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  1. fil added a post in a topic Piotr journal   

    Great you've celebrated passing all exams!  
    I see you got 30 minutes of programming in your journal. Have you heard about "daj sie poznac"? It's a competition (where everyone wins)  held from march till may where you create your own project and write about your progress twice a week on your own (newly created) blog. People of all skill levels are welcomed! Community is very supportive and social so maybe this will work for you as great motivation and inspiration source.
    I'll be joining it Want to try AngularJS in front-end. Are you in?
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  2. hycniejsy added a post in a topic Piotr journal   

    I'm proud of you passing all of your exams! That's how it goes!
    just a couple more days and you'll pass doubled detox!
    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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  3. hycniejsy added a post in a topic 1000 DAYS CHALLENGE   

    OH yea! I can't wait for accountability call with you!
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  4. Piotr added a post in a topic Piotr journal   

    Journal entry #78
    Days game free: 157
    Days procrastination free: 22
    I have passed all of this semester finals! Two exams I've past at final approach, it was so close to failure but I've made it! Next weekend I'm starting new semester.
    This weekend Saturday I've spent on repairing my car, because brake pads were worn out, I've changed them immediately, along with adjustments to brakes. I think that we all agree that this part of the car, shouldn't be neglected.
    After my car was good-to-go, I've drove with my girlfriend, to my flat. We've finally spend some more time together, cause lastly our duties somehow made it difficult for us to meet. Rest of the weekend along with today's morning was ours. This always amazes me, how simple hug makes day so much happier, calmer and brighter.
    This evening I've allowed myself for much more rest than usually, as a reward for dealing with exams and few more difficulties.
    Daily activities check for today:
    glass of water in the morning/evening   - done
    affirmation                                             - failed            
    non-dominant hand training                  - failed
    reading                                                  - done
    30 minutes of programming                  - failed
    What I've done today to improve my financial status:
    I've checked my bank account history and noted expanses which were unnecessary, to be more aware in the future. 
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  5. Mhyrion added a post in a topic Mhyrions journey   

    Day 59
    Game free: 28 days
    Soda free: 29 days
    No junk food: 2 days
    Been so busy with Beyond and thinking in general that I didn't find the time to write. My thoughts are still a little chaotic, I am sorting things out. I really feel like being in a progress that will lead to good. We talked about emotions, connecting with yourself, trusting yourself. I feel like I have no intelligence on this area, which makes it scary and big. I am used to understanding things/concepts quickly, I had to rewatch the call to let it make sense. But it makes sense now. I still don't know how to increase my need to reach out and connect to people, but I know how to -in theory-. I just don't feel much need to share things in general. If you're my friend and I don't call you in three months, I genuinely didn't think about doing that in three months. After that I might begin to feel curious about how you're doing. And procrastinate a little bit on that. I don't think it has to do with not caring, I just don't feel a need to contact other people often. Maybe I can find the root of this and see if that's really true or there are other things at play. I am planning to do  am committed to do some of the 3 emotion exercises this week and also see if there are deciding experiences in my life that have determined who I am today. I think that might lead to something.
    I've been thinking about this one thing in the call, about having a relationship with yourself. I thought that was very interesting. Like, I think I'm okay to be with most of the times. But I'm not really enthusiastic about myself and that shows up in the rest of my life. I mean, I can be enthusiastic, but I will never lose myself in that or get overjoyed. It's just a bit meh all of the time. Mediocre enthusiasm.
    My ability to bounce back has been greatly improved since starting my journey. Last Friday morning I felt like shit, but I recovered and was productive a bit later that day. I am really glad and proud of achieving that.
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  6. Piotr added a post in a topic [PL] 1UP - Time to level up   

    Jeśli widzisz że coś działa destrukcyjnie jak gry, narkotyki, niezdrowa żywność itd. To masz już największy pokaz tego, że powinieneś to rzucić, przez własne doświadczenie. Nie zastanawiaj się nad tym za dużo, po prostu tego nie rób, przejdź do innej czynności. Zajmij swój umysł czymś pozytywnym i najważniejsze: NIE poddawaj się!!!
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  7. fil added a post in a topic Übermensch   

