time spent meditating! No worries man. Hope LT-yu can come on this forum too, so his posts can be stickied or something like that and more people would be able to see.
    Anyways... yesterday was not bad. I spent some time on youtube, but it was for more engaging and intelligent purposes. Stuff related to diet and some politics which I was interested to know. However I think I should avoid those stuff, because I am doing it in a very scattered way and without purpose. It would probably be better to write down a list with the things I am planning to research on the internet before doing it, as I tend to be consuming too much information as a means of procrastination. The time I spent on discord yesterday was quite minimal, only to check what's going on. I am doing better job going longer periods without the internet. I had some cravings to watch gaming streams.
    I need to avoid some potential dangers of relapsing. Those are usually 5-10 minutes breaks throughout the day, which eventually become 30 minutes or more. I still need my laptop to search for a job, and I know that I can't just quit the internet altogether. However, I can certainly deny myself any access to my laptop most of my time. 
    While I am doing my 4 hours of piano practice, I am not allowing myself any access to the laptop because I know that I can't control my time spent on it. I am also in the process of figuring out another 3 hours of my time to spend on an offline hobby, away from screens. 
    I still went to bed too late - at 3 am, but I woke up a bit earlier so that the next day I will be able to fall asleep earlier more easily. Now I feel a bit sleep deprived, but as I adjust to earlier wake-up times, that will fix itself. 
    I am aiming to do nofap (no PMO) seriously once again, as I notice I think more clearly and have better discipline if I go for longer stretches without that. 
    My eating has been healthy too, though it is really hard for me to go longer streaks without consuming any junk food. 
    I will look at my to-do list more often, and want to update it too with some goals! That way I will always have something to do. Also probably gonna change to doing it with pen and paper, instead of the laptop or phone. This will help to avoid binging on the internet
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  25. ha535065 added a post in a topic Hassan's Recovery Journal   

    Check in for the week. 
    Doing well. Haven't have had alot of urges compared to before. Although I'm not doing alot of the extra things, like social outings, learning a new language, and things to occupy my time. It's interesting. Hmmm, I know I've been somewhat active in my faith community and prayers. I know also that at my graveyard work, I began doing mindfulness/yoga, and was keeping up with scheduling and checking off things on my planner. I haven't been doing it much lately. So, that's something I need to get back on. I started to slip away, or give priorities to other realms' of my life, and I forget mindfulness/yoga/ using planner/ and checking in are just important in the recovery process.
    I did find this strange phenomenon where I started saying to myself that "I'm fine" and I don't need to write my thoughts/feelings or even check-in here anymore. Something about being able to check in with myself and write allows me a great deal of expression and helps to make sense of some stuff that occurs throughout the day. I think, if I didn't check in, it'd just build up to a point of discomfort and unease. I know this feeling and self-talk becaus eventually, I will fall back into relapsing some time later. So, I'm grateful Im here checking in. 
    I'll keep it short so i can check in periodically and it's not a time-consumbing event and experience to write a journal entry. 
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