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  1. LeszekBOY added a post in a topic [PL] BestOfYourself project, czyli mój wielokanałowy atak na uzaleznienie   

    Pokićkało mi się. Wstawiłem w Englishowym dziale...
    Trochę czasu się nie odzywałem, więc chociaż króciutko: żyję nadal, nie gram (choć od czasu do czasu skręca mnie jak dopadną wspomnienia, nostalgia co do niektórych  gier), biegam (miałem tydzień przerwy  prze z lekką chorobę- oczywiście zawiało mnie na wieczornych treningach). Trochę za wolno idzie mi pisanie i publikowanie nowych materiałów na bloga- nadal słabo panuję nad natłokiem informacji, materiałów do przeczytania + bieżące sprawy. Dlatego w najbliższym czasie trochę więcej czasu muszę poświęcić planowaniu czasu, wyznaczaniu celów, itp., żeby zapanować nad czasem i być bardziej produktywnym.
    W ostatecznym rozrachunku nie jest jednak źle- albo pracuję ,biegam albo dużo śpię. mogło być gorzej;)
    Na razie urlop - krótki plażing w Kołobrzegu
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  2. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Junior's Journal   

    That's a great start to your journal! You write really well and have a good self-awareness of alternative activities.
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  3. Junior added a topic in Daily Journals   

    Junior's Journal
    Have no idea how to start this because i'm terrible at writting ):
    1 Day- 08/16/2017
    After i decided to myself that i will stop for a while playing videogames (maybe forever) the first thing that i did right in the morning was unninstalling all my PC and mobile games. thought that will be easy but was not. My ideia was "OK, now that i'm not gonna play anymore i will delete all my accounts and everything else" but i just stare at the screen thinking about all the things that i had achievement in this games i couldn't just delete so the solution was just unninstalling.
    Note: Seeing this was kind of motivated me to start this detox, how i was happy about my virtuals achievements and use this as personal ego
    But aside that i tried to fullfill my day with a lot of things.
    now im back to gym after 2 months , tried some meditation and finally im reading again. bought a book called Smarter Faster Better - Charles Duhigg. The first chapter talking about motivation was reall great to me. My plan is to keep this routine until the end of the detox. Gym /meditate/ reading / drawing . Myabe i start to put some draws here , will help me in my discipline.
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  4. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Captain's Log   

    It happens. I played the original Sim City on PC and many sequels and clones. They can be addictive. Don't give up! 😉
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  5. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Skaliq's Journal   

    I thought she looked familiar. Bioshock Infinite was a great one, I grant you. I know I had a similar obsession with the Mass Effect universe. I played it many times.
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  6. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Qwethm987's journal   

    Hey, qwe, good to see you posting and continuing with your journal. Yes, takes work but you have a good attitude and I think you'll be successful if you keep at it. Yeah I briefly had an obsession with a mobile game, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and found myself pouring money into it to get new characters or keep up with my guild mates.
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  7. VanillaCandle added a post in a topic Made it through first week!   

    yes! the hardest part is over
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  8. VanillaCandle added a post in a topic Quit it all! Gaming wasn't enough.   

    Wow. good job!!!!
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  9. VanillaCandle added a post in a topic Time investment on hobbies   

    I while ago I decided to change my life. I had a crappy job but a consuming hobby. Gaming that was. One day I got so sick of working my everyday job so I thought why not try to make money off what I actually enjoy. I started doing online game testings, and later got into
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  10. qwethm987 added a post in a topic Qwethm987's journal   