    I share your thoughts on this one, @ Csaba_Bekesi. 
    In my current situation, I treat nofap as micro-optimization. I'm not ready for any sexual encounters with other humans as at the moment I need to focus on the essential things like cleaning my place, working out and eating healthy. I can't get into satisfying my sexual needs in the 'intended way' (i.e. with another human being) until I satisfy essential areas of my life.
    It is said that human has limited will power. Abstinence from fapping is so will-power draining that I usually have no will power to resist from other, even worse, behaviors - like getting fast food instead of cooking a healthy meal on my own.
    Don't get me wrong, I DO think that nofapping is essential to create a healthy relation with significant other and it'll greatly boost your personality. Just don't try to bite off more than one can chew.
    (p.s. I relate to yesterday's accountability talk with @ Schwing)
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  8. Piotr added a post in a topic 1000 DAYS CHALLENGE   

    First step of thousand day journey, we've got your back pharmacist!
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  9. Csaba_Bekesi added a post in a topic Übermensch   

    I agree to disagree here. This is my exact problem with the NoFap community, a heavy religious undertone. It's the last thing I need in my life. As humans we developed  beyond the point where our reproductory traits should only be used for reproduction. And let me re emphasize, I was in a state of lethargy, a loss of libido, and failed to focus on any relevant task in my second week of NoFap. Breaking it helped me. I'm happy it works for you but if it clearly has different results for me and I will act according to what helps me not what is godlike or holy according to your cult. Why do you think they call it "MonkMode"? I don't have a pornography addiction, in fact I haven't consumed any pornographic content since mid December and I don't miss it. To me this is a biological function, if it helps my drive I will permit myself this freedom.
    When it comes to PUA-s, sure they teach people how to get one nighters. But if you are suddenly really attracted to someone both emotionally, mentally and physically how will you approach them? How will you strike up a conversation? How do you know if I just want a good conversation with someone who seems cool? Skills are transferrable and you clearly have not considered my arguement fully. 
    As to you coming here and commiserating me for something that I found to clearly work? It's your freedom to do and I fully encourage it, but instead of pity give me advice next time; you are not exactly convincing by trying to put me down haha. 
    I like your determination. I like your spirit. But I really don't like your attitude  
    If you are interested I am up for further discussion.  
    No Shame. 
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  10. jaylajkosz added a post in a topic Jay's Epic Journey   

    Post for yesterday. Not much to say, I didn't do a whole lot. I spent a great deal of the day doing research for this hockey all time draft I'm participating in, but I did manage to get most of my daily tasks completed.
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  11. Reno F added a post in a topic I'm so close to relapse   

    Congratulations on not relapsing!
    There will be ups and downs. I'm 7 months in and I'm sure someone who is game free for longer can say the same. Learn to float on the wave.
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  12. magicalmerlinmark added a post in a topic Mindful in Montreal   

    I went and volunteered today at the local food bank. All part of getting more social and connecting with my hometown's community  
    Today I'm grateful for:
    1) A free cup of tea and biscuits!
    2) Spending time with my family
    3) Free time to achieve my goals and move forward. 
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  13. magicalmerlinmark added a post in a topic Nature has your back: Herbs to help with anxiety, mental health, insomnia and chilling the f*ck out.   

    It's on my to do list to make a herbal medicine hand out sheet - I'll do a first draft and when it's ready I'll post it up here. It'll answer some of your questions and those it doesn't I'll answer afterwards  
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  14. hycniejsy added a post in a topic 3rd time's a charm right?   

