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  1. Schwing added a post in a topic I feel nothing is real anymore   

    Ok man, I'm 17 here's what I think:
    Forget the shrinks. I felt depressed too from time to time. Nothing major really. Came and went. I was just at the whim of my emotions like a sycamore seed in the wind. So you have to plant yourself somewhere my man. And that why you're here. To plant yourself and grow am I correct? Don't let some dumbfuck who's paid to assess your psychology assess you. Don't intertwine the societal system with your internal emotional struggles. Assess yourself.
    I understand you've done a fair bit of assessing already. You're here. You know you want to quit videogames and such and such. But it's time to do a bit more! I know it's a drag but it's necessary. I can help you. But you have to do it yourself. A psychiatrist hasn't fucked himself up and been through this kind of shit. He just read about it in a fucking book when he was a student. Find a root cause for your gaming addiction. Psychological trauma from a bad childhood? That was mine.
    Questions. What ails you? What do you want? Like really really want. I saw you wanted these things:
    Get a girlfriendImprove my social skillsGo out moreI would like to be perceived as a good guy, a friend you can rely on. Someone who's outgoing.Hah! My goals were like this too when I first started out. It's a good start! A great start! But they need to be flobbled around a bit (is that a word?) to set you straight:
    A goal is something you need to be able to fulfill on a regular basis. Work towards. You've got the outline! Now it's time to make them into actual tangible tasks to be done! Approaching women might be hard for you at this stage. Still hard for me! I'm a single loner too! Confidence is key in socialising. And what is the definition of confidence? The absence of giving a fuck my friend!
    I could tell you to stop caring but that would be hard. To have change you must embody change. The mind, body and soul are all linked in unison as separate modules of one unit. Physical exercise is great. When you break yourself down and throw your mind out the window. All that exists is the pain and the euphoria! 'tis gloooorious! Here's a small workout I was recommended. I never really used it but it's a good start:
    Stretch (just do something. make sure it feels GooOOOooooOd!)
    20 pushups
    20 situps
    20 crunchies
    20 squats
    Go for a 1.5 mile run
    Stretch and take a shower
    You will feel so much better just doing it. With the running outside. People will be looking at you. So you can gain confidence in exercising in public. Know this: people don't care. They probably just see you as another person. Everything we perceive exists in the mind but we feel it with the soul. So let your emotions rule your social life and tell the mind to go suck a bag of fat hairy dick! Blegh! Therefore if people are mean to you- know this: "what the fuck are they gonna do about it? burn my house down? rape my dog? ok that one was weird but they wouldn't even go as far as to touch me in any way at all. I don't give a fuck!". If someone tries to humiliate you; be humble! Smile and laugh! For then no one laughs at you but with you.
    Next. Develop your character. Do something. You say you want to study? Fuck studying! Studying is not art. Studying is work for the machine man! You've gotta do it for sure but it can't be the only thing you have in life. What did you like about video games? Making characters? Making stuff? Fighting? Making builds? Video games always appealed to us because we were making art in them. But in life we sucked! We were pouring our artistic vigour into a leaky bucket! Think about it. Google it. Plan it. I never used this but try this:
    Women love character and confidence! Strength, character, self discipline, self reliance. All masculine virtues!
    Don't focus on wanting to be perceived a certain way by others. Learn to just love life and what it has to offer. It take time but it's fucking worth it!
    Good luck.
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  2. Schwing added a post in a topic 16 year old male looking for an accountability partner   

    I'm 17. I'm also looking for someone to talk to! Message me!
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  3. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Destoroyah's Meltdown   

    No worries. I am fine. Hope you get it handled.
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  4. d1rtydeedz added a post in a topic Jacob's Journal   

    Day 90, BAAAM!  Great job man, we're all proud of you.
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  5. d1rtydeedz added a post in a topic The Game Destroyer's Journal   

    You're going through the same thoughts and feelings we all did in the early stages.  Stick with it, it gets easier.  Don't fall for making excuses to game.  You got this.  Stay busy, find things to do around the house.  Read a book, work on projects, go work-out, or take the kids outside.  Even your thoughts of gaming in the future will change.  You're going to find other and better things to do.  It's true what Cam says about the mind changing.  Your priorities will change, gaming will interest you less and less every day.  The key is to stay busy, and get rid of all the temptations.  Delete everything on your computer game related.  Delete everything on your phone game related.  Keep writing in your journal. You're not alone in this journey.  It's a path many before you have already laid down, but the trail is slippery and sometimes requires holding on with steadfast determination.
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  6. simmsjt added a post in a topic Jacob's Journal   