    Well... I quite quickly went back to my old habits. I don't excactly remember why or how, but I guess I just have to try again. 
    Day 1, 2. try:
    This time it might be a bit easier. I am no longer attend the Danish folk high school, so I'm not constantly surrounded by good friends and loads of activities, but it seems as if I've fundamentally changed somehow. Last time I tried to quit, I had quite strong urges to play, but lately the urges have been at most moderate. About two weeks ago I deleted the only game I had on my phone, which I had been playing quite intensely. It was a very competetive game against other players, where you slowly upgrade your profile and reach higher ranks. It's a freemium game, and the top players spend thousands of dollars to get the best things for their profile. 
    The way (I felt like) I played the game was like this: I loose a match to someone who plays poorly but has stronger troops -> I get annoyed and upgrade my troops -> I get a higher rank -> I loose to someone who plays poorly but has even higher troops. And that can go on forever. I suddenly started thinking "to what end do I play this game?" First of all I got very little joy out of the game, since I spent most my time being annoyed. On top of that I would never be able to get amongst the top players since they literally post thousands of dollars into the game. So; Either I had to make my own goal as to how high rank I wanted to go to, or I simply had to delete the game. I chose the last option. I started to apply the same thought of "to what end?" to the other games I played and it seems to have helped, since I haven't played for a couple of days now. I have however watched youtube videos of people playing, so I start my counter from today.
    I know quitting gaming isn't as simple as thinking "to what end.". It takes hard work. And that is why I start writing in this forum again, even though it's going fine right now. Because I know myself, and I know that I will get strong urges again at some point. Last time I quit, it was also going great. Right up until it didn't. I got sloppy, I didn't write in my journal, I didn't remind myself of how well my life was withouth video games and so on. Hopefully I will do better this time. I will definately try to at least keep up my journal. 
    I am quite hopeful. Sunday I move to the other side of Denmark, but I leave my gaming computer with my mother (with whom I live now.). I do however bring my phone and laptop, both of which are devices on which I can easily play. But not having my large PC definately helps.
    I've also gotten a girlfriend which have greatly boosted my confidence and made me want to try harder to achieve things in my life.
    Lastly I am starting my studies at a university next wednesday, so I wont have as much sparetime as I do now. It will be easier to abstain from gaming, if I simply don't have any time. At least that's what I hope.
    It's good to be back, and hopefully I'll do better this time.
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  11. Skaliq added a post in a topic Skaliq's Journal   

    Day 29:  This Profile Pic Thing
    I'm not sure how many realized, but my profile picture is my fanart of Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock Infinite. I beat that game too many times that I lost count, and was able to complete it multiple times with various restrictions. Nobody cares, and people on r/StopGaming would argue that it is a waste of time to pursue virtual goals, but I honestly had a blast in every playthrough, so I don't care. It's GOAT in my book. 
    Oh, also someone in my class asked my thoughts about a new expansion. I just said "Oh, I hadn't played the game in a while" and changed the topic. Phew. 
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  12. iamthemithras added a post in a topic Mithras' Journal   

    @Mettermrck thanks for the continued support. While it's certainly relieving to expell all these thoughts onto this journal, maybe I should make an effort of sharing or noticing more of the brighter aspects of my day.
    That's very interesting that many people also report exhaustion, and that you felt restless at first. I didn't expect quitting would be this kind of experience!
    Despite the withdrawal, I'm very happy that I went through with this. I'm actually getting things done - as in I don't feel lazy stuying or working out. I only wish I started much sooner
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  13. puckspock added a post in a topic Captain's Log   

    Day 1
    I have failed yesterday with a mere old SimCity clone. Played for only some minutes for the sake of curiosity.
    10/10 facepalm
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  14. Daniel added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    Hey Bob, I also have been thinking to switch journaling to the evening. Are you journaling from your phone? Have you considered journaling from a PC/Laptop?
    Isn't it interesting how much do we value our time while we aren't playing videogames? Looking and reparing every time leak we encounter.

    You are almost there Bob, keep going.
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  15. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    Thanks, everyone. Support and posts really keep me going. 😉
    Day 72/90. I'm starting to become more concerned with mindless if my gaming detox won't truly be complete without addressing internet browsing and my smartphone. I notice I'm constantly worried about my phones charge. And that means I'm abusing screen time. Listening to audio doesn't have the same charge impact that browsing does.
        One solution will be the way I journal. Typically I journal in the morning and read and post on a few journals. Then, all day, I check in and post and read whenever I see a new entry. Starting tomorrow I am moving my journal entries to the evenings. And I will read and post in a single time block. That way I still participate on the forums like I want but it doesn't become an all day issue.
    I've thought about a couple of other solutions too. Buying an old school alarm clock and keeping my phone physically away from me at night. And have some time in the evening where I put my phone in another room on the charger. I can still read on my Kindle if I want or physical books. I'll have to think on it.
    1. My mother, always. She puts up with me when I go through these changes
    2. Just love to read
    3. The way I'm looking in my smaller clothes
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  16. CG EYE added a post in a topic 90 day detox take 2   

