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  1. Circle added a post in a topic Circle's Journal   

    Thanks Cam! The weekend was okay. Friday and Saturday I managed to spend a lot of time with friends after work and band practice which was good. I'm still enjoying how my engagement with the world has changed, how I'm focusing my energy on the people and the real things in my life instead of my fantasy world(s). I also managed to work out a bit.
    Sunday was challenging. I woke up and basically sat in front of my computer all day until I finally managed to turn it off around 8:00 to do some schoolwork. I've still not replaced the gaming with any real attempts at productivity so I watched a ton of Futurama and some documentaries while smoking pot. Around 3 or 4 I started to get my first strong craving for games. I think it was a combination of the fact that I was smoking pot on a Sunday (always a prime time and state of mind for gaming), and that I was really craving some sense of accomplishment. I ended up relapsing for just over an hour after telling myself that Sundays could maybe be an exception. Happy to say I didn't enjoy it. Without the desire to escape into the game and fully immerse myself in the fantasy it's not very attractive to me anymore. So I turned it off and haven't played since.
    Since then I've had a lot of feelings of hopelessness as to my future. I've spent so many years with gaming as my focus that I just don't know what I really want out of life anymore, and when I do decide on something, I get overwhelmed at the sheer amount of work it takes to actually achieve it. My passions have always been in the arts and humanities and those are fields which are harder than ever before to make it in, and even though I'm an A student I have zero experience in my major outside of class (and little in my minor). I also worry about my work ethic which has not been developed very much through gaming!
    I know the answer is to get out there and start making up for lost time! And I'll feel better when I start doing that for real, even if I don't succeed in the end. Maybe it's inevitable that I mourn a bit for the person who was buried under fantasy for so long. I guess I just hope that I didn't do more damage to my life than I realize.
    But I'm grateful that I've quit gaming and I know it could be worse. I'm going to speak with some advisors this week and focus on the assignments that are coming due soon. Working out every day and spending time writing, reading and playing music are my next goals.
    Day 10 - Wrote a long journal post and articulated some hopes and fears. Nervous but looking forward. Grateful for everyone who takes the time to read these!
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  2. Circle added a post in a topic Circle's Journal   

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  3. Granitwelle added a post in a topic Kaizen - The Quest for Neverending Self-Improvement   

    Journal Day #9 // Days without gaming Day 26 // Monk-Mode Day 1                                                                                                             Tuesday, 21/03/2017
    What has been intended to be a significant contribution to a team task was met with criticism as it was to in-depth and detailed. One needs to consider these things nonetheless, however the time pressure of our schedule does not allow for such things. I hate learning things by heart and not having sufficient time to reflect on content. We are not robots, but critical human beings with an intellect of our own, the capacity to understand, derive principles and form both the environment and ourselves to our own will. Yet the Bachelor system forces one to minimize effort and to reproduce bullet points like a broken record. I am so looking forward to a proper job to be honest.
    Complaining will get me nowhere, time to man up and "get shit done" and avoid to "half-ass" betterment attempts, as an international study colleague from Kentucky would always put it. Well then, I start another period of monk mode then.
    Gratitude journal
    - parents
    - professors that challenge you but motivate and help you develop further
    Workout/run: 1 hour on the treadmill. As soon as I recover my stamina, I will start lifting again
    Meditation: entire cycle
    Daily affirmation: Rome was not built in a day. Baby steps were made and I am on the right track now. (JK: Have to walk for myself though, there is no fast-travel option in life)
    Reading:  Nicolo Macchiavelli - Il Principe
    Weekly Goal(s): serious progress on thesis, less complaining,
    Monthly Goal: Survive the first 30 days of gaming detox, get my paper done, study hard for upcoming exams and start working on my thesis
    3 Month Goal: Successfully complete 90 days of non-gaming in order to make my brain rewire. There is no way back as I do not own gaming-related stuff anymore, however withdrawal symptoms might be hard.
    One amazing thing that happened/I did today: worked a lot and tried to reduce the workload for a group assignment
    What went well today: productive day
    What I could have done to make my day better: I want to overcome the beta mindset and become the best version of myself that I can become, be less dependent on others, become a jack of all trades who is able to operate on his own but also a pure team player if necessary.
    What I will do differently tomorrow:  work, team work, prep work for assignments, hopefully time to revise concept for thesis
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  4. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    Hey. It looks like you are in an ok place. I was wondering was happened to you.
    I am glad that the place you are seems helpful. I personally have friends who go through or gone through similar things, so I am glad that you accept all the benefits you can take out of your stay there. Also it is always a bonus to have cute nurses around.
    I stopped using gamequitters but check in from time to time. Best of luck to you man.
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  5. KDY added a post in a topic HAIKU for Gamequitters   

