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  1. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Quit it all! Gaming wasn't enough.   

    Moe, you're doing awesome. As someone who's also quitting multiple addictions at once, I can guess at the struggles and withdrawal symptoms you're pushing through while still maintaining such a positive attitude. It's like dopamine withdrawal x10! And you're conquering it...like a boss. 
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  2. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Moe's Fantasy Writer Journal   

    It's probably a relief to be able to communicate your struggles with the school and also some pride in the major work you're doing for yourself. They're probably happy to have the chance to help a student in trouble. It sounds like that situation turned out well, all things considered.
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  3. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Onlysoul   

    Sounds like a good book to read, let me know what you think of it. Good job hanging in there today!
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  4. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    I'm on my 4th or 5th try, Tom2, and I think this one is the one. So no shame in starting over. You learn something about yourself in the process.
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  5. Onlysoul added a post in a topic Quit it all! Gaming wasn't enough.   

    I am very happy for you! You doing great! Be aware of alcohol because this evil thing can make things worse because you have less control over yourself. I feel finally like human being too and its perfect feeling! But be aware when you have bad days or bad mood. In this moment cravings are high AF. And one thing. If you experiencing that you are in control be aware because it is may be a trap! If you start thinking about porn etc run away for god sake from home and walk (Not alway but you know what i mean).When i read your story i pretty well find myself in there. I wish you much strong as you can possess. 
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  6. Onlysoul added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Man you are doing great! You gonna make it! This path will teach you more about life and yourself. I will follow you journey . 
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  7. Moe Smith added a post in a topic [KO] Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Hey Tom, 
    I can't speak Korean, so I have no idea what your posts say  However, your daily graphs of how you spend your time are awesome. What program are you using for that? 
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  8. Onlysoul added a post in a topic Onlysoul   

    Thanks guys i appreciate that !
    Pharmacist Thanks for information ! But i have finally some works to do  . Tom yeah you are right. Step by step day by day. Bad days are quiet bad and cravings are strong but we decided change ourselfs and we are already on the way. 
    6 Day
    I woke up in the morning with bad mood and strong tension. I came in work and haven't taste to do something. I was bored and sick from everything. After work i was with my sister in town and bought new pair of shoes and shorts. Then i have idea to go in bookshop and i found one book. David Allen - Getting Things Done. So i am going to read this book at weekend. I am so excited. Afternoon was pretty fine. I visited my relatives and then meditate. It such a great thing, feeling better and concentration is perfect. 
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  9. Moe Smith added a post in a topic Moe's Fantasy Writer Journal   

    Level Up: Game Free Day 10
    So yesterday I had something happen that was pretty great. A representative from my university called me, and she told me that there was a Student Progress Board within the school that had deliberated and they wanted me to take a leave of absence and return to school in 3 months from now for the new quarter. She was basing this on some past performance of mine. They were completely right to make that call in my own opinion. Last quarter I was a shit student, and there's not other way to describe it. 
    I let her explain what was happening and why they made those decisions, then I asked her if I could appeal the decision. Initially she said no, then I told her why. I told her that I was in Cam's program (she's familiar with it), and that in addition to gaming I had also removed all the other vices from my life as well. I was also able to tell her about the results I was already having on day 9, and that they were HUGE! 
    It felt fucking awesome to stand up for myself because I just knew I was a better person than the one they saw last quarter. After explaining what was going on, she granted me the option to make my appeal. She said I had to write an appeal essay for why I felt I was ready to come back to school, what's different from my past struggles, and why I think the current program I'm in was still a correct fit. She said I had to have it turned into her by 4 p.m. and she apologized for the short amount of time. I told her it was no problem and that I'd get it done. And I meant it! Here I was, with an impromptu assignment for school, with less than 24 hours to complete it, and I was good with that. Also, for the record, I finished that essay about 30 minutes ago, 3 hours before my deadline . I'm here on Game Quitters for my break between writing and editing sessions. In a few minutes, I'll get back to it, make sure the essay is as good as it can possible be, then submit it early and go the University to see her in person and hand deliver the essay. 
    So yeah, kind of a shitty situation, she's asking me to leave and delay my graduation even further than it already is, but I wrote a damned good essay in my opinion, and even if I don't get back in, I'll just have a ton more to show them in 3 months from now. But I like my chances  
    A big thanks and shoutout to @Cam Adair for providing me with the information I needed to start making changes to my life. 
    Oh also, I made a new post explaining why I chose to quit everything in the general discussion area. I'm hoping some people who were struggling like I did check it out and use it for themselves if they need that sort of help. Check it out here if you want to: https://forum.gamequitters.com/topic/4225-quit-it-all-gaming-wasnt-enough/ 
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  10. Moe Smith added a topic in Celebrate   

