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  1. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My Journal, by Zane   

    ?Love this! Great project. You will definitely feel a lot better because of it. The thing is, growing up sometimes we have this misconception that structure or organization is restricting... when really it helps us create a lot of opportunities! It's a foundation.
    You may want to fast-forward and check out Day 13
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  2. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Hope you had a good time! NoFap is a very interesting experience, but you will learn a lot from the process of getting to 90 days, just like you will from going 90 days without gaming.
    ?I laughed.
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  3. Zane added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    woah I made way too many smiley faces
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  4. Zane added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Hey Matthias
    First of all, you lasted longer than I did. Haha
    Second, you're alright man. It seems like your biggest wish right now is to find a special girl. You will find her You're good looking man and you are a devoted person, or else you wouldn't be on these forums. Find a girl and ask her to eat lunch with you
    Also keep this in mind. You already are successful!!! What are you talking about man? You quit video games. SUCCESS. Just because you aren't a millionaire rockstar already doesn't mean you won't be successful. It may help if you try to worry less about the big picture and focus on dominating the little picture each step of the way. That way it doesn't seem like such a steep mountain to climb

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  5. Matthias added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Day 15
    To be honest there are only 3 thing i am actually afraid of:
    1.) Rejection: well that one is obvious. i was rejected by a lot of people. The fear also wouldn't allow me to talk a lot with strangers. Thanks to your challenges on courage it acutally got better, but i will think about another challenge.
    2.) Never finding a soulmate: i never had a relationship where i could imagine myself staying longer with a person than 1 month. dont know what to do about that.
    3.) To never be succesfull: i have always been a hard worker, in video games and now in reallife. i just have the constant fear of just being a failure and having no success. dont know what to do about it either.

    I also got fairly drunk today, and i relapsed after only 2 days on nofap -.-

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  6. Zane added a topic in In Progress   

    Game Quitters App
    I would love to see a Game Quitters App
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  7. Zane added a post in a topic My Journal, by Zane   

    Day 2

    Ok so after a bit of thought I have realized exactly what I should do for my 30 day project. A week ago, I was going through some papers, and I found an envelope from January 2015. I opened it and found a check for nearly 500 dollars that I had never cashed in. I was surprised and I told my family members that I live with and they were like lol zane you are so unorganized. I realize now that I'm past due for an organizational overhaul. So for my project I am going to spend 30 days putting my affairs in order. I am going to work on everything from deep cleaning my room to organizing all my papers and my electronic devices. I am going to create a generic daily schedule, a weekly planner, put a monthly calendar in my room for bigger events, and devise year long over time. I'm going to make it mobilized so everything can be altered on a moment's notice. I'm going to find a place/container to file/store all my legal and financial documents, organize my binder, start a savings account, arrange for a percentage of all my earnings to go straight to savings, transcribe the addresses of my family members in a book, and a huge list of other tasks. I will dive into this project by making a list of tasks to be completed each day and set parameters for success. I believe that this project will greatly increase my standard of life, and I am excited to work on it
    The truth is I have not set a faithful schedule for myself in years, and it is perhaps a huge reason that I have remained unproductive for so long. I don't expect to be successful in many other long term projects until I first complete this one. Once I actually take care of organizing my life, then I can know exactly what time limits I have and can appropriate the tasks for future projects, such as starting an online business, working on bodybuilding, or building relationships, for example.
    Cam, you are a genius. Projects! I learned something huge today. You see, until now I never thought of projects as being the key to success. And yet, all my life, the most fulfilling experiences I've ever had were from completing projects!!! I never even realized that! Projects are amazing. I felt accomplished when I wrote a 15 page long narrative poem on the Battle of Austerlitz over the course of 2 years. I felt accomplished when I created a community service project at my school. I felt accomplished when I successfully hacked my own computer which my computer savvy dad had restricted. I felt accomplished when I built a romantic relationship. I felt accomplished when I built a clan in Destiny. Nothing else has ever filled me with the sense of accomplishment like these projects.
    If I had any reservations about wanting to start a business before, I don't now! Cam, this is one of my biggest goals right now. I want to start a successful business. An online business. I'm telling you man, this is my future
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  8. Cam Adair added a post in a topic I'm Michael   

    Hey Michael!
    Thanks for joining us here and sharing your story! Congrats on taking the first step to remove games. If you want to know how to interact with your friends, check out this video.
    You should make a youtube channel and share vlogs about your journey, learning new languages, etc. Let me know if you create the channel and I will subscribe!