    Day's without gaming: 90!!!!!
    I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would update since it is day 90. I've started keeping a personal paper journal for the past two weeks. I have also gotten into therapy. It's been nice to have some who can give me an objective outlook. I know my friends and family care but they have there own agenda when they offer advice. I have been consistent with the gym. I'm finally noticing physical differences to my body in the mirror. I have been attending yoga for a month now and have really enjoyed the quiet it creates for me. I've made a few friends through yoga who are positive healthy people. I finally decided to give Toast Masters a go. I've been to three meetings so far and love it. I just payed my dues last week and should do my first speech in two weeks or so. I made a new friend through there who is also trying to change his life for the better. He is in a similar space as I am where he has made bad choices and wasted time in the past with negativity and is looking to progress in life. I've also decided to quit pornography as I think that will greatly contribute to my health and my ability to form intimate relationships with women. I'm doing a 90 day detox with masturbation to help me quit porn which I am 29 days into.
    I tried to join an online class for web design to wet my feet in online classes. It was really difficult for me and I dropped out and got a refund because I couldn't handle the pressure. After that experience I don't think going back to school for me is the best option at this time. I think I need to find a better paying non-degree job for the time being. I think that if I'm going to work a job I don't really love but just to get me to where I am going to go. I should at least pick something that is going to teach me new skills. While Starbucks has been fun these past four months I think I've learned all there really is to know there. It has definitely helped with my people skills but I think it's time to move onto something more technical. I figure that even if I get a job that pays the same if it's teaching me new skills it's worth the effort of changing jobs. My current idea is a entry level help desk IT position as I've already done some of that type of stuff in the past. If any one has any job ideas let me know.
    I am grateful for:
    1. Texas Barbecue
    2. A bed
    3. Clothes and a home
    Good things that happened to me today:
    1. Spent sometime soul searching and realized some truths about myself.
    2. Spent time with an old friend and ate good barbecue.
    3. Hung out with my sister and her new dog.
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  7. 28_yrs_of_gaming added a post in a topic The Game Destroyer's Journal   

    DAY # - 16 - UNFINISHED!
    Time I woke up: 0800
    Time I went to sleep yesterday:  midnight
    Physical task: Threw some freight.
    Mental task: Reading.
    Projects: Helped clean the house somewhat.
    Miscellaneous accomplishments: 
    ~ Hung a few new hooks for my children's backpacks. Hung a new picture in the boy's room. Did some maintenance on my wife's 4-wheeler. It's running great now. Moved my workstation that was in the living room back into my bedroom on my desk.
    Summary of Day #: 16
    I am UNFINISHED. The weather let up. Got called out twice for work. Watched some YouTube videos and checked Facebook. Chatted with a friend. Sewing class going on downstairs. The children are watching a movie. They played a lot today and helped with most of the chores. Tired. Feeling sick. Feeling like lapsing real bad. Yesterday, my wife had a severe migraine. One thing about not gaming is all the responsibility I have seems to wear on me more. I don't have many outlets to deal with the pressures of my daily life. Looked at the RESPAWN materials some more. It's useful, but I noticed the part-time job is an activity that is a suggestion. I laughed because I basically have 3 jobs. I have one full-time job and two jobs that require my part-time attention. Trying to implement some things. This has my mind in overdrive. Researching. Watching random videos on gaming addiction. Some serious and some funny. Some are sad and some are just a joke. I want to have a healthier culture in my home. It must start with me. Maybe we could play games moderately in the future. How did I ever spiral out of control? It used to just be a semi-casual thing. I used to binge on a weekend or holiday, but otherwise, I would manage my time and turn the games off when necessary. I took off with Skyrim last year and crashed with ESO. Even though my internet was slow, I had the patience to continue. I watched a StarCraft world championship game last night after everyone went to sleep. It was interesting. I searched some old games on the Steam website. I watched a few gaming videos, but I DID NOT LASPE. I'm really studying this whole thing. I'm studying my own thoughts and habits. I'm much more observant of others in the gaming world. I'm not as discouraged as I was a few days ago and I could truly see myself moderately gaming in the future. I don't know. I need to stick with this 90 day detox. I need to see this thing through to the finish line. Monday, I'm starting a daily workout routine that will span 6 days a week. I'm still planning on only journaling every two days for a while. See you folks later.
    What I am grateful for today:
    ~ Burgers and fries.
    ~ Books.
    ~ Sunshine.
    ~ Springtime.
    ~ Seeing some healthy shifts in my family overall.
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  8. Ashley K. added a post in a topic 5 Seconds Rule   