    Zero, one, two, three --
    Solve the equation:  freedom
    Equals  infinity . . .
    fails, machines halt.  Everywhere
    a fresh perspective.
    Stars come out to play,
    Tumbling across the night sky,
    Pixel-free, sharp, bright.
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  6. KDY added a post in a topic Journal de KDY   

    Jour 13
    Toujours aucun jeu, ce qui me semble un peu incroyable.  Pendant les 3 - 4 années passées, le plus longtemps que j’avais quitté les jeux n’était qu’une poignée de jours.
    Jai encore visité le site web de Khan Academy et achevé quelques exercices de maths.  J’ai dessiné une affîche au moyen de GIMP.  Une fois libérée du plâtre rigide alouridissant mon bras droit depuis le 7 janvier au 7 mars,  j’ai même recommence à jouer mes flûtes à bec. )le kinésthérpeute estime que l’exercice musical peut servir de thérapie).
    But pour cette semaine:  rentrer à un autre site web préféré au sujet des sciences.
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  7. Mhyrion added a post in a topic Mhyrions journey   

    I had a terrible nights sleep, woke up to my phone seemingly dead (it looks like it's working again, but I'm suspicious) and hubby was whining about lack of underwear (just fucking grab it of the fucking line yourself) and then when I already looked pretty stressed he asked me when I am going to pick up cycling to the academy again. I was not planning on that, and he's pushed me so often to go exercise more, it's only annoys me. I asked him if he rather had cold food in the evening while I left for swimming and the answer was yes. Fine then. But I know already he will not eat when I do not put it on a plate for him. (pathetic, really) I should be able to let that go, let him go hungry, but I am the one having to deal with the whining that follows up on that and I actually like and take pride in caring for him. Hah, my tone of voice (type?) is even grumpier then I thought it would be. Lack of gratification setting in. Detox is working. I also was a bit upset with hubby because I heard him fapping yesterday evening. This made me feel sad, we had a lot of sex last weekend and I really want to be able to suffice for him. I don't mind him masturbating when I have been 'unavailable'/uninterested for a while, but clearly it doesn’t matter how hard I try to connect with him on this area, it's never enough.
    And now I really need to shake all of these feelings off and focus on my work at hand at the academy today. *takes deep breath*
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  8. Csaba_Bekesi added a post in a topic Übermensch   

