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  1. Reno F added a post in a topic Piotr journal   

    Oh I used to love those books! Thanks for the detailed answer!
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  2. Reno F added a post in a topic Beyond the Detox   

    @Fagus thanks for commenting! these are not my plans. i just used a common idea of what would be a comfortable life on one's 40's to make a point. i also understand that you reframed basically every line of my comment to make your point as well. whether it is beautiful or not, it is a matter of perspective.
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  3. Reno F added a post in a topic Beyond the Detox   

    Weather got colder in Kyoto, but now it is more fun because there is snow. The bad side is, with warmer sheets it is even harder to get out of bed in the morning. Seriously, this morning the world could have ended and I couldn't care less. I often write about cold. It bothers me that much.
    3000 words in my short story. I might be able to finish the very first draft this week. Gotta do some editting before I request an opinion from my beta readers. Anyway, I'm glad I'm doing this. Feels so right.
    I spent 30 minutes yesterday to check the annoucement of nintendo's new console. I was glad. Felt they are doing games the right way.
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    snowgranola100 yen storescoffee 
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  4. Reno F added a post in a topic My Journal - SpiNips   

    Hey, won't the moist get inside the speakers and damage it? I have a bluetooth speaker and since it's not hermetically sealed, I'm afraid it will get the bluetooth and battery circuitry damaged some day. So yea, my hot showers are silent.
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  5. Reno F added a post in a topic Piotr journal   

    out of curiosity, how are you training your non dominant hand?
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  6. Reno F added a post in a topic 21st century Ulysses.   

    Congrats on your first ebook! You obviously have a talent on writing and it is good you're putting it on good use!
    On a side note, I love the new magenta on your journal!
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  7. Reno F added a post in a topic 1000 DAYS CHALLENGE   

    Congratulations on your third week!
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  8. Reno F added a post in a topic Time to stop again   

    I was also looking forward to buying one game at the start of my detox, in July.
    Maybe I'll play it one day. Maybe not.
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  9. Reno F added a post in a topic Life has changed in a matter of days.   

    Hey, I've been there. It sucks.
    Not sure whether you're asking for advice or just venting.
    Sorry for the unsolicited advice but here is what I think you should do, in short: Invest your time in yourself. Keep yourself busy. Value your time, yourself and stop tolerating low class behaviour. Get away from it.
    Don't try to reason with her. It won't work. This girl is trouble, you don't want to get more involved than you already are. Listen to your friends. I wish I had listened to mine.
    Keep strong, mate.
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  10. Reno F added a post in a topic Is this a boys' club?   

    Welcome, Sabrecat!
    Not a boy's club at all. Make yourself at home!
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  11. Reno F added a post in a topic My Project: Trump Zone!   

    @AlexTheGrape Neither did I, but from what I've seen on movies and cartoons, you get badges knitted on your jumper for the challenges you win (kind of like the army where the the generals have their chest full of fancy badges).
    I'd rename it to "Real Virtuality" and try to get the hype on VR.
    The audio of the video was a bit low, you might want to look at it for the next ones!
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  12. Reno F added a post in a topic Beyond the Detox   

    @Piotr I see! I missed out the point completely! I'm writing it in Portuguese and I'll be using a pen name! 2000k words now. I might finish it at around 4000k.
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  13. Reno F added a post in a topic My Project: Trump Zone!   

    Chocolate unhealthy?! Heretic! Heretic! Light up the fire pit!
    Sounds like a boy's scout club revisited. I liked it!
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  14. Reno F added a post in a topic Beyond the Detox   

    @WorkInProgress I see what you mean, but I find this focus on failure very dangerous. For me, failure is to not do something you want to get done. The result is either good or bad, but never a failure because you've done it. But thank you for your support. You always give great insights!
    @Cam Adair I shall remember
    @Piotr Thanks for dropping by! I don't fight procrastination. I welcome it, but I tend to get enough of it quickly. I didn't quite understand what you mean by 'my story'. You mean how I'm less tempted to procrastinate? It's very easy to me. Imagine yourself at the age of 40. How do you see yourself? How would you want your life to be? Maybe you own a nice house in the city outskirts, in a quiet nice suburb. You drive a nice car, have a lovely wife and two beautiful kids. You're a manager at the company you work. Maybe you chose a Y career and now you're a senior product designer or something like it. You might even have your own estabilished business, employing a few couple of people. You help. You are loved. You feel important. You play golf every weekend. You travel with your family every six months. Sounds reasonable, right? You don't need to be the next Bill Gates to accomplish that in life, do you? Now here comes the plot twist. Ready? Imagine you only have 5 years to get from where you are to that point. The clock is ticking. 5 years doesn't seem that long now, does it? Well, that's exactly where I'll be in a month. I'm 35 in February. 5 years to my 40th anniversary. That recommended video on YouTube doesn't look as appealing to me anymore.
    Gratitude list:
    New penpalOlive oilClean waterbooks and kindle readerlaundry machineThe Ramones
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  15. Reno F added a post in a topic Übermensch   

    Welcome back, Csaba!
    Time management tool = Calendar. Get one and start filling your days with stuff you wanna do!
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