    Quit it all! Gaming wasn't enough.
    Hello everyone! 
    So I thought I would share this, because it's been so fantastic for me thus far. I'm on my 10th day of the 90 day detox. Woo!! 1/9 the way there!!! That's not the point of this post though. I found my magic bullet 10.5 days ago when I decided to quit all of my vices. 
    I've been a gamer since I was 3. I'm almost 29 now so that's 26 years of gaming. Since I was in high school, about 14 years ago, I've struggled with motivation and quitting games, and making my life work the way I wanted it to. I haven't had a horrible life by any means, but I always had this idea in my mind that I was meant for more than I was doing. At times I have been depressed and down right loathed myself because of how I was. This has been happening for almost 1.5 decades! That's a lot of time for self hate. 
    I had an internal conversation with myself ten and a half days ago, where I realized that even though I had quit gaming innumerable times before, I still fell back into the old traps, and I always relapsed. I figured out that my problem wasn't only my primary addiction, it was also my secondary, tertiary, or even quaternary or further addictions. Video games was certainly main addiction, but every single time that I left gaming, I would just pick up the dopamine highs somewhere else. Anime, Netflix, porn, movies, online comics & manga, browsing the internet, researching games instead of playing, or Youtube would become the new gaming in a "Green is the new red," sort of way. When I realized that these alternate activities felt the exact same way as gaming did, I figured out that they were drugging me on dopamine just like gaming was. There was no difference at all! 
    At that moment, I decided that I needed to get rid of all my vices for my 90 day detox. I've quit gaming, porn, t.v. shows, access comics, game researching, and even alcohol. Drinking hasn't ever been a problem for me, but I wanted to cut it out anyways just so I didn't have anything mucking with my brain. Drugs and smoking have never been a thing for me, but I would have done it if they were. 
    The results have been AMAZING! I am happy, I can actually FEEL emotions in my life again, and I'm not some dumb robot imitating what I should feel on my face. I'm excited to be productive, I want to do my homework and succeed in school, I'm looking forward to planning activities with my friends. And maybe best of all, I'm not ashamed of myself anymore. I'm happy with who I am, and who I'm about to be come tomorrow, then the day after that, etc. 
    This is honestly the best I've felt in my entire adult life. 
    So! With that being said, if you're having some struggles with the 90 day challenge and you aren't feeling accomplished or like enough has changed for you, I would recommend taking out more of your vices. Start stripping away more of the things that make you feel like you're lazy and anything that makes that inner little voice say "You're a piece of shit." I'm not saying everyone needs to do this, but if you're like me, and NOTHING else was working no matter what you tried, maybe this can be your magic bullet too. I hope it helps any of you out there! 
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  11. Tom2 added a post in a topic [KO] Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Day 4 - 열심히 살았다!
    - 토질역학 한 단원을 끝냈다! 스스로가 대견하다. 내일은 상하수도공학을 공부해야겠다. 내일은 네 시간은 하고 싶다. 그게 내 작은 목표다.
    - 대학 친구들에게 연락 끊었던 것에 대해 미안하다고 했다. 이건 내가 다시 게임하기 시작했을 때 일어났던 일이다. 친구들이 괜찮다고 했다. 이번 두번째 시도에는 꼭 성공하고 싶다.
    감사 리스트
    1. 공부하려고 의자에 앉았을 때 딴 짓하지 않고 바로 공부하기 시작한 나 자신에게 감사하다.
    2. Google Docs를 이용해서 공부했던 내용의 핵심 정리를 할 수 있어서 감사했다.
    3. 두번째 기회가 주어졌다는 것이 감사하다.
    4. 내 저널과 답글에 반응해주는 사람들에게 감사하다. (이걸 읽는 당신도 거기에 포함된다!)
    5. 엄마가 맛있는 걸 만들어줘서 고마웠다.
    6. 일하는 동안 유튜브에서 좋은 음악을 많이 들을 수 있어서 감사했다.
    7. I'm grateful for the fact that I can study a new subject tomorrow.
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  12. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Day 4 - Successful!
    - Finished one chapter of soil mechanics! I'm proud of myself. Tomorrow I'm going to study 'water & sewage'. I want to study 4 hours tomorrow. That's my small goal.
    - I told my university friends that I'm sorry for ignoring their messages. It happened during my relapse. They told me it's ok. I want to succeed the 2nd attempt.
    Gratitude list
    1. I'm grateful for myself being decisive when I sat on a chair to start studying. I didn't hesitate to open a textbook.
    2. I'm grateful for Google Docs. I really enjoy making my own key points documents from textbooks.
    3. I'm grateful for the fact that I have the second chance after relapse.
    4. I'm grateful for the people who respond to my journal and replies. (That includes YOU reading this now!)
    5. I'm grateful for my mom when she made some tasty food for me.
    6. I'm grateful for the fact I can listen to some great music from Youtube while I was working.
    7. I'm grateful for the fact that I can study a new subject tomorrow.
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  13. Tom2 added a post in a topic Shine Magical's journal   

