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  1. Cam Adair added a topic in Meetups   

    Australia Nov/Dec 2017
    hello friends
    I will be in Australia for November and December. For the first few weeks I will be MCing my friend Adam Roa's show, Permission to Think Freely, dates and tickets below. Would love to meet and for you to join us at the show if you're around. 
    I will also be stopping in Adelaide after the tour ends. 
    Melbourne 11/4
    Gold Coast 11/9
    Sydney 11/14
    Perth 11/18
    See you there!
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  2. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Giblet's Journal   

    Enjoy the journey and process towards a goal, and as you achieve it, set your sights on what's inspiring for you to achieve next. 4:30 it is! Aho!
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  3. Cam Adair added a post in a topic A friendly introduction   

    MCing my buddy Adam Roa (check out his episodes on our podcast)'a show, Permission to Think Freely. 
    We will be in Sydney Nov 14. Love to meet and for you to join us:
    @giblets you too!
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  4. SlackRamen added a post in a topic A friendly introduction   

    @Cam Adair Thanks Cam! I'm from Sydney. What brings you to the land down under?
    @giblets Thank you for the welcome! I was actually just skimming through your journal for inspiration to start mine, so I was pleasantly surprised when you popped up here. Let's see to it that I don't waste that potential then.
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  5. thehondasc00py added a post in a topic Vamosalaplaya's Journal   

    In my experience doing too much too soon is counterproductive and causes an ego backlash where you lose focus and backslide out of the blue. The slow but consistent approach is almost always better, I would focus on just a few things. Even time spent doing nothing can be productive in the sense that you're detoxing from stimulation, and can apply mindfulness to the present moment, developing your awareness.
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  6. thehondasc00py added a post in a topic 90-Day Detox – Aiming to Update Daily   

    Mate have you considered getting counseling? Having a trusted person to talk to face to face about your family, your progress etc could be really helpful too,if you can find one close to your town
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  7. eshi2000 added a post in a topic 90 Day Detox   

    Thanks for the support. To me, it gets easier and easier every day. I feel like having the count of number of days just makes it so much easier to stay on track and to not break my detox streak. It's day 36 now
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  8. Andre2807 added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    Day 8 - Much better
    The butterfly effect is a well known concept which boils down to this: "small causes can have larger effects"
    Combine this concept, with the Pareto Principle: "20% of our efforts produces 80% of our results" 
    I tried taking on a Miracle Morning. It advocates one to do 6 (important) things before 8 am. 
    1. Silence
    2. Journal
    3. Exercise
    4. Visualisation
    5. Affirmations
    6. Learning
    I did 3 of 6. Silence, Journal and Learning. 

    So far so good. 

    I'm also reading the book: The ONE thing.

    Onto Day 9.
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  9. KO added a post in a topic Just Do it Journal!-Going from Mediocre to Mighty   

    Definitely , I went full Togashi on the journals and my improvement overall. Gonna start slow tomorrow and build myself up again. 
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  10. Parkreiner added a post in a topic 90-Day Detox – Aiming to Update Daily   

    Day 9 – September 19, 2017, Part 2
    Day ended up going a lot better than I thought it would starting out. I finally committing myself to learning some of the subjects I've been sitting on, and I'm starting to make progress. At the very least, I've further along than I was yesterday. I woke up late, so I didn't managed to get to everything, but actually getting things done felt so good and rewarding that I think I'm going to have few problems doing it again tomorrow.
    I considered confronting them about their conversation (not aggressively, though), but I decided against it. I'm just going to focus on improving myself until the results speak for themselves.
    That's really good advice. Unfortunately, I don't think renting out an apartment is going to work out. I already think my mom and brother don't have much faith in me, and while my dad's far more neutral, I feel like they'll be able to sway him however they want. Plus, I see all this as my problem. I've basically allotted nine months for me to complete the entirety of FreeCodeCamp and find a job using its support network afterwards. Given the cost of living in the area, renting an apartment would likely cost them a minimum of $7,200, and even then, I'm sure from their mind, they have little guarantee that I'd even be willing to pay it back or hold myself to my timeline.
    My family's weird, though. The relationship's supportive on the surface, but we all have a bad habit of bottling up our feelings, which just leads to things like that or my mom yelling at our pets, or so many other "little' things. The kind of things that are probably really obvious to anybody visiting, but because I've grown up with this all my life, I'm just blind to most of it. Honestly, though, my brother's probably the most toxic member of the family. He's a total goon – completely abrasive and constantly cursing up a storm. He calls me "Dickhead" as a term of endearment. He also tries to do the same thing that he and my mom did today towards her with me, though I always try to back out of it. There are some things that annoy me about her, sure, but he does seem a little too gleeful about it at times. I'm trying to be understanding towards him, since he just turned 18 and actually tried committing suicide this past April (and the whole family was genuinely supportive while he was in the hospital), but honestly, I'd say he's the biggest damper on my self-esteem. I don't know how much of this is just because of the inner demons he's dealing with, though.
    Still, moving out is definitely my first order of business once I have a job. Beyond being sick of just being in this house for most of the past four years, I'm just tired of my town. Even though there's a navy base right within walking distance, there's next to nothing outside it – not even a grocery store, which is why we always have to go to the next town over. The few times I've checked Facebook, I've seen old friends talk about how much of a difference getting out of my entire county, and while I'm not aiming to move as far as they have (the nearby cities actually have really good local communities for my goals and interests), I know I just need to move out some distance.
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  11. imquitgaming added a post in a topic I want to live my life!   

