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  2. Congratulations man! That's awesome to hear and how far you have come in one year! Here is to continuing on to the next year and all the hard work with It! You got this!
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    Good call on getting out of the house. That's a great way to stop that kind of thinking in its tracks. I should do more of that too, in retrospect.
  4. Day 113 No VG - 113 days, No SAH - 9 days , NF - 0 days (0/7) Well, Sunday was eventful too. I had yet another improv show, but this one went fantastically well. We got a really good ovation from the crowd at the end. It felt great to see everything come together. Saturday night was kind of a bust. Turns out it was just a sports bar, which was surprising from how it looked on the outside. I should've forced myself to be social, but I felt out of place since it seemed to be just groups of friends everywhere and I was there by myself. It felt weird. In a way, a club would've been easier because I wouldn't stand out as much. No big deal though, it was good to notice the thoughts I had which caused me to leave. I will be more aware of them next time. Also, I keep losing track of the goal of No Fap, so I'm going to create mini-goals along the way. Part of my problem is I lose track of my purpose once I start to stray down the wrong path. This has been the most difficult of the three to manage, by far. All-in-all this was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time, and easily one of the most unihibited ones, too.
  5. Honestly I believe your in the right mind to deny being best man. Best man to me in a sense is someone who is your best friend and someone you can get real with. So I think your doing the right thing there. I went back to catch up on some of your posts and I get about the shut in type people. It's hard seeing friends or friends who you thought would be better be glued to there screens but I see it as we are the ones who broke free. I know its just a single post but it's one of my favorites especially that I feel like it goes with the section I quoted with A reminder to the single people, stay strong! https://imgur.com/gallery/xvBcN3R Anyway though, friends are just like what they say about finding a partner. There are plenty of fish in the sea but sometimes it takes a bit of effort to reel in the one. You got this man and take care of yourself!
  6. Tzen1

    Tzen's Journal

    Days 55-58 @BooksandTrees Thanks man and funny enough me and the wife passed by a park and we miss going on our daily walks. The only thing stopping us is Texas heat & humidity. So when it cools down we will definitely start back up. I do have some news though later in the post about medication. @BrassWolf You can say that again! Man it hurts to see all teachers going back to there classrooms and I'm on the sidelines but im determined to branch out and get a job somewhere. I also completely agree on the paths in life as well I believe in that philosophy completely. But damn, sometimes a map would be handy! Well the past few days have been interesting that's for sure. The weekend was brought on with laziness and relaxation. Visiting the wife's family and off to bed for Saturday. Sunday was about the same with some more work normal grocery shopping trip and family bringing use some old patio furniture that needs some tlc. As for Monday my day was a bit busy. Garage had go get repaired, then to the store to get some chili and cornbread supplies, and then come home and study. Not much time for work on the IT side but that's alright because I studied the history side for teaching certification. No game cravings but I still do miss reading about what's going on in the gaming world. About the medicine now. I was prescribed Lexapro 5mg for what has been happening lately. The last time I tried a SSRI type medicine it was Zoloft 20mg and that was way too much for me to handle. To the point it gave me suicidal thoughts. But there has been a common side effect if both these medicines and I have had to stop both of them now after 2 days. Emotional and physical numbness. So for physical my whole body would feel numb I couldn't feel if my stomach was full or empty, gas in the stomach or anything really, all throughout my body, nothing. As for emotional I found a comment I liked a lot on Reddit. The Tldr of it was you feel like your just there, existing in life. You feel no happy, sad, angry, stressed, pleasure, just nothing. My wife got upset and sad over the weekend and I couldn't empathize with her at all because my emotions were nonexistent. Needless to say I'm off the medicine again after 2 days and anyone who says anti depressants can't mess with you day 1 well I'm living proof. But here is another odd thing is that the medicine slaps something into me or something else but after stopping I feel so much better emotionally it's like night and day. I would say to people taking medicine just be careful and keep track of side effects. Also a little NSFW but out of those two days one od the scariest side effects was losing my sexual dive and also it so going nun down there as well. There is a crazy side effect that persists even after stopping an SARI where you stay permanently numb down under and yeah that was also a bit of motivation to stop. If you stuck with it to the end thanks for reading you beautiful people. Have a good night! -Cheers Tzen
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  8. JPAO