    This makes total sense. I'm always thinking about what I need/want to do but then I end up thinking about it waaaay too much to the point where Im like, "I don't feel like doing it anymore". This opens up a new perspective for me. Thanks for this!
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  9. Ashley K. added a topic in Accountability Partners   

    28/Female/Stay at Home Mom of Two
    Looking for an accountability partner who can keep me on track with achieving my goals and vice versa. Looking to become a graphic designer, photographer, maybe a concept artist. So many things I want to do 
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  10. Shine Magical added a post in a topic Shine Magical's journal   

    Today was very relaxing. I feel like I was back in the countryside in Japan.
    We had breakfast delivered, and then I gave myself a pedicure and facial.
    Then I watched some anime, made myself a green smoothie, and started playing with my new watercolors.
    Then my boyfriend left, and I had a sushi dinner alone and a nice walk around my neighborhood at night.
    It was really pretty, quiet, and I feel refreshed.
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  11. Ashley K. added a post in a topic 90 Days v2   

    Day 3:
    I had a few things to do today, but I decided to ignore them and take my kids outside. It was great, a bit hot but that was okay. I ended up tossing water onto my 5 year old son while we walked, lol. My 5 month old just passed out during the walk. I've been wanting to work on graphic design, photography and drawing. But I know sitting around and just thinking about it won't do anything. Like Gary Vee says "I don't think my ideas are worth shit, Until they're executed"
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  12. Schwing added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    Love. Hate. Pleasure. Pain. Powerful emotions that make up our whole. To embody all is to find true strength. For when you know the darkness you may know light.
    Day 165 - The Whole
    Ah shit. Another stressful school day. Bashed out all my coursework! DONE. Printed that shit off. Today I mastered the decaff express-choc coffee. We have a coffee machine at school I usually get coffee from for my ritual (which was disrupted yesterday by a fire alarm- GAH!!!) that entails reading comic books, listening to metal, eating biscuits and drinking chocolate infused coffee! To keep what few shreds of sanity I have in check you see!
    Stick the cup in the machinePress chocolate and take it out before the machine pours water inTake the cup to the kitchen and throw a sachet of decaff in there then top up to nearly full with hot waterStir then add milk.Enjoy your pitiful weeb nerd metalhead life!Note: Take jacket off, roll sleeves up and sit like a buddhist monk on the chair for added effect
    So I managed to get myself back to fucktard land today. The school system had been getting to me all week. No exercise. No books. No art. Just the ritual. So I slayed my workout and went full retard! Shaking myself and grunting to some converge, testament and slayer (for added slaying effect you see- FUCKIN' SLAYER!!!). Stepped up the bench press to 10kg each dumbbell. Toned down the overhead press to 20 reps each set. I also got inducted at my school gym yesterday. So I'll go down and see if I like it. Probably wont. Probably full of dumbfuck popular kids that don't actually do anything! Shit!
    Then I went for the usual run to fucktard city (aka. a forest that I think somebody owns and I shouldn't be dicking about in but who cares!). This time in the field I went apeshit! I threw my maiden shirt out in front of me and screamed, "YEAAAAAAAAAAAHAhaGhAGHGaooHGbBRgrhrgrhrgrhgrhrgrbGHRhRbRHg........WOOT", and bolted it to the edge of the field. Walked down to the very end of the stream. Not too interesting though. There is a big rock that looks like good shelter down there. There's a lot you can learn just pissing about in the forest. Adults think it's just for kids and retards like me but it's actually very interesting. I saw my tracks from a week ago. Now I know what human tracks look like after a week. Dope!
    As I was meditating on fucktard rock I began to muse and pensively think about my life as per usual. I was thinking about the future. My purpose. In life we have the system and we have our passion. Suffering and pleasure. But from both comes good and bad. Jesus said: "Give Caesar what is his and give me what is mine". That middle eastern desert magician knew his shit! Give the system what it requires of you. Good will come of it and bad with come of it. Give your passion what it requires. Same thing. Both need equal attention. The whole must be respected. Use what is laid before you and use it wisely. Do not shy away from things based off preconceived images. Your anathema can be your salvation. "Fuck the system"? Sure. But the system is just the system. Pleasure mixed with pain. Both the same. Just energy.
    Saw a twig hanging from a spiders web and fluttering about in the wind over the undergrowth. Thought: "hey man you should totally think of some dope as fuck buddhist zen monk old wise man shit that'd be fucking gnarly duuuude! totally rad!". So I sat there and after a good 30 seconds of intense drooling I came up with this.
    The twig hangs in the web. It traps it. It causes pain to separate it from the beautiful undergrowth where it belongs. The winds move it. It lets it dance gracefully over it's home. It could knock it off anytime and let it drop. But if it dropped it would merely rot away and be lost in the multitude of vegetation. At least hanging there it can have pride to be above the other twigs. To have security in the web. But the twig remains still. It flutters but never falls. However, one day it will fall. So it flutters while it can and fears not it's demise.
    Life is life. You're not superman. Your not a machine. You are you and as long as you are you you embody all that is what you feel truth in. Be not led astray by the mind or the soul. The two work in unison. As the whole. Be ambitious in your exploits! But, always remember why you are alive. For the detours on your grand journey. Be grateful. To just live and experience. That is the purest form of living.

