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  1. Danielk added a post in a topic danielk-The art of doing nothing   

    Thanks Mark  
    Glad to hear we share the same view in so many ways. I find that mindfullness is a wonderfull tool (form of yoga) to practise to improve living in the present moment.
    It is logical aswell, there is really nothing one can do about the past and the future is formed in the present moment. So living in the present moment not only increases life quality and every second we are blessed with life, it helps shaping our future goals aswell. Doing less in life will increase quality instead of quantity. 
    Monks have practised this for thousands of years. There are wisdom that a modern human can apply. In the end it gives you control of yourself and your life. 
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  2. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic 23 and trying to quit   

    Hi milan, I often have gaming urges if i have to think about exams and stuff wich makes me nervous. I know how it is to waste time strategizing or watching let's plays. I guess the only thing you can change is yourself. I would try to find outdoor activities and other things wich relax you, beside computergameing/watching gameplay. If i where you i would try to go cold turkey with all gaming related activities for some time(maybe try the 90day detox), because the other mentioned abilites seem to influence you in a bad way.
    Another thing you can actually do and will help you in the long ,is the creation of positive habbits. Just  find some things wich are easy to do for you and commit to them every day. For example read every day 10 pages of a nonfiction book your intersted in. Study everyday 30min in a  subjekt you feel like your bad at it. Do a stretch/workout routine every morning. Make your bed(yeah actually surprisingly helpfull habbit). With time (maybe 2weeks-2months) they become habbits and doesn't cost any effort and hey accumelate over time. More important if your commited to your habbit/habbits they will most likely have a ripple effekt. You start gooing to bed early enough because you work out in the morning. You clean your room because if your bed looks tidy, why not the rest. I do some of these things for 20days or so and actually feel better. Best habbit in my experience: the daily journal on this site
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  3. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic 18 year old from Norway quitting for good   

    i kind of undestand some words because their similiar to german in a way xD.
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  4. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Sad for no reason   

    I think it is a possible effect of the gamequitting. I had some sever mood swings the first two weeks after quitting.
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  5. milan added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    23 and trying to quit
    Hello everyone,
    i have been gamer for as long as i can remember. I'm trying to quit gaming for some time and never really succeeded. I used to play games a lot when i was in younger all my free time consisted of games. I would not see anyone so I have no social life. Although things are better now as i dont play video games as much but I have two brothers who are also gamers. older one is more casual gamer and younger one is more hardcore. So while i manage not to play games for like month or two, i always read about games, watch video on yt and mostly talk with my brother about games.
    Every time i fail at college i always find myself holding controller and wasting all my free time on gaming which gets me even more depressed. So my main problem is that i might not be playing video games as much but im certainly spend a lot of time thinking about them, watching videos and so on.
    We have some 5 consoles with a lot of games and i would like to sell them all, but i need my brothers consent to do that. Of course he doesn't want to do that, he gets very angry when i mention that.
    thats about it, i hope i'll be able to find answer in this community
    ps. sorry for my inconsistent writing i feel very frustrated as i have played games last night for about 5 hours
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  6. coccinust added a topic in Main Room   

    Sad for no reason
    So I just came back from school, and I'm feeling really gloomy. The day went well, so that wasn't the cause. I haven't played any games for the last 3 days-ish (would usually play everyday), and im wondering if thats might be the cause for it or if im just really tired from writing down loads of notes?
    Thank you guys!
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  7. Tom added a post in a topic Tom's journal   

    Days 144, 145. Good days, bad nights. Racing thoughts and child's screams aren't very conductive to rest. Sunday I've been a full-time mattress tester. I have the distinct feeling that the tweaks I've done to my deadlift technique last Wednesday are pure nonsense, at least in the way I carried them over. I caught up with some people over email and kept entertained (and isolated) by watching instructional guitar videos.
    Monday I felt much better. I had a nice walk in the morning, had a lighter breakfast than usual (knowing I wouldn't lift later), and worked. I took breaks by playing guitar and talking with my family. After work though I just wanted to get into bed again, and so I did. Had a good time playing with the children before bedtime.
    Gratitude journal:
    Being so close to the woods. Walking there as often as possible is the new habit I'm consolidating.Good TV shows. Sometimes escapism is necessary, and it's fun sharing this time with my wife.Xiaomi. Good, reliable tech at incredible prices.
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  8. MmmWatermelon added a post in a topic Regular Journal   

