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  1. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Circle's Journal   

    Great job! Love this: "My schedule is no longer based around how I can maximize my screen time by minimizing everything else."
    How was the weekend for you?
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  2. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Hey, I am looking for advices to help me to stop playing video games :)   

    Way to go! 16 days is awesome.
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  3. destoroyah added a post in a topic Freaking out...   

    Cancel preorder, save some cash. Buy a hammer for 100$ use it on the HDD.
    I'm joking!
    You can get a decent hammer for 10-15$ and using a hammer is dangerous, use a drill. Or cook it. That could be dangerous though, I don't know. Maybe the vacuum exploodes.
    Wiping is the first step, you don't really lose anything, only the magnetic orientation of little metal particles change – or if you are using a flash drive... uh... I would have to look that up – but it's probably some stupid electron load on an atom.
    If you want to relapse, Call of Duty 10 is around the corner and everyone has to start over anyways. Canceling a subscription is undoable, they won't delete your account. Besides, it probably takes the rest of a month for it to "run out".
    What are you afraid of? I stashed all my crap in a little box. I think I will sell it soon, but the video game market is actually a pretty good way to invest money, the value rarely drops after the initial couple of years. Might take some kids money for that, haha.
    Hahahaha. Hahahahahahaha.
    Good luck!
    Love and Peace,
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  4. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Freaking out...   

    I think you know the answer. It's scary, yes, but you can do it. We are here for you. Take a breath and focus on acceptance.
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  5. Craig added a topic in Relapse   

    Freaking out...
    I'm back again.  This time it feels serious and I think I've come to terms with the fact that I have a problem.  I finally bought Respawn today and I'm stuck on page 19 "Action Step" 
    I've sold my console before and bought another in order to relapse.  Now I'm having a hard time making cancel my subscription to xbox live.  I assume I also have to wipe my hard drive with the games installed on it too.  Do I go as far as going into my favorite game and deleting my character profile?  I identify greatly with the pages that speak of the "Sunk Cost Fallacy" I recently preordered a $100 game that comes out tomorrow.  I'm definitely at an important crossroads today.  Any advice or support would be welcomed.   
    Thanks Guys
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  6. HSL added a post in a topic Hey, I am looking for advices to help me to stop playing video games :)   

    Just An Quick Update...
    Stopped Playing Video Games On 4th Of March Which Means that today is my 16th day Without playing (Holy Shit  ), Still struggle a wee bit and sometimes i need to motivate myself by watching some videos on youtube etc etc.
    I would also like to ask you guys one more thing since (For Example: Breakfasts) I watch youtubers play H1Z1 or Cs:Go (Mostly Those Two) and I am not sure if I should stop watching them ???
    PS : Thanks to anyone who replyed in the earlier messages/texts  
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  7. SpiNips added a post in a topic My Journal - SpiNips   

    Today has been a math-heavy day. I've studied for my finals pretty much the whole day. The best moment of today was hanging around with friends.
    The last exam awaits day after tomorrow. Till then it's pretty much studying.
    Today I'm grateful for:
    Avocados and MangosSwedish music cheering me upGraphic calculators; I feel like I have an answer book with me in the examSeeing my sister after a whileHumans' adaptability, homeostasis and neuroplasticity
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  8. KO added a post in a topic Just Do it Journal!-Going from Mediocre to Mighty   

    3/20/2017-Bouncing back from my relapse,going back to full journal entries tomorrow.
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  9. KevinV1990 added a post in a topic Mhyrions journey   

    Maybe it is because of the weather that the cravings get stronger. Stay strong!☺
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  10. Mhyrion added a post in a topic Mhyrions journey   