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  9. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Once you sell a few more of your items you'll be that much closer to your Macbook!
    ?Great job getting your meditation and 7-minute workout done even though you woke up late. This really speaks to what I shared above about adapting and finding ways to get things done even when you aren't in your optimal environment. It would have been easy for you to skip things today and not meditate and do your exercise workout but you remained committed, and this is exactly the type of action you need to take moving forward if you really want to achieve your dreams. Most people can do the things they need to do when it's easy or convenient, but the difference is what happens when it's not as easy and not as convenient. That's where champions are made.
    Longer meditations can be truly powerful. I've had some of the craziest experiences of my life doing them.
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  10. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My Journal, by Zane   

    Woohoo!! Day 1!
    I really do believe in the power of understanding why you are doing something. That's ultimately where motivation comes from and your sense of purpose. I think a big change happens in our life when we start being proactive to learn about why we want to do things or what we do believe. Most of us don't know why we do what we do because we haven't taken the time to step back and ask ourselves that very question.
    Excited to watch your journey this next 30 days and beyond.
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  11. Zane added a topic in Daily Journals   

    My Journal, by Zane
    Hi, my name is Zane and I am 18 years old. I live in San Jose, California with my Aunt and two cousins. I have just ended my first week of work/ summer classes at my community college that I go to. The last day I played video games was 3 days ago. I played because my 12 year old buddy named Logan came over and wanted to play with me one last time before he moved to another state. The next day I shipped away my xbox one and threw away all my computer games. Since then I have been video game free, and I feel alright with it. I will report any feelings of withdrawal that I might experience.
    I am quitting video games because they have been instrumental in tearing my life apart for the year that I've been playing them as freely as I desired. When I played video games, they sucked the life out of me and I had no motivation to do important things like get my drivers license, put in the effort to buy textbooks for class, or get a job. I stopped feeling bold and daring like the guy I was in high school. I felt threatened by other people's success, and wanted to bring everyone down to my level, including my ex girlfriend. I saw my aunt stressed out by work, remembered my parents who weren't very loving toward us or each other, and worked hard each day, and it was suffocating. I didn't want that to be my future, because I imagined that once I had to work hard for a living then my life would be miserable until I died. Or perhaps I would work hard until I was able to retire and then be too old to enjoy my riches. It was a depressing way to view the world, but I wasn't in any state to shift my mindset. I was living unhealthy, addicted to video games and my girlfriend, emotionally dependent on both, and I ended up crashing hard. 6 months later, after putting into motion huge changes in my life, I was led here to this challenge.
    For the past couple weeks I have maintained steady positive spirits and I hope that I can keep them. I truly have not felt this good for this long in at least 9 months. I want to maintain general positive thoughts because, like Cam said, focusing on positive thoughts is what makes us happy. My goal here is to make a lifestyle change and put less meaningful vices such as video games behind. After reading about the advantages of noFap combined with Cam's message on dopamine addiction, I have decided to go on a 90 day detox on that as well..... starting today (shhh nothing happened.) I want to find success in my work and my relationships, and make this pursuit a lifelong goal, so that I can find happiness. I know what brings me happiness, and I intend to go through all the difficult challenges I will face and work hard to get there, rather than take shortcuts like I have all my life.
    How do I believe other people currently see me?
    Well, lets start with my family. I think they see me as a bit lazy, playing video games all day, not going out much or making friends. They also see me as an argumentative person with bad habits, however they also see me as a person who is a little funny and who has gone through tough times recently. Since I only moved in a year ago, they have only seen the things I've done in the past year. I feel ashamed about some of my bad habits, because my aunt deserves better from someone she is allowing to live with her, and also because for most of my life I have done things like maintaining a clean room, taking a shower every morning, and doing my homework each night, yet I didn't do these things while living in her house. However, I have been changing all of these things, and I know that my family has noticed. I believe that they are developing much greater respect for me.
    As for people outside my family, I think that they see me as a decent guy. I'm more mature than I was in high school, though less outgoing I suppose. I have less friends than in high school, but there are also FAR less people my age at my community college. Nobody at the college seem to hang out together like outside of class. It makes me miss high school. In high school making friends was very easy, but not at my current college. For this reason I am going to be attending a different college next spring and in the meantime attend events/ activities such as meetup to make new friends.
    How do I want people to see me?
    I want people to see me as a driven and motivated individual. I want them to see me as attractive and strong, following my passions and dreams. I want to see people envy me, as I have experienced in the past, and I especially want them to see me as a leader.
    Three behaviors or characteristics I want to change:
    1. I would like to change my tendency of prioritizing the activities which offer instant gratification over more important activities.
    2. I would like to overcome my fear of feeling controlled and start scheduling my activities as Cam recommends, as well as put forth the effort toward creating habits to ensure that I am consistently moving toward my goals.
    3. I would like to work on my relationships with other people and convince them to perceive me as the individual I have pictured in my dreams, after putting in the work to become that person.

