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  1. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Regarding the social part of the activities that replace gaming.   

    Any extra curricular clubs you could join at school? After-school programs? Sports? 
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  2. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My story   

    Welcome Juha! 
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  3. Cam Adair added a post in a topic GG EZ, quitting gaming :p   

    Welcome!! Great to have you with us.
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  4. Matthias added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Day 22 & Day 23: 
    Both of those were super productive. I ran on both days for 30 minutes and listened to other episodes of Tim Ferret's podcast. These Podcasts are a freaking knowledge gold mine and really enjoyable to listen to.  Anyway I also downloaded some free plugins for my DAW, and I wanted to subscribe to nailmymix , where i want to learn more about mixing and mastering, but because of some reason the transaction failed. Gonna try tomorrow!
    I also made a visual board, but because there are some personal photos I am not going to post it herer
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  5. Schwing added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    161 days journalling
    Days porn free: 16

    Drop! Ouuuut of life! With booooooonng iiiiiinnnn haaaaaand!
    Tomorrow I have to go to school. Fuck. Holidays are OVER! But these three weeks were eventful to me on a personal level. I can't boast any standardised achievements. I don't agree with that shit. Achievement is subjective to the achiever. Who gives a shit about grade 6 piano? Who cares about black belt karate? Fuck the system!
    Realised I had to do 2 maths papers for tomorrow! SHIT! Got them done but I have no time to work out tonight...that means...WORKOUT AT 6am SHARP! Gnaaarly duude!

    I'll have to ask the school gym teacher guy to sort me out with some barbells.
    Gonna keep my hair short! My hair is so thick it looks like shit at anything in between super short and full on flowing luscious metalhead locks of death! As I do not want to look like a jew at Auschwitz I am going to stay away from the buzzcuts.
    Anyways, I'm going to take a cold shower and read a bit. See you on the other side!
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  6. giblets added a post in a topic Giblet's Journal   

    26 Apr 17.
    So I'm considering taking my journal offline. I think some of the topics I want to write (and think about) during this process are TL;DR for this forum, so it may be a good idea just to keep it offline in a word or excel document. I will reflect on this again today but that is definitely what I am leaning towards. I will include it in my weekly goals to make a decision by the end of the week.
    So the last 48 hours were really good, but again really busy. I realised last night that maybe I have overloaded myself a little bit since my last relapse, and I might be wearing myself out. I will need to rethink how much I am trying to achieve, maybe on the 27th I will have a chance to sit down and reflect on this. I am very happy with what I have achieved though, but I think I need to rest a bit.
    So the "I'm a healer" thing is still happening, and it's quite random when it occurs. It's frustrating, mainly because I think I am letting it get to me too much because I don't know what is causing it, which is a bit of preoccupation in itself. I need to do some more research to see how I can break this crap.
    Caught up with a mate yesterday for lunch, and the topic of discussion did cover games from the last couple of weeks, as he is primarily the main person I play games with (or used to). I was a bit worried about this, I thought afterwards I might have to battle with preoccupation, but it didn't follow. Very happy about that. I wonder if that is a combination of my self-improvement mentality after the relapse, or whether I have cut my gaming so low, even without achieving the 90 day detox, that I am no longer seeing it as something I need to enjoy myself. Who knows, but I am happy with it nonetheless. If only I could break the "I'm a healer" thing next....
    Game Free: 8 (26 Apr)Facebook Free: 0 (25 Apr)Alcohol Free: 0 (25 Apr)Running Training: 0 (25 Apr)Language Training: 6 (19 Apr)Today I was grateful for:
    Open source software. I have become such a fan of it in the last 7+ years, that I probably should do something about it, such as contribute somehow or make a donation.Today I learned:
    Raisin toast. Talk about a baby distractor!Goals completed today:
    Maintained language streak. Got my 5 ingots for achieving a week streak, and then immediately doubled down to keep going.Assignment submitted! Not happy with its quality, but it is a step in the right direction. Now to start on the next one.Got a haircut!Goals I didn't complete today:
    Prioritise my goals. Did have a quick chat with my coach after I gave him the results of an Emotional Intelligence survey I did a few weeks ago, and I promised I would sit down and go through it in detail with my goals on Friday.Have not cleared out all game accessories in the shed.Drink 500ml of water as soon as I wake up.Goals for tomorrow:
    Maintain language streak.Work out how to select a date range and corresponding cells from a spreadsheet.Sort all my electronic peripherals to work out what I need to order for my laptop project.Put all game accessories in the shed.GTD Tip for tomorrow:
    Still the same as I haven't had a chance to implement it yet - Wait 24 hours before replying to emails.Goals for this week:
    Finish Respawn worksheet #2.Finish my fundraising page.Add a budget function every day. Add 10 transactions a day.Keep my spending under $100 for the week.Clear out all game accessories in the shed.Try to talk to my leadership coach. Prioritise my goals.Start my research essay.Start building a timelapse project for the garden.Start to achieve some of these goals so it's not a stale copy and paste!
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  7. Schwing added a post in a topic KevinV1990's Journal   