    Today was productive. I could've done more, but I felt exhausted near the end of the day and wanted to take a breather at home before making dinner. Besides that, the work went fine. I also had a nice talk with my tutor. I think I handled myself well in explaining my project and came across modestly confident. He seemed optimistic and also gave some suggestions. I have to take some time to think about it. Even though my overall mood today was positive, I seemed to get grumpy quite easily. I hurt myself while working, it appears to be a minor thing but it's annoying and not easily ignored. I don't want to get distracted by little things like that, but I totally was. I also discovered that the academy scheduled a meeting for tomorrow at 15.00, but I have to leave for counseling at that time and I scheduled thàt appointment 3 weeks ago. I really hate it when they just schedule something for us without asking and not giving heads up in time. I hope one of the other students can swap times.
    This morning I had some short but strong game cravings. I feel like I have more game cravings then I had the last times around, but maybe I am just more aware of it. I failed to resist my food cravings today. And right now I am totally craving some cheap and braindead content. Instead, I am going to relax for a bit and then commence with my household duties.
    Weekly goals:
    -Fully animate 1 minute 30 (120/~1080 photos)
    -Speak with both tutors (1/2)
    -Give 100% to counselling
    -preparation (0/1)
    -counselling (0/1)
    -Continue being kind and patience with myself. (Not sure how to measure that)
    -Update in Beyond
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  11. Marquess added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    Above all, I'm becoming tired of writing about myself. I need to start referring a larger part of my attention towards other topics, or at least I'd like to; I'm unsure if that's even possible right now. Maybe it's not even a good idea even though I can't see how that could be the case.
    There's so much to cover, but I'm almost at thousand words. A thousand words of conscience stream is equal to about maybe 250 words of an actual post that attempts to be good, attract and maintain interest of whatever audience it can get. It's still the best I can do right now.
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  12. Marquess added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    I'm still not certain whether it's a good idea to even write about all of this.
    The impulse, the initial impulse, that I always have when considering this is that I should just slam the door and leave all of this behind never to return. Never even mention it. Never talk to anyone who considers themselves a gamer again. Deny to have ever played and kind of video games. What are games? Yeah, I had a Game Boy when I was a kid. If you still play games after the age of 16, you need to kill yourself, right. Who has time for that shit, and what a pathetic fuck does actually struggle with gaming "addiction". Just delete. Delete.
    This is, naturally, not a plausible approach. And there are many benefits to writing about it. First of all, what else are you even going to do when you've spent so many years on gaming. May as well to turn it into a sort of a benefit as a subject you can write about with some semblance of authority. There's a market for it, anyway.
    And, and, I also think it may help me keep away from gaming if nothing else. I've probably said it before; the mechanism is still there, and the risk of it re-triggering will always remain present. So developing a new kind of relationship with my addiction my even be the only (or the best) way for me to remain gaming-free - sober.
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  13. Marquess added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    I want to write more, but it's just another one of those days when I'm exhausted by the late afternoon.
    One relevant issue no one talks about is being made to live in a psychiatric hospital, ripped out of your NEET existence, and then living in the said hospital with little to no privacy while being around multiple fertile women (both nurses and patients).
    I spent my 31st birthday in a locked ward, being touched by an actual woman for the first time in multiple years if I exclude family members. It was a a perhaps 20 year old nurse with long blond hair and too much dark make up. Really cute, and it was obvious that she's just started her career since she was extremely friendly and really just tried a little too hard. FUCK
    Next morning, still in the locked ward, I managed to access the shower (the only place that allowed for some actual privacy) and furiously jerked off to the image of her. She'd taken a blood sample from me the day before, so things were already INTIMATE, and they continued to be that way after I exited the shower and was told - by her - that she needs to measure my blood pressure.
    It was around 150 since I'd just produced circa 50 liters of cum. She then asked me if I was doing some kind of heavy physical activity, and I said no. And of course, she'd seen me come out of the shower before. Adventures.
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  14. Marquess added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    That's true. Last week was a very volatile time for me, so there may have been some unnecessary dramatizing involved, but we did manage to get it under control. My psychologist, the one who got me transferred here, really is doing everything in her power to make this work for me.
    It's just another of those situations when I'm left wondering how is it possible for me to be this fortunate.
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  15. Marquess added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    For some unknown reason, I'm unable to log in to wordpress dot com from this computer, so I'll write random shit here instead.
    I actually do have a couple of ideas that I should at least attempt to convert into blog posts, but since I'm still very much living in a hospital, the computer time available to me varies in length and can be interrupted at any time - not so much in a sense of being thrown off the computer, but the thing is in a sort of a living, common room-area-thing, and all other patients are free to come in, hang out, watch television, and all the other things people who dare to interfere with my writing do.
    But it's fine since from this week onward, I'll be spending weekends at home, at my own beloved apartment, so I'll be fine in that regard. I will say though that I'm a little worried about WoW still as, fuck me, there's an actual good private WotlK server coming out soon-ish. I even fucking helped advertise it, using all my copywriting powers (such as they are) with some success, and the owners are actual, decent people who hang out on Discord every day & talk to their future players, which is still a rarity on the private scene, tbh. I truly don't want to start playing again though.
    There's just so many other things I want to do. Stuff that's at least as appealing as PVPing as a moonkin is, so I've definitely made some progress in that sense. Also, in comparison to my previous, longest attempt at quitting WoW that lasted circa 3-4 months (extensively documented in this thread), I'm now no longer isolated and am actually a part of a structured program that revolves around psychotherapy.
    I don't want to write about my future plans; it's not something that works for me. I know it's an integral part of Gamequitters, and it does seem to work for many of the members, but for me personally, it doesn't do anything. Even worse, I think it's even holding me back, and either way, it isn't important, and it's not happening.
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  16. Marquess added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    WHAT DOES IT MEAN????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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  17. KevinV1990 added a post in a topic Becoming More Productive   

