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  1. 28_yrs_of_gaming added a post in a topic The Game Destroyer's Journal   

    DAY # - 14 - UNFINISHED!
    Time I woke up: 0800
    Time I went to sleep yesterday:  midnight
    Physical task: Minimal.
    Mental task: Reading.
    Projects: None.
    Miscellaneous accomplishments: 
    ~ Helped fold some laundry and hung a new mail/key rack by the bedroom door.
    Summary of Day #: 13
    I am UNFINISHED. Stormy weather for several days. Nice to have an inside job. One callout before dinner. Listening to music. Sewing class going on downstairs. The children are active. Slow day. Bored out of my mind sometimes. Slept a bit better last night. Still having serious withdrawals. Got some good reading material in the mail. Looking at some more RESPAWN materials this evening. I've stopped looking at social media during the week. Still find myself drifting to YouTube. I need to remember not to expect too much from myself. Ugh. I decided I'm only writing in the journal every other day for the next few weeks. Then I may only journal every 3-4 days or even once a week. I may be internalizing too much at this point. Just making some adjustments to see how my thoughts are doing. Thanks for the support. Feeling real pathetic right now. Ugh.  
    What I am grateful for today:
    ~ Gummi bears.
    ~ Fresh fish.
    ~ Everyone is in good health. 
    ~ It's been almost 3 full weeks since I played a video game of ANY kind. The extent to which this bothers me is revealing how badly I need to continue changing my habits.
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  2. Stercus accidit added a post in a topic Stercus accidit's Journal - 90 days detox completed :D   

    D 3
    work out 
    had some minor thoughts bout gaming
    spent about an hour on youtube doing nothing
    listening to the audiobook  
    I still have to study for physics and chemistry, and do history homework - this one awakes negative emotions, will be hard to accomplish
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  3. superiggy added a post in a topic GG EZ Respawn   

    Day #3
    I woke up at 8am. Instead of gaming, I've watched some Buddhism and personal development videos, practiced a ton of piano, and composed some music. I reconnected with some music production communities and friends, and it's been fun!

    So... on day 1 I decided to use my gaming PC for work and music production. I installed Linux, which broke the Windows installation (I know how to fix it... but I had intentionally left it like that. No Windows).

    Today I thought "Maybe I can play a couple Overwatch matches, with moderation". So I reinstalled Windows, and I've just downloaded Overwatch.

    But before launching the game, I thought of coming here. And NOT playing. At least not today. Playing a couple matches would not be bad per se. But it's night, I am sleepy, and if I play I risk going to bed late. So, fuck it. I'm going to bed. And I will go for a run tomorrow 7am.
    Overcoming my gaming addiction is giving me A TON of insight about my life. I used to consider myself a moderately fullfilled and successful person, yet now I realize how empty my daily life is, to the point where I was filling my days with videogames.
    I'm only on day 3, but I'm seeing great changes in my life already. And I know this is also helping me build the mindset I need to overcome other, more difficult addictive behaviors.

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  4. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tom's journal   

    (Only major events. lecture time is not included. click the image to see bigger picture)

    Day #6

    Time I woke up : 6:50am
    Time I went to sleep yesterday : 12:50am

    Projects :
    - Friday : soil mechanics assignment & exam

    Summary of Day # :

    - went to take survey class. But there was no class. Funny thing was that there were 14 people who went to take the class.

    - I watched presidential debate for 30 minutes during my break time. I've been watching it when I'm having breakfast, lunch or dinner since a few days ago. It was additional 30 minutes.

    - I'm being lazy because there were no class in the morning. I should be more productive like yesterday.

    - Having hard time because there are tons of things to study in soil mechanics. I have a strong feeling that I can't do it all. It would be really tough to finish one single chapter. I deserve because I haven't studied for long. However it doesn't feel good anyway...

    - When I feel depressed, I watch these videos. I'm going to drink a cup of coffee, listening to music, and get back to my things.

    - I jumped and laughed like an insane person to feel better... It felt really crazy but it works...

    - There was a quiz when I went to structural mechanics class. It was a quiz that is not informed to students.

    - A friend of mine came to my house. We're going to study the next soil mechanics exam.

    - The friend and I had fried chickens for dinner. We couldn't stay together more because of exam. It wasn't good.

    - I played too long at night, watching funny youtube videos. I kept thinking like, 'one more video... This is going to be the last one.' I was doing good but I failed today. I'm disappointed to myself.