    After doing the calculations and basing my results on the opinions of the Social Security Administration, my number of days to live is 23,288. YAY

    HAHA That's Kinda Funny
    I just watched the video you recommended and my first thought was: Where have I heard this before? Oh that's right, FightMediocrity gave me an overview of this subject a couple weeks ago In his video he discussed Sinek's golden circle, and explained how much more people are motivated to do something when they know why they are doing it, and when they are driven by the why. But watching Sinek's own presentation provided even more insights. He says that people don't buy what you do, they buy why you're doing it. And that resonates with me. Those that follow their gut feelings are acting on the why. They are doing what they believe in, and as a result they become leaders to everyone else. Reading this article makes me want to act on what I believe and be a leader.
    I believe in Cam's mission to harness the energies of gamers toward success. I believe in your quest. I've been following what you have to say because it resonates with me and because I believe what you believe in. You gotta be driven by what you believe.

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  12. Matthias added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Day 14
    I overslept and didnt do anything from my morning routine. After i got to work i did some meditation on the bathroom and the 7 minute workroom at the gym room. After i got home from work I did the 45 minute meditation. It was extremly relaxing and i saw some of the mistakes i made in my life and conversations with people i have never met? wtf. After that i rushed to band practice and now i am quickly writing this entry as it is already close to midnight and i have to work tomorrow at 7.
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  13. MDog117 added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    I'm Michael
    Dear game quitters,
    Hello my name is Michael, I have made an most difficult decision to quit gaming forever! I have just recently quit and deleted all of my games. I have been playing video games for many years ever since I was four. After eleven years I am now able to set foot on the right path. It was not easy but I the trigger that got me out of the darkness and lead me to the light really worked. I finally feel confident that I can start my new life without games. Now I will discuss my story of how my gaming addition all began.
    I played games since I was four years old. It was casual playing until I got to the age of thirteen. This addiction started in the seventh grade. In the beginning of the year I was friends with the smart kids or people known as nerds. I did not mind at all if I was friends with them, they were one of the closest and best friends I ever had. Anyway, my friend that I talked to on the bus was part of the "cool kids" that played video games (I am indeed lucky that those kids do not do bad things like drinking, smoking and such), One day he introduced me to his friends and we started to talk. They said that they play xbox 360 and this got me the idea to get one. I then asked my parents for a Xbox 360. On my birthday that's when I received my 360.
    When I got my 360 I started to play it and get really addicted to it. This effect caused me to lose my friendship with my true friends and cause me to slack in class. At the time I did not feel any of the pain of loss or care about my grades ever since I started playing. This addition continued until I got into the ninth grade. I just decided to get rid of my console since I knew that school is very important. So I sold my console before school started. On the first day of school I was shocked. I was put in the special education classes. I was in the class were the stupid/ special kids are (no offense). However on the second day of school I received a new schedule of my classes. Then I was put in the normal/good classes that I should be in. Later, one of my old friends from kindergarten suggested that I should get a gaming pc. Sadly I listened to him and I asked for a gaming computer for my birthday. I picked one out on ebay and my father bought me it. About two months later the pc seller on ebay got banned since he was cheating people with money. I feel sorry to this day that my father had spent a good amount of money just for me just to be happy. My father still believes that I can achieve good grades and such and im glad that he believes in me. However the game addiction was too strong and I still played games until the end of the year. I was indeed sad that I did not recive second honors (when all grades are 85 and above). It was only one class that I had an 80 in but still it was the cause of the gaming addition.
    The friends that I played with on pc are from school. But now as of 6-18-15 I have officially quit gaming. I did not tell them nor I do not plan to. If I do encounter them I will admit the truth but as of now not at the moment. That is the history that caused the addition. The trigger that caused me to quit was thinking about school and my future. I thought that: what will playing games succeed?, how am I going to have a good life?, etc. I have dreams and goals. I want to make books and learn some new languages. I want to learn greatly in school and to be one of the smartest in my grade. I am quite interested in making a youtube channel. I want to walk the right path in life. Also one of my closest friends quitted his favorite game (clash of clans) and told me that he wanted to succeed in life too.
    Now it is summer, there are a lot of things that I can do. Now that I am free from gaming for good I can finally reach my dreams and goals. I am glad that the game quitters forum was created and I really wish to aid those that are in need for quitting games. If you have any questions or concerns please email me: mdog4117@gmail.com. This is my story, thank you.
    Your fellow game quitter,