    The way apps are heading with gamification in the app design I'm sure smartphone problems will arise. Question is can you create a world in an app that is as immersive as a classical gaming world?
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  17. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Watermelon's Second Attempt at the 90 Day Detox   

    Hang in there, Watermelon. When it comes to intelligence, I find that everyone has their niche of knowledge. I'm a history nerd. Put me in a room with professors and I'm on their level. Introduce me to 10 year olds talking about coding and programming and forget it...I feel like an idiot. Be aware of your strengths and hold on to those.
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  18. Mettermrck added a post in a topic 3rd Day Daily Journal Detox   

    Yes I would push through the 90 day detox and then see where you're at with gaming.
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  19. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Jess's Journal   

    Wow, great job talking to your boss like that. That took a lot of strength, Jess! 😉
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  20. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Ridingsplosh's Journal   

    I struggle with nofap too. With me, the important battle is the porn. If I fap without porn, ok not ideal, but it's still an improvement.  I'm noticing lots of people struggling with mindless browsing.
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  21. Mettermrck added a post in a topic 90 day detox take 2   

    I'm starting to wonder if gaming is a subset of an internet/smartphone addiction and the latter is the worst part.
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  22. Mettermrck added a post in a topic Mithras' Journal   

    It is probably a withdrawal symptom. Many people report exhaustion...I was the opposite, I was sleepless for about two weeks. Actually, I think your journal can be cathartic for get those toxic thoughts out of you and on to the forums. 😉
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  23. CG EYE added a post in a topic 90 day detox take 2   

    Day 4 
    Its getting easier. I do find that I compulsively check my phone for god knows what. I am constantly reminded of the game when I go to the city. I went to improv class last night and went to the gym today and plan to watch Dunkirk tonight. Keeping busy is key. 
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  24. iamthemithras added a post in a topic In search of bravery   

    It's nice to hear it made you smile at least. I've been thinking of changing my journal to a lighter tone, it's mostly negative and it says a lot about how I'm taking things.
    Writing and drawing are just an example really. I think artist is the word you're looking for instead of drawer. or illustrator I suppose. The details are unimportant.
    Anyway if you're producing something you know is objectively bad, I guess you can take it as an opportunity to improve IF you really want to. I used to write fan fiction and my first fics were atrocious, but practice and reading from much better writers than I am helped me with everything from grammar, to my general creativity. I'd like to think I improved a lot. Regarding drawing though, I haven't drawn anything since I was a kid, but I'm beginning to want to learn to draw Anime... might look into that.
    Making something should be fun for you, so If you find that writing or drawing isn't really a passion of yours there isn't any reason to improve upon it. You could learn to cook tastier meals I suppose, it's just what popped into my head right now. You're "producing" food so by my definition cooking is productive, and I imagine making good food is immediately satisfying. I can't cook for shit though, so don't quote me on this one, I don't really know.
    I'm the eldest of four, so I know how it feels to not "being" an "older brother". I'm not really close with two of my siblings, particularly with my sister. I guess you gotta do what you think is right, keeping quiet for now is probably the best move since you're not that close. Nobody wants to be made an example of, especially if they don't like or respect the person. Perhaps once he sees you change for the better, he might feel comfortable talking about his "condition" but it's a long shot I admit.
    Best of luck to you, thanks again for reading my journal
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  25. Ridingsplosh added a post in a topic Ridingsplosh's Journal   

    I haven’t been writing here in a while. I kept procrastinating and forgot. So, since I set myself some new goals to work on 2 weeks ago, I have been quite sporadic. I started off well at first and quickly fell off the wagon and lost consistency. With meditation, I only did it 3-4 times the past 2 weeks and reading was even less. I haven’t been going outside at all for the past week.

    I was gaming only temporary and didn’t notice it affecting my time but I stopped, because I noticed it was getting out of control after a certain point.  

    I am still spending too much time on mindless browsing but I find it easier to discipline myself and some days are really good. It is getting quite boring and that makes it easier to stop now.

    Nofap is hard, and just peeking briefly at porn quickly leads me to relapsing

    I am starting to get more serious from now on, because there is less than a month until school starts 
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