    What went well today : nothing...? I woke up early.

    The worst moment of the day : Too many things to do in soil mechanics. I hate this.

    Miscellaneous accomplishments : woke up early

    What I could have done to make my day better : watched youtube videos too long in the night time

    Today I'm grateful for : I had some questions about soil mechanics, and my friend helped me

    One amazing thing that happened/I did today : nothing
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  5. Tom2 added a post in a topic [KO] Tom's journal   

    (통계는 주요 이벤트들만. 학교수업시간 제외. 클릭 시 커짐)

    게임 끊은지 #6일째

    일어난 시간 : 6:50am
    어젯밤 자러 간 시간 : 12:50am

    과제, 중요한 할 일들 :
    - Friday : 토질역학 과제 & 시험

    오늘 일과 요약 # :

    - 측량 수업 갔는데 휴강이었음. 웃긴 건 수업 나온 사람이 14명이나 됐음

    - 대통령 후보 토론회를 밥먹을 때마다 봄. 오늘 오전에 30분가량 쉬면서 추가적으로 봤음

    - 오전에 측량 수업을 안 하고 잠깐 쉬니까 나른해졌다. 다시 어제처럼 최선을 다해 남은 시간을 써야겠다.

    - 토질역학 해야할 게 너무 많아서 힘들다. 다 못 할거라는 예감이 든다. 챕터 하나 끝내기도 버거울 것 같다. 그동안 공부를 안 했으니까 당연히 속도도 느릴 거라는 걸 알지만 그래도 기분이 안 좋다.

    - 이런 기분이 들 때마다 이 동영상을 보기로 했다. 커피도 한잔 마셨다가 음악 좀 듣다가 다시 해야겠다.


    - 방방 뛰면서 웃으니까 좀 정신병자같지만 기분이 좀 좋아지는 것같다.

    - 구조역학 수업을 갔더니 기습 쪽지시험을 봐서 놀랬음.

    - 친구가 집에 와서 같이 토질 공부하기로 함. 

    - 저녁에 친구랑 치킨 먹음. 시험 기간이라 오래 이렇게 있지 못하는 게 아쉬웠다.

    - 밤에 유튜브 웃긴 동영상을 보면서 너무 오래 놀았다. 계속 하나만 더 봐야지 하다보니까 이렇게 됐다. 잘 하고 있었는데 스스로에게 실망스럽다. 

    오늘 잘 된 것 : 딱히 없음. 일찍 일어난 것

    기분이 안 좋았던 일 : 토질역학 공부를 해야하지만 양이 너무 많아서 싫었다.

    작은 성취들 : 늦잠 안 잠.

    아쉬웠던 점 : 밤에 너무 오래 놀았다.

    오늘 내가 고맙게 느꼈던 일 : 내가 모르는 내용 친구가 알려줌

    오늘 일어난 일이나 한 일 중 놀라웠던 일 : 없음
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  6. Cam Adair added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Great pic! 
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  7. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Ways to gain confidence + social skills   

    Welcome. Summer is one of the best times to improve your social skills. The thing I would suggest for you is to create a project around it. What could your project be this summer that would help you improve your social skills? Maybe it's hosting an event once a week for friends - which means you need to make friends to fill the event (even if it's small at first). Maybe it's going to something NEW every week. Maybe it's meeting at least one new person/day and journaling about it for 90 days. A project gives structure and focus.
    I would also recommend watching my videos on social skills and the Charisma on Command YouTube channel (friends of mine who I deeply respect in this area).
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  8. tirEdOrange added a post in a topic Phyxius   

    That's a great tip! I already started with a new hobby like 2 weeks ago and it gives me a lot of energy and motivation, not just for the hobby itself but in general
    27.04.2017, 23:39:
    Day 13
    Today I had a lot of experiences.
    On the one hand: I wanted to be productive so I started to study and I had a lot of fun as long as I was able to do it my way!
    On the other Hand: I have an appointment until tomorrow under strict "rules", which meant I had to do everything that my course was demanding from me the way he wanted it instead of doing things my way and that drained a lot of energy from me, since it was extremly ineffective.
    So what did I learn from that? Start 2 days earlier and I could had completly done it my way. I'm the one to blame but the experiences today are worth a lot.
    I'm pretty done for today since I studied a looot more due to unfavorable circumstances and unreliable groupmembers (12 hours instead of 4) so I can't really think a lot about the topic from yesterday which makes me sad.
    I will go to bed and sleep and catch on my thought from yesterday tomorrow.
    I'm happy about experiencing again happiness during learning. I was very aware of myself during my learning session today and experienced when I enjoyed learning and when not and this could be a critical factor in the future, since I still need to find out my exact way with all this.
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  9. Cam Adair added a post in a topic KevinV1990's Journal   

