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  1. simmsjt added a post in a topic d1rty's secrets   

    Great job man! You're an inspiration to the rest of us!
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  2. simmsjt added a post in a topic I just destroyed all the video games in my house!   

    That's an awesome attitude to have.
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  3. simmsjt added a post in a topic I just destroyed all the video games in my house!   

    Welcome to the community! This forum can definitely help you avoid relapse. I'm proud of you for making the decision to quit.
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  4. simmsjt added a post in a topic toastmasters   

    @Ed I went tonight. It was really awesome man. Thanks for psyching me up for it. I'm definitely going back again next week.
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  5. simmsjt added a post in a topic My Quest to Ultimate Success - Brad   

    Hey man stay strong.  The truth is if someone doesn't have the addiction they are going to have a hard time relating to your struggle. Good job getting out of a tempting environment. Coming on the forum and reaching out to others here is a great way to keep your stance strong. Something that may help is posting on the accountability partners page and see if you can find someone to text. When I found a partner it made the first few weeks a lot easier.
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  6. simmsjt added a post in a topic New member here from Denmark   

    Welcome to the community!
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  7. simmsjt added a post in a topic toastmasters   

    @Ed Alright I had to look through a bunch but I finally found one that works with my schedule. Fun enough they have there next meeting tomorrow night! It's like fate or something. Thank you for the encouragement!
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  8. simmsjt added a post in a topic YouTube Video Ideas?   

    I guess I've watched a lot of videos on the subject but there usually very general. For me I need something more specific and concrete. Like what are the actual steps I need to take in order to be more confident? Anything about your experience with gaining confidence or any challenges I could do that would help me grow that area.
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  9. simmsjt added a post in a topic YouTube Video Ideas?   

    How to build confidence?
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  10. simmsjt added a post in a topic toastmasters   

    Thanks Ed! I definitely will now. I'll have to do some research to find one that works with my work schedule though as the ones near me are at noon. I'll let you know what happens.
    Thanks again for a great response.
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  11. simmsjt added a post in a topic Heeeey   

    If you need to use your computer for something try and use it in a different location than your home. Like a coffee shop or library. That really helped me in the beginning.
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  12. simmsjt added a post in a topic It's time to quit!   

    Hey Brad welcome to the community! I relate to so much of what you have said. Especially the part about not having as much life experience as other people my age. The awesome news is just by posting this you've taken another step in the right direction!
    Seems like you have a lot of stuff going on in your head. I recommend starting your journal right now. It was a beg help to me in the beginning.
    Do you have any other hobbies besides going to the gym? Also have you uninstalled all the games from your computer yet?
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  13. simmsjt added a topic in Lifestyle   

    Now that I've kind of locked in fitness as a hobby I feel like its time to add something new. I'm interested in toastmasters but it's really outside of my comfort zone. I'm scared of going to a meeting where I don't know anyone. I was wondering if any one has been a part of toastmasters before. Could you share your experience?
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  14. simmsjt added a post in a topic Jacob's Journal   

    Day's without gaming: 67
    Over two months! The guy I met internship opportunity didn't work out. I work for Starbucks and they have free college tuition through ASU Online. I finished all the paperwork yesterday. I signed up for an advising appointment for Tuesday afternoon. I will be able to register for class starting in June once I speak with my advisor. Working out has been going really well. It's the one thing in my life I have control over. It's really helped me get this far.
    I need more activities I'm thinking about checking out toastmaster.
     I am grateful for:
    1. Protein Shakes
    2. Chicken
    3. Having a job
    Good things that happened to me today:
    1. Pushed my self to failure on my bench press for the first time
    2. Spent some quality time with my mother.
    3. Saw a friend from out of town I haven't seen in a few months.
    Coding progress:
    Enrolled in a new web design class through codecademy because I've been really stuck on the webpage design aspects of my front end certification.
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  15. simmsjt added a post in a topic The shame, is it real?   

    For me shame came from telling people I wanted to quit and not being able to do so. When they found me playing games it was enforcing the fact that I was powerless of the gaming.
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