    Thanks for this post. Some of the tips I already knew, but I will implement the ones that I didn't used, so I will be getting even more productive.
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  18. KevinV1990 added a post in a topic My journal: Gaming in moderation   

    March 20, 2017
    11th day of my gaming detox, and it gets kind of boring, but also confronting to see how easy I cope with it. Maybe I hoped that it would be more of a challenge, because it would have made sense to why I screwed up so much off my life so far. As it isn't very hard for me not to game, I really wonder why the f*** I didn't do this before. Ever since the 10th of March, I have done so many things, and I have made plans for now and for the future. I just hope that it is not too late.Today I finished my homework for the Creative Writing course that I am following, which I wanted/needed to do yesterday. So I will have to come up with some consequences for me not finishing my homework, when I should have done it. If you have an idea, then please let me know .In between the things that I need to do, I am watching a lot of motivational videos recently, as they really help me to get motivated for the important things.Note to myself: I need to buy a schedule book, since I don't seem to pay attention to the app which I've installed on my phone.Watched Skyfall yesterday for the first time. I know... why didn't I watched it before? The answer to that is quite easy to be honest: I hate the theme song, since I don't like Adele. But I have a question: Is there a real Bond girl in this movie? Naomie Harris and Bérénice Marlohe didn't really play a big part in the story, at least not as big as Eva Green and Olga Kurylenko did. But at the end of the movie I came up with another question: Was Judi Dench the real Bond girl/woman in this movie? Let me know what you think about it.
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  19. Ironfly added a post in a topic Daily Journal - Rick   

    A week has gone by. The results are extreme. In that they are not. I don't feel very different but the outcome of my actions is drastically improved.
    I used to sink away in passive behavior when i felt tired, and i end up gaming or watching youtube. Now i work on my puzzle, i'll walk or i read.I wasnt happy at the end of the day because i always felt and sometimes still do that i could have done more. I'm slowly leaving that mindset behind.I can actually follow up my ideas and word/promises. It's great to know that people trust you and i can improve this even more by becoming a beast with time. I really do this for myself because it takes so much mind space otherwise, always running after each appointment and assignment. These last 2 days i also felt empty. I realized i havent going on much that i really care about. I want to meet more people because friday and saturday evenings are just plain lonely. On that i'm taking action.
    Upcoming week i'll probably will feel worse. But that's okay. 
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  20. Vlad Raileanu added a post in a topic My 90daynogamingdetox   

    Update: after 1 month and 20 days , i am more focused on my work, i got more time, and a lot of the activities that seemed boring to me when i was gaming, now are getting interesting. 
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  21. Stercus accidit added a post in a topic Nie wiem... 18 latek z niską samooceną xD kurwa raczej kolejne wcielenie leniwca z wyrzutami sumienia   

    Chyba czas popracować nad snem. Trzeba także załatwin pewne sprawy ze szkoły jak i z wojskiem polskim (ah ten Macierewicz  ).
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  22. Stercus accidit added a post in a topic Stercus accidit's Journal - 90 days detox completed :D   

    My thoughts about starting my "fight", again, are getting stronger.
    let's  see how it goes

    clean my room

    long term:
    practice my English every day - by this I mean - actual notes and usage of learning techniques
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  23. lilX added a post in a topic LilX Journal.   

    I Should go to bed soon
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  24. Simms added a post in a topic The mountains are calling...   