    Oh and yea new berserk chapter! Dope as fuck! Coffee + skeletonwitch + new berserk chapter = orgasm
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  13. Sarma added a topic in Main Room   

    I feel nothing is real anymore
    I have been feeling depressed for about 2 years now. I've learned to deal with it to some extent but its still there. Sometimes i will have okay days, some days i feel so much depressed that i can barely speak to someone,eat very poorly and just feel like dying. But i almost never have good or great days. I think i had a good day once or twice in the past 2 years. I don't know is it because of my age. I'm 16 and i'm at that point between adult and teenager. Is that why i feel like this? I've heard from other people that feeling sadness in early adult hood is normal. Nobody seems to experience it like i do tho. I feel like I'm in a bottomless pit and i keep falling down deeper and deeper into it everyday and that there's no way out. I feel like in a few years i won't be able to handle it anymore and that i'm gonna kill myself. I've been to a therapist several times and i still go. I don't feel any difference tho. I feel like my family doesn't care about me anymore. I feel like they just want me out of the house so they can forget about me. It feels so unreal. I often think about how much better it was when i was younger.... Is this how every adult feels?
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  14. KevinV1990 added a post in a topic Need some help with writing my book about gaming addiction   

    Thanks, especially for the part about parents. I completely forgot about adding them to the story.
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  15. Matthias added a post in a topic Need some help with writing my book about gaming addiction   

    Statistics, different approaches of different countries , what can parents do to avoid it , what can you do to avoid it. 
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  16. Matthias added a post in a topic My Journal - Matthias   

    Day 26
    Yesterday I did my morning routine and went running. After that I went to university, where we had some really insightful lectures. The rest of the day and spend with my girlfriend which was really enjoyable. I also started to mix a song from It is an awesome site to learn mixing, and I have already learned a huge amount from it. 
    Day 27
    I had aching feet today, because I ran to fast yesterday, so I only did my crushes, push-ups and squads today. I had some awesome food today and then i gave a bass lesson to a friend of mine. After that I continued mixing, and I will likely continue until I go to bed, read and then fall asleep.  I am now nearly done reading "The happiness advantage" so I ordered "Think and Grow Rich" and "How to make friends and influence people". They are coming to my place on friday, so for a few days I will only be reading Game of Thrones instead of a life-changing book. Next time I will order the books on time! 
    Anyway, the band I recorded allowed me to use their single on my portfolio so here it is:
    It is my first mix I had ever done for a band , so I still have a lot to learn, but I still hope you can enjoy it. 
    Have a great day!
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  17. KevinV1990 added a post in a topic KevinV1990's Journal   

    April 29, 2017 - 51 days without gaming
    So it was BookstoreDay today, which means that it was a happy day for me. I really was looking forward to visiting the bookstores and buy me some books, but I first had to go to work. Done at 12 P.M and rushed to my favorite bookstore. They had one of the limited BookstoreDay books, so I bought that one and another book which sounds promising. But I did want to buy another book which had a big discount today (from €35 to €20), so I went to the other bookstore in the same street. I found the book that I wanted and also found a book which I wanted to read for some time now. A great book haul if I say so myself.
    I got a new idea for new stories today. I don't know if that idea will turn into a book, or that I will turn that idea into short stories. Both seem to fit the idea and I'm really looking forward to start writing again.

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  18. Stercus accidit added a post in a topic [PL] WYZWANIE 1000 DNI.   

    Czekaj bo nie ogarniam tej części z cameronem
    No ale dobra
    Koferencje naukowe - super sprawa - pożywka dla mózgu i ogólnie jak wakacje
    Wpadaj częściej nawet jak nie masz czasu, niektórzy tu siedzą xD, nie żeby wszyscy moi kumple siedzieli iu uczyli sie do maturki z bolzgiego i nie mieli czasu.
    tak sobie ostatnio myslałem że trzeba ogarnąć tu prawko bo się zanudze, no ale to po moich egazminach

    Do usłyszenia
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  19. hycniejsy added a post in a topic [PL] WYZWANIE 1000 DNI.   