    Day 2.19
    I had a pretty good day today...was lucky there was an opening at my chiropractor when I called in the morning and I went around noon. I enjoyed talking to the secretary while waiting, she is a really interesting and very sweet person, we've been becoming good buddies. Did some grocery shopping and played around with harmonica a bit in the afternoon and then I had a tutoring session. I don't know why but I had a bit of an anxiety attack at some point during the tutoring session, I felt like my mind just could not focus on what I was trying to do for a couple of minutes...but I guess I just focused on my belly breathing for a minute and stumbled my way through a problem or two then I felt better, mostly I really enjoy working with this particular kid who is very bright and easy to be around. And he's got a really cute dog who always likes to cuddle with you while you are working on the math, not bad : ) When I got home I was feeling still kinda out of it so I made a really good chicken soup out of stuff I bought earlier while listening to some nice music; feel a lot better after that and now I am just tired and wanting to go to bed early...almost fell asleep on the floor stretching; guess sometimes you just need a good nourishing meal to take the edge off of everything.
    Tomorrow I'm also needing to get up early to go help my old teacher with some landscaping, hope  my back will be up for it! I've also got a little bit more computer work request from some folks who run a jewelry company who I worked with a bit last year, so it's nice that I have a chance of making some more moneys with this. 
    Grateful for:
    - nourishing chicken soup
    - having a really organized room lately
    - having some good work opportunities this week
    - my family enjoying the music I was playing in the kitchen a lot
    Good night to you!
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  9. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Mario's Journal,   

    Day 37
    Today it was hard to get out of bad because my wife was away over night. Snoozed for the first time in 20days or so. Did it for nearly an hour. Still have enouhg time but have to cut my sport routine this morning wich is kind of annoying.I ahve my second exam today and aren't prepared enough because i procrastinated to much last week.  Everyone says this special exam is easy and I hope it is true. Well meditation helps with my nerves but still i will be studying this week because the enxt oen is coming in 8days. I still didn't look for a internship wich is priority now because i want to start one at 1may. Many things to do but resisted the urges to play wich have a revival in this situation and i see this as a win. In the past I would played away yesterday out of stress. Now i watched 2movies and did study the rest of the day. I got a proper chance if i stay calm and have a little luck. I take this as a win
    What I learned today:
    - Mindfulness is a superpower(
    I am gratefull for:
    - coffee
    - the opportunity of writing a exam today
    PS: Read through my diary and realised I stopped beeing hungry for improvement. Even if I am in a better spot of my life allready i can't be just content. It made me happy to imporve everyday and there is no reason to stop or to slow this progress down. Time to pick some things up I wanted to achieve and dropped along the way: Learn english grammar, revisit stuff I studied to have more knowledge, improve handwriting, learn 10-finger typing. keep the appartment clean. Ok have to go to stuff!
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  10. kortheo added a post in a topic My Journal - Travis   

    Day 155
    This is possibly the latest in the day I've ever done my entry!
    I stayed home from work today; I didn't sleep well and just felt exhausted. It was a good choice.
    I went grocery shopping, and made 3 meals and smoothies! I'll have food for the week now.
    I ordered a matcha starting kit - matcha powder, whisk, bowl, spoon. Stoked. I love matcha.
    I'm reading a book on the American Constitution and listening to a new podcast called Presidential that, leading up to the election, cover the history of one president each week. Getting my history fix! It is fascinating.
    Made incremental progress on my resume. Also, napping is great.
    Not much human interaction though, so feeling a little lonely tonight. Such is life! It is normal to feel lonely sometimes.
    Have a good night, everyone.
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  11. Zakaex added a post in a topic Edward's Journal   

    Day 41   (February 22, 2016)
    Woke up an extra hour early excited to start the day off, little do I know that by not having adequate sleep I got put off entirely to work after breakfast. If it is true that very most young adults have 'optimal' sleep with seven to eight hours, then I would fall into that category for sure.
    Also started a goal to lose ten pounds within five weeks, living abroad trapped within the cold weather is just too tempting now (with technology especially) to order food with just a click of a button. With video games and TV shows out of the way for now, this is going to be a new battle.
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  12. Svet added a post in a topic Is my dad addicted to Solitaire?   