    50 days without games is a huge accomplishment. Great job! It's also a big step for you to recognize the need for you to take a step back and acknowledge yourself for the things you have done! 
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  10. Cam Adair added a topic in Main Room   

    Limited Time: Coaching with Cam
    Hey everyone,
    To help cover costs for Game Quitters I am going to be offering 1 on 1 coaching from me for a discounted price.
    This will be for a limited time only - until May 1st.
    First, I just want to mention that this is coaching, not therapy. I am not, nor do I claim to be, a professional therapist, counsellor, or psychiatrist. If you would like to see someone like that, PM me and I will refer you to someone else.
    I do however have over eight years of coaching experience (this is what I did before Game Quitters) where I've worked with over 500 clients around the world on things like personal development, social skills, lifestyle design, confidence, self-esteem, travel, overcoming fears, mindset, leadership, business, emotional mastery, and so forth.
    This is perfect for you if you're someone who is looking to dive deeper into where you are and where you want to go. I'm best at helping you find clarity in your vision and develop strategies and action steps to make it happen.
    If you've ever wanted to receive private coaching from me, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of. 
    Here's how it works:
    Click here to make your payment ($97USD) via PayPal.Email me ( with your receipt.I will reply within 24 hours with access to my calendar to book your time. Each session will last one hour.Once your time is booked, I will send you an email asking for anything specific you would like to talk about. If you're outside the U.S./Canada, on our scheduled time we will hop on Skype for the call. U.S./Canada will be over the phone, unless Skype is desired.Again, this is only going to be offered until May 1st at the latest. Looking forward to working with anyone who takes action on this offer. Thanks for all of your support!
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    How many sessions can you book at this price?
    Book as many as you would like. We will do one session/week to maximize your learning. For context, my normal coaching program is a three month program for $3,000. Yes, it's expensive. But to help cover costs of the website for this month I thought it would be fun to offer this special $97 rate to make it more accessible to some members in the community.  Take as much of an advantage of that as you'd like!
    What is involved in each session?
    Prior to each session we will discuss what the main goal is that you're looking for help on right now. Depending on the # of sessions you've purchased, we can focus on that in more detail. During the session we will focus on three main pillars:
    1. Leadership: Who you need to become to accomplish the goal or vision you have. Your goals and vision have less to do with "tactics" and more to do with who you show up as every single day.
    2. Mindset: This is your operating system. How you perceive the world is going to directly correlate to the actions you take and opportunities you seize. Your mindset will influence every decision you make and what you believe is possible. Aligning your mindset with your values and vision for the future is essential to achieve any goals you have.
    3. Strategy: This is the practical side of exactly what you need to do, what action(s) you need to take to accomplish the goal and vision you've set. With each session we will develop a clear action plan to execute on.
    And of course I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have at any time throughout each session and so forth. The more assertive you can be for your own learning the more value you will get out of the session. 
    Excited about the possibility of working with anyone who takes me up on this offer to support Game Quitters!
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  11. Matthias added a post in a topic Website Idea, Need a Team   

    That is a nice idea, but other than the popular soundcloud and bandcamp, there are thousands of pages similar to that. 
    Concerning the legal stuff, not only will you require a layer to set up all the T.O.S , but also a programmer (not a webdeveloper) who knows a lot about audio-processing and filters out copyrighted material, especially if the User is able to download the material. Or you will land in jail because of copyright violations
    You will also need an algorithm to compress the audio files and to store them properly. 
    Then you need a guy who sets up your social network in terms of database and social network structure (search algorithms etc). 
    After that you need graphic designers to create an awesome mock-up of the site and then you need a web-developer that can make the design into a homepage and another one who is responsible for the audio playback and audio player. Don't forget a security specialist or your site will be hacked faster than you counting to three. 
    There is a reason Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud and other big Websites with a huge communities don't change their theme every month and the reason is cost. Fixing mistakes on the site will be quite a lot of work already, changing the theme every month you would need an additional graphic designer and webdeveloper that work full time on it. 
    I don't want to sound rude, but I don't think you know the scope of such a project. But I would assume that it would be possible with around 100 000$ dollars as a start and then an additional 15 000$ each month for webdevelopers, graphic designers and renting a server. 
    If you now want the project to be successful as well, you probably need another 50 000$ for a proper internet marketing campaign. 
    And that is just a small estimate.
    Of course it is popular for one man to do that all by himself, but that would take more than a year, and probably won't be very successfull
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  12. Mhyrion added a post in a topic Mhyrions journey   