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  14. Matthias added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    ?I am learning Japanese with a book called Genki. i never thought about flashcards. well once i have learnt the basics i will write to you
    ?Well i wish it was that hot here. i hate the cold ( yeah i was born i the wrong country apparently).
    She was ill today ( she wasnt at university i know from a friend) so i'll call her tomorrow.

    Day 13
    Here is the list of things i have to do:
    1.) sell 5 string bass
    2.) sell desk
    3.) backup data, clean and sell gaming pc
    4.) sell nintendo 3ds
    5.) sell psp
    6.) clean up the closet
    7.) sort out old t shirts
    8.) clean up external hdd
    9.) ask girl out
    10.) set up savings account for macbook.......done
    11.) take piggybank to the bank.........done
    12.) sell steam account
    I already took my piggybank to the bank ( i dont know the exact english word, but it is a box where i put my change) and it was over 120
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  15. Cam Adair added a topic in Art & Music   

    House music
    Hey guys,
    I love house music so if any of you also enjoy it let me know and I'll post some good mixes for you.
    Post a song or two of the style you like and I'll find a sweet mix just for you.

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  16. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    ?Good job with the cold shower! They aren't easy! Crazy Austria is so cold right now. I'm off to Thailand tomorrow and it was 41C there today.
    With the girl if you've been chatting do one of two things:
    1) Grab her number and give her a call, chat for a few minutes and then make plans to hang out.
    2) If #1 doesn't feel good, just figure out what her schedule is this week and tell her you want to see her. Find a time and then have something cool like grabbing coffee and walking to a park arranged.
    If she says no which would be weird it's all good, your mission is just to ask her and express yourself without filtering it. You like her, you want to see her and it will be fun. That's the vibe you put out.
    Maybe Tyrone has some tips for the language learning?

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  17. Matthias added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    ?Day 12 (i somehow skipped a day wtf?)
    I took a cold shower again today and i still only lasted 2 minutes. However it wasn't that extreme, it was still extremly cold, so cold that i couldn't resist longer than 2 minutes ( all the water in austria comes from springs with excellent water quality - (the water in my town is used for brewing beer that won several awards and is also rated as mineral water) however, the water has 4 degrees celcius but i was still able to breath a bit today.