    Lo and behold, I got super addicted to something as innocent as Solitaire recently, so much that I had to uninstall it in fury. For me, it was both a way to relax and not worry, as well as a major addiction. There is something intensely bothering me every second of every day, and gaming provides (provided?) a relief from that. It's possible something is eating up your father, in response to which he does not have adequate coping skills. Or he may be doing it for a different reason altogether. Best way to know is to ask him?
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  13. Suritus added a topic in Books & Podcasts   

    Social Skills/Friendship resources
    Hey guys,
    I was just wondering if you guys know about any good books/podcasts/Youtube channels aimed at social skills/friendships/relationships? Preferably podcasts/youtube, since I don't think books work as well.
    So far, I got:
    For books the classic is how to win friends and influence people. Right now, I'm also reading the six pillars of self esteem, which I think is up there as well, because it all starts in your head. Also, Neil Straus' The Truth. Not The Game. I'm not looking for that kind of material.
    Thanks! Have a great day! Also, you should check out my journal  
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  14. Suritus added a post in a topic Matt's Journal   

    Days 61 and 62
    Well Sunday was just bad. I dragged myself to the library and tried to write the essay, but my head and my stomach refused to cooperate. It was painful, but I got quite a bit of work done, so it counts. I'll probably consider not drinking next time I'm at a party, but I know this is what everyone says I didn't relapse or anything, it was just quite easy to get distracted. In any case, this Sunday was one of the better ones I had this semester, so I'm not complaining. It's good to see progress and still know there's room for improvement.
    In any case, this week was one of the best I had so far this year, and I'm really glad it's been this way. It all started with the decision to commit to stop playing video games. Game Quitters, this journal, books, some of which I mentioned, therapy - all of these obviously helped but that all came after I decided to commit.
    Today was again good. Assignments are starting to pile on top of each other, and I'm not burning through them quickly enough. This means I'm procrastinating less, but it also means I'm kinda putting aside long-term important things like looking for a flat. I'll go do that later today...
    I had a therapy session today, which wasn't as helpful as the previous ones, but it was still pretty good. I only have one left  I feel like I'm in a much better place though, so there isn't really a big need for more. In any case, I know what to do.
    I'll stop there, because I still have some things to do before I go to bed. 
    What I've learned: Again, I think I posted this before, but: Be patient and don't overthink things. Take it one day at the time.
    Thanks for reading  
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  15. ThePerfectApology added a post in a topic Torleif's Journal   

    Day 3 - short post (22/2/2016)
    Still have not relapsed, but I have learned a valuable lesson. I need to start preparing more for the cravings I know will come in the future, which have been the reasons for my failures before. I need to finish Respawn firstly, and then make a dedicated plan on how I will implement the necessary tricks to build greater immunity against relapsing. I may not feel the urges now, but I know that they are hiding in my brain somewhere, waiting for a time when I'm weak and then strike!
    Quote of the day:
    By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail. -Benjamin Franklin
    Gratitude journal: I'm grateful because...
    -I live in a safe country
    -I am healthy and disease free
    -I have a family
    -I have a way of transportation
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  16. ThePerfectApology added a post in a topic 18 year old from Norway quitting for good   

    Takk for de omtenksomme ordene DanielK, I'll be sure to heed your advice. 
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  17. hycniejsy added a post in a topic The Mad Pharmacist's Journal   

    Studied for biophysics for 2,5 golden hours (50 minutes*2,5), I still need to do some preparation until tomorrow reretake.
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  18. SpiNips added a post in a topic My Journal - SpiNips   

    Today was a cool day. I got great seats in my current courses. We visited a free consultant with my business crew. He helped us shape our business idea and guide us through the following steps. God bless Finland for providing support for beginners like us. The idea is good, but I'm not sure about the numbers yet. It's really hard to say since we have little experience in this field. Well everyone has to start somewhere.
    The best thing today was breaking my bench press record!
    I have been thinking about relationships and a Mating Grounds-podcast episode was able to give me a lot of insight in my situation.
    Recently I have noticed that I'm being often distracted from my original tasks which makes it harder to efficiently complete them. I have to take this into notice and keep sufficient breaks to prevent me from getting distracted.
    I'm going to read a bit of Think and Grow Rich and go to sleep.
    Today I'm grateful for:
    Finnish social securityMeeting friends of mine tomorrow who I haven't seen in a long timeSalty liquoriceSeeing new perspectives, It's always an eyeopening experienceHummus
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  19. Ironfly added a post in a topic Daily Journal - Rick   