    You don't have to work every day for sure! Just do something meaningful every day. I find every action snowballs: good or bad.
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  8. 28_yrs_of_gaming added a post in a topic d1rty's secrets   

    Good job! I enjoyed reading a few of your journal entries this morning. Thanks.
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  9. d1rtydeedz added a post in a topic d1rty's secrets   

    DAY # -  48 through 74 (April 25th)
    Life has changed.  I've begun to settle in to a new normal.  I go to bed much earlier, get up earlier and am much more productive around the house and yard.  I'm getting things done now, completing projects and moving on to new projects without blinking.  I told the wife the other day, "I don't know how I had time for gaming before with everything that needs to be done."  Her response:  "You didn't get much done before..."  Ha, ever blunt and to the point.  She's right though, can't fault her for that.
    I've thought back on occasion to the days I'd spend doing little else but gaming.  I remember the negative effects it used to have:  shorter temper, shorter attention span, lack of interest in real life, and lack of motivation in all non-game related activities.  I've begun to wonder if I can ever sit down and play a recreational game without slipping back in to the bad habits.  I've begun to wonder if I care to.
    I think more clearly now, I'm more focused, and my old drive has returned.  My productivity has soared.
    It's interesting to reflect on the changes and realize they are all attributed to one previous aspect of my life: gaming.  I pray those beginning their own journey have as much success as I've had.  Don't give in, be critical of yourself, be patient, and you too will find your new normal.
    Life is not only better without gaming for myself; but also for those around me.
    Sixteen days left, but I don't plan to stop there...Thank-you Cam; what you've done here makes a difference.  Be proud of yourself.
    10-8 at my 42.
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  10. d1rtydeedz added a post in a topic d1rty's secrets   

    I've practiced Kenpo Karate in the past and FBI as well as PPCT Defense tactics.  
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  11. tirEdOrange added a post in a topic Phyxius   

    25.04.2017, 18:50:
    Day 11
    I feel very disappointed about myself. I was planning on changing my binge behaviour from yesterday on and I don't know what caused it but I totally fell out of plan for 2 days now and this is not good. I need to get back on track from tomorrow on.
    Anyway, funny thing that happened is that I was binging through YouTube and all of a sudden I get a documentation about Internet addiction (while not having watching this genre of videos for quiet a while). I think that's a sign.
    I could relate to so much from this video... I'm happy that I stumbled upon it.
    I had minor achievements during the week but well, overall I just traded gaming time for binge time.
    D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E is the key word.
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  12. Tom2 added a topic in Non-English Language Journals   

    [KO] Tom's journal
      저는 게임 중독자입니다. 대학교 3학년이구요. 이번 학기 초부터 꾸준히 공부를 해왔어야 하지만, 저는 학생으로서 제 일을 계속 미뤄 왔습니다. '나중에 다 할 수 있겠지' 하면서 계속 컴퓨터 게임이나 하고 살았습니다.

      저는 다른 사람들과 의사소통하면서 해야하는 게임을 좋아합니다. Project Reality라는 게임(어느정도 팀플레이를 요구하는 FPS게임입니다)을 정말 많이 했습니다. 분대원들과 잘 협력해서 어떤 목표를 성취하는 그런 순간이 좋더군요. 게다가, 전 세계의 다양한 사람들과 이야기할 수 있다는 것도 좋았습니다. 어떤 분대장들로부터는 일종의 전략적인 기발함까지 경험할 수 있어서 재밌었습니다.

      하지만, 시간이 지나면서, 저는 강의 때 교수님들이 가르치는 내용을 이해할 수 없었고, 할 게 정말 많아서 막막한 느낌을 받기 시작했습니다. 저는 이걸 해결하지 못했고, 수업을 들을 때마다 정말 우울하기만 했습니다.

      나중에는, 게임 상에서도 자신감을 잃기 시작했습니다. 제가 하던 게임은 군사적인 주제와 밀접한 관련이 있었습니다. 저 또한 몇 달전 군 복무를 했었고, 거기서 여러 가치라던가 교훈들을 배웠었습니다. 하지만 지금은, 제가 배운 것들과 제 삶이 너무 동떨어져 있었습니다.