    Let's talk about procrastination, determination and initial drive. 
    I was gone for a bit. My room is a huge mess. I did not notice it happening once again. But it did. This time however I ended with a high note before my downfall so I was trapped in the illusion of positive progress. 
    I have a presentation today and I have not yet prepared for it. 
    I am exactly where I started when I was quitting games 73 days ago. Maybe worse. I wish to know what happened once again. 
    I found that before my downfall I got on the high of having convinced myself that I intend to stay on this career path and that I am actually interested in Computer Science. Inevitably true things. Well, I hope so, I am too unstable to come to conclusions about myself at 20 years of age. Too too unstable. 
    This sudden joy seemed to have got me to a state of "completion". Congratulations, you made it! You achieved your goal. You want to stay on your course. You convinced yourself, well done. You won life, you are interested in a career path that will grant you safety. Then following this I swiftly gave up on achieving anything. The illusion of an "end" or "conclusion" just beat the spirit out of me. I vaguely looked at material relating to what I do but nothing related to actualy projects I have going on. I have so much to do. But I don't create the time or the joy for myself to do it. I am currently listening to the audiobook the 5 second rule, which can be boiled down to, "once you have an idea, start counting back from 5 and by the time you reach 1 act on it." This way you get your brain into action and you can kill procrastination. However when I find myself starting to count I quickly drop the idea and carry on procrastinating. I do it on purpose. And THAT is unfortunately without a doubt. 
    I need a flow state. Where I am excited about work, as I am excited about improving my life. I know it exists because I experienced it in the past, especially the early weeks of my detox. 
    I think the internet addiction I allowed to seep back into my life is destroying me. Absolutely overtaking my life. Because of this, I will follow my gaming detox of 90 days with an internet detox of 90 days. I will only view youtube in the company of friends (skype included), no random links opened, no facebook, no empty watching of material. I will be able to choose a show or to target material I want to watch, but I have to target, define the time, essentially imitate watching a show. 
    Why do I only do this after my video game detox? Because when I decided that I am staying on my course I also decided that I will not fully kill off games. Games were to me the primary form of appreciating Computer Science as a potential future for myself, and in a way I feel it is essential to maintaining my drive about the subject. But even this I am not sure if it is because I do mean this or because I am just falling apart and I seek escape again. It feels different. It really does. But I am not giving in. I am doing 90 days first. It is the deal I made to myself and to all of you. Nothing I state is set in stone, but 90 days is 90 days. 
    You might be thinking that I am falling apart now. I am. But I think this will help me grow. But only if I actually learn something from this. Control of time and schedule is what I need to do. And no permission to browse aimlessly. That shit kills me. Okay, but if I know this now why do I wait until the end of my detox with this? Quite simple actually. I need to have 'introverted' fun somehow. I am having difficulties reading light novels and picking up watching movies does not feel proactive enough to me. I need some kind of more controlled escape. I chose youtube and facebook over games lately. My real question is, can I quit aimless consumption of material? Can I re-create my mind such that it is a tool for me not the other way around? That is my goal. That is what I seek. I succeeded by quitting games for a long while, can I do this with other forms of media? 
    Sorry for the rambling and kinda relapse scares, not really, or what? Jesus fuck I'm tired. Alright scrap the all nighter, I'll get in six hours it will leave me more efficient after all. 
    Here is a TL;DR for all you busy people: After my 90 day detox of games I will remain on GQ on my 90 day aimless internet purge. No facebook, only limited time messenger, preferably eradicate that too; No youtube unless directly targeted or in company of friends. All free time will be be used well, and all dedicated fun free time will be used for fun. I plan such that that will include games to see how allowing them back into my life influences my behavior. I will keep everyone up to date, if anything gets out of hand I will come back and fully purge everything to the best of my abilities. I will wipe my mind fresh and clean. But I don't think that is quite necessary. 
    Thanks for caring. 
    Kindest regards, 
    P.s. Reading back I'm getting more unsure of what I believe and what I feel and what I know and honestly what is happening.  Do I sound like a quitter? I feel like a quitter already. Or did I just come to a decision? Whatever, sleep and 90 days. I'll see you guys later. 
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  9. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Cam's YouTube Videos   

    Episode 123: Should You Buy a Nintendo Switch?
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  10. AcupunctureFTW added a post in a topic What did you do after quitting gaming?   

    A non-team, competitive sport that requires detail such as fencing might be good.
    As someone who enjoyed PVP and the thrill of going against another human being in real time, fencing fit the bill nicely for me. It is nicknamed physical chess for a reason. It is considered an intellectual sport, requires analysis and planning that needs to be executed precisely and with extremely fast action.
    It also takes advantage of those gamer reflexes.  You can get yourself ranked nationally if you choose to compete in rated matches, too, for "constant, measurable growth." Or just count the bruises you have at the end of each bout, lol.
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  11. Reno F added a post in a topic Freaking out...   

    Good Job, Craig!
    This is a big step. One of the biggest. You should be really proud of yourself! Keep on reading, the advice in there is solid.
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  12. AcupunctureFTW added a post in a topic HAIKU for Gamequitters   

    We are not lab rats
    "Think Outside the Skinner Box"
    Personal Motto
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  13. AcupunctureFTW added a post in a topic Freaking out...   

    You did it!
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  14. LuminousBean added a post in a topic The Cave You Fear To Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek   

    Meditate: 15 + 20 (morning and afternoon)
    5AM Wakeup: Hell Yes.  Coffee and meditation.  Checked New York Times too early, could have used the time even better.
    Mind: Wrote very briefly.  Started The Willpower Instinct audiobook.  No strong opinions so far.  One interesting note, the author splits willpower into three distinct camps: "I will..." + "I won't...." + "I want..." Video games fit into that second category pretty well, but quitting is also complimented by reminding myself what I want long term and what I will do each day to get there.
    Body: 7.5 miles today between work & walking the dog.
    Notes: Pretty great day overall.  Didn't eat too well or too badly.  1 beer with dinner, 7.7%.  Liked the interface of this Chains.CC thing.  I used dontbreakthechain for awhile but it was just too clunky.  Would like the functionality to be something other than days of the week (ex. let me set a goal to lift 3x a week instead of on MWF).
    D&D buddies frothed on our group text about downloading the new Mass Effect game.  I really enjoyed the story aspects of Mass Effect, but I am also wary enough to remember all the running around in fixed city environments wondering where the hell to go and running into barriers.  It was fun, but not as life changing as publishing a book would be.  That's what I have to start putting on the scale against gaming.  No real strong urges today.  The barriers I have put in place to my own gaming seem fairly secure.  Walked my gf to work with the dog today.  Told her about the site.