    90 Days - Part 2

    Day 38? Been working heavy hours, volunteered at a boys camp for a week, and generally been sleeping a lot more, also going out a lot. Sorry for posting less often then mayhaps I should, but being able to vent/talk every once in awhile is still nice. I have been slowly improving at work, moving faster and faster until i wear myself out by Friday, then I recover over the weekend. Hoping to be used to the labour before fall arrives in full force. Johno back again 🙂
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  10. I'm going to tell that guy tonight that I'm not being his best man. Fuck this. I am tired of doing things for the sake of others at my expense. Fuck that.
  11. I found a few YouTubers have been helpful. I think Graham Stephen has been helpful. I don't think Ryan Scribener is helpful. They both desperately want attention, but Ryan is fake and Graham is more authentic. There are others online who can give decent advice. I wouldn't believe in any specific stocks they suggest because it could be a way for them to influence people to invest in their stocks.
  12. Gaming was at the epicentre of our lives, we'd invest lots of time, consciously (dream) think about it, unconsciously think about it etc. So giving up gaming is a huge achievement for people like us. But it is also a process. When I stopped the first time, I began doing what you're doing, filling my time with equally as vacuous hobbies as gaming. But...we both know that watching TV and web browsing is not nearly as detrimental as playing games. However, this doesn't excuse it. Clearly, you've gained foresight because you can see that watching TV and web browsing is not what you want to spend your time doing. But treat yourself with compassion by reminding yourself of what you've achieved (giving up games in the first place). Now to address the problem at hand, I've recently had a revelation. You do not need to entertain every urge, thought or feeling in regards to whatever, it may be; gaming, wanking, watching TV, web-browsing etc. These things are non-reflective of your (moral) principles, opinions and self. Personally, I created a few rules regarding hobbies such as TV and web-browsing to ensure I wasn't wasting my time. These included only watching TV shows that are the following; educational, interesting (to me), informative etc. The same goes for web-browsing. The moment I feel myself falling down the all too familiar rabbit hole of looking at memes, I step away from my thoughts and apply objectivity. To suggest more immediate, practical anecdotes to your problem, I'd suggest downloading 'Block Site' and adding your most visited sites to it. It's kind of a flawed application because you're in complete control of what websites you can or can't visit. But, I believe that someone who is as strong-willed as you (proven by your strength in giving up gaming), will be able to resist the temptation of visiting 'banned' sites.
  13. Ikar

    Ikar's Diary

    Day 121: Work! After that, I ate, went outside, took a nap and asked a few friends/family about investing money. I would like to get that out of the way, as I feel my future is somewhat lined up for at least the next two years. I guess Getting Rich Slowly might help with that too, though it is a US blog.
  14. I agree. I may have spoken out of anger for most of my posts this weekend regarding socializing and personality types. Just unfortunate that I was surrounded by these people and I'm trying to actively remove them from my life. I like where my life is at for the time. I like boxing, rock climbing, and working on my cartoon. It's nice. I like socializing with a few people and I'm learning I don't want to date right now. I've been pretty happy for the past 2 weeks. I also generally only post on people's threads who post on mine. I used to actively post on multiple threads but I don't think many people share the same interest in helping you as you do in helping them. But I appreciate the journaling process in monitoring my progress.
  15. Depends. I am happy to write back to someone commenting on my journal, but ultimately, I do it primaripy for myself and not for somebody to comment on it. Even if I sometimes leave something out to crunch it in my head first, it is better than having no journal and no accountability at all. As for friends, "introverted" does not necessarily mean "without social skills", but those two unsurprisingly correlate with 8-hours a day gaming addicts. If they are that, and you think they are at least not as self-aware as you in this regard, then leave them. No regrets. They will hardly notice you are gone, but again, even crappy friends are still better than none. Myself, I will try a bunch of hobbies once I get home in about 3 weeks and try to socialize more through them, as my work schedule is irregular.
  16. RB1