    Yep, that's a lot of progress. Just keep it up until you'll maintain the life you really desire!
    There's no place for video games in your life anymore!
    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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  15. hycniejsy added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    Hey, I really like your progress in expanding your comfort zone! That's how you should do!
    Keep it up for a month and you'll see how much your life had changed!
    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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  16. hycniejsy added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    I can't agree with that. Therapist will only make you more closed and swallow your cash. At least that's how it worked for me once.
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  17. hycniejsy added a post in a topic Übermensch   

    Well, that's big mistake my friend.
    PUA will not learn you anything than having a woman for one night. If it's seriously your desire, I can only commiserate. That's because you will use your whole reproductive system as a toy for pleasure. That's just wrong.
    Same with masturbation. This way you kill your own manliness, your own drive to take action and develop your social skills. I hope you'll stop these practices for your own good.
    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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  18. hycniejsy added a post in a topic d1rty's secrets   

    Hey, I really like the style of your journal.
    Just keep it up to become the really gamefree father and husband!
    Btw. where can I get this jicama?
    Greetings, Mad Pharmacist
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  19. hycniejsy added a post in a topic Super Saiyan Journal   

    Sure, forgiving ourselves about what  we've done is the total bullshit.
    Same with meditation. The choice is yours, however.
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  20. hycniejsy added a post in a topic 1000 DAYS CHALLENGE   

    Hell yea I will!
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  21. SuperSaiyanGod added a post in a topic Super Saiyan Journal   

    I meditated after all, did something called forgiveness meditation. Seemed like a load of bullshit.
    I got up at noon and decided to go to the library immediately. The first thought I had after that is what should I game today.
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  22. jaylajkosz added a post in a topic Life has changed in a matter of days.   

    From my perspective, it seems like she's using you. I would strongly recommend distancing yourself from her. If she tries to get close to you again after that, you can remind her that when you tried, she pushed you away.
    I've honestly heard this story so many times and the answer is always the same..
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  23. jaylajkosz added a post in a topic I'm so close to relapse   

    Your situation hits home in so many ways that it hurts.
    I would think this way as well. "Maybe I'm just always going to be average." "Maybe it's too late for me." "Am I so knee deep in this that it's just impossible to get out?"
    It's so easy to allow yourself to believe these things and go back to the way things were. What it seems like you're missing is a REASON to quit. Why did you quit? For me, I want to have a family and a career that I love doing. Neither of those things are possible if I continue to game the way I used to.
    It also seems like you might be suffering from a severe lack of self-esteem. I actually just read a blog post about the types of day you had a while ago on this excellent blog:
    Here is the excerpt:
    The underlying message of that passage is clear to me. If you're stuck in a pit of depression and self loathing, you've got to start finding very small things to be positive about. Over time this will create some momentum for you towards positive thinking and it will start to change the way you think about yourself. Believe me: I used to think I was worthless and deserved no happiness in life at all. If I can change, I believe you can too!!!
    Good luck!!
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  24. jaylajkosz added a post in a topic Why I'm sick of gaming   

    Hey Mr. B, welcome to the forums! You'll find that many of the good folks here are in the same boat as you, so you're definitely in the right place.
    I would recommend starting a journal as that will be the best way for people to help you and encourage you!
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  25. d1rtydeedz added a post in a topic d1rty's secrets   

    DAY # -  10
    Time I woke up: 0700
    Time I went to sleep yesterday:  2230
    Exercise:  notta
    Mental task: Coding, reading.
    Projects:  Worked on my camper.
    Miscellaneous accomplishments: 
    Worked on my camper.Furthered my coding studies.Summary of Day #:
    Rough night of sleep, just couldn't get comfortable.  Had breakfast with the family then researched cellphone application software. Worked outside on my camper.  Fixed a piece of molding which had partially fallen off the ceiling.  As in, picked at by the kids during last camping season until it nearly fell off.  Had lunch with the kids.  Have you tried jicama?  If not, you need to.  It's the greatest unknown vegetable.
    What I am grateful for today:
    ~ My children.
    ~ My wife.
    ~ My faith.
    ~ Jicama.
    10-8 at my 42.
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