    Yes, going for the 90! Past halfway point now, woot!
    Lately I've been wondering whether or not I want to continue journaling here and whether it still fits me. I am inclined to say no, but it requires some more thought.
    It's Kingsday today. An excuse for Dutch people to dress orange and silly, sell their old shit at flea markets, have fanfare(is this a word in English?) bands all over the place and at the end of it all, party and get drunk. I have ignored it as well as I could.
    The rest of the week was not very productive. At the times I got myself to study, it paid off. The other times I was mostly distracted, working from home really isn't my strong suit. The home is very clean now however, so it can't distract me next week. I have had counseling again, and again I feel lighter and more in order. Never thought I be a fan of counseling, but here we are.
    Also, véry important, I bought socks this week. They have pineapples, flamingo's and palm trees on them. Pineapples! Flamingo's! Palm Trees! On socks. This made me insanely content and happy. +10 happiness socks. Woot!
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  13. Matthias added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Thanks for the kind words. And I am glad I have encouraged you at least a little bit to pick up your "happy" habits. Your are quite an inspiration to me, staying game-free for so long
    Day 25: 
    Today was quite an average day. I woke up, meditated and wrote my gratitude journal and then I went for a nice run. It is quite cold here in Austria at the moment (4 degree C) but I don't want to have any excuse for not exercising. Today was the first time i ran 4km in less than 30 minutes. I have never been a sport person, so I don't really have any muscles , so for most of the people it is very easy to run this little in so much time, but for me it is an achievement. Looking to top that one tomorrow. 
    After that I had a great healthy breakfast, and then I watched a few Logic X Tutorials. There are so many functions I haven't explored it is amazing. I have so much to learn! After that I went to university and had to go to McDonalds for lunch. I had a ceasar salad there, and it was better than I had previously thought! 
    Then I had university until 6pm. When I got home I ate some bread and continued to watch the Logic X Tutorials. I am really start to love learning new stuff.  It is really enjoyable for me. I also made a small cheatsheet from things that I don't know, and I will look at it everyday, until I know it in my sleep. 
    I also cleaned the HDD and SSD in my gaming pc, and when the ran stops for once, I want to clean the inner part of the PC, so I can finally sell it.
    The rest of today I will mix an audio track, and then I will go to bed. 
    Thanks for reading!
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  14. Schwing added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    A post I made on nofap in response to a friend! I thought it might be of value to people here.
    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! An argument! It's been too long! I am not laughing at you! Nor your argument! Just this tingly feeling I get inside me when someone challenges my views. I apologise in advance if I argue over some trivial thing that your didn't intend as argument. I'm in the zone now!
    Hardboiled24 said: ↑Friends. Friend is a label! The definition of friend is subjective to the individual. People go throughout their life with all sorts of different levels of friend. Say, I consider you my friend. Perhaps you feel the same since I speculate I am at least a small amount of use to you. But, friend, when you go to school how do you behave? When someone says- "hey man can I see your history coursework?"; "hi. how was your holiday?" ; "hey! you're that kid that screamed his balls of in the school corridor! that was fucking mental! what was the crack with that?". Do you say: "judging by my current perception of you; you are of no use to me. you are dismissed". 
    When I said "hey nice muscles mate!" a few days ago how did you feel? These people. These actions of connection. They all do something for us. They quell the fundamental social emotion that lurks in the depths of our souls: loneliness. Friendship entails this. You see the world through your soul no matter how hard you try. You feel your experiences. You feel your drive to live and breath and laugh and cry. You do not think. The mind is a tool. You are not a robot. Friend is a label! A label for the source of positive emotional strength that we all strive for in this world! I have many friends. I do favours for people if I feel like it. That is the only way to be content with others.
    I feel lonely because I don't have what I lust for most: a woman. A companion. Or just a living breathing human being to relate to. Emotions take value first for me. Not objects.
    Hardboiled24 said: ↑Hahahaha! This is what hit me the most. I am sure there is something I can take away from this. Thank you. Forgive me if what I say comes across as esoteric bullshit. I speak in abstractions.
    I believe the soul is a template to be built upon. And that it has a set essence (genetics)- a core. A core that is enriched in every outcome of circumstance you enter guided by it; trusting it. A core with other aspects of your soul encircling it in orbit. They may be displaced and give way to other aspects. They may stay true. They are subject to the throes of chaos in circumstance. I believe every single circumstances' being takes root in the outcome of previous circumstances; the fate of every object is interwoven to form the system of chaos.
    Free will. Yes. You have free will most certainly. I could decide I wanted to be an investment banker right now! Right here! That would be an action of my mind. But do I want that. Does my soul want that? No. Do I know exactly what I want? Can my mind fathom the depths of my soul? No. Listen to what energies transpire from your gut (core) and you will embrace destiny.
    I take full responsibility for my actions because my soul's core is a fundamental part of me. I enrich my soul's core by listening to my soul's whispers and therefore aligning the temporary orbital aspects with it's essence. This is done by engaging in relevant circumstance through trusting your gut.
    Fate is an idea. Fate is my idea; and also yours. Be attached to no definition.
    Hardboiled24 said: ↑Truth! It is good you are wary of such things. Stay true to yourself and (it may be hard- i understand) but feel free to delve into what christianity has to offer. Don't be attached- that is what your parents do wrong.
    Religion is not synonymous with spirituality. Religion is the packaging, labeling and centralising of spirituality. I see god as a concept. The unfathomable. The essence of our human limitation; the stability of immortality; the constant.