      저는 제 자신한테 실망했습니다. 한때 저는 정말 좋은 학생이었습니다. 성적도 좋았었구요. 대부분의 제 친구들과 주변사람들은 늘 제가 나중에 성공할 거라고 이야기했었습니다. 하지만 지금은, 저는 실패했고 그 사실이 저를 정말 우울하게 했습니다. 그런 생각이 들자, 저는 2주동안 학교도 안 나가고, 밥도 제대로 안 먹고, 잘 씻지도 않고, 그렇게 살았습니다. 집에서 다른 게임이나 하거나, 잠을 자거나 그렇게 살았습니다.

      여기까지가 제 이야기입니다.(벌써 새벽 한시네요... 내일을 위해서 자야할듯) 나머지 이야기는 나중에 쓰도록 하겠습니다(제가 어떻게 구조돼서 여기까지 왔는지) 읽어주셔서 감사합니다.

    게임 끊은지 #4일째

    일어난 시간: 10am
    어젯밤 자러 간 시간: 12pm

    과제, 중요한 할 일들: 
    - today : 측량 시험
    - thursday : 구조역학 과제
    - Friday : 토질역학 과제 & 시험

    오늘 일과 요약 #:

    - 늦게 일어나서 시험을 못 봤다. 너무 좌절감이 느껴졌고 다시 게임이나 할까, 학교 정말 때려치울까 고민했다.

    - 그래도 그냥 계속 하기로 했다. 왜냐면 어쨌든 이번 학기에 난 이미 좋은 학생은 아니니까(+기타 다른 이유들과 자기 합리화를 함)

    - gamequitter Youtube videos를 보면서 점심을 먹고, 다음 할 일들에 대해 계획을 세웠다. 친구들에게 과제와 시험 일정에 대해 많이 물어봤다.(2주동안 학교를 안 가서 많이 물어봐야 했다)

    - 머리를 잘랐다. 너무 우울해보이기도 했고, 너무 길어서 불편했었기 때문이다.

    - 토질역학을 좀 공부했다.

    - 예비군 훈련 공지가 나왔는데 날짜가 수업이 많은 날 걸려서 날짜 바꾸는 것에 대해 생각했다. 그런데 같은 과를 같은 날 다 보내는 걸 보니 학교에서 그 날은 휴강을 할 수도 있다는 이야길 듣고 조금 기다려보기로 했다.

    - 세탁기를 돌렸다. 특히 이불. 방 청소도 하고, 점심/ 저녁을 먹은 뒤에 미루지 않고 바로 설거지도 했다. 잘 씻고 면도도 했다.

    - 부모님과 영상통화. 내 책상, 내 컴퓨터, 냉장고, 침대, 옷장, 부엌, 내 방을 보여줬다. 부모님이 안심하는 것 같았다.

    오늘 잘 된 것: 공부를 했고, 과제와 시험 준비를 함

    작은 성취들: 방 청소를 함

    아쉬웠던 점: 
    - 너무 멍청해서 시험을 잘 못볼지언정 결시는 하지 말았어야 했다. 아침에 좀더 일찍 일어나야겠다.
    - 쉬는 시간을 좀더 줄여야겠다

    오늘 내가 고맙게 느꼈던 일:친구들이 과제, 시험 일정에 대해 잘 알려줘서 고마웠다.

    오늘 일어난 일이나 한 일 중 놀라웠던 일 : 대부분의 일을 미루지 않았음. 아주 작은 거라도.
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  13. Tom2 added a topic in Daily Journals   

    Tom's journal
      Hi, my name is Tom and I am a game addict. I'm a University student, 3rd grade. I had to study consistently from the beginning of this semester, but I kept procrastinating my job as a student. I kept playing video games because I thought I could study the whole things later.

      I loved playing video games that include some interactions with other players. I played Project Reality(It's a FPS game that requires some teamplay) a lot of times. I was fond of the moments when players in the same squad cooperate so well and achieve some goals. In addition, I could talk to various people around the world. I could experience some kind of... strategic brilliance from some of squad leaders.

      However, as time went by, I couldn't understand the things that professors teach. There were a lot of things to do, so I was overwhelmed. I couldn't handle the problems and I wasn't happy when I attend a class.

      Eventually, I also began to lose my confidence in the virtual world. The game I had been playing was strongly related to military things. I also worked as a soldier in South Korea a few months ago, and I learned couple of values that the army counts. But now, my life was far from those that I had learned.

      So I felt ashamed of myself. I was a really good student who had high grades long times ago. Most of my friends and people around me always told me that I would succeed in the future. But now, I failed and that fact made me depressed. After that time, I didn't go to school for two weeks, didn't eat properly, didin't wash myself, etc. I stayed at home playing other video games(not that FPS game again...) or sleeping.

