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  1. Reno F added a post in a topic I'm so close to relapse   

    Congratulations on not relapsing!
    There will be ups and downs. I'm 7 months in and I'm sure someone who is game free for longer can say the same. Learn to float on the wave.
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  2. Reno F added a post in a topic Focus?   

    I think every activity requires a different approach.
    It is important to know what is taking your focus away. If you don't know who's your enemy, you can't "fight back".
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  3. Reno F added a post in a topic What did you do after quitting gaming?   

    I'm writing short stories. I am working to have self published at least 6 short stories in 2017. I have found purpose in writing and I expect to make a living out of it eventually.
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  4. Reno F added a post in a topic We need to spread the message of how life can be so much better...   

    I liked these
    Don't play with meI didn't like the rulesI quit your gameAnd would add these:
    Level up your lifeDrop your controllersThink you're good enough? 
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  5. Reno F added a post in a topic Adieu gamequitters. It was a great time.   

    Hey Mario! As others said, you've been part of the foundation here. You supported generations, including myself. I understand your feelings.
    I hope to hear from you anytime in the future.
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  6. Reno F added a post in a topic Pissing people off   

    I relate to that A LOT.
    Today I realize how much of a dick I was a few years ago. I thought I was cool. I thought people were oversensitive. But in fact, I was just being a dick.
    It's important that you noticed it yourself, because no one else can do it for you. Your ego wouldn't listen to anyone.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't think you're a dick! But since you asked for help, I assume you're not happy with your social skills.
    I recommend a read of the first two parts of Dale Carnegie's "How to Make Friends and Influence People". I think it is on public domain, you can get a copy for free on the internet.
    The earlier you become aware and learn about social intelligence the better.
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  7. Reno F added a post in a topic Burned out need help.   

    It seems you lost momentum and got drawn back in to your old habits. Try one of these:
    Focus on small daily tasks and build momentum from that - if you haven't already, you might want to build a morning routine and get some stuff crossed out of your list early on.Look for opportunities to new experiences - These give you new things to explore and learn from.Change your environment for some activities. If you work out everyday at the gym, you might want to have a exercise routine at a park or go swimming one day a week.I've tried all the above and they worked for me in one way or another.
    Mario also said something very important, at least to me: remember to have fun when challenging yourself.
    Embrace your fears. It's going to be ok.
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  8. Reno F added a post in a topic 1 Year of Quitting Gaming   

    Welcome Jeet!
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  9. Reno F added a post in a topic Zane's New Journal   

    Congratulations on your first month!
    There is a good book about stress free productivity called "Getting things done" by David Allen, if I'm not mistaken. Rather than time management, the book describes a system to organize your activities in a way that you avoid anxiety and stress. It is kind of long though, and I feel it could use half of the pages, so you might want to check out a summary or review first.
    As for budget, try to build a day budget and then expand it for week budget, then month, year, etc.
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  10. Reno F added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    Hi dirkj3!
    I might have said something like that. But that is the whole meaning of a "habit". After you do something consistently for a certain while, it becomes natural to you to just keep doing it.
    A few months ago I developed the habit of reading before sleep. Now it is just natural to me grab a book and take it to bed before I fall asleep. I don't have to keep reminding me about it.
    If you want something to become a habit to you, start doing it repeatedly and consistently for at least three weeks. If it is a positive habit, you might want to keep doing it for another three weeks. If you'd like to understand it better I'd recommend you "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg.
    Keep strong!
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  11. Reno F added a post in a topic GoodJob journal   

    Welcome GoodJob!
    Your brain is used to the high level of stimulation that you get from games and it will trick you by any means to get you back to that level.
    Everyone reacts differently on their detox. For me, the first week wasn't hard, but things started to get tough at sometime between the 40th day and the 60th day.
    It's one of the reasons you have to prepare yourself for this journey if you wish to be successful. Check the resources available and build up a strong plan for yourself.
    Good luck, mate! I'll be following along!
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  12. Reno F added a post in a topic Fagus' journal   

    Reading music fluently is quite tough! Also Accordeon! I once knew a German who went to my hometown to study accordeon. I thought he was crazy to leave Germany and come to an underdeveloped town in the northeast of Brazil just to play the instrument!
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  13. Reno F added a post in a topic Beyond the Detox   

    @Piotr Thanks! I'm trying out disabling cookies!
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  14. Reno F added a post in a topic Beyond the Detox   

    Days are starting at 9am to me, except when I work night shifts. Not good, but not too bad. 8,5 hours of sleep on the average.
    Keeping up with my 500 word count per day. First draft ready to be revised by the end of this week, I hope. Writing is my most important activity of the day and sometimes, when I get it done early I tend to relax and lose focus of everything else. I'm probably comfortable with writing 500 words per day. Going to try and increase it to 800, pushing my limits. I should also think about my next writing project. Since I'm writing short stories, I'd like to start another one right after I finish my second draft and get my beta readers to check my work. My next work will be properly outlined.
    I've finished reading two books this month. Trying to get something to read whenever I'm triggered to browse mindlessly. I don't have anything to do on the internet anymore but check emails and facebook eventually. I don't know why I keep accessing YouTube. If only I was 'tubing'... Speaking of YouTube, I watched 3 gaming related videos and my start page is now filled with it. How many times do I have to tell YouTube I'm not interested in gaming videos unless I search for them on my own? The recommended video's sidebar is just stupid. I wish there was a way to leave only the search bar and the main video display. I don't even need an account.
    Some awesome things:
    DumbellsClean airDictionariesStrung Out (band)Workmates at my language school
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  15. Reno F added a post in a topic Enter the void   

    Plan ahead if you feel you'll have excessive free time. This is important, especially in the first days, when your brain might trick you to game.
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