    Excuses my brain has tried to make today to forgive a relapse... "It's been 36 days. You've gained enough control to watch a few videos and stop by now. For sure. I've heard it only takes 30 days to overcome a bad habit. You deserve this." "You're on vacation right now! You're gonna be home in a couple of days, then you're gonna be working full time again. If you don't relax now, you'll probably relapse when you're back home and stressed out. Just get it out of the way now, and you get get back with the detox when it really matters." "It's almost day 40. Hold off till the 40th, but then you deserve a quick break. Just watch a few gaming videos and get back to your detox. Well... If you're gonna watch some videos on the 40th, might as well just watch a few now. No difference really. Get caught up with all the content you've missed out on in the last 36 days and leave it all behind again and continue with your detox." "What's this detox really about anyways? Once you get to day 90 you're just gonna go back to your old self anyways? Just enjoy yourself!" "This is a gaming detox, so watching gaming content doesn't really count. If you just watch a couple of gaming videos, it's not like it counts as a relapse or anything. (My detox is literally centered around avoiding watching gaming content more than gaming itself) "Fuck it" Gonna get out of the house and avoid this catastrophe altogether.
  17. A year ago, having just spent an entire weekend cooped up inside my room gaming, I decided that the time had come to create a journal and start living my life seriously. Since then all kinds of crazy things have happened. I finished my grad classes with a 3.97 gpa, got a research job at Stanford University, did hospice volunteering for 8 months (and counting!), went on a few dates, joined a cult, and climbed a fat mountain! Among other things. Ironically I did spend all of this weekend cooped inside my room, but thankfully it wasn’t due to gaming, or even the internet. I’m excited to announce that I’ve finished the first draft of my med school personal statement!!!! It’s still hot garbage, but I’ll have until June to continue to work at it and make it better. I have to admit that I’m tearing up a little as I type this because I never really thought I’d get this far. I could use all the help I can get, so if anyone would like to proofread personal statement alpha please don’t hesitate to let me know!
  18. I'm going to post even though I don't want to.. In my previous post I still had plans to game. I knew I didn't feel done yet. I had one last level I wanted to beat. I actually took this past Friday off from work so I could get back at the game and focus on it. This was actually a planned day off from work so it felt much better, rather than me texting in at the last minute. My favorite time to game is in the morning, that's when my brain seems to be the most rested and adept. I don't like playing at night b/c there's that impending doom feeling that either I'm about to have to go to bed or I should already be in bed. So I had a 3-day weekend to get in all the gaming I want, get it "out of my system". Well, I beat the level. I beat it Saturday morning. But guess what? I went back to the game after that. I still had a lot of weekend left and I just didn't want to let go of the game yet. I re-played the level and lost. And then I lost again. And again. I was starting to think me winning the one time was a fluke, an anomaly. Me being stubborn, I really wanted to figure this out and show I had mastered this. It's not like I was playing on the toughest difficulty or anything. I ended up playing the game through Saturday and Sunday night. Between Saturday and Sunday it was more of me either playing or watching the game more than 12 hours a day. It was an absolute binge this weekend. And it still feels unresolved. I never got a 2nd win on this last level, which nags at me. Now it's back to the work week for me today. I won't have another day off for another 5 days. I could play after work this week, but it just doesn't feel the same. I feel very conflicted right now. I want to play the game some more but I want to leave it. Just being honest, that's where I'm at..
  19. RB1


    Insane cravings today... Thought this would get easier and easier, but it looks like week 5 is the worst of it all... :(
  20. Isac