    Do not feel I aim to belittle you in any way. I have immense respect for you.
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  15. Schwing added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    I wondered if you had noticed! I thought I might as well be open about it.
    Truth! I draw inspiration from everything. Comics, books, articles and most of all people. To build something I hope for deep down inside. Something deep within me yet to be unearthed which resonates with the image that is destoroyah. Thank you for sticking around. I believe what image you project is essential to my development.
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  16. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Captain Taru's Log: 20000 Withdrawals above the Sea   

    WOwwwwww. Need more Hitaru though
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  17. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Website Idea, Need a Team   

    Hassy is a member of the Discord chat. Great to see you here
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  18. Cam Adair added a post in a topic I'm back. This time i'm going to do this.   

    Welcome back!
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  19. destoroyah added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    So I have noticed, it is a responsibility I am not worthy of. You are mimicking a vision that you have created. I'm not as great as you imagine. People need idols and scapegoats sometimes, fathers, mothers. Create ghosts, spirits, totems and illusions. Carrots on a stick, once you reach 'em you realize that carrots taste like shit, but they keep you moving. Coping with changes. It's a motor to keep you running. It works for a while, until you can generate energy by yourself. Take me. Take some movie character, a celebrity, an animal – it doesn't matter. In the end, it is you who defined it. Who put worth into it. Who made it work. You are not mimicking me, you are mimicking a future self called destoroyah. Take whats of use from me, and keep moving until you work yourself. And you will.
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  20. Sarma added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    I'm back. This time i'm going to do this.
    Hello everyone! You might remember me posting a few months ago. I was trying to quit a few times and always failed. This time i'm gonna commit to quitting a 110%. I'm not gonna try and hope to accomplish the goal. I'm gonna do it. For about 3 years i have been letting everything around me happen. I would never finish a goal i started. I have gone from a great student in school to someone who would get a good grade and then be lazy for a month and do nothing. I have been depressed for a long time now. I'm gonna commit from now on to every goal i set for my self. I'm gonna force my self to do my goals.
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  21. Schwing added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    Something's got to give
    Day 163 - Solitude
    I have decided to take a new approach to journaling. Each post is here because I feel like it. Not because I am about to go to bed five minutes later. I will try and vent more into my posts. Through my experience I hope others can find value; I want to bare my soul so that the emotion and thoughts intertwined with each other can reach others!
    Energy this morning was drained. Found solace in my manga, metal, coffee and biscuits! Cheers to the black dahlia murder for their heartfelt melody! I drained all my psychological energy I had accumulated over the holidays yesterday. Almost bunked off cold shower this morning. I have to keep going. I find talking to people helps. I'm good at talking to people I know. But I don't want to. I don't like to cling to others. It makes me feel weak. That's the problem with being stronger than before. It goes to your head. Your ego speaks a different tongue. Sometimes you forget not to listen to its babbling.
    Looks like we have a new couple at school! I'll admit she was one of these girls that I am checking out all the time. I do that a lot. I see a girl. "Oh she's cute..." Then I fantasise about being with them. It's my way of coping with the loneliness. No one to hug, kiss cuddle. I lust intensely for this intimacy. The thing is I don't care- I'm not jealous. Not them. Only other couples at school. The guy she's with- total fucktard! None of the guys like him. I personally have nothing against him- not my type of person is all. It made me think: I could do it. I could find someone. It made me happy. Seeing that they were happy. But then I thought this: everyone has different dimensions to themselves. He was weak that he could not earn the approval of his male peers. But he was strong that he was able to approach girls and satisfy them. Perhaps for me it's sort of the other way round. Perhaps my dimensions dictate that women will not cross my path often as of now at least. These dimensions; this form; this soul; this destiny. It is our definition. Judge no one by their image. For you only need to turn them on their side and you are able to see another plane. A jagged stone without beauty nor hideousness. Constantly whittled in the sea of time.
    I have noticed something about my behaviour as of late in particular. I have been mimicking @destoroyah instinctively. I believe this is because of a tribal genetic trait. I respect him immensely therefore I naturally mimic him to try and earn his approval as the gene says "he's the alpha! copy him!". I don't do it on purpose. It just happens naturally. I wonder if people do this with me? Perhaps.
    We discussed the philosophy of physics in class today. I had a bunch of deep shit I could have said but I held my tongue. I wonder what people think of me outside of here? Probably just some kid. Some dumb edgy kid. Or I wonder- do they see something? Do they look into my eyes and see something and wonder: "what is he thinking? what is he doing?" What do I mean to others?
    Fired off an email to gym guy. This should be an experience. I would be turning people's preconceived images of myself on their heads walking into that gym. It will be a lesson for me to learn.
    It's spring and I am still wearing a black woolly trenchcoat! Edgy as fuck! I'll leave it at home. Too hot. Adieu, mon amis!
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  22. Skyline123 added a topic in Social Skills, Dating & Relationships   