    Yes i have, and we are chatting on facebook everyday. I will ask her out, i just dont know how. Well i am still on day 1 on noFap, so it is still easy.
    I plan to go to the gym on saturday. Tomorrow i have to practice for i musical i get paid to play in, and on friday i have band practice with a new band. It's starting to annoy me that i just can't get californiacation right. I always mess up somepart during the recording. Also my left hand hurt today as i was practicing scales yesterday for about 2 hours. I should consider stopping earlier or i might get carpal.
    Since i am already doing 7 minutes workout, it has been no different, but i feel absolutly amazing after i had my tea at breakfast ( it is really rainy and cold atm, so i need to get warm after the cold shower - 12 degrees celcius and that in fucking june -.-).

    I really want to learn japanese and i already started doing it, however i dont even find a bit of joy in it. It just feels like a drag ( despite the fact that i really liked learning french and english - my mother tongue is german so...). Do you have any tipps of how to make it more enjoyable ( i learned french in school, but the only japanese course in my area is at the university i am going to attend in september - but i dont want to wait that long to learn. )

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  18. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    ?Take 10 is enough for now. You have a longer one coming up.
    Keep your mind open to a challenge you can design for yourself that pushes your comfort zone like Karaoke would for most people. We can come up with an idea. BTW, did you call that girl!?
    ?Cold showers can be very challenging, but they are such a great easy way to build more of your discipline and tenacity. And after you do them more often, they really start to be more enjoyable... kind of. Haha.
    NoFap is good. Keep us updated on that, it can bring up different emotions like what happens when you first quit gaming.
    Everything looks good. This challenge is also meant to help you develop more independence and self-awareness, because things in what's happening in your morning routine are basically what happens every day in life. Even today, I woke up in a new country (Singapore), tired, hungry, dehydrated, I couldn't find the kind of food I wanted to eat (within my diet), I'm frustrated for a minute, then I get to Starbucks to work for a bit and even though I charged my laptop last night, I turn it on and it's at 35%. It's easy for these kind of things to cause mayhem in your day, OR to accept them as is (such as you have to work in the morning so you can't wake up at 5am to get it done)... when really how we respond and the solutions we find are up to us most of the time.
    It's all about learning to be aware of what's happening and then adjusting/adapting to optimize ourselves moving forward to our desired goal.
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  19. Cam Adair added a post in a topic I'm Marcus   

    Hey Marcus! Thanks for sharing and joining us here! Always love your updates.
    If you relapsed this weekend make sure you keep this in mind.
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  20. Marcus added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    I'm Marcus
    Hi there,
    I made my first experience in online gaming with Diablo 2, BroodWar and later WarCraft 3. Before I got Internet I played games on consoles liked SNES or the good old Sega Mega Drive
    These games were fun, but I never felt actually addicted. In school I was really smart, had good grades, some friends - no problem at all. I treated gaming as a pure hobby and in summer I played football rather than video games.
    I loved the WarCraft theme and it was a no brainer to go for World of Warcraft when it came out. In 3 years I got a playtime of around 400 days - that's over 8 hours a day for 3 whole years! I once even spent Christmas and New Year in this game ... I played at a really high and competitive level and I saw (and battled) all the available content and bosses (even with some top 100 world kills). I was proud of my guild and myself, so I spent every available minute online.
    My personal downfall started - I didn't care much about school anymore, didn't showed up and nearly dropped out of school. With some really badass luck I was able to finish school with a halfway good report. Some months later I could finish a traineeship and was eligible for studies. Note: At this time I still played WoW but at a much lower skill level, cause my first guild retired.
    At this time there was a website called wowdetox.com where people wrote their reasons why they quit. I've read them for many weeks and months and agreed on them. I wanted to quit but I could not.
    I realized more and more that raiding every night till midnight is much more like a job than a hobby. The people in this guild weren't as cool or fun as the ones from my first guild either. So I quit cold turkey, wrote my guild leader a PM and deleted my toon. Tired at 10 pm? No problem, go to bed
    Another note: I met my wife in my first guild and she was really jealous that I could go to sleep while she "has" to play until the raidleader called it a night
    She quit gaming WoW not long after me.
    That was about 2010 and in my second semester at university (5 years ago? what the fuck ...). Once I quit spending all or at least a lot of my time in online games my grades were really skyrocketing! I was able to finish my studies with a good B and got a job even before I was handed over my bachelor's degree. Around this time I played some hardcore Diablo 3 and made my first post at Cams blogpost, that was in 2012. In favor of my bachelor's degree I quit this game, too.
    Today? Well, in the past years I played some games when I wanted (StarCraft 2, Dota, some Singleplay like Orcs must die or Serious Sam but not excessively).
    But today when I remember myself of the time wasted and the really bad feelings I had every day I woke up and just played ... I will never experience this again - it nearly destroyed me. As a said before, in my first school years I was smart, had good grades, was interested in many things, read a lot. It feels like all these experiences vanished while I played so much. Today I feel really stupid in comparison.
    That's why I will never allow games to control my life again - and I recommend "The slight edge", it really helped me to find my focus again.
    Honestly, I had a little relapse last weekend where I played some Blizzard Dota, but I quit and deleted the game. You really need to find another hobby to replace gaming. If not, you will be bored and play again (happens to me).
    My hobbies: My wife (<3), meeting friends, gardening (summertime!), reading (I love fantasy novels), work out, Lego (you are never too old!) and ... my job. I really love my job and I am willing to spent my freetime if I have to. Also working on a IT certification to improve my skills and value for my company.
    I keep track of my days since last played with smartphone app and now it's time for the 90s
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  21. Matthias added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    ?Yeah meditation does really help. Btw do you have any tips outside of headspace, or do you think take 10 is enough?.
    To be honest i dont really have an idea similar to that. A lot of people told me i am a show beast and i have yet to feel uncomfortable when i play in front of a big crowd ( we played in front of 300 ppl last week, that is huge in austria xD).