    Productive day

    Only 6 days to Bail It's only 6 days until I travel to Bali, Indonesia. I'm a bit scared, but that's a part of growing in life. If it wasn't for the community and Game Quitter, I wouldn't be in this amazing position that I'm in right now.
  21. Day 28. "D-Day" 13 pushups & 26 situps per day - I did my reps yesterday and I think I may have hurt my foot a little bit... I am seeing my physical therapist in 2 days, so I'm sure I'll be fine. I've hurt it before and after a day or two it all resets again. I just have to make sure I do my reps today and not lose my momentum. Today has been quite productive. I'm trying to get into the habit of waking up when my girlfriend wakes up to leave for work. We had a breakfast date yesterdaymorning at 8, which gave us all of Sunday to do what we wanted. It turns out, sleeping 8 hours and waking up at a decent time really gives you a good feeling. It's like there's all these extra hours, all of a sudden. I might try to become more of a day-person than a night-person. The deadline is tomorrow. I've gotten some feedback so I can write my second draft in a minute. Then I'll rewrite it and send the producers my third draft and hope that we can tape it. I'm rather nervous. Making 8 more episodes would be wild but also incredibly challenging. I also have my improv classes in less than a month and I haven't prepped anything yet. Add to that that there's freelance gigs all over my planner and by the end of the month, I might get taken off of sickness leave and thus would be forced to either continue my part-time job, quit and still grind my teeth and stress out for 6 more weeks or would have to find something else asap. I'd like to fantasize that I'd make the bills by freelancing and focussing fully on it. But I've been doing that for 2 months now and progress is slow. I'm scared that one day I'll have to admit that maybe this lifestyle just isn't for me. Maybe I need some help getting started somehow? Recent highlight: Getting a meringue burner. I'm making a lemon cake this week. Crunchy bottom part, lemon cream in the middle and topped of with toasted meringue. Fuck I love cooking. Budget status: Saved my first money this week using my weekly allowance. And also, my checkings account was looking okay, so I stashed another 100 on my savings account. I'm slowly trying to build up my accounts again. My one goal for the next 24h: Get my second draft done. Do something else. Then get my third draft done and send it in.
  22. Your response is incredibly mature, holy shit. A lesser person would just feel hurt, get angry and start a fight or worse. It seems you can look at him with love and understanding, despite his toxicity.
  23. Perhaps you can view your browsing and TV watching as a step down while you were eliminating gaming. Now that you recognize that behavior is equally wasteful you can actively seek to reduce it as well. If you really struggle with this you might ask yourself "what needs is it fulfilling for me and where else /how else can I get them met?" Or am I trying to escape from something I'd rather not confront?
  24. Good for you Jordan! Keep up the good work and please share, when you have a moment, what has helped you deal with procrastination.
  25. So for a bit of background, I'm 29 and have, like many of you, been gaming since I can remember back on the Sega Mega drive. I've graduated university and have had several jobs, without any in particular stimulating me as much as gaming does. I've even worked on the opposite side of the world, where I only used a PlayStation once over the course of a year. That time was definitely the best and most productive year of my life, where I completely grew as a person and met some amazing people. I long for the day that I can go back to feeling this way. I live with my girlfriend of 2 years and she is amazing. She's accepted that I've gamed and never had much of a problem until recently, where my work situation has changed and I'm not doing enough to resolve it. I would be the most stupid guy on earth if I lost this girl due to a few pixels on a screen, so I knew I had to do something about it. I found this community by Googling "do I have a gaming addiction?" The article suggested 9 signs of being an addict and I'm ashamed to say I ticked every box. I've lost interest in things I used to enjoy (gym, playing sports etc) and have probably gained 10KGs over the past 3 years. I've used gaming as a way to relieve me from negatives moods and an escape from my mental health problems (anxiety and a lack of motivation). The two that resonated with me the most are the lying about my gaming and the fact that I've turned down job opportunities so that I've been able to maximise my free time to gaming. I recently lost my job in June due to being unable to relocate at the current time and I'll admit I've been playing on average 10 hours per day instead of being proactive in my next job search. I've also continually lied to my gf who I live with about what I've been doing with my day, claiming to have spent the whole day applying, yet arguing with her when she wants to see proof. I've failed with 2 interviews within the past 2 months and I know that I could have been better prepared if I didn't spend as much time on the PlayStation. Last week I finally admitted to myself and those close to me that I had a problem and I haven't switched the PlayStation on for 10 days now. I've also gone cold turkey on watching gaming related content and on games on my phone. I do feel that I'm in a better place, I'm slowly becoming more productive with my time and enjoying spending time with my gf more. I'm going to need help and motivation from more than just her and myself, so I'm looking forward to interacting with you all who are in a similar situation. If you can resonate with my situation or just want to chat about your own journey, I'll be more than happy to offer some help. Thanks guys.
  26. I’m doing really good. I’m on my longest streak of no procrastination and no gaming which is 9 days. I’m feeling better and better.
  27. Hey, thanks for checking out the podcasts! Means a lot 😄 We're also releasing more gaming-focused episodes on anchor.fm/gaming-the-system if you run out of things to watch!
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