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  15. Simms added a post in a topic The mountains are calling...   

    Day #29 - Monday
    Worked a long day, felt pretty good.
    Some mindless surfing when I got home. Not so good.
    Read about some climbing drama... the prince and princess of Colorado climbing got divorced and they've been subtly jabbing at each other through social media... until today when the prince went way overboard. Full expose airing all their dirty laundry coming soon on climbing.com via James Lucas? So fascinating. So much pain. Would not want to go through a messy breakup in the social media age.
    Was thinking about how I take things to the next level. Work and Working out have been good. But they're nothing new. - I think using the rest of the 90 day detox to stabilize those good influences is a strong idea, then working on the remaining bad habits that are creeping in to occupy newfound free time. Feels like the 80/20 rule... I've done 80% by eliminating videogames and focusing on healthy areas of my life, but it'll take at least as much work to stamp out the 20% that needs the detail work... and that's my biggest weakness, the fine detail work.
    Gratitude journal
    The partner I've been doing a lot of new work for. Her commitment to being flexible with learning styles and being patient with my broad strokes view of completing work when she's super detail oriented has made me want to step up my detail work.
    One amazing thing that happened/I did today
    Got a lot of work complete when I thought I was going to get super stressed out this afternoon. Managed to reign it in and refocus... calmed the waters.
    Squats 5x5 - 170
    Bench 5x5 - 135
    Bent Row 5x5 - 130
    Reading + taking notes
    What went well today:
    Work, workout.
    What I could have done to make my day better:
    Got chores done earlier. - No mindless surfing.
    Misc thoughts and plans:
    Made a good showing of a day that could have gone off the rails. Keep it up through the week!
    Haven't even been looking at my monthly and 3-month goals. Need to think about that when I'm mindlessly surfing. I'm running out of time each day and that time I'm wasting could be used to read this and contemplate.
    Re-read old journal posts... coming up on 30 days, time to reflect.
    Weekly Goal(s) - Monday start
    Climb 2x, Stronglifts 3x - So far 1x stronglifts
    Journal daily - So far, so good.
    Track mood daily at least twice on Daylio: So far - 19 day streak - Back to feeling good.
    Monthly Goal
    Information gathering on buying a mountain bike. - Visit the bike shops in town. Friends gonna let me know when the first Demo days start up.
    Use Training for the New Alpinism to assist in shaping training plan. Got the book on my nightstand.  It's screaming to be used.
    NEW - Work hard to the end of April. - Be proud of what I've accomplished.
    3 Month Goal
    Top-rope a 5.12a successfully on the tall wall. Found a suitable project Sunday... will it be up long enough. /sigh
    NEW - Be in excellent condition for June mountain trip.
    Climb 1x technical, 1x non-technical 11,000er in the Canadian Rockies. May need to bump part of this out to 6 months.
    Outline novel. Chunking this. Creating manageable pieces relating to it in my weekly goals. - May need to evaluate if novel work is realistic with work and physical committments.
    Do an editing pass of one of my shorts. Dropping these two as not in line with my current goals and commitment level. To revisit later.
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  16. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Article: Can Acupuncture Help Your Video Game Recovery?   

    I've done acupuncture before and found it interesting. Would do more of it. My mom has done it for a long time. 
    Also, just for anyone wondering, I've spoken to OP on the phone, and she's awesome.
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  17. Cam Adair added a post in a topic San Francisco Bay Area Support Group   

    ^ Big fan.
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  18. AcupunctureFTW added a topic in Meetups   

    San Francisco Bay Area Support Group
    Hello GameQuitters!
    I love this online community! I am working on an in-person support group for anyone quitting video games in the San Francisco Bay Area. Meetings will happen in the Richmond District in San Francisco. Details about the location are here: www.limbicacupuncture.com
    This will be a recurring event on a monthly basis, eventually moving onto weekly. As a former World of Warcraft addict, I found in-person support tremendously helpful for success. Post here or PM me if you are interested in joining and helping yourself and others in recovery!
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  19. AcupunctureFTW added a topic in Main Room   