    Ummm... I think I don't have life goals.... I've never thought about it.. The goals I've been setting up were always something temporary. I should make mine, too.
    Your first life goal... that's so adorable! (no offense... I'm not native and I'm not sure whether I chose the right word to use)
    I think you can be a botanist someday!  
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  14. Tom2 added a post in a topic Quitting Forever - Starting Life   

    Hi Ben,
    I think sharing your situation is necessary if you're having hard times. I already relapsed once after 45 days of no gaming. When I was about to relapse, I stopped writing daily journal. Before that, I wrote everyday, even if I spent the whole day doing nothing. I didn't write journal at that time because It was painful and embarrassing to write that I was not doing daily routine. If you have trouble, it's ok. Don't make mistake like me. If I had written something here before I relapse, maybe I could have got some advices or pep talks... And the result could have been different.
    Of course your case can be different. But I think there's risk. It's not a huge task, is it? Writing some sentences everyday... The length doesn't matter... It will only take 5-10 minutes out of 1440 minutes of one day... right? Only about 0.5% of a day! Writing journal also helps us to stay calm and plan the next things. It's your life, and I don't have any rights to tell you what to do. So it's up to you. If you still think writing weekly is better, you can do as you want to...
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  15. Shine Magical added a post in a topic Shine Magical's journal   

    I manage to eat durian at least once a month even though I live in NYC 
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  16. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    Thanks, Tom2. I think it's just withdrawal symptoms that cause this sleeplessness. Without any illusions from gaming eating and porn, I'm confronted by naked reality. And it can be terrifying, seeing the depths of where you've fallen. After a while it gets easier. But by fapping every few days, I think I'm preventing myself from getting past the full dopamine withdrawal. Just need to do it.
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  17. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Ridingsplosh's Journal   

    I know what you mean. I tend to check the forums and reddit a lot during the day even as I try to read a whole lot more. I have to alternate my activities so I don't stay online too long.
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  18. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Hey, I'm grateful for that you've visited my journal!
    I really enjoy reading your replies at other 'game quitters'. Especially This one. It made me smile a lot after reading that.
    The app I'm using is called 'study checker'. I don't know whether it supports other languages. I can make daily, weekly, monthly, and random period chart with this.
    I think listing 3 appreciable things everyday is a good idea. Maybe it would help myself getting out of depression someday when I have a tough time.(especially during my autumn semester...) It's 10pm now, and I'm going to post it around 12am.
    See you soon... 'Good' Pharmacist 
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  19. Quest added a post in a topic Quest's quest for independency over his life   

    Yeah, I live close to Sudety in Dolny Śląsk. I used to go for sailing annually, but I had a break recently. In July I am going to go on the sailing camp for 2 weeks to get my own sailing license, like my dad did. As far as this day goes, I got my school diploma for finishing the 1st class of high school and then browsed some very interesting subreddits and discussed some topics, now I am heading towards gym where my friends are waiting for me. @hycniejszy your font on mobile is hard to read, when on PC it looks like normal. Just so you know.
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  20. Tom2 added a post in a topic Onlysoul   

