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  1. Danny Iskandarian

    Questioning my motives....

  2. TheBroMoe

    If anybody is able to tell me how to start a daily journal on the forums and be able to constantly post, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all!

  3. byrdmath

    My cat is awesome. 

  4. Stercus accidit

    'Well, Madam,' he said,'to complete the admirable lessons you have given your son, you will soon be able to inform him that Marguerite of Burgundy, Queen of Navarre, future Queen of France, granddaughter of Saint Louis, is qualifying to be called by her people Marguerite the Whore.'

  5. Kad

    Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.— Marcus Washling

  6. Svet

    I have started my 90 day detox today. Onward to LIFE!

  7. Falky

    Feeling good, currently filling my brain with information! #selfhelp