    Day 10
    To be honest the Cold Shower Challenge was the hardest one in the Challenge so far. I am extremly cold sensitive and normally i shower so hot, that i am red after the shower.
    I only lasted 2 minutes, but i got ambitious and want to get to 5 in the next 30 days. However despite the fact that it was extremly uncomfortable and it felt like anything besides my chest will explode cause of the cold.
    I also decided i will start with noFap as i had a really filthy thought today.
    I also ordered a book which i think will be quite awesome to read in the evening ( in the evening i read exciting books, such as thrillers or similar ones, and in the morning i read self improvement books.
    I also decided based on the tips on the slight edge that i will not only write down 10 things i am grateful for in the morning, but also 2 things that made me happy during the day.
    My morning routine is still a bit messed up. I have to be at work at 7 AM (normal in Austria) and if i want to complete my morning routine i have to get up at 5 am, and despite the fact that i dont sleep 13 hours anymore, i am still sometimes oversleeping and have to cut out either some reading or the 7 Minutes of exercise, depending on the mood i have at that given time. I also have cut out practicing scales, since i am not warmed up and i felt my fingers were kinda numb during work.
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  22. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Hey man! Good job keeping up with your song list! I love how you're using meditation as a grounding force when you come home and seeing the power of how showing appreciation is a pathway to connecting more with people.
    Instead of the karaoke mission, let's think of something else that would push your comfort zone. What ideas do you have?
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  23. Matthias added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Day 10
    I am learning Californiacation for a few days now, and it isn't particulary difficult to play, but i dont get a recording that i would publish.
    Today wasn't very exceptional. I got to work and cleaned up the anniversary party mess and after i got home, i played bass and did some meditation.
    After that i wrote to 3 people on facebook on how grateful i am to know them. 2 responded very kindly and one hasn't responded at all (well he has yet to read the message). It felt pretty good and i could literally feel how much it was worth to them.

    There are no karaoke bars near my town (the nearest one is 40 km away and only is open on tuesday, the next tuesday i will be able to attend without working will be in september).
    However i sang last week during my 2 gigs, so i am not really shy in front of large crowds ( always backing vocals except for the only cover song we played).

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  24. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Dude! Love the moves! Get low... get low... get low...
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  25. Matthias added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Day 9
    So i was able to complete the day 8 challenge today. We had a 20 year anniversary celebration at work ( the facility i work at turned 20) and there were a lot of people, and i complimented a girl on her dress and to be honest it felt great

    I also was able to complete day9 challenge. Here is the video for maximum cringe: ( i wont post it on facebook, cause it is so extremly ridicolous)

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