    Day #28 - Sunday
    Another very quick post. - Had some drinks last night while watching the game and I feel terrible today. - May be time to just cut it out of my life again too. Not worth the physiological pain the next day. Feel sick.
    Wasted most of the day watching The Expanse, then youtube. Not a great day.
    Climbing went well this evening. Managed to redpoint a 5.11c.
    Thus ends one helluva week. More of a whimper than a bang, but on reflection, accomplished all my personal goals.
    Monday - Stronglifts - Check
    Tuesday - Boxing - Climbing - Check and Check. - Hardest day of the week right here
    Wednesday - Stronglifts Check
    Thursday - Climbing Check
    Friday - Stronglifts Check
    Saturday - Rest Check
    Sunday - Climb Check
    Gratitude journal
    Climbing for being amazing.
    One amazing thing that happened/I did today
    Redpointed the hardest route I've achieved so far since getting back into shape / quitting gaming.
    Climbing - 2.5 hours.Reading + taking notes
    What went well today:
    Relaxing, watching The Expanse. Climbing, getting grocery shopping done.
    What I could have done to make my day better:
    Made lunch for tomorrow. - Come up with an action plan for next week. - Going to follow the same as this, but need to be cognizant of friends coming for the weekend.
    Misc thoughts and plans:
    Wasted too much of the weekend.******************************************************************************************************************
    Weekly Goal(s) - Monday start
    Climb 2x, Stronglifts 3x - So far 3x stronglifts - 3x climb - I've managed to achieve and exceed this goal every week so far. - Feels good.
    Journal daily - So far, so good.
    Track mood daily at least twice on Daylio: So far - 17 day streak - Back to feeling good.
    Monthly Goal
    Information gathering on buying a mountain bike. - Visit the bike shops in town. Friends gonna let me know when the first Demo days start up.
    Use Training for the New Alpinism to assist in shaping training plan. Got the book on my nightstand.  It's screaming to be used.
    NEW - Work hard to the end of April. - Be proud of what I've accomplished.
    3 Month Goal
    Top-rope a 5.12a successfully on the tall wall. Found a suitable project Sunday... will it be up long enough. /sigh
    NEW - Be in excellent condition for June mountain trip.
    Climb 1x technical, 1x non-technical 11,000er in the Canadian Rockies. May need to bump part of this out to 6 months.
    Outline novel. Chunking this. Creating manageable pieces relating to it in my weekly goals. - May need to evaluate if novel work is realistic with work and physical committments.
    Do an editing pass of one of my shorts. Dropping these two as not in line with my current goals and commitment level. To revisit later.
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  25. LuminousBean added a post in a topic The Cave You Fear To Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek   

    Days without gaming: 3
    Meditation: 15 minutes (18 total hours on Headspace)
    Mind: Finished The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss.  Downloaded The Willpower Instinct as it came up on digital loan from the library.  Finished Punic Nightmares III from Dan Carlin on my walk, as well as a few other short podcast episodes on current events.
    Body: 4 mile walk/jog/hike with the dog.  Felt great to get out into the sun and see the wildflowers in bloom.  Much better than getting up and gaming.  D&D (my Sunday ritual for the past few years) was cancelled today, and that usually means a group call while we game.  I did not partake, though I saw the messages of my buddies who were gaming.  I am trying to figure out how to continue to play D&D with them weekly, which requires a lot of creativity, personal interaction, and improvisation, without relapsing since they are all gamers and the people I am most likely to game with.
    Errands: Got groceries, which generally means I will eat much better and make better decisions this week.  When I don't buy groceries on the weekend, I end up making bad food decisions that lead to less energy and worse decisions throughout the weak--it compounds upon itself.  Also did laundry and cooked, and took care of the places the dog has been digging.  Overall quite productive and was able to do a few nice things for my gf.
    Writing: Did not write yet today, though I have started to mentally compose my review of The Wise Man's Fear.  
    Notes: I did feel a bit irritable today about random stupid things the kind that might make you curse but are just momentary obstacles.  Would like to be more patient with myself and others when these types of happen (dropping something, someone gets in the way when walking, etc.).  
    Planning to keep checking in on this and using my Passion Planner to track days, not sure yet what items I want to include in my template.  Will continue to read the other Daily Journals here to get an idea of what seems valuable.
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