    Uroczyście przysięgam, że knuję coś niedobrego.
    Dzień #1775
    Wiele się u mnie teraz dzieje, aż nie ma kiedy napisać wpisu na GQ!
    Cóż, opiszę co się działo dzisiaj: byłem na konferencji naukowej i widzę że warto działać w tym kierunku, bo daje mi to naprawdę dużo frajdy, ot tak, po prostu.
    Przy okazji, dostałem propozycję sponsorowania GQ od Camerona. Dokładniej rzecz ujmując, 5000 dolarów na miesiąc. I to publicznie w komentarzach na YT.
    Ja naprawdę już nie ogarniam jak to się wszystko dzieje. Ale niestety za propozycję muszę podziękować, bo 5000 dolarów to powinno wystarczyć mi na przeżycie jakiegoś roku z Polsce i to w sowitych warunkach.
    Naprawdę, czy tylko ja na tym świecie zauważam, że takie robienie kursów motywacyjnych i tak dalej jest bez sensu i jest tylko nabijaniem kasy z ludzi? Po prostu pieprzenie o tym, że musisz działać i w sumie to tyle w temacie. I jeszcze ktoś za to płaci, wow, niesamowite, jakby Cameron był jakimś turbo guru.
    Koniec Psot
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  20. hycniejsy added a post in a topic [PL] WYZWANIE 1000 DNI.   

    To jest to: Polecam, mnie potrafi sporo zadań to-do uporządkować.
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  21. hycniejsy added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Hello there, my NZ mate!
    I'm interested if you're still eating toast with beans?
    Jokes aside, are you a waiter in a restaurant? Because if so, I suggest to try practicing giving suggestions to people. I mean, it's quite persuasive, but sometimes people are more likely to give you a tip when you're able to repeat their order.
    I'm interesting how well will you persevere. Just tell me when you'll crush all studying!
    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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  22. hycniejsy added a post in a topic 90 Days v2   

    Oh I see you're back! Awesome to see you there!
    Do you still desire to achieve 90 days or maybe you want to make a bigger challenge right now?
    Also, remember that it's important to journal here. Even if you fail, or relapse, you still have to make commitment to write about it there. I remember how many times I was trying to hide from this place while I had a relapse, because I was too ashamed of what will others say. Don't make my mistake, just learn from it!
    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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  23. Cam Adair added a post in a topic Mike's Journal   

    All good insights! Scheduling your time is very helpful, because it avoids the "I'm sitting around doing nothing, and gaming can't be any worse than that..." justification. 
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  24. Tom2 added a post in a topic [KO] Tom's journal   

    (통계는 주요 이벤트들만. 학교수업시간 제외. 클릭 시 커짐)

    게임 끊은지 #8일째

    오늘 일과 요약( 잘한 일 / 못한 일 )

    - 할 일이 너무 많아서 스트레스받는다. 토요일에 수원에서 하는 카페 일을 도와야하는데 내 학교 과제와 시험준비도 해야한다. 수원 집도 엉망이어서 정리할 것도 많고. 일을 끝내는 속도보다 늘어나는 속도가 더 빠른 것 같다.

    - 아침 10시쯤 일 하기 시작해서 지금은 오후 6시가 되어 간다. 피곤하다. 빨리 일이 끝나고 집에 갔으면 좋겠다.

    - 일 끝나고 집에 와서 씻고 한숨 돌리고 약간의 운동을 한 뒤 남는 시간 다시 일을 해야겠다. 내일은 공부를 좀 하고 집 정리를 할 것이다. 오늘 하루 바빴지만 성과가 있었다.
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  25. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tom's journal   

    (Only major events. lecture time is not included. click the image to see bigger picture)

    Day #8

    Summary of Day ( Good work / Bad work )

    - Too many things to do. I feel stress. I have to help cafe work in Suwon on Saturday But I still have a lot to do at school. Assignments and preparation for an exam. Parent's house in Suwon is not clean so I need to do some chores additionally. After I finish one thing, two other things come up and say hi to me.
    - Started work at 10 am and it's about 6 pm now. Really tired. I want to go home and get some rest.
    - The work is finished today. I came back home, worked out little bit, and took a shower.  I'm going to do little things that are related to the work for an hour. I'm gonna study tomorrow and clean up the house. Today was a busy day, but there were several achievements and I'm proud of it.
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