    It's ok if you've decided to change your actions from now on.
    You still have a lot more days to change. If it's hard to endure, just try something small that you can achieve. I also had a lot of days doing nothing. At that time, I felt the same way as you did. We have no choice to move forward step by step. It's gonna be alright. There must be some good days and bad days. You're gonna have good days if you don't give up.
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  21. Ridingsplosh added a post in a topic Ridingsplosh's Journal   

    yup, I totally agree with you. I haven't been writing about the fact, that I actually improved and at least the time spent on the computer is of higher quality than it used to. A few months ago, I used to alternate between watching gaming streams porn and now that changed to a way more positive content. I am in the process of justifying which parts are actually wasted vs wisely invested. One example is self-help material or nutrition - I remember Cam had a video about this, saying you need to be creating too and not just consuming all this theory and information all the time. 
    There is a great book which relates to internet addition called The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr. I only read small bits, but I realized how important it is to choose to read books, over short articles  or videos about the subjects you are interested in. I tend to usually go for the easy way, and absorbing information in a very shallow way. I am thinking of probably reading that whole book, as it relates to my problem a lot.
    And even though many times I absorb positive information on the internet, a lot less time is spent on the high-priority goals and tasks on my already written list. I want to turn it the other way around : spend 80% of my time for the high-value tasks, and 20% on consumption. I want to favor reading a whole books more, than watching a documentaries/reading short articles, because from what I understood reading the book "The shallows", the benefits are far greater from reading a book and the understanding gets do a deeper level. Also might be worth looking into "Deep Work" by Cal Newport as it relates to the same issue.
    So yesterday was a bit easy-going as I decided to take a small break the whole day. I checked discord and youtube way too often, and I need to avoid that from now on as it's possibly the biggest trigger and usually gets out of control. I also want to go for long-stretches of time without using the computer at all as this will improve my focus and that in turn will get me far better results from what I am doing. Only use it with a specific purpose in mind like searching for a job and checking email once a day.
    This has turned rather into an internet addiction journal, but it's a problem that prevents me from achieving my goals and it's not easy to take control of it
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  22. hycniejsy added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Hey man!
    Nice job you're doing here! Making this pie charts each day keeps you HELL YEA accountable! Keep it up whenever you have worse day and moments of doubts!
    I'm curious what kind of application are you using for this awesome pie charts? I'm using Time Meter and it doesn't make anything like that
    You live in South Korea, you should be grateful for that. There are many other things you can be grateful for. How about making a short gratitude list each day? Even 3 things a day are enough to feel more fulfillment in your life
    Ah, and also thank you for your activity in my own journal! You keep Mad Pharmacist even more ON FIRE during though examination time! Just making me more indestructible!
    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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  23. hycniejsy added a post in a topic Quitting Forever - Starting Life   

    Cameron Adair Dare you to take a challenge! (pun intended ) That's a spirit!
    I have to add my "3 grosze" (I don't know if there's an idiom like "3 pennies" when you want to add something ): Just try to write on a daily basis EVEN WITH ONE SENTENCE. I tries it out for about a month when I was really busy and it helped me A LOT at being consistent. Some of the examples I've written down:
    Good luck with this hint!
    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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  24. hycniejsy added a post in a topic Good-Vibes Journal (Mr.Radical)5/11   

    Hello there Dylan Rice!
    I'm just glad you're doing so well! You see, it gets much easier and easier when you're more in the detox.
    What are your plans after finishing it? Are you going to continue thrive in your life without video games are do you want to give it a try? I'm just wondering
    Anyways, I know it's caused by values differences, but whenever you earn 100$, remember that this kind of many is A LOT in Poland. I mean, it might be like 40-hours week of work after finishing college. So, that's something you should be grateful for
    What style of dance are you training? I'm curious about that.
    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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  25. Tom2 added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    Good to read your journal of 17th!
    I sometimes have insomnia and I don't know what to do when it comes. I can't sleep either when I have a lot of anxiety. In that case, I try something really consumes my energy from my brain. For example, I read a long, and complex articles that I'm not interested in. It helped me to fall asleep. Another way to sleep is having some achievements during daytime. It makes me so happy and look forward to seeing the next day. Making achievements during daytime is not always successful, but it works for me to fall asleep.
    I hope you could develop your own way to have a good night sleep. Perhaps if you learn German more deeply and thouroughly, it could help... I guess... You will find the answer soon unless you give up.
    It's very encouraging to hear that you're changing in a good way. Keep it up!
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