      That's my story...(It's about 1 am... I think I should sleep for the next day...) I'll write down the rest of my story later(From the time when I got saved until now) Thanks for the reading.

    Day #4

    Time I woke up: 10am
    Time I went to sleep yesterday: 12pm

    - today : surveying exam
    - thursday : structural mechanics assignment
    - Friday : soil mechanics assignment & exam

    Summary of Day #:

    - woke up too late and failed to take exam... I felt so frustrated and I began to think about relapsing and dropping out of the college.

    - But I decided to keep going because I can't be a good student this semester anyway. (+ some other reasons... blah blah blah... justifications...)

    - had lunch watching gamequitter Youtube videos, began to make plans for the next things. Asked my friends information about assignments and other exams. (I didn't go to school for two weeks... so I had to ask a lot...)

    - had a haircut because I looked too gloomy. My hair was too long so I decided to take care of it. It was uncomfortable.

    - studied soil mechanics(a few pages)

    - got a message from the army because of some drill. (Every Korean boys who were discharged from the army have to attend 8 hours of drill every year) The date was not good because there are 3 classes at the same day, so I tried to change the date but there were possibility that the college would allow us not to attend the class. I decided to wait and see what professors say.

    - did laundry. especially blankets. cleaned up my house. did dishes right after I had lunch/dinner. didn't  procrastinate. took a shower and shaved beard.

    - had a video telephony with my parents. I showed them my desk, my laptop, refrigerator, bed, closet, kitchen and my room. They looked satisfied.

    What went well today: I studied, and prepared for the assignments and exam.

    Miscellaneous accomplishments: cleaned up the house.

    What I could have done to make my day better: 
    - I should have woke up earlier in the morning and took the exam even if I'm so dumb to solve problems.
    - Shortening length of break time

    Today I'm grateful for: the friends who told me assignments and exams.

    One amazing thing that happened/I did today : I didn't procrastinate most of the things. Even if those were small.
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  14. Juha added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    My story
    Hey everyone,
    My name is Juha. I'm a 24-year-old guy and I have been addicted to gaming for more than 10 years already. My gaming started on PS1 with some 2000's games, can’t remember which, but that's not relevant. 
    When I got my first computer it barely ran any other games but runescape. At that point already it was such a grind something like 8 hours / day gaming, but the real game changer was when my brother moved to other country and I got my hands on his gaming PC. At the same time, I was so excited to finally have gaming PC, but I also felt so empty since my brother wasn't anywhere close, so I got deeper on gaming to avoid going through the feelings and loneliness. 
    I have been diagnosed with deep depression and I see therapist twice a week. We have discussed all this stuff there. We even have tried to make some plans for controlling how much time I spend each day on computer, but I don’t have the self-discipline or control over that, it's more like when I sit at the computer, I'll be there +8h and then maybe eat something and go back or watch some Netflix. Almost all the time I spend, I spend watching some sort of screen. This year only my average gaming each day is more than 10h+, mostly WoW but CSGo time to time when my friends ask me to play with them
    Gaming to me is an escape method which I have used for ages, it's helping me to forget my social anxiety and everything really. It feels like when I press my computer’s start button, it's also a start button to another side of me which in this situation is my addiction, from that point for the next hours it's controlling everything and trying to hold on it all the possible ways.
    Alt + F4 (Quit gaming):
    2014 I have already tried once to stop gaming, I sent a letter to Blizzard EU HQ where I gave them permissions to delete my whole account. I also deleted every single game from my PC, it took a few months until I reinstalled most of them.
    That attempt was a consequence due to one of my online friend sent me link Cam's TEDx Talk  
    Last time I started gaming again just because I didn't know anything about what to do  when I'm not gaming but it's great to see what and how much Cam has done past few years to help us out on this.
    Maybe I forgot some stuff but anyway here we go.
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  15. KevinV1990 added a post in a topic GG EZ Respawn   

    Welcome to the forum! You already found some good replacements for gaming. Keep it up!
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  16. superiggy added a topic in Daily Journals   

    GG EZ Respawn
    Day #1
    I woke up at 7am. Instead of gaming, I've watched some Buddhism videos, listened to an audiobook, and I've set up my gaming PC for work and for music production (also uninstalled all games).
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  17. superiggy added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    GG EZ, quitting gaming :p
    Hi everyone! I'm Ignacio from Argentina, I'm 28 years old.