    Article: Can Acupuncture Help Your Video Game Recovery?
    Hello GameQuitters!
    Recently GameQuitters published an article I authored, titled "Can Acupuncture Help Your Video Game Recovery?" viewable here. It is heavily cited with research, and summarizes the efficacy of acupuncture in treating internet and video game addiction.
    I quit World of Warcraft around seven years ago. I officially deactivated my account eight times, before I finally succeeded for good. I failed seven times. During those seven failures, I did things like putting a keychain authenticator on my account and throwing the keychain behind the couch, randomly typing in a password that I would never remember, cutting off my internet, taking out my video card, and of course uninstalling. 
    A brief summary of my story can be found in the article above, but the short of it is that I eventually found acupuncture. It helped. Often in recovery, especially during those first two weeks, cravings management is very important to prevent a relapse. I found that acupuncture helped me stay on the side of recovery, just enough to continue pushing through.
    Going from 16 hours a day (playing whenever I woke up to whenever I passed out) to quitting was one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced. But it was because it was so challenging that I was able to grow, albeit painfully. 
    Eventually, that pain turned into inspiration. Since then, I have dedicated my life to increasing awareness about video game addiction, and, as a licensed acupuncturist, doing my part to heal others.
    What are your opinions about acupuncture? Is it something that you would be interested in trying? Has anyone already tried it? Let me know!
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  20. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Freaking out...   

    Booya! Great job!
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  21. gankylosaurus added a post in a topic My Own Personal Bootcamp   

    Day 1
    Today was pretty good. Had to deal with a sudden emergency, but overall I got most of what I wanted done.
    I wanted to edit a chapter. Instead, I read through the chapter and made notes. Ultimately I determined that it needs largely rewritten, especially because of some huge character changes I've made to the overall story. I will do that tomorrow.
    I thought about that Reality Craft idea and decided against it. It's a complicated system, and one I don't really want to keep up with. Instead, I got about halfway through a Udemy course on copy writing. I will probably do the rest tomorrow.
    Basically, today was a good example of ways to adapt. I didn't do the dishes because my girlfriend is home sick, asleep on the couch. I'd rather not wake her up smashing dishes together. I also got a good bit of reading done. Not a huge amount, but more than I've done lately.
    I want to keep this journal positive. I can be pretty negative at times, and I don't want that to be a continuing trend. But when I say that, don't assume that when I say things are good that I'm bullshitting you. I like being honest. If I have a bad day, I just won't mention it was bad. But I will, at least, try to salvage the good from it. Part of this starts with me, though, because I have more control over my livelihood than I give myself credit for.
    See you tomorrow.
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  22. Craig added a post in a topic Freaking out...   

    Ok. Xbox One S erased.  5 TB HD Erased.  Pre-orderd Game cancelled.  Console on Facebook Marketplace.    
    On to page 20.  
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  23. Craig added a post in a topic Freaking out...   

    OMG! I didn't even think of that.  You rock!  They canceled it with no problems because it hasn't been released yet.  Boom! 
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  24. Schwing added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    127 days
    Days porn free: 10
    Today I left my comfort zone by:
    Talking to 3 people I don't usually talk to. I spoke to someone randomly! He didn't reply though. Must have thought I was retarded or something.Running through wind and rain. Lots of it.Routine:
    Get up 6:30 (8:30 weekend)BioenergeticsCold showerMeditation50 exp duolingoPhysical activityStudy or read 1 hourArt 1 hourGoal from yesterday done?:
    Yeeee. Finished everything bar one thing.
    Thoughts and Feelings:
    I woke up at 6:30 just fine but I slumped back to sleep again.I have been feeling pretty manly these past few days. Super deep voice. Nice.Did some art when I got home. I will draw up some panels for a comic tomorrow. Once I figure out a short storyTomorrow I will go on a trip all day to a university conference.I haven't done a post yet for the case studies! Shit! Sorry @Cam Adair Tasks and achievements:
    Physical: runningMental: studying, learning german, artSpiritual: cold shower, bioenergetics, meditationWhat I am grateful for:
    MetalNice haircutHB pencilsmy boi @destoroyah for always posting on my deviant art. you can see what I draw here10 days nofap! 3 more and I beat my recordWhat I have learnt from today:
    My personality and attitude has changed significantly over the past 4 monthsI can't stop drawing!Tomorrow I will leave my comfort zone by:
    Talk to 3 people I don't usually talk to.Goal for tomorrow:
    Goal for the month:
    Finish all my coursework. Beat nofap
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  25. Schwing added a post in a topic Schwing's Art   

    Check out my deviant art
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