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  1. Reno F added a post in a topic 90 days of something better   

    Day 8
    I had a really great weekend sightseeing in Kyoto with my wife and our guest. There is still time to do some exercise before going to bed. Tomorrow I get back to writing.
    Pretty excited for this week. The challenge will definitely pressure me up.
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  2. Reno F added a post in a topic 90 days of something better   

    Day 6

    This is a quick post. I'm having a guest here for the weekend. Challenge wise, it should be a light one.
    Did my most important task for today. It's been a while since I've been postponing it. Didn't hurt doing it at all.
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  3. Reno F added a post in a topic My Journal - SpiNips   

    What is "resting mathematic"? Is it like mathematics for meditation?
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  4. Reno F added a post in a topic Phyxius   

    If you're not sure about what to do, try something new. Experience gives you a different point of view on whatever you're looking at.
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  5. Reno F added a post in a topic Fresh Start   

    Well done, Juha!
    This is a huge step, I think the biggest on the detox.
    I'll be following!
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  6. Reno F added a post in a topic 90 days of something better   

    Thanks for the kind words, brother!
    Day 5
    I'm thinking of posting everyday, just for the sake of not having to count the days. Oh, look at me, that's how lazy I'm at the moment.
    I'm glad to have started writing again. Hadn't I opened this thread, I'd probably have choked the chicken yesterday. (Meanwhile, fap is such a boring slang for flogging the log)
    On building a routine: My work schedule is messed up, so it is hard do build a routine on that. I should have noticed it before. I think I had. I have my list of recurring tasks written down, but that isn't enough. I've tried to put some of it in my calendar, didn't work as planned. Gotta push through indisposition and toughen up. Hey, that's the reason I started this challenge, in the first place.
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  7. Reno F added a post in a topic Tom's journal   

    Small steps compounded over time make big change! Keep the faith in yourself!
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  8. Reno F added a post in a topic GG EZ Respawn   

    Good job! It takes some balls do reach where you are! Congratulations on your first step!
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  9. Reno F added a post in a topic Goodbye games   

    Welcome, Connor!
    Have a look at the tools already available. They have worked for many people and count on us for that extra support!
    Good luck!
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  10. Reno F added a topic in Daily Journals   

    90 days of something better
    Hi everyone, it's been a while!
    About two weeks ago, my mother came from Brazil to visit me in Japan for about one week. Needless to say, I stopped everything I was doing to give her full attention and enjoy her presence, as we don't get to see each other often.
    We had a really great time!
    However, that came with a small cost. My routine and plans were put aside and now, 2 weeks later I've been having trouble to build them up again. I need to start moving forward urgently.
    Because of that, I'm starting the 90 days NoFap challenge. This will be a tough one, and to be honest, I'm not sure I can do it. Nevertheless, I expect to go through some sort of change during this process. Rules are: no masturbation for 90 days (easy mode: I'm married).
    I'll be posting a few times a week during the next 90 days and I hope to get in touch with some more awesome people through the journals and the rest of the forum!
    This is it! I'm already on day 3.
    See you around!
    PS: I don't have problems with masturbation. I'm only using the challenge as an excuse to put more focus and build momentum in my life. You know, to make things more interesting.
    PS2: I've been 9-months game free. Played a bit this February. Since then, I stopped counting.
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  11. Reno F added a post in a topic My Story   

    I've been there.
    Welcome, Stoic!
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  12. Reno F added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Check out Judy and Mary. They broke up some years ago, but their music is awesome!
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  13. Reno F added a post in a topic The shame, is it real?   

    I can answer for myself only.
    I didn't choose to feel shame. I just felt it. I was living a lie and gaming happened to contribute to it. The shame didn't come from gaming.
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  14. Reno F added a post in a topic Do your Parents help or hurt your video game addiction?   

    This is an interesting topic.
    I understand that when you are confronted with your problems, you get on 'defense mode'. I see how parents should do better, but it is way easier to make a change on yourself first. Get used to having people trying to snap you away from your goals. They will never go away.
    My addiction kicked in way after I left home (back in the day games weren't as addictive as they are today), so my parents didn't play a big role in it.
    I am married though, and my wife never said a word about it. It helped that I made a decision of never playing when she was at home. I believe she thought there was something wrong, but she left me to see it for myself which I'm very grateful.
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  15. Reno F added a post in a topic Shine Magical's journal   

    Congratulations on your test!
    When you feel ready, get your to do list and start crossing some stuff to build momentum!
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