    Ways to gain confidence + social skills
    Yo new to this thing 19 here and that , 2nd post ever, looking for great ways to boost confidence and develop some social skills summers coming up and ill be off for 4 months which i think i can hopefully improve productively for the next year in university although i feel like being shot with a bullet as i cant push myself to do it unless i get approached 1st which i shouldnt really be relying on.
    1 way i managed to stop these games dramatically was by focusing purely going for work and that, and kept the games to a severe minimum with almost half a week of nothing to being busy with studies and that ,working out at the gym also filling up the time and gotten some enjoyment from boxing Although i fear that when my classes end i may go back to my old self which i dont want to happen i used to just binge games all the damn time
    But the main thing really is to be more sociable and stop relying on others to initiate, developed some anxiety and basicly keeping a low profile so to speak unless asked where i can respond reasonably well, and its a bit weird i feel insanely fine with old longtime friends who i talk to now and then as i known them from way back and its like im 2 different people lol 2 opposites
    What would be a good way to start out this new chapter some suggestions to break out of this would be great
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    A site like what you want is more difficult to make than you might think, which has a lot to do with that you have to make sure that people won't post copyrighted songs. And like Schwing said, it sounds a lot like Soundcloud.
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    Sounds a lot like soundcloud. Think about it carefully.
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    April 27, 2017 - 49 days without gaming
    I will reach a new milestone tomorrow, 50 days without playing video games. Two days ago, I talked about the pressure that society gives you about being productive every day. While I don't agree with that you will have to be productive every day, I still feel the pressure. I have the feeling that I didn't do enough with all the time I received in the past fifty days. Maybe I put the bar too high, but that is just how I am. That is why I am going to write down the things I did the past weeks, of which I'm proud off.
    Found a new jobHaven't been playing video games for the past weeksStarted writing a bookI have started drawing againHaven't bought video games for the past weeksHave been reading a lot of books about self-improvementI also implemented much of the information in my lifeWhile I can be proud of these things, I still feel that I didn't do enough. I really want to make bigger steps in life, and while I know that it will take some time, I want it to go much faster. It's making me feel kinda depressed.
    Since my site (I really need to write an article again) now is all about self-development and self-knowledge, I am thinking about creating a site on which I will share my stories and poems. I am also thinking about turning my current site into a story and poetry platform. Every day I want something different, and it is starting to get on my nerves. Make a f***ing choice already!
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