    Yesterday I was chatting with a friend about habits, personal development and whatnot, and I randomly decided "I'm gonna quit videogames for this whole week, I want to do this as an experiment". After commiting to this, I decided to search online and I was surprised to find so many great resources about this topic. I never thought of gaming as an addiction, but it is indeed! This website and these resources remind me of NoFap, and I think both are really important journeys to work on.

    Thank you Cam for creating this community and helping so many people! I'm so glad I found this, and I'm excited about the progress I'll make.

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  18. KevinV1990 added a post in a topic [NL] Journal KevinV1990   

    25 april 2017 - 47 dagen zonder gamen
    Hoe kan je op de ene dag nog vol energie zitten, om de volgende dag vervolgens helemaal zonder te zitten? Eergisteren had ik het gevoel alsof ik de hele wereld aankon, maar gisteren was ik weer een beetje down en had ik helemaal geen zin om iets te ondernemen. Ik voelde me daar eerst schuldig over, maar ik heb geleerd dat ik me daar niet schuldig over moet voelen. Zo erg is het toch niet, om een dagje even helemaal niets te doen? Waarom zou dat erg zijn? De reden waarom veel mensen dat dus wel erg vinden, komt omdat ze geleerd hebben dat je altijd bezig moet zijn. Als je niet continu bezig bent, zul je nooit iets in het leven gaan bereiken. Gelukkig is dat niet waar.
    Het is een beetje hetzelfde als dat mensen vinden dat je 40 uur per week moet werken. Als je minder werkt ben je lui. Tegelijkertijd lopen die mensen maar te klagen over hoe zwaar hun leven is. Zo wil ik niet leven. Dus als ik het red met maar 24 uur per week, waarom niet? Kan ik de rest van de tijd besteden aan het schrijven en aan andere dingen die ik leuk vind. Waarom zou je het leven zwaarder maken dan nodig is?
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  19. KevinV1990 added a post in a topic KevinV1990's Journal   

    April 25, 2017 - 47 days without gaming
    I had a bad day yesterday. Didn't want to play video games, but I just had an off-day and didn't want to do anything. So what did I do yesterday? Absolutely nothing. At first I felt bad about that, but now not so much anymore. Why should I be productive every single day? Because society says so? Well, f*** society then, it's not like they did such a great job anyway. Nah, I'm doing my own thing and if that means that I will have an off-day every now and then, then so be it. In the past few weeks, I have learned that you need to rest too, something which they forget to tell in (almost) all those motivational speeches. Having an off-day yesterday also inspired me to write an article about it on my site, so eventually something good came out of it.
    I am really struggling with writing my book. I just don't seem to find the right style in which I want to write the book. It is starting to get frustrating, but I will keep on trying.
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  20. Reno F added a post in a topic Goodbye games   

    Welcome, Connor!
    Have a look at the tools already available. They have worked for many people and count on us for that extra support!
    Good luck!
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  21. Reno F added a topic in Daily Journals   

    90 days of something better
    Hi everyone, it's been a while!
    About two weeks ago, my mother came from Brazil to visit me in Japan for about one week. Needless to say, I stopped everything I was doing to give her full attention and enjoy her presence, as we don't get to see each other often.
    We had a really great time!
    However, that came with a small cost. My routine and plans were put aside and now, 2 weeks later I've been having trouble to build them up again. I need to start moving forward urgently.
    Because of that, I'm starting the 90 days NoFap challenge. This will be a tough one, and to be honest, I'm not sure I can do it. Nevertheless, I expect to go through some sort of change during this process. Rules are: no masturbation for 90 days (easy mode: I'm married).
    I'll be posting a few times a week during the next 90 days and I hope to get in touch with some more awesome people through the journals and the rest of the forum!
    This is it! I'm already on day 3.
    See you around!
    PS: I don't have problems with masturbation. I'm only using the challenge as an excuse to put more focus and build momentum in my life. You know, to make things more interesting.
    PS2: I've been 9-months game free. Played a bit this February. Since then, I stopped counting.
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  22. Stevec2283 added a post in a topic Will I Respawn in 90 days?   

    I can also relate to how you're feeling, gaming for me was a temporary escape from things. A schedule is very important, I still struggle with following one. As has already been mentioned, each day is a new day. 
    You can do this, just keep on fighting to reach your goals. 
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  23. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Will I Respawn in 90 days?   

    The more you measure your time, the more you manage your time. Everyone has to find the balance that works for them. For me, I keep track of most hours of my day, including free time. As in I make sure I schedule time to rest and hang out too, but also the key things I need to do for work, etc.
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  24. Cam Adair added a post in a topic The Game Destroyer's Journal   

    Really appreciate you grabbing Respawn. Let me know how I can support you.
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