    Day 3:

    Life is pretty good. I got some stuff done. I did some work on my car and am hoping it'll get better (I'm starting to think it's just a clogged injector, I really hope that's it). I didn't run 10k today because as soon as I stepped outside I realized that my body had not recovered yet, so I only did a 3k, but managed to keep a decent pace for me (27:35). I went to class, which was great! I'm really enjoying it and I'm happy I actually understand what's going on. I feel more confident that I can do it. I worked on the project for my client. Also, I decided to try mile a day, to run at least 1 mile everyday. I'm pumped but a little scared. Tomorrow I think I'll take it easy and do a relaxing run, I might even head out after class to a local park in the area.
    Tomorrow: Wake at 9, get ready, go to class, and finish the work for my client, and my hw.
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  12. Parkreiner added a post in a topic Best time for Journaling: Morning, afternoon or evening? Why?   

    It really depends on what style of journal you want to make, honestly. Since I've been trying to make journal entries every day, I've found it easier to do them just before I go to bed. That lets me reflect on what I did for the day, where I succeeded, and where I failed. I've found that sleep always kind of resets my mood, whether it's a really good or really bad. So, by doing the journal in the evening, I'm taking a better snapshot of how I felt that day. Sure, I might be more tired, and it might take me more time to gather my thoughts, but evening journals have worked well for me so far.
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  13. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    Day # 46

    Current mood: I feel slightly happy

    I am grateful for: My grandmother, my aunt and the internet.

    Workout: Cardio

    Cold Shower: Yes

    Green Tea: Yes

    Minimalism/Declutter: Got rid of a póker briefcase

    Bed before 9PM: Probably not, but I am improving

    What went well today: I did plenty of things of my to do list.

    What didn’t go well today: I procrastinated a bit in the morning after waking up

    What I could have done to make my day better: Getting up from bed right away

    What I will do differently tomorrow: I will keep improving my journal experience, I will improve my sleep schedule

    GameQuitters thoughts: I been getting rid of some poker stuff. I thought on playing online poker (I always wanted to get good at poker) and thought of downloading poker software but dismissed the idea until I get 90 days, then it can be considered, but I will need to meditate on it a lot.

    NoFap thoughts: I have been thinking about pornstar names, I have forgotten some names but not all of them. Last night I felt a craving while laying down in bed with my cellphone. I also thought of calling my girlfriend to we could meet tomorrow, but I didn’t. There’s a persistant memory of a pornstar I really liked, luckily I forgot her name. If I tried really hard I probably could remember it.

    Thoughts: A movie helped me understand the reason I felt connected to my past relationship. I am thinking I am spreading too thin. I need to focus on getting myself a place to be more independent. I considering journaling in the morning and the evening and getting a Most Important Tasks (MIT) section. I also added Green Tea.

    Current mood:
    Slightly stressed

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  14. CG EYE added a post in a topic 90 day detox take 2   

    Wow so I am at approx Day 38.
    I don't nearly think about pogo as much as I use to and it is only in conversation with other people whom I discover play or if people ask if I play games that I say "Im on a detox" that i reminisce about pogo. Even just typing about it now makes me curious to load it up and my heart begins to race a little. However I have work to do and I am on this detox. Thank you to this forum for all your support.
    Speaking of collections, my latest "addiction" is now vinyl records. Having grown up as someone who never physically bought music in his life, I am now the proud owner of something like 200 vinyls (bought a few boxes at auction recently). 
    But there is something definitely different about tangible visceral copies of music and the inconvenience of loading the vinyls that is meditative. many parallels that can be made to the virtual world of gaming and what is real vs virtual enjoyment.
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  15. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    I had a similar phase but it was long ago. But it was more "I should have done this for the relationship" "I could have done this for the relationship". 
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  16. vamosalaplaya added a post in a topic Vamosalaplaya's Journal   

    Thanks giblets and thehonasc00py for the encouragement.
    Unfortunately I missed making a journal entry yesterday. For some reason I had woken up feeling tired and had little motivation to do much that day.
    The tiredness was mostly gone today, and I spent most of the day indoors as the weather has not been so nice. I did go to the store at one point but spent most of the day reading, and learning techniques for 3D Modeling. It was not a very eventful day, I'm still searching for ways to change that which satisfy me. Today marks one full week since quitting video games so at least I can be happy about that. Even though I still wish I was making more of my days my mood seems to be significantly more positive than before.
    it kind of feels like I'm playing the waiting game. There are some things that are up to me to take hold of, but some are just beyond my reach and I have to bide my time in a productive way, but I still struggle with the "how"
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  17. Debius Broojs added a post in a topic Elon Musk Infographic   