    um i don't understand. I think i do this already, let me tell you how an average day looks like:
    8:30 to 12:00  is work (workproject voluntary)12:00 to 13:00 relaxing, taking a shower, planning the day in my agenda ór on a blank sheet. (you told in one of your videos that its better to plan the day that evening before, would that make a difference compared my methode now?)13:00 following the day planning. sometimes i'm tired already because i always used to game from now on. 15:30 we have our structured coffee break with the group. until now i can mostly keep up with my planning.17:30 dinner. most of the times i havent completed all of my planned things. i'm behind with 1 or 2 things.18:30 the evening starts. now i feel i need to relax, i'm bored with following the planning. i want to either game or do something else that is relaxing and gives me a chance to blow off steam. also, because of my autism i have gotten full in my head by all the incentives from every decision or activity. there is a 50% chance i contineu my planning, otherwise i just do not really much. little bit of reading, watching a movie or serie. 20:30 another structured coffee break with the group. from 20:30 i try to catch up with my planning.21:30 i'm wrapping up anything i was doing. and going to do my going-to bed-ritual. that is; drinking, brush teeth, make a small walk over the terrain.22:00 going to bedAs of my sleep, i can never tell if i will sleep well or bad. Last night i just woke up in the middle of the night. sometimes i lay awake for hours, my max is like 2,5 hours. I always try to go to breakfast at 7:45 but i'm never sure if i can make it.
    Last thing i wanna add is that today i contineu my whiteboard. I think and hope that will improve my effectiveness.
    EDIT: since my non information input week would also include respawn i exlude it now (is that a word? ^^). i wil just update everyday again here my journal. I'm nog doing "Fill the void" of Respawn. I hear a lot of things you said in previous answers Cam. So 'm just gonna finish respawn asap. I don't wanna ask questions i get the answer at in one of your videos
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  20. Mark added a post in a topic danielk-The art of doing nothing   

    Congratulations on reaching your latest milestone! I just wanted to say that your point about enjoying life's little moments while doing absolutely nothing resonates with me so much. It's something that I've really tried to work on in the past few months. All too often I was preoccupied with looking back or at what may come in the future. This would sometimes cause me to rush through the day, perhaps with the goal of getting home to play that new video game in mind, when in reality I would have been better off enjoying the present moment, no matter how little.
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  21. Tom added a post in a topic Tom's journal   

    Haha, I'm turning 34 this week and I'm definitely not of Nordic ancestry... No more long hair for me
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  22. Primmulla added a post in a topic Can i bot?   

    If it can get you banned from the game, I guess it is ok since it leads to the outcome you want to achieve: stopping gaming
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  23. Mark added a post in a topic My Wall of Text   

    Day 15;
    The last week or so has very much been a mixed bag. I've done some positive, productive things like working on my car for example, but my sprained ankle has been a source of frustration, and the work towards some of my goals has been hampered as a result. Although still sore, my injury has improved quite a lot over the past 48 hours, so hopefully I can kick on again this week.
    Still no video games, internet procrastination continues to be the much bigger issue for me. The impression I have so far is that gaming isn't at the core of the problem, but like browsing the internet, is simply one of my outlets. Admittedly it's still early days however 
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  24. Danielk added a post in a topic 18 year old from Norway quitting for good   

    Välkommen Torleif! 
    Du är inte ensam. Det du upplever är precis vad många av oss upplever. Läs journaler och ställ vilka frågor du vill, tittat också på Cams videos dom är väldigt hjälpsamma.
    Ser fram emot att läsa din journal inom en snar framtid.Vi kommer hjälpa dig igenom det här  
    Welcome Torleif!
    You are not alone. What you experience is what many of us do aswell. Please read the journals on this site and have a look at Cams videos they are very helpfull.
    I am looking forward to read your journal in a future soon. We will help you  
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  25. Danielk added a post in a topic danielk-The art of doing nothing   

    Thanks a lot Cam! It means a lot coming from you so I am very thankfull for your comment  Onwards 2 months next!
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