    I agree
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  18. thehondasc00py added a post in a topic 90-Day Detox – Aiming to Update Daily   

    I read your last posts and there are a couple of things I would like to say.
    a) There's a lot you don't like about yourself. That's fine, this is where you start. By clarifying these things and bringing them to light, you've already made a steady first step. We all, everyone in society, define ourselves, make us out to be a certain someone. In short, we are who we believe we are. Our beliefs about ourselves define us, quite literally. The problem is, that these beliefs often operate subconsciously, unbeknownst to us. Deep down we might think something of ourselves without even realizing, yet defining us and influencing our behaviours, resulting in dissonance and lack of integrity.
    You've already made them conscious though. You know who you are, you're conscious of your own beliefs.
    Even if these are negative, you're being open and honest with yourself. That's already more than a lot of people do. Let this self-honesty empower you. Hell, if you hate yourself, and you're honest about it, you can even let that empower you. Unconventional advice? I wouldn't be saying it if it hadn't rung true in my own life. At times, I've hated myself. But when it wasn't a subconscious hate, when the voice saying "I hate myself" rang loud and clear and matter-of-fact, the whole honesty and transparency of it really empowered me. Self-integrity, self-honesty, is the highest virtue. If you have full transparency with yourself, you're already ahead of the curve.
    b) Most people just coast through life, a product of their background, completely unaware, without really any higher ambitions. If you're into this whole self-development thing, if you're thinking about how to improve yourself, or even transform yourself, and you're actively working at it, then you're already doing more than 90% of people in today's society. Give yourself props for that, and again, let it empower you.
    c) Your family sounds very unsupportive and maybe even toxic. Your brother thinks youre irritating for trying to start conversations? Please. This sucks, I'm sorry. If your parents are willing to finance an apartment for you until you get a job, I highly suggest you speak to them about it. Changing environments and moving out would definetely be beneficial for you. You need to shake things up, and if your environment is unsupportive and beats you down (and links you to all sorts of past negative habits), you really need to get out there and start a new life. If that's financially possible.
    Hope this helps and looking forward to hearing from you.
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  19. thehondasc00py added a post in a topic Vamosalaplaya's Journal   

    Welcome to the journey. Know that it won't be easy, but greatness is never easy. You can live an easy life, or you can live a great life!
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  20. thehondasc00py added a post in a topic thehondasc00py's 90-Day Videogame Detox   

    Day 10
    What I'm grateful for today;
    waking up in a warm bedhaving a good friendHad a really sweet morning. Routine went smooth, listened to the consumer->producer podcast episode. Finally got round to installing a certain music production software to make beats. Will get started for real tomorrow. Got a bit exhausted eventually, kicked down and watched a movie. Moodwise great all around though.
    Goals for tomorrow;
    produce a beatget further in the book im readingGonna start busting out some haikus at the end of my journal entries when I feel like it, just as an extra little creative outlet.
    I kept deleting
    every draft I came up with
    fuck it, get it done
    Peace out!
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  21. thehondasc00py added a post in a topic Favourite Podcast   

    This Past Weekend from Theo Von, unconventional comedian with interesting and funny ideas, super down to earth, has his own fair share of battles with depression and addiction. I listen to it to kick back during breakfast.
    Athene's Realtalk Podcast has some good, high quality insights and reality checks
    The Joe Rogan Experience has some fascinating episodes, particularly ones with Randall Carlson, Graham Hancock (awesome alt history theories), Jeff Evans (medic for expeditions) , Wim Hof (cold showers), Alex Honnold (climbs rock faces without ropes and breakneck speeds, eg el capitan 4 hours)
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  22. giblets added a post in a topic Vamosalaplaya's Journal   

    You've got this mate 
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  23. giblets added a post in a topic 90-Day Detox – Aiming to Update Daily   

    The two themes that always seem to occur in every self-help/productivity/motivational speaker/book/blog/podcast @Parkreiner is - 1) meditation and 2) journalling. If all these entrepreneurs swear by those two steps at the beginning of every day regardless of the situation, then it must be effective and the "silver bullet" for getting in the right mindspace. I initially found it hard to get into meditation, probably similar to what you mentioned, but also because I tended to fall asleep because I don't allow myself to slow down that much usually, but if you set an alarm or timer or use a podcast to help you get started, you will find it beneficial. Now after some practice I can meditate several times during the day, even if it is only for a few minutes, to help me stay grounded. What usually spurs me to do it now is if I am faced with a difficult decision and/or feeling anxious, and meditation allows me to not only calm down but find what the root cause is. 
    Journalling in the morning allows me to do a "mindsweep" of my problems, come up with a plan for the day, and attack it. 
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  24. giblets added a post in a topic Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.   

    They are the best type of vacations @Manun!
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  25. giblets added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    Keep going @Andre2807! It's those rough days that identify the self coping tools that will work for us continue to progress our development.
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